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iPad Anti Glare Screen There are various anti glare screen available in the market, you just need to look out which one will be better for your iPad. So with anti glare, one can sit anywhere at any point of time & can read on the iPad clearly. Having a clear screen without the fingerprints or bright light makes the process of using iPad more enjoyable.

iPad is provided with a beautiful screen. It has a glare with the screen but that glare is fine when working indoors but becomes difficult to work outdoors. One cannot see the screen when it’s shining because of fingerprints galore.

Various types of iPad screen protectors with anti glare properties are recommended. Speck iPad ShieldView Anti-Glare Protective iPad Screen Cover is helpful in glare reduction. It reduces intense mirror- like glare of bright light sources & produced a subtle diffused reflection. It is also helpful from protecting screen from scratches.

Another iPad anti glare screen is ScreenGuardz Anti-Glare Screen Cover for iPad. This anti glare reduces and distributes the screen glare better. This anti glare screen changes the way you use and view the iPad. It will help you to use your iPad in daylight. The performance is similar to speck shield.

However, Speck shield is better anti glare screen for iPad. The best way to install anti glare screen is not to rush for the process. One just needs to be careful while installing the anti glare screen. The screen must be cleared very well before one attempts to install the anti glare. The process of installing anti glare on iPad is similar as installing anti glare on iPhone.

There is one other iPad anti glare screen and that is Moshi iVisor. This anti glare makes it sure that it doesn’t get attached to the screen which means 100% bubble free application. If you compare it with regular screen protector, it is twice as thick and comes into two different colors i.e. black & white. The main points which go into its favor are its attractive design, easy accessibility of applications and good color options.

iPad Anti Glare Screen