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Face to  Face     By  Bonnie  Bray  

Contemporary ar0st  (Tim  Walker)       Timothy  "Tim"  Walker  (born  in  England  1970)   is  a  Bri0sh  fashion  photographer.     Tim   Walker’s   photographs   have   appeared   in   vogue,  month  by  month  for  over  a  decade.  His   style     has   extravagant   staging   and   roman0c   m o 0 f s   A K e r   c o n c e n t r a 0 n g   o n   t h e   photography   for   15   years,   Tim   Walker   is   now   making  film.   On   gradua0on   in   1994,Walker   worked   as   a   freelance   photography   assistant   in   London   before  moving  to  New  York  City  as  a  full  0me   assistant   to   Richard   Avedon.   On   returning   to   England,   he   ini0ally   concentrated   on   portrait   and   documentary  work  for  UK  newspapers.  At   the  age  of  25,  he  shot  his  first  fashion  story  for   Vogue,   and   has   photographed   for   the   Bri0sh,   Italian,  and  American  edi0ons  ever  since.  


Historical ar0st  (Andy  Warhol)     Andy   Warhol,   was   an   American   painter,   print   maker   and   a   film   maker   who   was   a   leading   figure   in   the   visual   are   movement   known   as   pop   art.   AKer   a   career   as   a   illustrator   Warhol   became  famous  for  his  work  as  a  painter.   Warhol   has   been   the   subject   of   numerous   display   exhibi0ons,   books,   and   films.   in   his   his   hometown   of   Pi\sburgh,   Pennsylvania,   the   Andy   Warhol   museum   exists   in   memory   of   his   life  and.   The   highest   price   ever   paid   for   a   Warhol   pain0ng   is   US$100   million   for   a   1963   canvas   0tled   Eight   Elvises.   the   transi0on   was   private   and   was   reported   in   an   ar0cle   in   2009   in   the   economist,   which   said   that   Warhol   was   the   ”bellweather   of   the   art   market”.   The   $100   million  is  one  of  the  highest  amounts  of  money   to   ever   bee   achieved   by   pain0ngs.   This   price   was   also   achieved   by   only   a   small   number   of   other   ar0sts   such   as   Jackson   Pollock,   Pablo   Picasso,   Vincent   van   Gogh,   Pierre-­‐august   Renoir,  gustav  kilmt  and  willem  de  kooning.   !

My ar0st  research    (Contemporary)    

My ar0st  research    (Historical)     Andy  Warhol-­‐  I  like  this  photo  because  I  like   the  way  he  used  the  colours  to  show  the   shapes  and  shades  of  her  face.    I  like  the   shades  of  coloures  he  used  to  represent   happiness  and  the  way  the  photo  looks   calm.  

Mind map   Shoot  1   For  my  first  shoot  I  want  to  capture  happiness  and   excitement.  This  will  mean  I  will  have  to  make  the  photos   bright  and  colorful  to  make  them  look  happy.   The  things  that  I  could  use  to  make  it  colorful;  are   balloons,  feathers,  ball  pit  balls,  bouncy  balls  and  many   more  colorful  things.  These  will  make  the  photos  look  like   there  is  a  lot  going  on  in  them  and  will  look  exi0ng.   The  problems  I  might  come  across  are  if  I  cannot  get  the   photos  captured  in  0me  before  the  objects  fall  to  the   floor  and  I  miss  the  shots.  Blurry  unfocused  photos  might   come  across  to  due  to  the  rush  to  get  the  photos.  

Mind map   Shoot  2   For  my  second  shoot  I  wont  to  capture  a  feeling  of  not   fihng  in  and  being  the  same  as  the  things  and  people   around  you.     I  will  do  this  by  using  colored  paint  that  will  be  spla\ered   all  over  the  walls  and  on  the  models  face  to  make  them   look  different  to  their  background.     The  problems  this  shoot  might  come  across  are  that  we   will  not  be  allowed  to  splat  paint  on  the  wall  so  we  will   need  to  use  paper  to  s0ck  up  over  them  and  to  be  able   top  keep  the  models  clothes  clean  and  to  find  the  right   kind  of  paint  to  put  on  their  face.    

Photo from  shoot  1  

I like  both  these  photos  because  of  the  aligning  of  the  model  and  the  coloures.     I  think  the  model  is  correctly  aliened  in  the  middle  of  the  frame  and  I  think  the  coloures  in  the   photos  catch  the  viewers  eye  because  they  are  bright  and  stand  out  against  the  background  of   the  photo.  

