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Issue 5 March 2016

A Hard Road from Trailerpark to Rockstar Madonna ZZ Top John Hancock’s Musical Chairs

David Bowie 1947 - 2016

David Bowie is gone - back to his home planet and he’s left us gasping for breath. He was a massive singularity. He was so colossal it took a recording career of nearly half a century to lay his music mind out for us to consume. As a wee lad struggling with my own understanding of, well, everything - my early sexual fumblings, my self-confidence, and my deepest anxieties - David Bowie was an ally in the forceful darkness. He gave me permission to be weird. He made weird look fucking cool. So. Fucking. Cool. He was the central point of reference on so many of my own musical maps. From him I found Lou Reed and the Velvet Underground. I found Iggy and the Stooges, the MC5, T-Rex, The Pretty Things, Brian Eno, and Kraftwerk. From Bowie we got the impossible cool of The Strokes, Pulp, Radiohead, The Talking Heads, Interpol, Moby, New Order, Bauhaus, The Smiths, Television, INXS and on and on and on. Even Nirvana owes him a debt of gratitude. “That is a David Bowie song,” said Kurt after an Unplugged performance of the gem “The Man Who Sold the World.” A researcher would have to go to the Beatles, Stones, Dylan, and the early rock pioneers to find an artist with such pervasive relevance, and even then the result would lack what Bowie had. He was as important to rock music as Miles Davis was to jazz. He led the vanguard of so many different modes and styles of pop records that critics and journalists were obligated by law to use the words ‘mercurial’ and ‘chameleon’ in their treatment of the man. He simply could not be constrained by our labels of him. Now he’s gone. He told us early on, but maybe we didn’t get the picture fully. He really was stardust. Jason Thompson The Ear Candy Update Illustration by Witneil




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hank you for your support throughout 2015. It’s been a pleasure to introduce some of the best independent artists that entertain us all year round. We want to thank Lacy Younger, Black Market III, Sickstring Outlaws, and the remarkable Candye Kane for letting us into their lives and sharing their stories. We couldn’t have done it without them. There are so many more artists that we hope to put on our cover in the upcoming year, so expect more issues full of some of the best musicians to ever get on a stage and play their hearts out.

We are always on the lookout for new artists. This year we promise to devote more time to discovering new talent and we will go farther than we have been to find them. 2016 will be the year of the Boogie. Look to our ‘Events’ page on the website,, for where to find noteworthy, upcoming, and exciting shows that Boogie. Week to week you can find new posts on our ‘Around the Town’ page with reviews and photography by our talented writers and renowned photographers. If you are a local artist, send us your information to theguys@ or send your press package to our post office box. In the past year we have covered all genres of music from blues to rock to country. In this issue we are very proud to feature Trailerpark Rockstar. A hard working hard rock band who love their fans, love to party, but most of all, they just love to get on stage and play. An entertaining band that are continuing a long tradition of rock & roll that will never die. We welcome them to the Boogie family and thank them for the support they have given us throughout the past year. We wish them much success in 2016. We’ll see all of you out there this year. Keep doing what your doing and… Don’t forget to BOOGIE!

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A Hard Road from Trailerpark to Rockstar


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John Hancock’s Musical Chairs BOOGIE MAGAZINE MARCH 2016



