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“Most of the time it is just hard, dusty work” Interview with Winfried Wentland

The “East Africa expansion” Heading for new harvest fields – join us!

From Cape Town to Cairo

Prayer for





for new harvest fields –

join us!

Dear Mission Partner We would like to tell you about something new. The CfaN team is currently busy with plans to move into other harvest fields. For more than 10 years we have focused on Nigeria, by far the most densely populated country in Africa. However, for some time we have been clearly sensing the Lord calling us to turn our attention again to other nations on that vast continent.

Come over and help us! There are currently 54 African states with internationally recognised status and we receive requests and enquiries from our brothers and sisters in many of those countries inviting us to go there and arrange CfaN campaigns with them. They want to experience in their own countries the reality of the great wonder that the Lord is doing in Nigeria. They

want to be part of the great African outpouring of the Holy Spirit, which is steadily changing the face of the continent. Sometimes we feel like Paul when he dreamed of someone calling, “Come over and help us!” (Acts 16:9). We pray intensively for the Lord to give us guidance and direction – not only at our annual CfaN planning meetings. What we are experiencing in Africa is something supernatural that would be impossible without the equally supernatural leading of our God. We ask the Lord, “What are the next steps? Which countries should we go to? Which invitations should we accept?” After all, he alone is the “Lord of the harvest” and tells us, his workers, which of his numerous fields we should work in to bring in the harvest. The mighty multitudes of people who have accepted Jesus as their Lord and Saviour in the great harvest field of Nigeria in recent years are impressive confirmation that we were in the right place at the right time.

There is so much more to do! We increasingly sense that the Lord is urging us to move further to the west of Nigeria, to Togo (an extremely blessed Great Gospel Campaign was held in Lomé in February), to Ghana, to Cote d’Ivoire (formerly the Ivory Coast – we originally planned a campaign there for the autumn

Then he said to his disciples, “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.” Matthew 9:37-38

but this is now looking very unlikely to take place because of the political situation. Please help us to pray for this country!), to Liberia (our Great Gospel Campaign in the capital of Monrovia is scheduled for December), to Burkina Faso (thanks to some wonderful donations, the postponed Great Gospel Campaign in the capital of Ouagadougou will now take place in November), to Sierra Leone (in spring 2012 we plan to take the gospel to the city of Freetown), and so on. But that is not all! The Lord has been reminding us repeatedly about the countries and people in East Africa, in countries such as Ethiopia, Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. It is clear that we should also be more active there too.

The “East Africa expansion” In response to the call of our Lord, we are currently planning to restructure our technical equipment so that we can hold Great Gospel Campaigns in East Africa, too.

In practical terms, that means that we are planning to divide up our CfaN equipment, continuing to use most of it in West Africa while transferring a fairly small amount of it to East Africa. That sounds easier than it actually is as all components are designed to fit together and compared with the size of our meetings attended by hundreds of thousands of people, they are kept to a minimum. For that reason, we need various new items for East Africa if we wish to proclaim the Word of God there without hindrance. The total cost comes to approximately €600,000. Derek Murray, who heads our international Sound Department, has drawn up a “priority list” of the things that we would need for this “East Africa expansion”. As so often in the history of our ministry, it goes far beyond our current possibilities. To be perfectly frank, we do not have the money. Yet time after time we have experienced that when the Lord places an order, he also pays for the goods! And we know that he is now “placing an order” for evangelistic campaigns in East Africa! That means that he will provide us with everything we need to proclaim his message of salvation. And you and I can be part of it.

