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Grace, love and friends Rare treasures I can only find At a school, warm and kind Centre of love Erected in honour of Christ Fun and exciting Interactions in our learning Exemplary teachers Leading by their actions Definitely, only the best, I recommend you Shining the light of God, that's our Gracefields

WIND Wind A soft gentle breeze Playing with the forest trees That wind is so sweet Wind A MIGHTY twister Destroys everything it sees So stay away please! Wind Rustling in the trees Is a strong but gentle breeze But STILL knocks down trees

HAPPY TEACHERS DAY Sometimes we argue Sometimes we fight But we’ll never stop thanking You for those days and nights Devoted to marking, Teaching and scolding, Leaving no time for just… Living! Your friends might think your holidays Are your only days for fun and play, But really they’re there for you to say I’m done with my marking, can I have an off-day? But that’s on the last day! But on one special day, You rule, your say Is our will, just say. Happy Teacher’s Day! LIFE

Life can be very complicated, especially the meaning of it. If you ask somebody what is the meaning of life, you get a one hour explanation on it. In fact, there really is no fixed meaning. There are only "opinions". If you ask a scientist, he would probably go on about the human body and, of course, that life is about creating things for the next generation. Or if you ask a music artiste, she would say it's about getting her latest song done or selling her new album. Or, if you ask your next door neighbor, he'll probably say it's about getting your dog to quit yapping (If you have a dog). Whatever it is, it's always different. If you ask me, I think life is about Learning, Interacting, Fun and Engagement (not the marriage type, though) But it's not the meaning of life that is important, rather the journeys we have on the way.