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Introduce Myself Bonnie 2013/10/21

Autobiography 

My First Introduction To English:

In my learning process, my parents always hope that I can learn actively. When I was in the sixth grade, I asked my parents if I could go to cram school to learn English. They agreed without hesitation. That was when I got down to learning English. In the beginning, I didn’t do well on exams and I was afraid of speaking English in front of others. The teacher learned my problem and encouraged me not to give up. He taught me patiently and gave me some tips for learning English. With the teacher’s help and encouragement, my English improved a lot and then I switched to the advanced class. Since then, I have taken more interest in English and have had great passion for learning.

Personality ď Ź

I am an easygoing, outgoing, and good-tempered girl; thus it’s easy for me to make friends. Friends play important roles in my life. I enjoy being with them because they always bring great happiness to me. I love to smile with them, cry with them, and learn with them. Whenever I am in trouble, they always help me out, keep company with me, and give me their support. They do add color to my life. Besides, I am cheerful and optimistic. I often take a positive attitude toward life and try to look on the bright side of things. To live remarkably is indeed the goal of my life. I do my utmost to participate in many activities to challenge myself and I make efforts to broaden my horizons.

Interests And Hobbies ď Ź

I have wide interests. I like listening to music, drawing, traveling, and learning languages. Whenever I feel sad and upset, I listen to music. Music can always soothe me and make me relaxed. I love pop songs, especially the songs sung by FTIsland. A rock band comes from Korea. Each time I listen to their songs, I am in high spirits and feel excited. Moreover, through liking FTIsland’s songs I made a lot of foreign friends. For example, Japanese, Korean, Cantonese, Chinese, Thai, Philippino, Turk, Indonesian, Singaporian, Malaysian, Cambodian, Bolivian and so on. We communicate in English, that advance my ability in English. On top of music, I love drawing and traveling. By drawing, I can let my imagination run wild, and I can freely express my feelings and thoughts. By traveling, I can make a lot of friends and expand my horizons. On the way of journey, I also love taking a photograph. I do love drawing and traveling. What’s more, I am interested in learning languages, especially English and Korean. If I master several languages, it is easy for me to understand different cultures and traditions, and to make friends with foreigners around the world. Therefore, I wish to get a chance to study in an English department to advance in English.

Background ď Ź

I grew up in a business family with my parents who are engaged in the factory which was passed down from my grandfather. The major jobs in the factory are assembly, packaging and marketing of the hoods and gas stoves. There are various partners and consumers who would come to visit our factory; thus, it’s easy for my brother and me to get access to different kinds of people. That causes me to be interested in getting along with others and in making new friends. I have also learned a lot of social skills from my parents. Also, due to globalization, my father has to trade with foreign companies. That makes me realize the importance of English and motivates my strong desire to learn English well.

Extracurricular Performance 

I served as an art assistant in the student council when I was in senior one and served as an art cadre in senior two. I learned skills of how to communicate with others and deal with lots of things through the routine meetings, asking various stores to sign the union card contracts and organizing a variety of school activities. Besides, I served as the art cadre in Recreation Leader Training Association. Being an art cadre was no easy job. As a member of Recreation Leader Training Association, we had to possess many different kinds of abilities, such as acting, singing, dancing, and warming the members up. I benefited a lot from taking part in the club and I comprehended the importance of team work and leadership. It was a great pleasure to learn things that weren’t taught in textbooks. In addition, I was active in class activities. Working hard with classmates to win the games was memorable and delightful. Through the games and contests, we learned that cooperation and determination are the keys to success. I am blessed that I once had so many great classmates, who laughed and cried with me in my senior high school life. I cherish the precious friendship and I believe that friends are a great asset in my life.

The Beautiful Memories Of Mine

My First Club Activity

Our Club Members

Club Activity

Club Activity

2010 Chia-Yi Band Festival

2009 Chia-Yi Teenagers’ Festival

Volleyball Contect of Classes The Winter Camp Of Club

The Party of Beginning New Session

Club Activity

Basketball Contect of Classes

Contect of Cheerleading Team

Graduation Trip

The Celebration of Tutor’s Birthday

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