Evalua0on of  the  photo  above…   In  this  photo  I  have  captured  my  modal  playing  with  balloons.   I  really  like  and  am  happy  with  my  edi0ng.  I  thin  k  the  final  out  come  of  this  photo  is  very   good.  I  have  made  the  background  pink  and  have  changed  the  levels  to  make  the  colours   of  the  balloons  stand  out  more.   I  feel  that  the  composi0on  of  the  photo  is  a  li\le  of  because  I  had  to  fit  the  red  balloon  in   and  when  I  captured  this  photo  I  made  a  mistake  with  the  lining  the  photo  by  cuhng  a   piece  of  her  arm  off.   I  think  the  view  point  is  very  good.  I  think  with  a  straight  on  view  point  that  I  have  chosen   allows  the  viewer  to  see  exactly  what  is  going  on  in  the  photo.   I  love  the  ligh0ng  in  the  photo  because  it  gives    the  photo  individual  and  character   because  it  gives  of  shapes  and  different  shades  and  colours.  It  brings  out  the  balloons   with  giving  them  reflec0ons  of  light  coming  of  and  gives  the  model  depth  and  makes  her   stand  out  with  her  dark  clothing  against  the  light  background  and  bright  objects.   The  photo  has  very  smooth  and  sleek  texture  and  this  makes  the  photo  look  crisp  and   fresh.  I  think  that  colour  is  very  important  in  this  photo  because  its  what  brings  it   together  I  am  very  happy  with  the  colours  and  shades  in  the  photo.  I  like  the  way  I  have   made  the  background  pink  because  I  think  it  goes  very  well  with  the  dark  clothing  of  the   model  and  the  deep  colours  of  the  balloons.     The  mood  of  the  photo  doesn’t  look  as  exi0ng  as  I  wanted  it  to  be  but  I  think  it  s0ll  works   very  well.  I  think  the  calm  lightless  look  of  the  balloons  goes  very  well  with  the  calm  look   on  the  models  face  .  I  think  that  the  calm  pal  pink  colour  of  the  walls  also  goes  with  the   calmness  of  the  photo  and  adds  to  it.  

Photos from  shoot  2  

I like  these  photos  because  of  the  ligh0ng  framing  and  coloures.   I  think  the  ligh0ng  gives  the  models  face  depth  and  shape  .     The  framing  blocks  all  the  background  out  puhng  all  the  viewers  a\en0on  on  to  the  modal  and   makes  her  the  main  part  of  focus.     The  coloures  in  the  photos  makes  the  model  stand  out  even  more  and  makes  the  photos  look   energe0c  and  exi0ng.  I  think  they  are  very  different  and  individual.  

I like  this  photo  because  of  the  ligh0ng  framing   and  colours.   I  think  the  ligh0ng  makes  the  model  bright  and   stand  out  with  the  colour.     The  framing  brings  the  background  out  and   puts  all  the  viewers  a\en0on  on  to  the  modal   and  makes  her  the  main  part  of  focus  along   side  the  background.     The  colour  in  the  photo  makes  the  model  stand   out  even  more  and  makes  the  photo  look   energe0c  and  exi0ng.  

Evalua0on on  the  photo  above…   In  this  photo  I  have  captured  a  close  up  of  my  models  face  with  paint  spla\ered  over  it.   I  am  very  happy  with  my  final  edited  photo  because  of  the  way  it  is  focused  and  the  colours   stand  right  out.  There  is  one  thing  that  I  am  not  happy  about  and  that  is  that  you  can  see  where   I  have  tried  to  edit  out  a  hair  on  her  face  in  the  bo\om  right  corner  of  the  photo.  It  isn't  very   no0ceable  but  if  I  were  to  do  this  shoot  and  edi0ng  again  I  will  make  sure  I  check  all  her  hair  is   pulled  back  or  take  more  0me  and  care  edi0ng  the  photo.   I  like  the  composi0on  in  this  photo  because  it  puts  the  viewers  a\en0on  strait  onto  the  models   face  and  the  colours  that  are  on  it.   I  think  the  ligh0ng  in  this  photo  is  very  important  because  it  gives  the  models  face  depth  and   shape.  It  brings  the  colours  and  shades  out  in  the  models  face  and  makes  the  paint  stand  out   too.  I  don’t  think  I  will  change  the  ligh0ng  if  I  were  to  reshoot  this  photo.  The  texture  of  this   photo  makes  the  models  face  look  smooth  and  you  can  see  the  feeling  of  the  paint.  It  looks  like   the  paint  could  just  be  peeled  off.     Colour  is  also  very  important  in  this  photo  because  its  what  makes  it  different.  With  out  colour   in  this  photo  it  would  just  be  a  close  up  of  someone's  face  but  with  the  colour  in  this  photo  it   brings  the  viewers  a\en0on  strait  to  it.  The  viewers  start  to  wonder  what  the  photo  is  and   what's  on  the  models  face.   I  think  the  mood  of  this  photo  looks  curious  and  content.  I  think  the  models  expression  on  her   face  looks  mysterious  and  calm  with  splashes  of  excitement  and  energy  from  the  paint.    

