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No maximum with God Reinhard Bonnke in Tübingen

Europe – not hard ground for the gospel

More Holy Fire Daniel Kolenda in Tostedt

Jesus Christ – the same everywhere! Gospel campaign in Kiev, Ukraine

Europe not hard ground for the gospel If the gospel is preached with total clarity and earnestness, Europe too will be saved.

Reinhard Bonnke

speaking at the Velbert Mission Festival

The Maranatha Singers from Amsterdam

Dear Mission Partners A few weeks ago I had the privilege of speaking at the mission festival held by the Velbert Mission. That is the missions organisation that sent my wife Anni and me out to Africa over 40 years ago. I spent many years working with the Velbert Mission in South Africa and Lesotho and I like to describe that time as being as hot as an oven – but what came out was a wonderful cake. In 1974 it was time to trust in the Lord and to take a mighty step of faith in founding my own evangelistic organisation, CfaN. For me, and probably for everyone else who was there as well, that day was a reminder never to despise the day of small beginnings. More than anything else, we have to be faithful to the call of God. It was a wonderful celebration. More than 1,000 people packed into the Christuskirche and several hundred more filled the overflow tents. I preached what I always preach, the “ABC of faith” – what else could I do? – and hundreds came forward to meet the Lord. The counsellors had so much to do that many spiritual leaders stepped in and helped to minister to the people. I am sure that the time when people used to say that Europe was hard ground for the gospel is over. This Impact contains reports that would seem to confirm that.

With warmest greetings from Daniel and myself

Missionaries from all over the world attended the Velbert Mission Festival

Reinhard Bonnke and Daniel Kolenda Evangelists

No maximum with God Reinhard Bonnke in Tübingen The message title also applied to the tent People with severe walking problems were healed that afternoon and put their crutches away. Other reported that their eyes, joints or spinal disks had been touched and that they had been set free from years of pain.

Jobst and Charlotte Bittner, who head the TOS Church in Tübingen (southern Germany), had been inviting CfaN to an evangelistic event for years. Now God’s time had come. Around 1,200 visitors came together on 16 May 2010 and the Tent Hall in which the fellowship, which is known throughout Germany, holds its meetings soon had to be closed because it was full to overflowing. Hundreds of people took advantage of the opportunity to take part in the meeting via internet television. Reinhard Bonnke said, “Every country can be reached because God wants to pour out his Spirit on all flesh. Jesus has a Holy Spirit flame for each of us and he wants to use people who will allow him to dwell within them. To reach the lost on the highways and byways, we have

to keep pace with the heartbeat of God as we move forward and to adjust our agenda to that of God.” The message presented a challenge to Christians and non-Christians alike. Many responded to the altar call and went forward to prayerfully commit their lives to God.

See this meeting on DVD: “No maximum with God”

In a matter of seconds, the altar area was full, and many of those present longed to be touched by God and to receive Holy Spirit fire.

EVERYTHING; without him we are nothing.” Then the fire fell. This is an important message for the entire body of Christ in Germany.

More Holy Fire Daniel Kolenda in his element in Tostedt The Whit Sunday service at the Christus Centrum Tostedt, just outside Hamburg, was a particular highlight. Daniel Kolenda, a fifth generation Pentecostal preacher, recalled, “I was about one-third through my message when the Holy Spirit just took over and I can hardly remember anything that was said or done for the rest of the service. All I know is that the fire fell!” The invitation to make a firm new commitment to the Lord was taken up by a large number of people.

With unusually strong earnestness, the Spirit of God urged the young Evangelist to call out to the church in Germany, “It is time for the church of Jesus in Germany to return to the Holy Spirit! He is

The full messages are available as a three-CD set entitled “Holy Fire for Germany”

Jesus Christ – the same everywhere! Gospel campaign in Kiev, Ukraine


e often say that the Jesus of Africa is the same everywhere. We saw evidence of that in Kiev, Ukraine. The city was buzzing with the news of the campaign. Posters were plastered all over the city, flyers had been handed out by the thousand, and the television and radio stations were inviting people to come and receive a miracle from God. During the Fire Conference Reinhard Bonnke and Daniel Kolenda preached to thousands of pastors and church-workers who had gathered in a stadium to receive the fire of the Holy Spirit. They laid hands on 7,000 people and the Holy Spirit fell in mighty power. Daniel Kolenda said, “We are praying that the fire may go out through these leaders and spread across the nation!”

