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Special Types Of Threads Used In Embroidery Embroidery is definitely a great way to make your attire beautiful. But when this embroidery is done with some special types of threads, it can make your dress more attractive and unique. Take a look at these different types of threads.

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 Glow-in-dark thread : These type of threads can store natural or artificial light which makes it glow in the dark. It is helpful for the clothing that is intended to be worn in dark, such as parking valets. But before wearing, the garment should be allowed to store the light.

Metallic thread : It is made up of several

layers of components. The core is made-up of nylon or polyester. The core is then covered with layers of metallic, color and other components. But you need to be careful about using this type of thread on garment for embroidery. Choose the appropriate fabric if you are using it. 

Color-changing thread : It is also called as ‘solar thread ‘. It is normally white in appearance until it is not exposed to sunlight or other UV rays. It is commonly used for formal wear and resort wear.

Yarn : It is another type of thread which can grab the attention instantly. If yarn is used in embroidery, it requires fewer stitches due to its thickness.


Multicolored thread : It has different

color shades in the same thread. It can be effectively used for uniform or regular pattern of stitching. It makes the design more attractive and we can achieve shading effect or realistic look using this type of thread.


Cotton and silk thread : You can get this type of thread in variety of sizes and colors. Now silk thread is also available for computerized embroidery machines which can give a shiny and soft appearance to design.

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Special types of threads used in embroidery  

To make your embroidery more attractive, you need to use different types of threads. Know about the special types of threads which can be us...

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