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Ripe & r eady Daik on Radish

Cact u s Pear

Tast e: The flavor of the Daikon root is mild and tangy with a crisp and juicy texture.

Tast e: Yellow Cactus pears are juicy and aromatic with a mildly sweet flavor close to a banana, melon, and fig.

Salsif y

Tast e: Salsify are very mild and mildy flavored with hints of licorice, umami, artichoke.

Qu in ce

Tast e: All varieties have a strong aromatic fragrance with a musky-wild, tropical-like perfume. It is sour, the flesh cannot be eaten raw and requires cooking to be edible then turns to a deep apricot color with floral honeyed flavors.

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Chef's Corner Magazine's Fall 2019, V2, Issue 6