Girl healed after 4 years in a wheelchair

At the open-air evangelistic meetings, the gospel was preached without compromise. After the altar call, the space in front of the stage was jam-packed with people who wanted to put their lives right with God. Then, after the prayer for the sick, we were privileged to hear that mighty miracles had taken place. One girl who had been unable to walk for four years stepped out of her wheelchair, a man who had been deaf in one ear was able to hear again, a woman who had had severe back problems and had already undergone two operations was healed … and there were many more. The response to the gospel in Kiev was overwhelming. The CfaN team returned home rejoicing over the many who had found salvation and healing through the power of the cross. The Jesus of Africa is truly the same in Ukraine – and he is the same wherever you are, yesterday, today and forever!

Ant w erp

Long before Evangelists Bonnke and Kolenda arrived in Antwerp, Belgium, the local churches had been busy organising this key event, which seemed to come just at the right God-given time. Belgium is one of the smallest countries in Europe but it is facing some of the biggest struggles. The long-standing battle between the two largest ethnic groups, the French-speaking and the Dutchspeaking communities, had intensified since the start of 2010. The struggle for greater autonomy even prompted the prime minister’s resignation. Although Brussels, the country’s capital, is also the capital of the European Union, Belgium has its fair share of financial difficulties. Left without financial stability and with

a leaderless political government, people did not know where to turn. Many might well have looked to the church but the so-called “official” churches were struggling with huge problems of their own, involving the scandalous abuse of minors by prominent church leaders. The time had come to proclaim the year of the Lord, the rock of all ages, solid ground instead of shifting sand!

Freedom Festival in


Belgium The power of God was delivered in a “double pack” Evangelists Bonnke and Kolenda shared the microphone during the evangelistic “Freedom Festival” meetings on Friday and again on Saturday evening. Almost 7,000 people saw the glory of God come down with salvation and wonderful miracles. Jesus has not changed; he still has the same power to save, heal and set free. The Freedom Festival brought true freedom to many people in that tiny nation. Furthermore, wonderful harmony among the participating churches, which represented almost all Christian denominations, showed that unity is indeed possible. We can all meet at the foot of the cross of Jesus.

The impressive conference choir was made up of 200 Christians from different linguistic and ethnic backgrounds. In perfect harmony, they came together to sing the praises of our Lord Jesus Christ.

On Saturday morning, when Daniel Kolenda handed the microphone to Reinhard Bonnke, the power of God was already moving mightily through the crowd. The climax of the Fire Conference was the afternoon anointing meeting. One could almost touch the glory of the Lord and not a single corner was overlooked. God promised that his Spirit would fall on all

flesh and that is what happened (Habakkuk 2:14). Ministers from all denominations and churches formed a tunnel through which all participants could walk and receive a powerful anointing from Jesus himself. This is not something achieved by men or women, by might or by power, but by the Holy Spirit. We know that lives were changed during those days in Antwerp and we look forward to witnessing the ongoing impact on life in Europe. God’s glory extends across the nations – to Belgium and Germany and throughout Europe.

Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke - Official Page

Visit Reinhard Bonnke on his Facebook page. Let your life be enriched with fresh input each day ... Wall Our salvation is secure The Cross stands fast. It is an anchor of the soul. That figure of speech is found in the book of Hebrews 6:19-20. “This {hope} we have as an anchor of the soul, both sure and steadfast, and which enters the Presence {behind} the veil, where the forerunner has entered for us, {even} Jesus...” This is a sea-going picture from those ancient days. A ship comes into harbour, but cannot draw too near to the shore in the darkness. So a sailor gets into a boat with an anchor and a line attached which is also fixed to the ship. He is called the “forerunner”.

