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Music Creation

Using Isleoftune

Let’s get started

Let’s make our own island

Pick a name for your Island

Click the island to create a road

Click on the road icon

Add some houses

Use the House icon

Now some lamp posts

Some Flowers ?

Some trees on the other side of the road

Put a car on the road

Click “Go” to see what your island sounds like

Click on any of the icons again and then on a example of it on your road. Now you get the chance to change the sound

You can do the same with the houses

You can also alter it’s volume

Clicking this symbol will make the sound play twice

There are also several built in loops

Put another car on the new loop

Click to hear the changes

Create your own loops

Save with

Isle of Tune  

Guide to using the isleoftune web app for music creation from Mpower online. ( )

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