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Chef 's Profile Chef Dimitri confesses to being a man that enjoys good food, traveling and good company.

"I was blessed enough to spend time with family and friends around large dining tables. We showed love by sharing meals." "I grew up around food", he sais. At a very young age, he would observe his mother in the kitchen who naturally learned from his aunt as she was classically trained in baking and the art of dinner parties was the person who made everyone's birthday cakes, including his favorite, chocolate cake. Chef Dimitri Lillavois was born and raised in Haiti where he lived until he graduated High School. After completing his degree from Le Cordon Bleu School of Culinary Arts in Florida, because of his desire to have a more rounded understanding of how to acquire talent for the kitchen and employee management, he enrolled at Barry University where he received a B.A. in Human Resources and Administration.

Chef Dimitr i Lillavois A ch ef w h o f ou n d h i s pu r pose beyon d t h e cor por at e w or l d. by: STEPHAN BERROUET-DURAND edited: CARL BAZELAIS

Fall 2019

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Profile for Chef's Corner Magazine

Chef's Corner Magazine's Fall 2019, V2, Issue 6