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Lumen Christi  Catholic  School                                                                                                              DECEMBER  9,  2010   DAY   DATE   EVENT   TIME   PLACE   THURS.   FRI.   FRI.   FRI.   MON.   MON.   MON.   WED.   THURS.   THURS.   FRI.   FRI.   MON.   MON.   WED.   WED.   THURS.     FRI.     MON.   MON.  

DEC. 9   DEC.  10   DEC.  10   DEC.  10   DEC.  13   DEC.  13   DEC.  13   DEC.  15   DEC.  16   DEC.  16   DEC.  17   DEC.  17   DEC.  20   DEC.  20   DEC.  22   DEC.  22   DEC.  23   DEC.  24     JAN.  3   JAN.  3  

CHRISTMAS PROGRAM   3rd  Grade    Reconciliation       &RXVLQ¶V6XE'D\ 12+27/81&+   Out  of  Uniform  ±  With  HATS   Mass    1  ST   Reconciliation   Feast  of  St.  Lucy       Mass      8th  grade   Scrip  Pick  Up   Band  Concert   Reconciliation   Breakfast  With  Santa  5K  and  St.  Rose   Mass    3C   The  Savior  That  God  Sent    1st  Grade   Mass    7th  grade   Birthday  Blessings   EARLY  RELEASE   NO  SCHOOL    Christmas  Break   MERRY  CHRISTMAS  &  HAPPY  NEW  YEAR   School  Resumes   Mass  

7:00 p.m.         8:15  a.m.   1-­2:30  p.m.     8:15  a.m.   12:00  p.m.   1:00  p.m.   1  ±  2:30  p.m.   9  ±  11:00  a.m.   8:15  a.m.   10:00  a.m.   8:15  a.m.     11:30    a.m.         8:15  a.m.  

Homestead HS  Auditorium   Thiensville   MEQUON  ONLY   Both  Campuses   Thiensville   Mequon     Mequon   Both  Campuses   Bayshore  Mall   Mequon   Thiensville  Gym   Thiensville   Thiensville  Church   Mequon   Mequon           Thiensville  

Playground Duty  for  the  Week  of    December  13th    

***Recess at  Thiensville  Campus  is  11:25  ±  12:20  *******Recess  at  Mequon  Campus  is  11:25-­12:38  

Mon  13th                

Tues  14th            

M-­Sutton 238-­9193   M-­Thomas  238-­8858   T-­Capper  243-­1279   T-­Bowen  243-­5207  

Wed  15TH                

Thurs    16TH      

Fri  17th      

M-­Weitzer 414-­915-­9590   M-­VanDrisse  236-­3816   M-­Walsh  512-­0181   T-­Caputa  242-­0299   T-­Boyle  414-­534-­2890   T-­Castroverde  241-­8214  

CHRISTMAS GIFT  PROGRAM   Reminder....the  deadline  for  donations  to  the  Christmas  Gift  Program  is  this  Friday,  December  10.    Anyone  interested   should  send  contributions  to  the  office  at  either  campus  or  to  the  Mackeys  at  1701  W.  Glen  Oaks  Lane,  Mequon,  WI.   53092.    Thank  you  so  much  for  any  consideration  you  can  give  our  teachers  this  time  of  year.    Any  questions,  please  call   Nora  Langenfeld  at  242-­6304.    


Congratulations on  meeting  the  goal  of  collecting  1000  Box  Tops  for  our  school!  To  celebrate  the  great  effort  by  the   students,  we  will  have  an  out  of  uniform  day  tomorrow.  Students  are  allowed  to  wear  HATS  all  day  too!    

SKI/SNOWBOARDING CLUB IMPORTANT INFORMATION Mark your calendars for this popular winter club: January 28, February 4,11 and 18 afterschool. Forms will be coming home in mid-December and will be due BEFORE Christmas. The cost will include ALL 4 Friday night trips and may not be prorated unless you have a Sunburst Season Pass (on sale now). You must have athletic forms on file with Jackie th th th Quinlevan in order to participate. Also, you must be in 6 ,7 , or 8 grade to participate. Sign up early due to limited space on the bus!


Remember  the  basketball  begins  on  December  11th  from  9  a.m.  ±  10  a.m.  at  the  Lumen  Christi  Thiensville  Campus.  If  you   sent  in  your  registration  form,  we  are  expecting  you.  We  look  forward  to  seeing  everyone!  Please  call  or  e-­mail  Sarah   Bahr  (262-­243-­5268  or  with  any  questions.  


Lumen  Christi  Tote  Bags  For  Sale:    The  snow  is  falling,  once  again,  and  it's  time  to  start  sending  snow  clothes  to  school!   Parent  Association  has  the  perfect,  environmentally  friendly  bags  that  promote  school  spirit  and  will  withstand  an  entire   season.  You  can  now  purchase  these  bags  in  either  school  office  or  by  contacting  Tammy  Fricker  at  The  cost  is  $4.00  and  proceeds  support  all  PA  sponsored  events  such  as  Barnyard  Bash  and   Rainbow  Olympics.      


³8QOHVVZHPDNH&KULVWPDVDQRFFDVLRQWRVKDUHRXUEOHVVLQJVDOOWKHVQRZLQ$ODVNDZRQ WPDNHLW ZKLWH    Bing  Crosby   $ZRQGHUIXOZD\WRVKDUH\RXUEOHVVLQJVLVWRPDNHDGRQDWLRQWRRXUVFKRRO¶V$QQXDO)XQG    The  fund  is  a  key  source  of   support  that  addresses  the  gap  between  tuition  and  the  actual  cost  of  educating  our  children.    It  is  a  voluntary,  tax-­ deductible  way  to  invest  in  our  mission.    Contact  Lisa  Brielmaier  at  512-­8991  for  more  details.    


Thiensville  students  should  wear  boots  any  day  that  there  is  snow  on  the  ground.  Please  wear  boots  to  school  and  bring   shoes  in  a  bag  to  avoid  the  gym  floor  from  getting  wet.     $FFRUGLQJWRWKHFKDQJHLQWKHKDQGERRNWKLV\HDUFDOOVWRWKHRIILFHUHJDUGLQJ\RXUFKLOG¶VGLVPLVVDOSODQVVKRXOGEH made  by  noon.  This  assures  that  the  student  and  teacher  are  made  aware  of  their  plan.  Thank  you!      


Pius  XI  is  holding  their  traditional  holiday  concert  on  Friday,  December  10th  at  7:00  p.m.  at  the  Cathedral  of  St.  John  the   Evangelist,  with  Fr.  Peter  Berger  presiding.  


   Submit  In-­Brief  info  to  Cindy  King  (262)-­242-­7965   E-­Mail:  Deadline:  MONDAYS  by  8:00  a.m.   Please  check  our  Parish  School  website  at  for  more  comprehensive  information  


In Brief 12/9/10  

In Brief for week of Dece. 9, 2010

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