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COPYRIGHT The 3rd edition of the Glyn Peter Machin product book is published by Glyn Peter Machin. Copyright Š Glyn Peter Machin 2010. All rights reserved. The entire contents are protected globally by copyright and intellectual property laws. No part of this publication may be reproduced, copied or transmitted in any form or by any means without the prior written permission of the publisher nor be otherwise circulated in any other format. Selected designs are further protected by global patents with others patent pending. Please respect that many creative professionals have contributed years of their valuable time and effort on behalf of Glyn Peter Machin to create the contents of this publication. As such any kind of plagiarism of any aspects of our work will be considered as unethical and a breach of our legal rights to protect our work.





The 3rd edition of the Glyn Peter Machin

Every product created under the Glyn Peter

Glyn Peter Machin specialize in creating

product book once again illustrates

Machin brand enters into an open ended series

significant one of a kind pieces, small groups

adventurous design that aspires one to be

of eclectic collections. Each is specifically

or even large one off collections for special

different. Our creative and uncompromising

designed to furnish, decorate and complement

projects or licensees looking to expand their

direction of introducing products that are

the exteriors and interiors of luxury residences,

own product line with intelligent design. The

innovative and different for the respective

exclusive hotels and resorts, spa retreats and

depth of knowledge and creativity within our

environments we develop them for remains

an area which we excel within‌ the spacious

studio allows us to develop one of a kind

passionately strong.

decks of super yachts.

ideas for specific areas and everything we do

This is a book of products and possibilities

Each piece is developed down to the finest

is planned down to the last detail.

providing not only designs in production but

detail and manufactured in small quantities or

By collectively contributing our passion for

also ideas and opportunity to develop custom

in most cases only made to order. This quantity

design, our product development capabilities

ideas. Its a book for professionals and private

policy exemplifies our unique desire to achieve

and production skills we are able to follow

individuals whom are active in the art of creating

excellence, retain exclusivity and maintain the

a custom commission from a blank piece of

sophisticated, relaxed and comfortable spaces

superior standards clients are accustomed to

paper through to final installation. Our sole aim

for their clients, friends or family to enjoy.

receiving from Glyn Peter Machin´s studio. Our

in this exciting design category is to listen to

Designs featured in this edition focus mainly

designs are typically commissioned by private

a clients imagination. Then realise everything

upon luxury exteriors, however almost all of our

clients, architects and interior designers as well

they have imagined in a piece of furniture

designs have a unique and appealing twist in

as interested licensees. Selected pieces are

or glassware but could not find . We adapt

that they can just as easily be transformed to

available at retail level through luxury goods

ourselves to new projects where ever the

function as interior pieces. This is where our

stores around the world.

location or the setting. Whether it be a custom

custom expertise flourishes.

Furniture designs featured within this edition of

commission for furniture or glassware our

Given the flexibility and creative possibilities

our product book exemplifies how innovative

team excel.

available we rarely conform to standard design

one can be when extending ones creativity and

The purpose of custom design is to ensure our

as such dimensional info is not listed.

desire to create something different for relaxed

clients individual style is achieved not least to

casual enviroments between and beyond walls

the highest quality standards expected.

and spaces on water.

A super yacht or private residence that is adorned with beautiful pieces characteristic of a clients own personality is what we create.

TYC-053 silver blue metallic finish

TYC-017 full grain high gloss clear varnish on dark brown stain combined with full grain clear satin varnish

