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feature-length documentary called Red, White, & Black- An Oregon Wine Story. As you've already mentioned, in Oregon's young 50 plus year history, I'm it's 1st Black winemaker. Now while the facts of me being the "1st" are empowering and inspiring, my larger mission is to make sure I'm not the last and what better platform than a movie!

Wou ld you m in d sh ar in g a f ew w or ds t o ou r r eader s? I'm a keynote speaker, and the plan is to travel the country sharing my journey from triumphs to tragedy to spread the messages of owning your truth. The good, bad, and ugly are all part of what makes you you. Let those things be the catalyst that drives you to taking those "leaps of faith" especially when the odds are against you. I'm here to change the world by changing the game!

Can you t ell u s abou t t h e t ype of w in es you m ake? Well, I grow 6 different varietals, Pinot noir/Gris, Chardonnay, Gewurztraminer, Gamay Noir, Albarino & I occasionally source another heavy red from southern regions in OR.

Is you r w in e available Nat ion Wide? Yes, we direct ship to about 30 states nationwide Wh en w as t h e last t im e you visit ed t h e lan d of you r par en t s? I haven't had the pleasure, YET. My dad essentially escaped back in 1969. He never painted that welcoming picture of a home. Unfortunately, I still don't know the real catalyst of what made them take the epic leap of faith. Do you see you r self visit in g Hait i in t h e n ear f u t u r e? Absolutely! I'm planning on a trip sometime in 2020 as we as would love to coordinate some type of event with you in the future as well.

Fall 2019

You lef t Br ook lyn , N.Y. f or Or egon , t h at 's on t h e ot h er side of t h e w or ld m an , t ell u s abou t t h is m ove. It's not as exciting as it sounds. After living in Florida and North Carolina, I decided to make the journey west to California. Obviously, I never made it! Now t h at you h ave been cat apu lt ed in m u lt iple ar t icles, w h at 's n ext f or you ? I just released my documentary on my own distribution and streaming site on Video. I'm also working on a few books with one specifically titled "Immigrant Hustle" in honor of my father. In 2013, I made a tribute wine called P.O.P"Port of Pinot" which is a fortiefied Pinot Noir rep'n my Pops and how the story began, and will be making a sequeal called Port Au Prince-"Port De Prince" marking my leagacy as the "Prince" of how the story continues.

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Chef's Corner Magazine's Fall 2019, V2, Issue 6