From Cape Town to Cairo Our great vision “From Cape Town to Cairo!” has not yet been fulfilled. We will not rest until this objective has been met and the name of Jesus is proclaimed in every country, every town and every part of the continent of Africa. Dear Mission Partner, you have stood faithfully with us in the harvest. We are now about to take the next great step towards the fulfilment of this mighty vision. Please take this step with us and support us with your intercession and your financial gifts. It is all about multitudes of people whom Jesus wants to save, deliver and heal. It is about declaring and honouring his name as the “Lord of the harvest”. Let’s head for the new harvest fields! Yours in the name of Jesus

Daniel Kolenda Reinhard Bonnke

Most of the time it is just physically demanding, hard, dusty, routine work Interview with Winfried Wentland

Winfried, when you are not travelling the dust tracks of Africa for CfaN, you live in Hamburg. On the subject of “home”, where is home for you? Is there such a thing for you? I actually feel at home everywhere. I have spent half my life in Germany and the other half in more than 40 different countries in Africa. For me it is like this: when I fly from Europe to black Africa, I am flying home. And the same is true the other way round, when I fly from Africa to Germany. In a way, it’s like my two legs. I cannot easily do without one or other of them. When I go to Africa, I nonetheless leave my European way of thinking behind. The African perception of life is totally different from the European view of things. Africans think completely differently and have a totally different attitude to life. Things do not work as we Europeans expect them to. Many people from the West cannot come to terms, for example, with things like the way of managing time, the attitude to appointments or the way of dealing with customs matters or visas. Putting on pressure, making a lot of noise and insisting on your alleged rights get you nowhere. The people in Africa want to be respected their way and I have learned to adapt my way of thinking when I am travelling through Africa. The best compliment is when an African tells me, “You are one of us!” What is the most important thing when you are on the road in Africa? The most important thing is to get the material for our next campaign from A to B. We are not on the road for fun; our work is no safari trip. In Africa challenges and opposition can be waiting round each turn in the road and occur quite suddenly and unexpectedly. We know that this is part of our work; if we press onwards to build the kingdom of God, we will find ourselves caught up in spiritual warfare. You have to be prepared and equipped for that. Over and over again God has opened closed doors, lifted barriers across roads and removed road blocks. It has even gone as far as officials who stubbornly blocked our way being suddenly dismissed and having to vacate their positions. Their successors have usually been well-disposed towards us. And on many an occasion being stopped by the police has been nothing other than a God-given opportunity to proclaim the gospel to those people. However, one thing is also clear: Reinhard Bonnke has tremendous influence and enjoys widespread acceptance in Africa. Every African knows Bonnke. That is, of course, a help as we travel about.

Working for CfaN in Africa can be dangerous, sometimes even life-threatening. Tell us something about that. Yes, in Africa you really learn to trust God. I myself have been close to death 12 times. For example, in 1985 I was involved in a near-crash of a Boeing 737. Both engines had failed. We were plummeting downwards with nothing to stop us. When we were only around 800 meters from the ground fire suddenly shot out of one of the engines and the aircraft was given a boost. We landed safely. Or take the incident with the sinking ferry described in our book “Escaped Death”. The driver’s cab on the truck was submerged under water. It really was divine intervention that got me out of there alive. Once I was deported in Gabon. Another time I was taken hostage in Equatorial Guinea. It was the day before Christmas Eve when I was released. My wife and children really thought that Dad was never going to return. Local commanders wanted to appropriate our truck and the equipment and an attempt had even been made to smuggle drugs secretly onto the truck. But by the grace of God we got out of there. I am not afraid of death. I know where I am going and am quite calm and collected on that subject. Whenever I say goodbye, I generally do so as if I will never return. What would you describe as your most striking experience? Of the many, many unforgettable things that I have seen, one incident immediately springs to mind that really made a deep impression on me. It was in Sierra Leone, a country that has been deeply scarred and devastated by civil war. Countless people had been mutilated. At our campaign I saw a woman whose leg had been chopped off below the knee by rebels. The wound had not healed properly and blood was still dripping from the cloth bandaging her leg. During the time of praise and worship that woman stood with her eyes closed and, lost in adoration, sang “Amazing Grace”. That picture has etched itself on my mind. How ungrateful we people in the West so often are by comparison! The city had been without electricity for three years. Our generators were the only things producing light. Africa is repeatedly the scene of civil war. Have you had any encounters with that? Oh, yes! In the late 1990s I found myself and a small team of six people – my faithful colleague Martin Jocham, a master fitter who has been with CfaN since 1996, and five Africans – in the middle of the civil war in Sierra Leone. We were on our way to Liberia. In my morning reading the Lord gave me a word: “Whoever wants to save his life will lose it.” So off we went! But on the way soldiers managed to stop us. They were child soldiers aged 10–14. That was extremely dangerous. It is common knowledge that they are often under the influence of drugs and do not ask for something twice but open fire immediately. Somehow, though, I was able to strike up a conversation with my ten-year-old guard and he told me his story. When he was eight years old, he saw his whole family being rounded up and slaughtered in an appalling manner. The sub-human brutality that surfaces again and again in Africa’s civil wars shows how much the “dark continent” needs the message of peace, salvation, healing and restoration. Only Jesus can save Africa! By various miracles we were released and drove the truck and equipment right through rebel territory. I can still recall driving through a town at 12 o’clock one day. We later heard that at 2 o’clock the rebels had taken the town captive and killed every living thing in sight.