As he rows, the line between anchor and ship is played out and links them. Eventually the forerunner boat arrives and the seaman carries the anchor ashore and secures it on land. In the morning, no sails are needed. The crew of the ship begins to wind in the anchor cable yet it is not the anchor which moves but the ship. Slowly the vessel winches towards the shore. This is the background to the word “forerunner”. Our “forerunner” is Jesus who has entered through the veil and our anchor is made fast. Our salvation is secure like the sailor ashore whom

the crew cannot see. Christ is no longer visible to us, He is “ashore” in glory, and WE ARE ATTACHED BY FAITH TO GLORY BY HIM. He has entered glory for us. Day by day the cable is shortening, pulling us nearer and nearer to Christ our forerunner. Eventually we shall reach heaven’s shore and what shall we see? Our “forerunner” waiting to greet us, that “where he is there we may also be”. Faith links us already, and will bring us to him at last. That faith is assurance. Agreed? Reinhard Bonnke


with Reinhard Bonnke and Daniel Kolenda 18–22.8.2010 CfaN Campaign

in Mararaba, Nigeria

24–27.8.2010 Pentecostal World Conference Stockholm (Sweden)

29.8.2010 Revival Service with Reinhard Bonnke Stockholm, Sweden

3–5.9. 2010 Hyvä Sanoma-Konferenssi

Seinäjoki, Finland

29.9.2010 Int. Feast of Tabernacles 2010 Jerusalem, Israel

Testimonies This campaign truly had an impact! I sensed God’s presence so clearly and my husband’s depression was overcome ... During this campaign, my cousin got saved and filled with Holy Spirit ... Our baby son who is recovering from surgery is whole lot better now, too. Thank you for this campaign; this is a must-have for every year! Mrs Elina V

10 days of


14 to 25 June 2010

Thank you for the fantastic experience for me of being connected with your prayer ministry. Since these days of prayer, my life and circumstances have been changed. My ups and downs have been transformed and set off in a much more positive direction. After the ten days of prayer I felt like a new-born Christian and I was saved in 1977! Mrs Bodil A My daughter Natalie has finally found a job that is just right for her. Many thanks for your prayer support and to God. Best wishes. Mrs Cornelia D

I have experienced a marked improvement in the state of my health in the past few days. My depressions have almost gone. Thank you, Jesus. Ms Marlene K I wrote yesterday that I was experiencing a considerable easing of the pain in my left shoulder. Today, the ultrasound scan at the doctor’s showed that the bursitis has gone. Hallelujah! Thank you, Lord Jesus. Thank you, Holy Spirit. Ms Roswitha W

My mother used to have bad migraine attacks. After listening to a sermon by Reinhard Bonnke, we went to see my mother and started to pray for her. I prayed in the following words: “In the name of Jesus I command the migraine attacks to go”. I said these words two or three times and my mother felt as if someone had placed an icebag on her head and she was suddenly healed. Praise the Lord! Mr David S

The 10 days that we set aside to seek the Lord, to present our requests to him and to intercede for one another before the throne of God was a very special time. We have been overwhelmed by the feedback that we have since received from more than 2,000 Mission Partners who took part in the prayer campaign.

Praise God! I took part in the prayer campaign and the Lord started blessing me right from the second day. I was able to pay my son‘s tuition fees and I found a new job. God also “woke me up” spiritually and I feel as if I am being carried in prayer and led by the Holy Spirit! Various people are still giving me money. Mrs Hélène N During these ten days of prayer, I heard the voice of the Spirit concerning an important decision. Thanks a lot to all who have been in prayer, and to God who answers prayer. Mr Werner S Before the prayer campaign began, I wrote down my prayer requests: salvation for my husband. Our marriage was a total disaster, my husband drank a lot, played on gambling machines and was very aggressive. It was unbearable. I had to spend many nights at my leaders’ home. Last Sunday he came to church. And it was so clear to see that he had been touched by the Holy Spirit. He spent the whole day weeping. He has stopped drinking and gambling and yesterday gave his life to the Lord! Hallelujah! So great and powerful is our God!!! His arm is never too short to help. Mrs Marina G

God has turned our situation and our finances right around. We now have a house to live in. Just a few weeks ago we were living with four children in a 5-metre caravan. Now we have a house with four bedrooms, two bathrooms and a large garden. We have a wonderful God! Many thanks for your prayers over these 10 days. We also prayed. Thanks be to God for all his wonders! Mr Hans K

Further testimonies can be viewed at

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Ant werp

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