ZAPPA PLAYS ZAPPA SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO, Calif. (December 12) - From the onset, Dweezil Zappa made his intentions clear. This was the last show of the year for their One Size Fits All – 40th Anniversary Tour and it promised to be memorable. The man doesn’t lie! From the opening romp through the floss fields of Montana, to multiple standing O’s and an encore, the venue was packed to the rafters with Baby Boomers who longed for Frank’s music just one more time. A few were there to celebrate what would have been Frank’s 75th year while others appeared to relive ancient memories or relish in the Dinah Moe Humm of their youth. None were disappointed. Of the six musicians involved with Zappa plays Zappa, most seem to play at least three or more instruments. Scheila Gonzales, the lone female was masterful on keyboards, flute and saxophone and her delivery of those rapidfire and fluid Frank lyrics was nothing short of phenomenal. The same can be said about the vocals, trombone and trumpet playing of Ben Thomas. Each performer took their turn in the spotlight and as the evening progressed, they all contributed in systematically reducing the Coach House in Capistrano to Cosmik Debris. There aren’t enough superlatives to describe the remaining rhythm section; keyboardist and vocalist Chris Norton, bassist Kurt Morgan and drummer Ryan Brown all displayed moments of brilliance in presentation and creativity. Anyone who’s a fan of the Mothers of Invention or of Frank Zappa, could not help but be impressed by this staging of his ideological and extremely complex material. Not to mention the fact that all of these young musicians, including Dweezil were barely in their infancy when Frank Zappa was at his peak. I cannot imagine how long they must have worked and practiced to learn the timing, vocal interactions and nuances involved with Zappa’s music. As the band left the stage the mostly AARP crowd in their Frankencrusted finery, was on its feet and that does not happen on a regular basis. The best quote of the night came from my old friend, Tom. He told me, ‘I’ve seen ‘em four times. Frank lives!’  Amen. by Tim  Mattox Photos by Bob Steshetz





SAN DIEGO (October 29) - Madonna still has what it takes to put on a fantastic show receiving the Music Nation Award for “Best Concert 2015” and is number 1 on Billboards Latest Hot Tours. Here are some images from her performance at the Valley View Casino Center. by Stephanie Pillar madonna-rebel-heart-tour-san-diego




ZZ TOP SAN DIEGO (September 13) Still together after more than forty years, “That Lil’ Ole’ Band From Texas” performed at Humphrey’s Concerts by the Bay. Opening the show was Blackberry Smoke. by John Hancock zz-top-san-diego




“KICKSTANDS UP” BY BLACK MARKET III “Kickstands Up” is an anthem meant to inspire motorbike riders of all ilk and creed to ride united for kids and families fighting rare forms of cancer. Performed by Black Market III, produced and arranged by Scottie Blinn and written by Sam Diego, founder of Sons Of Charity, Inc, all proceeds help kids and familes in need. GET YOUR COPY








s the late, great Bon Scott said, “It’s a long way to the top if you wanna rock & roll.” The boys of San Diego rock band Trailerpark Rockstar are graduates from the school of Hard Rock and Hard Knocks. Formed in 2011 and currently promoting their second recording, ‘Troubled Sons,’ the band is enjoying freedom to play what they want and as often as they want. With a faithful following of loyal fans, they’re making videos and getting ready to take it to the next level. However, things were not always thus… According to band leader and lead guitarist Eric Zane Idol, it’s been a hard road to get back to the beginning. “I’ve always just wanted to have fun playing guitar,” said Idol. Writing his own songs since he was in his teens, Eric started an all original band called Epitaph in the late eighties. Within a couple of years, the band showed signs of success when they signed with Chainsaw Records. Epitaph’s first recording did well in Europe and just as the band was preparing to start an overseas tour, the record company folded. Although disappointed, the band carried on, opening a handful of midwest shows with rock band Testament. But Epitaph’s singer started having trouble with drinking and fighting and after the short tour, they decided to take a break. When they decided to try again, they “changed the name to protect the innocent,” says Idol, and Brick Bath was born. “I just didn’t want the Epitaph stigma hanging over our heads,” he continues. The singer’s prior antics had ruined a potential major deal with Capitol Records and Eric felt that a change of name could possibly give them fresh start and a chance to get the attention of major record labels again. The plan seemed to be working. Within six months of getting back together, Brick Bath made a deal with Pavement Entertainment and they were on the road.

