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Angeline Monty’s Mose Monty’s father, mother, Angel Momma is a Sergeant Mose Rathbun was a tough but caring woman “imported” “rough-hided veteran of the Tenth to the Double W Ranch to do the linens. She Cavalry, sent trotting to Fort Assinniboine is a woman of deep faith and deeper voice. The to fight Indians who no longer needed tough realities of her hard-working life fuel the fighting.” After his stint in the army, beautiful spirituals to which she gives he found employment on Warren voice. She is left to care for Monty Williamson’s ranch, only to once Mose disappears. disappear soon after, leaving Angeline and Monty alone. Monty The son of Mose and Angeline. Before he was Wes Williamson’s

chauffeur, he was a rodeo clown. Dedicated and eager, Monty is a singer of uncommon voice. A dreamer at heart, Monty has been taught by life to temper his expectations: “life as he was practicing it was never going to provide beyond what it already did.”


Susan’s father, and the inimitable, prophetic founder of Scotch Heaven. “He had one of those alarming foreheads you sometimes see on the most Scottish of Scots, a kind of sheer stark cliff from the eyes up. As if the skull was making itself known under there.” Samuel Susan’s beloved brother. Died in the French trenches as a runner for Major Wesley Williamson.

Flora Ninian’s wife, mother of Susan. Susan Susan is the passionate, whip-smart,

sometimes-aloof daughter of Ninian and Flora Duff. She has “an enlarged sense of justice,” and “cinnamon eyes that could put you in your place and make you like it.” Possessed of a beautiful and confident singing voice, Susan makes her living giving singing lessons to Helena’s best and brightest.

Anna The constant object of Angus’ real

love. She is “frank as a clock,” an honest woman, though at times a bit aloof. She too is a schoolteacher, and Angus is drawn not only to her physical beauty and her long raven-black braid, but to her intelligence. Anna Reese, however, does not share Angus’ dreamer tendencies, and she makes the practical choice to marry Isaac Reese, even though she knows it will break Angus’ heart.

Isaac Anna’s husband. “Isaac was not a man who could be despised. Calm, solid, entirely himself in the way a mountain is itself; that, and nothing else, so far as could be seen.”

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Prairie Nocturne  

The program for Book-It Repertory Theatre's 2012 production of Prairie Nocturne.

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