The Lord protected us and kept us safe. We made it to the border and were escorted from there into the city where the Great Gospel Campaign was to be held. Around 200,000 people came to the meetings. Someone told us, “Here too, there is not a single house without bullet holes. Wherever more than 10 to 15 people gather together fighting breaks out and shooting starts. But here hundreds of thousands come together in peace.” During the campaign tens of thousands accepted Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. Who could say that it had not been worth the effort? For people travelling from Europe, malaria is a major issue. That is absolutely right. However, if you travel in Africa, you can learn to cope with it. The main thing is to notice it in good time and, depending on the malaria zone, to take the right tablets or injections. I have probably had malaria 25 times or more and still have regular attacks. Twice, however, I have really been on the edge of death because of malaria. Once I had already been in hospital for ten days and must have had 50 infusions. I felt absolutely terrible; I had raging headaches and felt utterly debilitated … When I fell asleep from exhaustion, everyone thought that was it. But the next morning I was wide awake – to everyone’s amazement. As the hours went by I gradually felt better and very soon I was able to leave the hospital. You have been doing this work for CfaN for more than 30 years. How did you come to get involved in this ministry? The Lord himself pushed me into it. I was in the regular army and during guard duty the Lord told me that this was not my job. So I enrolled at the Beröa Bible School in Erzhausen. Ingolf Ellßel – Chairman of the Pentecostal European Fellowship – was one of my classmates. I knew that I was to go into missionary work. After Gaby and I became engaged in 1978, we found out that Reinhard Bonnke was looking for young people to help to distribute the “African Messenger”. So we set off for Africa. That meant, however, that after three years at Bible school I had not done a “proper” curacy and, according to the statutes, could therefore not be ordained. That only took place many years later. Gaby and I have always held on to the call of God, despite having to go without certain things – and despite a number of interesting job offers. It has never been a “sacrifice” for us. Nor have we “given everything up”. Quite the opposite. Jesus has showered us with gifts and blessing. It is a glorious privilege to be part of this ministry. It is not about driving a truck but about fulfilling the Great Commission that Jesus gave us. It is a God-given task. However, it really is not for everyone. I have already taken many interested people and visitors along with me. After a while, when they see what things are like in Africa, most of them simply lose their nerve. No one should or can do something like this out of a thirst for adventure, in search of a particular spiritual kick or a change of scene. This is not about personal satisfaction. To do this kind of work, apart from God’s calling, you also need great perseverance. Most of the time it is just physically demanding, hard, dusty, routine work. Do you manage to keep healthy doing this “hard graft”? The Lord is gracious. Once I was in Germany and had huge problems with my left knee. I was about to have an operation when I heard that I was needed urgently in Africa. I was already in hospital but I decided not to go through with the operation and to fly out despite the pain. I hobbled on and off the plane on my crutches, got into the truck and hit the road. At first it was agony to change gear, but it gradually got better and by the time I reached the destination six hours later, my knee was completely healed.