“Actually, we don’t have fans, we have family. We don’t just shake your hand and say thanks for coming out. We’ll sit down and have a couple of drinks with you” They were playing clubs throughout the country, getting college radio play and even landed a spot in the Milwaukee Metal Fest. It might seem like fun but traveling with a rock & roll band can be a daunting experience. most of the time you’re making little to no money, living on dollar hamburgers and Taco Bell and traveling in a stinky van, driving for days without a shower ‘till you can get a hotel room. But when the lights hit the stage and mood is right, and the audience is raved up it’s the biggest high you can get. “When it all happens you don’t care how bad it really is,” said Eric. Still there seemed to be a continuing personnel problem

with the singer. Not only was he back to the old drinking and fighting antics, he also turned out to have a heroine addiction. The band tried to help their comrade as much as possible but when the paramedics show up to the hotel room, its time to start making some changes… changes… changes. After replacing the singer the band played on with new singer after new singer. They also added a new bass player from La Mesa, California, Eric’s long time friend, Scott “Rock” Rockstead. Things still didn’t jell right with the band but they kept going for about five more years before taking another break. After playing guitar for a band called Sled, Eric and Rocksted started talking about forming a Pantera tribute band called Pantera’d. This band turned out to be their most prosperous band so far. This time, they really had fun touring, not just because of the money, but they seems to bond more as a group. The one new addition to the group that made it the most fun was drummer Deano Ferrari. The three became inseparable and the tribute band became more and more popular..

“When other neighbors from the trailer park started coming over to get autographs ... Deano said ‘Dude, you’re a trailer park rockstar.’” The singer for Pantera’d, Aaron Surber, had a day job as a letter carrier and one day he was delivering letter at a trailer park where someone recognized him from one of the Pantera’d shows. When other neighbors from the trailer park started coming over to get autographs, he got so excited to tell the band about his experience. Thats when Deano said “Dude, you’re a trailer park rockstar.” The phrase “Trailerpark rockstar stuck with the trio for a time to come. Eric now felt the need to write and record his own music again and he wanted his new companions, Rockstead and Ferrari to join him in forming a new band. When deciding on a band name, Trailerpark Rockstar just seemed to fit perfectly. However, Rock had reservations about starting an all original band so he opted not to commit at first. Deano had unfortunate family problems that kept him away for a while. Eric again was left to write all the songs for the first self titled recording. Capitalizing on modern technology, Eric began recording his own music at home. He enlisted the help of Rich Varville and James Raub of Headtrip Superstar to fill in bass and drum parts but could not find the perfect vocalist to meet the trailer park requirements. Eric had auditioned several singers for the first CD but no one had what he was looking for in a singer. He had seen Cory singing for another band called Bed Of Nails at The Second Wind in Santee and asked him to try writing the lyrics to a track already recorded. Cory came over a couple of days later with the song completed. They recorded the song and




that was all it took. It was a match. Corey ended up writing and recording all of the vocals for the first CD and became a permanent member of the band. The first CD took a lot out of Eric and he knew that he did not want to go through all that alone again. He had one permanent singer but needed Rock and Deano to return if he was to try recording another CD. “This was always my intention,” said Eric. I always wanted to have Deano, Rock and Cory.” With Corey signed on, Eric began scheming to get Rock and Deano back. “I called Rock, he came over, listened to a couple of songs I had already started and ‘boom’ he was in.” he said. Within a week they wrote a total of four songs. Eric tried to play drums on the new recordings but soon realized he needed Deano back. It was May of 2013; “Eric planned this party,” recalls Rock. “He invited all of us including Deano.” They sat by a bonfire and started setting guidelines for the way the band should go. “We wanted to have an accessible band in touch with the fans,” said Deano. “Actually, we don’t have fans, we have family,” he said. It was going to be important to stay close to the fans and include all of them to the party before and after the show. “It would be a real shit show if it was just us up there,” said Eric. We don’t just shake your hand and say thanks for coming out,” said Rock. We’ll sit down and have a couple of drinks with you,” he said. The party drew Deano into the mix and also set the tone for the band’s rock & roll party attitude. Deano went straight to work re-recording all the drum parts, and the band was made. “It felt good to have this group together,” said Eric. “I had played with Rock in Brick Bath, I


played with Rock and Deano in Pantera’d, Cory is the singer I’ve always wanted to play with, this was it!” They worked together like a team. Everyone contributed to the writing and mixing. Everyone tracked their parts. Years of experience and time on the road has truly paid off. ‘Troubled Sons’ is a polished rock & roll gem. Every song is created with the fans in mind and paid for with the blood, sweat and tears from miles and miles on the road. “I’m very proud of the work we did here,” said Idol. This is just the beginning.

