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BALL MTAANI | Ball.Afya.Maendeleo.Mafunzo ya Life


A report on Ball Mtaani event, which was carried out at Mathari Depot Grounds, Mathari, on 11 December 2010

Special Thanks The Coin Box would like to specially acknowledge all who supported the Ball Mtaani event. Special thanks go out to individuals who generously contributed of their time, money, and items that supported the event. Special thanks also go out to the offices that generously contributed towards the event, namely SBO Research, Ian’s House, and last but not least Alive and Kicking and UNEP, who generously contributed the footballs used for the tournament and contributed to the youth afterward. We look forward to working together in the future. | | Twitter: @TheCoinBox | Facebook: The Coin Box

BALL MTAANI | Ball.Afya.Maendeleo.Mafunzo ya Life Goals The event targeted three main areas, to benefit Good Samaritan Children’s home and the neighboring community of Mathari: 1. Education and mentorship – Facilitation for Good Samaritan Children’s home’s 28 KCSE candidates, to advance their education by joining college to study courses on introduction to computers. 2. Health care – educate the youth attendees and the community on proper health practices, especially since the area youth are prone to risky behavior. There will also be a clinic to facilitate HIV/AIDS and other tests. 3. Uplift living standards – raise funding to increase the farming scale of Good Samaritan Children’s home i.e. cattle, goats, sheep and pigs. These will help support the home meet it’s ever increasing day to day needs. Ball Mtaani long term objectives 1. Education and mentorship of the youth to be leaders and positive influencers of society. 2. Provision of healthcare services and education. 3. Uplifting of standards of society. Activities implemented at the event The Ball Mtaani event incorporated the following activities: A football tournament, with a total of 24 teams (16 boys and 8 girls teams), each consisting of 10 players. Over 250 youth attended the event. Health clinic – Medecins Sans Frontiers set up a counseling and testing clinic at the grounds, which ran concurrently with the event. Motivation – a motivational speaker, Bonnie Kim, was present and gave a brief talk to the youth. Project’s anticipated results Outreach targeting children’s home and the neighboring community i.e. education, health and uplifting of standards. Highlight plight of the less fortunate, and serve as their voice; e.g. Good Samaritan Children’s home has been of great service to the community, taking care of over 350 children, yet still struggles to meet its day to day needs. Poverty in the neighboring community contributes to risky sexual behavior and continued unwanted teenage pregnancy and HIV/AIDS, with the home having to bear some of this burden. This forum will be an opportunity for these concerns to be voiced, and the neighboring community to be educated. Motivate the youth to be a positive influence to the community, especially since they are surrounded by a lot of negative circumstances. | | Twitter: @TheCoinBox | Facebook: The Coin Box

BALL MTAANI | Ball.Afya.Maendeleo.Mafunzo ya Life Outcome of the Event Ball Mtaani aimed to raise funds for Farming and Education to target Good Samaritan Home. We were however unsuccessful in acquiring corporate sponsorship, thus focused on raising funds from friends just to make the event a success. The Coin Box successfully raised Ksh. 66,850. Out of this, Ksh. 51,567 was used on the event; hence a carryover of Ksh. 15,283 which shall be directed to future needs of Good Samaritan Home. The contributions and funding documents are attached. Photos of the event will be accessible on our Facebook Page (The Coin Box) and website Status




21 cows, 15 goats, 9 sheep and 26 pigs

40 cows, 50 goats, 20 sheep and 50 pigs

Pending - support will be appreciated.


28 KCSE Candidates

28 students to study ICDL at college – facilitation or funding (Ksh. 406,000)

Pending - support will be appreciated.

Health issues

Risky behavior thus unwanted teenage pregnancies and HIV/AIDS.

Testing and education, as well as counseling.

Counseling and testing centre was present at event.

Proposed continuation of the project Ball Mtaani event will be replicated in Mathari and other areas, to highlight homes in dire need yet lack support. Monitoring of management of proceeds shall be carried out by The Coin Box and partner agencies as well as donors; we will partner with organizations that are deep rooted within targeted areas of implementation (in Mathari’s case, MYSA, which has been present in the community since 1987). Stakeholders will be updated on progress. Community Partnerships Community involvement and benefits The community benefited from this event both directly and indirectly. They benefited through free access to health service providers, as well as rewards given to the youth who participated. Motivation/boosting to the youth through the event. Empowering the youth and positively influencing their behavior will benefit the community. Experience The Coin Box has carried out 6 advocacy campaigns and carried out several regular visits since September 2009, and has managed to create awareness for Good Samaritan Children’s home on a small scale. Ball mtaani was a launch pad towards The Coin Box approaching partners to support larger scale advocacy on the needs of “less popular” homes that have significant needs that need support. The Coin Box will continue to advocate together with established organizations, which are well rooted in the areas of implementation. | | Twitter: @TheCoinBox | Facebook: The Coin Box

Ball Mtaani Event Report  

Ball Mtaani Event Report

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