How are things organised in Africa? You fly down there and then what? In Lagos there is a kind of CfaN headquarters with storage facilities, isn’t there? Lagos, the second largest city in Africa after Cairo, is where we have our “CfaN base”, a warehouse that measures 40 x 50 metres and is over 10 metres high. It is guarded 24 hours a day and some of our African colleagues also live there. This is where we base the sound, light and video equipment, the platform, millions of stored follow-up booklets and, of course, our three trucks. We have three truck tractor units – two of them, by the way, were built in 1996 and 1997 but are still providing a first-class service – as well as six transporter trailers for 40-foot containers and a large trailer unit. A large part of our technical equipment is long past its “sell-by date”, especially for the road and climate conditions in Africa, which place peak demands on high-tech equipment. Thanks to intensive maintenance we have been able to prolong its life well beyond the manufacturer’s estimated date. Some of our parts have already been in use for twice as long – and longer – as could be expected, according to the manufacturers, if well looked after. That is also a real gift from God. At the moment we are planning to divide up the system so that we can proclaim the gospel in East Africa as well – in Ethiopia, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and elsewhere. We plan to set up a new base there and basically start virtually from scratch. We will probably be able to use part of the equipment that we already have and some reserve parts, but part of it will have to be bought new. Without a doubt, that will include at least one truck. It is not possible to drive from Nigeria through Congo to East Africa. We can either drive new material up along the east coast from South Africa or we will have to have it shipped to Mombasa or Dar es Salaam, for example. What is the biggest problem in the daily routine? Problems are there to be solved. I prefer to talk about challenges. One major challenge is definitely finding suitable helpers in the local area. If you consider the size of our meetings, our technical team is fairly small, especially if you compare them with major secular events in Europe with perhaps 5 to 10 times as many staff. We therefore always need a large crowd of volunteer helpers on site. We have found that to work really well – or really badly. Once things were so bad that without further ado, I made use of 40 prisoners from a nearby prison which “hired them out” for work. They were accompanied by 20 heavily armed guards. The prisoners worked really hard. When the local Christian helpers heard that, wrangling and quarrels were quickly forgotten. That was perhaps a bit unconventional but definitely a great help. Winfried, thank you very much for this interview. Is there anything else that you would like to add? Over the years in which I have come to know and love Africa, Christianity has made a powerful impression there and brought about real change. In the meantime many African nations have gone through social change and taken a new direction. So much has already changed for the better … and yet there is still an inconceivable amount to be done. That is why we carry on! The CfaN vision will be fulfilled:

the whole of Africa shall be saved from Cape Town to Cairo

Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke - Official Page

Visit Reinhard Bonnke on his Facebook page. Let your life be enriched with fresh input each day ... Wall SWITCH ON Pilots could sit in their cockpits forever but unless they switched their engines on, it would be pointless. The power is there if they want it. Sitting proudly in a flight simulator would get them nowhere. It is all there on the screen, but they are not on the scene. Some Christians play simulated discipleship. They sit in their seat at church and enjoy the building, the furniture, the music and even the sermon, but that is all. They are not switched on to power. They know all about power … but do nothing about it. They have “a form of godliness but deny its power” (2 Timothy 3:5). In Thessalonica, Paul told the people, “Our gospel came to you not simply with words, but also with power, with the Holy Spirit and deep conviction” (1 Thessalonians 1:4). He also told the Corinthians (1 Corinthians 4:20), “The kingdom of God is not a matter of talk but of power.” Jesus is for real and the Holy Spirit is for real. The life and soul of Christianity is the power of the Holy Spirit. Let’s take off! Blessings REINHARD BONNKE

F rom C a pe Tow n to C a iro

Prayer for

africa Africa is still in the news daily and continues to need our prayers. John Wesley once said, “God does nothing except in response to prayer.” Please use the information below to continue to pray for Africa. Here at CfaN we believe in a bloodwashed Africa. From Cape Town to Cairo, Africa shall be saved!

Nigeria In the Nigerian elections, which international observers have said were generally free and fair, Jonathan Goodluck was re-elect-

ed to office. This in itself is an answer to prayer. Mr Goodluck is a strong and committed Christian whom Evangelist Bonnke has had the pleasure of meeting and spending time with. His heart is after the things of God. Unfortunately, Christians in the majority Muslim northern states have been – and still are – the target of violence. Post-election violence in Adamawa, Bauchi, Jigawa, Kaduna, Kano, Sokoto, Gombe, Yobe and Katsina states led to the destruction of churches and several pastors and church workers have been killed. Many Christians are fleeing

their homes and the Red Cross has estimated that over 48,000 people, mainly Christians, have been displaced by the violence. Please pray for Jonathan Goodluck and his government. Pray that he would be wise and godly in his cabinet appointments. Pray that

the government would find a way to bring healing, forgiveness, peace and justice into the situation in the north of the country. Pray for those families who have lost loved ones in the violence. Pray that Christians would react with love and forgiveness.