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& the Villains

SAN DIEGO (August 23) - LA’s big band, Vaud and the Villains came to entertain San Diego at the Belly Up in Solana Beach.

Everybody was in costume; the whole thing said “Style”. I was blown away by this show. I knew they were a big band, and I expected a pretty good show.  Little did I know! It started off with the musicians filing out onto the stage.  They looked good, and right away caught my attention with little differences. . .like a Sousaphone, and a steel stand-up bass.  Everybody was in costume; the whole thing said “Style”. The music was outstanding from the get-go; loved the big-band sound and the gorgeous voices of the singers.  So much so that I sorta forgot about the cabaret show. . .until Miss Peaches Mahoney and the girls sauntered out on the stage.  The band kicked into overdrive and the girls had every eye in the room on them. Costume changes for the girls; the lead singers took turns and each had a different sound.  The horn section took a turn; the slide onestring wooden banjo blew the room away.  The show went on for a couple of hours; I think there were more encores but I don’t know where they normally quit--I just know the crowd didn’t want to let them go.  Find their page on Facebook and keep in touch--and don’t miss them when they come back! by Frank Rodrick vaud-and-the-villains







MARKLAND LOS ANGELES (September 19) - Rocking up to the Whisky A Go Go in West Hollywood Calif., San Diego natives Markland, delivered an unbelievable performance with their distinct style of blues music and one of a kind stage presence. With their fast-paced guitar riffs, piercing harmonics, and an unmatched level of energy, they pushed the boundaries of the genre and captivated the crowd with their new sound of blues.  Markland allowed the audience a first hand look into their lives through songs such as “Lights and Sirens” and “Life is Beautiful” capturing the intensity of the bands diverse essence as well as representing their Ocean Beach roots. With Steve “Tunker” Markland whaling away on his harmonica with sons Aaron (guitar/vocals) and Justin Markland (bass), and friend Randy “The Dr,” Jones (drums), together they “gave nothing but the Blues!  No politics, just fun!” By Randy Morgan and photos by Eli Medellin markland-rocks-the-whisky


LOS ANGELES (September 19) - Out of San Diego’s North County, comes a band called XIII. performing mostly classic rock covers but they also have some original blues rock numbers, with a few surf rock classics thrown in for good measure. What makes them so amazing is that last year all of the band members were thirteen years old except for one.  Now, drummer Jasmine Lee, bass player Ben Callaway and guitarist Joey Falcone have all gained a year and it is singer Zane Adlam who maintains the namesake.  We caught these young rockers opening the show at The Whisky A Go Go on the Sunset Strip as we went to catch our friends Markland.  Both bands gave an electrifying show and this group of talented youngsters have won our hearts.  Stay tuned! By Eli Medellin




Blue Largo

CD Release Party at Tio Leo’s SAN DIEGO (September 18) - The room was packed with fans, friends, musicians and dancers at Tio Leo’s for Blue Largo’s CD release. Many of the musicians who contributed to this labor of love were on stage including Jonny Viau on sax and percussions, Rafael Salmon on organ, Dave Castel De Oro on sax, Marcos B. Bashore on drums, Art Kraatz on upright bass, Taryn Donath on piano and Nathan James on guitar.  Ruby Presnell made a special appearance lending her grace and beauty and talent to the show with a little bit of rumba and jazz.  The stars of the evening were definitely Eric Lieberman and Alicia Aragon who together are the cornerstone of this much loved band.  The dance floor was constantly all in motion for every jump blues, jazz and swing tune played this amazing night. by Eli Medelllin





