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Music Creation

Using Audacity

Record Your Music Click Audacity Logo to download the programme to your computer

This is what you will see when you have downloaded and installed “Audacity”

To get going click on “Don’t show this again at start up” then “OK”

The usual controls..... • Pause • Play • Stop • Back to start • On to end • Record

Playback Volume Levels. (Watch for them going into the red ! That will distort)

All the rest you can ignore for now

Set Recording Levels (depending on how loud your music is ! Better a bit too low than too high.)

STEP 2. – Start Recording

STEP 3. – Open “Plink” in your browser

STEP 1. - Set Recording Levels For now set these half way. You can adjust them if the first recording is too loud or too quiet – just trial and error

STEP 4 Just play music for a while – Audacity will record it all

STEP 5 Close “Plink” down to end your music

STEP 6 Go back to “Audacity”

Click the “stop� button to stop the recording

This is what you should see now

This is the length of your recording Doesn’t look much does it ! That’s because it isn’t. It is just the silence you recorded after “Plink” was closed. To see the music use the scroll bar to roll back the timeline

This is your Music Recording Now we need to get rid of all that “silence”. Here’s how we do it

STEP 1. Click where the silence starts and hold down your mouse button

Drag your mouse to the right until you reach the end of the blue line ( the silence). The release your mouse. The area should now be selected (It will be grey) Now just press “Delete� on your keyboard

Next we need to get rid of the silence at the beginning of the recording

Scroll back to the very start of the music you have recorded and click the mouse again.

Drag this to the right until you come to the start of the music

Now just press “Delete� on your keyboard

Your Music will probably start suddenly. You can make this better with a short “fade in�

Start at the beginning and Select a few seconds of the music

Click on the “effects” tab. Go down until you find “fade in”. Click that

Here you can “see” that the sound has got louder by the growing height of the “wave” pattern

You may want to do the same at the end of the music. Select the last few seconds – but remember to choose “FADE OUT” this time.

Click the purple “back” button, then the green “play” button

At last it is time to listen to your first musical masterpiece

Sometimes your music may be too quiet ( or even too loud !) To get even levels of output there is something you can do on Audacity

Go back to the “effects” tab. This time go down until you get to the “normalise” tab. Click on this and Audacity will automatically make the volume standard.

You can try any of these effects on your new track as a whole, or just to a part you select. Have fun playing !

To save your new track you DO NOT click on save. That will just save it as a file to carry on editing in Audacity.

Instead you need to go down the “file” tab menu to “Export”

Give your track a name

Clicking “Export� will allow you to save your track as an MP3 to play on all sorts of players Now save all your hard work


Audacity Guide  

A guide to using Audacity for the students on the Mpower Music Creation course. ( )

Audacity Guide  

A guide to using Audacity for the students on the Mpower Music Creation course. ( )