Libya Violence is still a feature of life in Libya as fighting continues between leader Colonel Gaddafi and the rebels. Many civilian casualties have been reported and many people have been displaced and left homeless. Pray for a swift end to the conflict. Pray that the emergent leadership will seek peace and reconciliation with the opponents. Pray that the country would open up to the gospel and that current restrictions on evangelism and church-building would come to an end. Pray for boldness in the Christian community to declare Christ’s love, healing and forgiveness. Pray for God’s will to be done in Libya.

Côte d’Ivoire Following the recent elections in Côte d’Ivoire, the incumbent president, Laurent Gbagbo, refused to

step down and concede defeat to his opponent, Alassane Ouattara. As a result, fighting broke out between the two sides and there have been reports of atrocities being committed against civilians by both sides; over 1,500 people are thought to have died. The fighting is now coming to an end with the capture of Laurent Gbagbo but his supporters are not giving up easily. Côte d’Ivoire is a nation divided by religion; there is considerable tension between the Christian south and Muslim north. Alassane Ouattara, a Muslim from the north, must now try to unite the country. We had planned a gospel campaign in Côte d’Ivoire this year. This has now been put on hold as we watch to see how the situation develops. Please pray with us that God will give us an opportunity to go to Côte d’Ivoire and be part of his healing process in this nation as in Sierra Leone and Liberia. There are other nations in Africa that need our prayers – Egypt and Ethiopia, to name but two. A

Great Gospel Campaign is scheduled to be held in Ethiopia in July 2012 and we pray that God will transform that country, where it is becoming increasingly difficult to be a Christian. Please continue to use the prayer guide as you pray for other nations in Africa. If you have mislaid it, we will be happy to send you another copy. “Lord, we pray that you will continue to move on the continent of Africa. We pray that your gospel will continue to go forth, save the lost, and bring hope and healing to the nations. We pray that the labourers in Africa will see that the fields are ripe for harvest and that much fruit might come forth. We pray for Christians in Africa who suffer persecution at the hands of their enemies. May they know the peace and comfort of the Holy Spirit. May they respond with love and forgiveness. Give them boldness to declare you. Protect them. We pray for officials and governments. May they protect their people and allow them to worship you freely. May they honour you in the laws that they pass. Bless them. Amen!” Thank you very much for your prayer support. Daniel Kolenda, Evangelist

Like a mighty rushing wind Always ready to maximize every opportunity, Christ for all Nations used open time in June to storm through some cities in Germany and Switzerland.

Healing Conference, Lousanne

During the first weekend of June, Evangelists Reinhard Bonnke and Daniel Kolenda, Rev. Siegfried Tomazsewski and others from the team went to Lausanne. There they ministered at the “Healing Conference” (IAHM) where about 2,000 people from various denominations gathered to receive the Word of God. In the morning Reinhard Bonnke and Daniel Kolenda ministered in a Fire Conference style and many were gloriously set aflame for God! The afternoon was used for seminars where Siegfried Tomazsewski held a mini “SWIM” course (soul winning impartation meeting). There is such a great need for soul winning in Europe and it was wonderful to see the Holy Spirit anoint men and women with a passion for a lost and dying world. It remains true – the anointing breaks the yoke! Heaven seemed to open in the evening when Reinhard Bonnke preached a Gospel message. With Paul we can say that we are not ashamed of the Gospel. It is still the power of God unto salvation. The altar was filled with people – young and old who dedicated and re-dedicated their lives to God. The Holy Spirit also moved powerfully in the Sunday services in Óron la Ville, near Lausanne. Many people were saved, healed and delivered – what a wonderful God we serve!