SAN DIEGO (September 19) - Romona Mainstage put a knock-out lineup on stage and the place was packed to the rafters from start to finish! Crowd favorites, the Iron Maidens, the usually, all female, Iron Maiden tribute band headlined the night after an up and coming, original band, Dirty Work, Back to Black, the phenomenal AC/ DC Tribute Band and Hellbent, the amazing Judas Priest Tribute Band got the mostly male crowd rockin’ and rollin’ and begging for more!  The Maidens delivered one hell of a performance!  These women know how to ROCK!  Their set list ran the gamut of Iron Maiden hits including The Trooper and Run to the Hills.   The crowd was even treated to stage appearances from several different versions of Eddie!   The Iron Maidens are Wanda Ortiz, aka Steph Harris, on bass, Kirsten Rosenberg, aka Bruce Chickinson, on vocals, Courtney Cox, aka Adriana Smith, on guitar, Nikki Stringfield, aka Davina Murray, on guitar and, Linda McDonald, aka Nikki McBurrain, on drums.  After a bit of bad luck the day before the show, the Maidens had to turn to Tone DeCorte, drummer with Damage, Inc., the Metallica Tribute Band, to fill in for Linda McDonald who was there in body but unable to play that night.  Unbelievably, Tone had only a day or so to learn the set list! by Stephanie Pillar iron-maidens-rock-ramona


SAN DIEGO (October 3) - Ex-Megadeth guitarist Marty Freidman performed at Romana Mainstage in support of his most recent album ‘Inferno’. It is the first time he has toured the States since he moved to Japan in 2003. Friedman, absolutely shredding on guitar, is joined by former Babymetal guitarist, now on bass, Kiyoshi, Jordan Ziff on guitar and the flamboyant, Chargeeee on drums. To top off the evening, San Diego’s Sinners Rage guitarist Tom Wade, was chosen to get up onstage and jam with Marty!” by Stephanie Pillar




DENNIS JONES RAMONA, Calif. (October 17) - Southern California based bluesman, Dennis Jones played at Ramona Mainstage on Saturday. Dennis is not only an amazing blues guitarist but a great vocalist as well. Dennis and his band had the small, but very vocal, crowd up and dancing the entire evening. He was going to do two sets but decided to just keep playing through the scheduled break. The setlist included originals like Passion for the Blues, My Kinda Blues and You Took My Baby as well as his own takes on classics like B.B. King’s, Thrill Is Gone. Dennis is the real thing. He might look young but he plays the blues like a truly old bluesman. His guitar skills are some of the best I have heard, and I have heard a lot. If you haven’t seen or heard Dennis Jones, I highly recommend you buy one or more of his CDs and catch him the next time he is within 50 miles of your home. As is the case most of the time his recordings do not do him justice. To truly appreciate what a great musician he is you have to see him live. by John Hancock


SAN DIEGO (October 29) - If you haven’t heard or, better yet seen San Diego’s hottest new band, Ki, you are missing something pretty special. This band is one of the most high energy bands I have seen come out of San Diego in a while. Led by powerhouse singer and multi-instrumentalist, Kiley Halpern (she plays flute, ukulele and percussion), a live Ki show reminds me a lot of seeing a Grace Potter concert. The five piece band is made up of Kiley, Erik Pierce (lead guitar, vocals, saxophone), Tony Salomone (keyboards, guitar, mandolin), Curran Kiel (drums), and Ben Boon (bass). Ki was nominated for a San Diego Music Award in 2015 as Best New Artist. They recently played the inaugural Kaaboo Music Festival and have already played such iconic San Diego venues as The Loft at UCSD, 710 Beach Club , The San Diego Rock-N-Roll Marathon and the Belly Up Tavern. Their debut EP, ‘The Rising’, consists of four amazing songs, including my favorite, “Falling”. You can stream the entire EP on their website Visit the website and get a free download of what I think is their best song to date, “She Knows”. It has top 40 hit written all over it. Catch Ki locally in an intimate venue before you can only see them at arena’s and music festivals. I predict it won’t be long before they are playing the main stage at festivals like Coachella and Bonnaroo. by John Hancock





