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How to Use Spotmau PowerSuite: Password Recovery Spotmau PowerSuite is a Windows all in one utilities software that also functions as a Windows emergency software. If offers various tools to help you both maintain and repair your troubled Windows. In this Spotmau PowerSuite Review, you can see the whole functions that PowerSuite can offer. But this time, I will specifically get down to one of its functions: Spotmau Password Genius. Before we move on, it is better to explain about the background behind Windows password recovery process itself, a function that Password Genius offers. Password is a sequence of characters that must be inputted to gain access to a system like Windows. Password recovery tool is used to recover lost user or administrator password used to log on to Windows. Password recovery tool is often called "password cracking" tool which is used to "crack" unknown password by hackers. Many Windows password recovery tools that are sold individually are overpriced. While on the other hand, free password recovery tools are very technical and not a straight do-it-yourself program. Luckily here, Spotmau has built Password Genius with simplicity in mind and packed it with other powerful tools under its sub $50 PowerSuite software. Spotmau Password Genius is fast and very simple even for you who have basic knowledge of Windows and haven’t recovered Windows password before. With Password Genius, in order to be able to recover your lost passwords, you don't need any access to the operating system which is of course impossible regarding you don’t have any privilege to access it. Simply download the software from Spotmau website and you will get an ISO file that you should burn into a CD. And this CD is the one which supposed to boot you Windows and do the password recovery process from there automatically. The recovery process is a brisk. In a test on my Windows XP, Spotmau recovered the 7digit password to my administrator account in two minutes. What is in Spotmau Password Finder? List all user accounts on your Windows Reset or change Admin/User password for Windows XP (SP1 and SP2), 2000, NT, and Server Find or clear BIOS/CMOS password Find MSN password Find Outlook password Find Access password Find Google Talk password Find Yahoo Messenger password Find AutoLogon password Find AutoComplete password Find Dialup password Find Windows CD key (serial number) Find MS Office product CD key (serial number) How to Recover Passwords using Spotmau PowerSuite? Select the Password Kit category in the main menu. Depends on which password you’re looking for, choose between Admin/User Password, Password Finder, or Ms Key Finder. When you click one of them, a corresponding list will automatically reveal all passwords found.

For instance, to recover IE Passwords (websites with password), follow the instructions below: 1. Open Internet Explorer, and go to the login page of the web site where you want to recover its password. 2. Type your login name. If the password is stored on your computer, a sequence of asterisks will appear automatically in the password field.

3. At the same time, Click IE AutoComplete Password under Password Finder sub menu. The utility will instantly reveal the asterisks password.

Ok, that’s all folk. Hope you enjoy my short coverage on the tool. And I hope you can take lots of benefits from this feature. Wait for my other “How to” article on other Spotmau PowerSuite tools, which honestly are quite lot and worth to wait.

How to Use Spotmau PowerSuite Password Genius  
How to Use Spotmau PowerSuite Password Genius  

This article explains how to use one of Spotmau PowerSuite tools: Password Genius