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Chit- chat with Ber tony Faustin of Abbey Cr eek Winer y & Vineyar d with Chef Stephan Berrouet- Durand You w er e r ecen t ly f eat u r ed in Food & Win e M agazin e as t h e f ir st r ecor ded black w in em aker in Or egon . As a n at ive of Hait i, I f elt pr ou d t o r ead t h at you ar e of Hait ian descen t w h ich is w h at led m e t o r each ou t t o you t h e in st an t I r ead t h at ar t icle. So t ell u s a lit t le bit abou t you r self an d h ow you en ded u p in t h e w in e bu sin ess? Wow, the short version is I'm an accidental winemaker that arrived on the scene after the passing of my father in 2007. It was my feelings of not living up to the familiar legacy of the immigrant parents that left their home country (Ayiti) to make a better life for themselves and their family.

I call it the "immigrant hustle" - the classic tale of "tragedy evoking change". I quit my day job as an Anesthesia Technician essentially to find a career path that would fulfill me. The opportunity came when I purchased a piece of property from the outlaws that had 5 acres of grapes that they planted for a farm tax incentive.

No one had the desire to make wine let alone start a wine label. While on the property, I looked around one day and said "I'm going to make wine" nevermind the fact that I didn't drink so with that true industrial Haitian spirit I decided, if this wine thing doesn't work out, then I'll just make raisins!! In t h e ar t icle I r ead, it says t h at you cr eat ed a video-m in i docu m en t ar y abou t m in or it y w in em aker s, can you t ell u s a lit t le m or e abou t you r pu r pose an d vision beh in d t h is docu m en t ar y an d w h at you h oped t o accom plish in m ak in g it ? Yes, I'm the executive producer of a

Fall 2019

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Chef's Corner Magazine's Fall 2019, V2, Issue 6