OCEANSIDE, Calif (December 3) - It was an exciting night for those at the Casey Hensley show last night at Boar Cross’n in Carlesbad on Thursday.  Opening for Casey was the blues trio Aqua-Fi.  Formerly known as Electric Church, this young funky trio brought their style of psychedelic blues to a small but enthusiastic audience before bringing on Casey and her special guest. Guitarist Laura Chavez was amazing and brought a whole new level of excitement to to this show.  Laura has been a very close friend of the Hensley group and accepted the invitation to perform on this night before leaving with Candye Kane the following week on a brief tour up the coast. Highlight of the show was Casey and Laura taking it up a notch with their jaw dropping version of Stevie Ray Vaughan’s “Texas Flood.” by Eli Medellin


SAN DIEGO (November 18) - There is a new blues band in town. The Chris Fast Band is a hot new blues band but they are no strangers to the San Diego music scene.  Vocalist and harp man Chris Fast and bass player Don Skelton had a band before called Chris Fast and Blues Blast.  Drummer Al Schneider is well known in the blues scene and has played with several local bands.  English Mike is a blues guitarist from the U.K. currently residing in North County San Diego.   The group made a connection at Chet Cannon’s Sunday Party On The Patio jam session at Downtown Cafe Bar & Grill and began rehearsing soon after, then made their debut at House of Blues this week.  They share a love for the more traditional blues and bring the smooth Chicago style blues to California.  Stay tuned to Boogie Magazine to find out where they will be playing next. by Eli Medellin chris-fast-band





& THE ATTA BOYS SAN DIEGO (December 5) - We finally caught up to a great rockabilly band known as Fanny and The Atta Boys at the Cat Eye Club downtown San Diego on Saturday.  Fanny and the boys put on a great show with a deep south 1930’s sound almost as a soundtrack from the movie ‘Oh Brother Where Art Thou.’  Excellent musicianship, and Fanny’s singing and dancing will keep you entertained all night. by Eli Medellin fanny-and-the-atta-boys

CALICO SAN DIEGO (December 11) - Calico brought their version of California Country to Ramona Mainstage Friday night. The trio made up of Kirsten Proffit, Manda Mosher and Aubrey Richmond are a throwback to the old Laurel Canyon sound, which they wholeheartedly embrace. The trio takes turns on vocals but sound best when the three of them harmonize together. Kirsten and Manda both play guitar while Aubrey adds her amazing fiddle skills as well as mandolin. The night opened with a beautiful rendition of the Beatle’s “Norwegian Wood” and closed with a rousing rendition of Johnny Cash’s “Folsom Prison Blues.”  In between they played originals like “Runaway Cowgirl,” “Dead Reckoning” and “You Ain’t Going Nowhere” off their album ‘Rancho California.’  They also performed their latest single a cover of Joni Mitchell’s “Ladies of the Canyon.” The crowd was small but really enjoyed the evening, which started out with Ramona locals, Dusty Recor and Indian Joe followed by San Diego singer/songwriter Savannah Philyaw. Afterwards much of the crowd stuck around to chat, take photos and get autographs from the bands. All in all it was a great night of live music once again at Ramona Mainstage. by John Hancock




