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Each person you come into contact with is making a snap judgment of your overall professionalism based first and foremost on your appearance.

With this being such a large factor in work relationships and networking, it makes sense to assess your professional image as you seek to climb the ladder of whatever company you work for.

In most corporate environments, lanyards and badge holders are used as the primary methods of displaying required identification. Some people display their badge on a clip holder, while others are quite fond of the beaded lanyard for badges.

Although lanyards and badge holders are small items in and of themselves, they are indeed items that have the ability to make you look and feel more professional.

By placing an employee badge on a beaded lanyard for badges or other decorative lanyard, one can become more organized and eliminate the need to ever look for a lost badge again. When you take into account that organization is a cornerstone of professionalism, you can see one more reason why lanyards and badge holders are ideal for the busy professional.

Once you have revived a stagnant professional image and polished your look, chances are you will carry yourself with a higher degree of confidence. Confidence speaks volumes in the workplace.

When you meet new people, your confidence shows in how you shake their hand and maintain eye contact. For both men and women, a firm handshake is a definite professional asset.

Additionally, looking people in the eye as you introduce yourself also shows that you are confident in yourself as a person and in your abilities as an employee or service provider. Regardless of how long you have been working in your career, a portfolio is an excellent way to showcase your abilities.

It is tempting to forego this important aspect of your career, especially when you get comfortable in a position. However, portfolios are not only for those who freelance or work in a creative field; they are useful tools that allow you to keep track of all the tasks and projects you have worked on. While you may never have a need to show a portfolio to a new employer, it cannot be taken for granted.

Consider a portfolio as a sort of insurance policy. Create your own professional portfolio and place important documents or presentations you have produced inside. Keep your resume up to date and keep that in your portfolio as well.

Each of these steps goes a long way in helping you not only feel more professional but does wonders for your professional image as well.

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In most corporate environments, lanyards and badge holders are used as the primary methods of displaying required identification. Some peo...