Street Portraits  

I think  both  these  photos  are  very  similar  because  they  both  show  the  models  full  body's  and  a   li\le  of  their  surroundings.  This  is  one  of  the  reasons  I  like  them.  I  like  to  be  able  to  see  the   model  as  a  whole  and  o  be  able  to  see  where  they  are.  I  think  this  gives  the  viewer  a  be\er  view   of  the  person.    I  like  the  ligh0ng  and  colours  in  both  photos  and  think  they  really  stand  out.  Both   photos  have  a  really  vivid  red  shade  from  the  busses  in  the  backgrounds  and  this  really  catches   the  viewers  eye.  

Both these  photos  focus  on  the  top  part  of  the   models  body's.  Not  all  the  models  are  looking  at   the  camera  but  I  think  that’s  what  gives  the  photos   character  because  they  look  natural  and  not  over   I  this  photo  above  the  colours  look  a  lot   done.  It  captures  people  in  there  most  relaxed  and   more  cool  and  clear.  It  makes  the  loca0on   exposed  posi0ons.     look  a  lot  more  colder  and  gloomy.   I  like  the  ligh0ng  and  colours  in  these  photos   because  they  are  so  different.  In  the  photo  above   the  colours  are  rich  and  deep  and  look  warm.    

Evalua0on on  the  photo  above…   I  this  photo  I  have  captured  a  portrait  of  a  person.   I  am  happy  with  this  photo  but  feel  that  it  is  a  li\le  unfocused  .  I  feel  that  I  was  to  reshoot  this   photo  I  would  make  sure  the  camera  was  focused  on  the  model  correctly  before  taking  the   photo.   I  like  the  composi0on  of  this  photo  because  of  the  way  the  model  is  towards  one  side  of  the   frame  to  create  nega0ve  space  and  to  show  that  there  isn't  anything  behind  the  model.   The  view  point  of  the  model  is  very  interes0ng  because  of  the  low  angle.  This  makes  the  model   look  powerful  and  more  interes0ng  from  a  lower  angle.     The  ligh0ng  is  very  dull  and  grey  but  makes  the  model  stand  out.  The  pure  white  background   makes  the  dark  hair  and  dark  clothing  of  the  model  standout  even  more.   I  think  the  mood  of  the  photo  is  happy  and  confident  with  excitement  in  there  too.     The  colours  in  the  photo  make  it  look  old  fashioned  because  of  the  dullness  of  the  colours.  

Photos of  the  exhibi0on…  

Exhibi0on informa0on  -­‐   In  the  exhibi0on  we  where  able  to  give  our  opinions  to  each  others   work  and  say  what  we  liked  about  it  and  what  could  have  been  done   differently.  This  helped  us  improve  our  techniques  and  style  of  work.     We  have  given  our  opinions  anonymous  by  wri0ng  them  on  s0cky   notes  and  puhng  them  below  the  work.  Here  is  what  feed  back  I   received    for  the  work  I  submi\ed  for  the  exhibi0on.   •  “nice  framing  and  ligh0ng”   •  “I  like  how  the  foreground  is  in  focus  and  the  rest  is  slightly   blurred,  it  makes  you  focus  on  the  colours”     •  “I  like  the  way  it  is  close  up  and  the  way  the  different  colours  go   through  the  face”      

The photo  I  entered   It  is  available  to  see  larger   earlier  on  in  the  presenta0on.  

Sharon Elphick    

Elphick’s work…  

I like  this  pice  of  elphicks  work  because  it  shows  the  similarotys   and  differencesd  of  all  theses  buildings  and  how  they  are   structured  differently.  I  also  like  the  coloures  and  pa\erns  in  them.  

My response  to  the     work  of  Sharon  Elphick  …   I  like  this  because  of  the   coloures  and  the  way   they  all  fit  in  the  circles.  I   think  next  0me  I  will  use   a  wider  range  of  photos   in  it  so  that  I  don’t  have   two  of  the  same  photo   too  close  to  each  other   and  will  make  the  picture     look  like  it  has  more     detail.  

Face to face  

this is the presentation i made for my face to face project.

Face to face  

this is the presentation i made for my face to face project.