RONNIE LEE & THE FALLBROOK KID SAN DIEGO (December 12) Plays Like A Girl recording artist Roni Lee invited The Fallbrook Kid, Anthony Cullins to jam with her at a special show for Biggs Harley Davidson in San Marcos on Saturday . The show was a benefit concert to raise money for the Angela Spence Foundation to help others in need. The gifted 14 year old guitar player Anthony Cullins has been gaining much notoriety, playing with notable musicians throughout the San Diego area.  Renowned rocker Roni Lee is an admirer of Anthony’s yet admits that she’s been playing some of her songs since before he was born. Local radio station disk jockey Clint August from 101.5 KGB was on hand to witness the two guitar slingers jam together.  Biggs H-D marketing director Howie Wahl said they plan on doing plenty more such events in 2016 By Eli Medellin

STARS COME OUT IN FALLBROOK SAN DIEGO (November 19) - The music scene is growing in northern San Diego county and Fallbrook is no exception. The Fallbrook Brewing Co. was the scene for an exciting night of music and famous faces on Thursday during the monthly open mic presented by Kenneth Rexrode. 12 year old Caden Levi Was one of the first to impress the packed house followed by 14 year old guitar sensation, Antony Cullins who always manages to bring down the house with his exciting blues/rock style.  Next, the Fallbrook audience was entertained by a trio of well known San Diego artists Robin Henkel, Billy Watson and Whitney Shay.  If that wasn’t enough to write about, there was a very famous artist in the audience.  Grammy Award Winner Rita Coolidge is a resident of the Fallbrook area and came out to support all those who came to play. By Eli Medellin northern-san-diego-the-stars-come-out-in-fallbrook




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is a songwriter based out of San Diego. Behind the name lies a celebration that despite being tiny specs in the universe, we can still produce beautiful and meaningful things. His music combines elements of soul, hip-hop, jazz, indierock, pop and can be adequately summarized as New Romantic. Make something cool while you listen to his new album ‘Love In Colours.’

Love In Colours

“I Can See Us Forever featuring Toro (RED)”





ithin a year of her arrival to the state of Washington, Jessica Lynne has planted herself center stage in Seattle’s music scene. Using the popular crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, Lynne funded her first recording by over 200%. With the media comparing her to such luminaries as Patsy Cline, Dolly Parton and even Dusty Springfield, this kind of success is understandable. Her highly anticipated debut EP, entitled ‘Spiritual Cowgirl’ is now available for purchase. Having opened for national acts such as Radney Foster, Elisabeth Cook and Katie Armiger – Lynne has shown that her musical career is on the fast track.

Between her sunny lyrics, strawberry blond curls, and honeyed voice, Lynne’s output already evidences an implicit and consistent color scheme: Pure country gold. Jessica will be heading back to Nashville to complete her next recording entitled ‘Catch Me If You Can.’ You can give your support by pledging to the project monetarily or by spreading the word of the campaign. 10% of any money raised after the goal is reached will go to Women For Women International. Pledge at Check out her music at Photo by Barbara Potter Photography



John Hancock’s

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“Someone told me years ago, ‘you shouldn’t sing anything unless it means something to you.” Whitney Shay

“What sets Shay apart from her colleagues is that she vents her talents across such a wide array of platforms” T.E Mattox

Soul Tonic



ith a bachelor’s degree in Theatre with a Performance emphasis from San Diego State University, Whitney Shay has performed all over San Diego, and has been a featured performer at the Doheny Blues Festival (headlined by Bonnie Raitt), San Diego Blues Festival, Gator By The Bay Festival, the San Diego Film Awards, and the San Diego Music Awards. Nominated for “Best Live Performer” by the San Diego Music Awards and has recently returned from a tour in Brazil with acclaimed Brazilian Blues guitarist Igor Prado and his band.