Banquet, Winterthur

From there we went straight to Freiburg, Breisgau, where Evangelist Kolenda had been invited to minister at the 10th anniversary of the International Christian Fellowship, headed by the Ghanaian pastor, Dr. Palmer. There Daniel Kolenda ministered with such anointed authority that the whole congregation rose to their feet, filling the altar, aisles and every available space to dedicate their lives to Jesus! With tears of repentance and joy they knelt before God as Jesus cleansed them with His precious blood and made all things new. Friday, June 10th was set aside for a very special banquet with our prayer partners. Over 300 people registered for this event where the two evangelists shared from their hearts. It was a very personal and warm occasion that concluded with Reinhard Bonnke and Daniel Kolenda laying hands on each person. We have received many testimonies of the profound impact this had on so many.

The very next day was the finale for BIG15, the 15th anniversary of the ICF in Zürich. The event was celebrated with praise and worship and many other wonderful activities. Reinhard Bonnke was the guest speaker at the evening meeting and when he preached, it was as if a mighty rushing wind of salvation blew through the arena. With over 6,500 people – many of them young people – on their feet at the altar, there was not enough room to hold all those who gave their lives to the Lord and indicated their desire to follow Jesus without compromise.

Brazil on Fire for Jesus From there the team went on to Brazil. In the stadium in Belem, at the mouth of the Amazon River, Evangelist Bonnke ministered to 100,000 at the centennial celebration of the Assemblies of God, Brazil. What glory to see thousands of hands raised to heaven during the altar call! The salvation of even one sinner is the most wonderful celebration of all, a celebration that even the angels join in.

More MEETINGS with Reinhard Bonnke and Daniel Kolenda 27 - 31 July 2011 CfaN Great Gospel Campaign Okigwe, Nigeria 5 - 9 October 2011 CfaN Great Gospel Campaign Zaki Biam, Nigeria 9 - 13 November 2011 CfaN Great Gospel Campaign Monrovia, Liberia 7 - 11 November 2011 CfaN Great Gospel Campaign Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso Full information also at

From Belem the team went on to Manaus, right in the middle of the Amazon Rain Forest. There are hardly any roads; planes or boats are the means of transport in this extremely rural area. Despite this, 80,000 people gathered in the Samba arena, usually the venue for carnivals. This time it became holy ground as the Word of God was preached. The whole atmosphere was charged with the presence and power of the Holy Spirit. Wonderful testimonies have followed through mail, Facebook and other means.


Monday through Wednesday Rev. Tomazsewski and Emerson Rocha conducted a ‘SWIM’ course for 3000 leaders. The time closed with laying hands on those present and sending them into the uttermost parts of the world. There was such a strong sense of commission that we may yet see them as missionaries in other parts of the world! The fire of God is within us – the anointing of the Lord upon us to preach, deliver, set the captives free and heal. Let us continue to pray for Evangelist Kolenda, Rev. Peter van den Berg and the team as they prepare for the next great Gospel campaign in Okigwe, Nigeria. Thank you for your faithful support in prayer and finance. We will not rest until all of Africa has been saved and the Word of God has been preached to the uttermost parts of the world. Rev. Siegfried Tomazsewski

Brno (Czech Republic)

24 September 2011 Daniel Kolenda Reinhard Bonnke

Languages: English, Czech, German, Polish, Hungarian


n response to the Lord’s call, we are making plans to arrange our technical equipment differently so that we can hold Great Gospel Campaigns in East Africa, too.

Practically speaking, the plans involve dividing up our CfaN equipment. Most of it will remain in West Africa but some will be transferred to East Africa for use there. This means that we will need various new items.

” n io s n a p x e a ic fr A t s a The “E They include, for example: a new platform, a diesel generator,

The total cost comes to approximately €600,000

a truck suitable for use in Africa with a trailer and container,

We would like to reach out to you and ask whether you are willing to press on with us into other African harvest fields. Please support us in the upcoming “East Africa expansion” with your gift.

the aluminium parts for one – or two – new sound towers,

Let’s head for the new harvest fields.

accessories such as crowd barriers, cables, lighting, crates for transportation, and many other items.

Daniel Kolenda

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