Her debut album “Soul Tonic” has received international radio airplay and was nominated for “Best Blues Album”.  The record was masterminded and produced by Archie Thompson, and features guest performances by Mike Thompson (Rod Stewart, The Eagles), acclaimed jazz flautist Holly Hofmann, Mitch Manker (Ray Charles Orchestra), and international blues guitarist Nathan James. Photos by Andy King Get ‘Soul Tonic’ at




“Chickenbone Slim’s sound is funkier than a hiccuping chicken walking backward.” Michale Kinsman

San Diego Blues Festival

Get ‘Gone’ at live performances Dates at


hickenbone Slim, a really nice

guy with a killer electric blues recording entitled ‘Gone.’ Mixing two parts southern delta and one part Chicago blues, this cd is easy to listen and dance to and features some of San Diego’s top blues musicians. There may be faster guitarist, and oh yes, there are a lot of louder guitarists, but you can’t out-grease Chickenbone Slim. His primitive, tough, bare knuckle style is honed by experience with well known San Diego bands such as The Mississippi Mudsharks and The Boogiemen as well as playing back-up for Lifetime Achievement Award winner Tomcat Courtney. Since forming Chickenbone Slim & the


Biscuits two years ago, he has played more than 250 performances including The Adams Avenue Street Fair, Harp Fest, Lemon Festival and top night clubs throughout San Diego and beyond. Released in September 2015, ‘Gone’ documents his original music which he has developed during live performances over the years. Photo by Haley Teves WANT SOME MORE?

“If you like your blues with a down home greasy feel, you want to check out Chickenbone Slim and The Biscuits. Chickenbone plays in a traditional blues style, part Chicago, part Texas, part Mississippi, and all right! We at KPRI have worked with CB many times and he always puts on a top notch, professional show” Madison

Morning Show Host




Down the Road a Piece


inners of the San Diego regional competition, advancing to the 32nd International Blues Challenge in Memphis Tennessee, The Holla Pointe have put together a 7 song extended play recording entitled ‘Down The Road A Piece’. This EP is a collection of songs composed by long time friends Jimmy Zollo and Karl Cabbage and

every song is a musical masterpiece. Masterfully engineered at Studio West, by Daniel Bourget, ‘Down The Road A Piece’ introduces a new sound and style to the blues that is not your typical 12 bar blues. Jimmy and Karl add a dynamic energy with a southern feel to their music, playing from the heart, with one foot in the blues.







Monday Night Boogie @ Navajo Live 8515 Navajo Rd, San Diego, CA 7:30 - 11:00PM Hosted by Mark Eppler

Tom’s Band Camp @ Pal Joey’s 5147 Waring Rd, San Diego, CA 1st & 3rd Tuesdays 8:00 - 11:00PM

Hosted by Tom Tice

Jamminout @ House of Blues

1055 5th Ave, San Diego, CA 7:00 - 11:00PM Hosted by BLUSD

Open Jams @ The Shamrock 39252 Winchester Rd, Murrieta, CA 7:30 - 10:30PM

Open Mic Night @ Pour House

903 S. Coast Hwy, Oceanside, CA 8:00PM - 12:00AM Hosted by Whit Aadlan


Open Mic Night @ Aztec Brewery 2330 La Mirand Dr #300, Vista, CA 6:00 - 10:00PM

Blues & Brews Jam @ Bolt Brewery

8179 Center St, La Mesa, CA 6:30 - 9:30PM Hosted by Chet & The Committee


Sunday Open Jam @ PK’s Roadhouse

15573 Grand Ave, Lake Elsinore, CA 2:00 - 6:00PM Hosted by The Big Daddy Deluxe Band

Blues Jam Patio Party @ Downtown Cafe 182 E. Main St, El Cajon, CA 3:30PM Hosted by Chet & The Committee Get the latest at Chuck Arcilla “The Killa” @ Tom’s Band Camp Photo by Nick Abadilla




invite all of you, my friends, my family, my tribe, to use any pronoun you feel like for me. He/ him/his or she/her/hers or they/them. I am all of those, and maybe you see one more than the other at certain times and feel inclined in one way or another. Go for it. Please. This makes me happy to say and realize in my life. I’m no longer confined by gender identity . . . Maybe I’m a fucking unicorn!”

-Rhythm Rose Turner

Photo by Kim Hardy



Issue 5 Trailorpark Rockstar  
Issue 5 Trailorpark Rockstar