TYC-017 high gloss white superyacht finish

TYC-017 satin black stain finish

TYC-019 satin black stain finish

TYC-019 natural teak - also as sofa

TYC-051 buffed natural teak – also as sofa

weathered teak

TYC-148 natural teak

TYC-147 polished teak finish

TYC-030 satin black stain finish

TYC-035 high gloss white and piano black superyacht finish


TYC-050 high gloss piano black superyacht finish

TYC-050 natural teak

TYC-034 natural teak

TYC-020S natural teak

TYC-020S natural teak

TYC-052 satin black stain finish

TYC-090/090S/055 burnished teak

TYC-055 satin black stain finish

TYC-054 satin black stain finish

TYC-057 satin black stain finish

TYC-058 satin black stain finish

TYC-075 polished sealer on teak

TYC-070 satin black stain finish

TYC-072 satin black stain finish

TYC-071 satin black stain finish

TYC-070/071 satin black stain finish

TYC-073 lounge chair

modular combination

TYC-111 satin brown stain on teak

TYC-111 satin black on teak

TYC-035R yacht table with polished sealer finish

TYC-110 oiled teak finish


TYC-005 natural teak

TYC-103 natural teak

TYC-042 natural teak

TYC-036 polished oil on teak

TYC-109 oiled teak

TYC-112 polished sealer on teak

TYC-113 sunset orange metallic finish

TYC-047S high gloss metallic champagne finish

TYC-047 tinted polished oil on teak

TYC-114 natural teak

TYC-151 satin black stain finish

TYC-006 natural teak - also as sofa

TYC-115 polished sealer on teak

TYC-010 polished sealer on teak, stackable

TYC-076R polished sealer on teak

TYC-116 natural teak

TYC-117 natural teak

TYC-118 natural teak

TYC-077 satin black stain finish

TYC-076RC satin black stain finish

TYC-077/076S natural teak

TYC-119 natural teak

TYC-120 natural teak

TYC-144 natural teak

TYC-121 natural teak

TYC-121 mat black stain finish

TYC-119 satin black stain finish

TYC-144 sofa in mat black stain

TYC-096 teak & straw colour all weather fiber

TYC-092 teak & straw colour all weather fiber

TYC-123 teak & straw colour all weather fiber

TYC-124 teak & straw colour all weather fiber

TYC-125 teak & straw colour all weather fiber

TYC-160 teak & straw colour all weather fiber

TYC-128 teak & straw colour all weather fiber

TYC-092S sofa

TYC-126 teak & straw colour all weather fiber

TYC-127 high gloss metallic blue finish

TYC-127 high gloss matterhorn white finish

TYC-129 polished oil on teak

TYC-130 polished oil on teak

TYC-015 sunset orange metallic finish

TYC-028 satin black stain finish

TYC-131 natural teak

TYC-132 natural teak

TYC-GP3 patent pending

TYC-GP1/GP2 white lacquered carbon fiber, patent protected

TYC-032 also with sun shade

TYC-033 high gloss white superyacht finish – also as 2 person pod

TYC-133 THE NEST a 2 person rotating lounger in high gloss white superyacht finish

custom TYC-051 & TYC-028 featured on the Limited Edition Amels 199 designed by Tim Heywood.

TYC-134 high gloss white superyacht finish with polished steel & oiled teak

TYC-149 mat metallic champagne & polished steel

TYC-149 bar stool in high gloss black

TYC-007 high gloss piano black superyacht finish

TYC-029 natural teak and high gloss superyacht finish

TYC-023 high gloss superyacht finish & polished steel

TYC-060 steel and leather

TYC-040 steel, stain and high gloss varnish

TYC-025 polished steel and leather

TYC-136 high gloss white superyacht finish and polished steel

TYC-150 polished steel serving tray with mat metallic interior

TYC-152 polished steel serving tray with mat metallic interior

TYC-153 polished steel serving tray with mat metallic interior

TYC-046 steel

TYC-010/007/008 custom in high gloss white

TYC-008 high gloss white superyacht finish, polished steel and coated glass

TYC-137 polished oil on teak, extendable

TYC-076S sunburst-pattern teak veneered top, natural teak

TYC-138 polished oil on teak with high gloss marine paint

TYC-139 polished oil on teak

TYC-140 polished oil on teak

TYC-141 polisher sealer on teak

TYC-142 polished oil on teak

TYC-143 polished oil on teak, extendable

TYC-001S high gloss varnish on teak - this product folds

TYC-001R natural teak - this product folds

TYC-022 natural teak - this product folds

TYC-003 natural teak - this product folds

TYC-004 natural teak - this product folds

TYC-002 natural teak - this product folds

TYC-083 natural teak

TYC-084 natural teak

THE LONDON SHOWROOM 2010 saw the opening of our flagship showroom located in the centre of one of the worlds most prestigious and design driven cities. The Chelsea Harbour Design Center in London, England was chosen as the most ideal and practical place with a stunning ever evolving display of exterior and interior designs. This 3rd edition Glyn Peter Machin product book features a selection of our spectacular new exterior finishes applied onto established Glyn Peter Machin design classics and exciting new pieces developed throughout 2010. Inspiration for new pieces and new projects will evolve from the contents of this book. Products featured within the previous 1st & 2nd editions are still available through our central London showroom as well as our product website at


CREDITS Furniture Designs: Glyn Peter Machin mdd Production of Furniture: Glyn Peter Machin Yacht Projects International Graphic Design: Bønnelycke Arkitekter mdd Photography: Marianne Markussen Text: Glyn Peter Machin A special thank you to the following clients who kindly contributed additional images and permission to photograph our designs on their respective yachts and private homes. Alberto Pinto, M.Y Alfa Nero Tim Heywood/Amels, Limited Editions 199 Tim Heywood /M.Y Baton Rouge Boat International /M.Y Baton Rouge Oceanco/Pamela Jones, M.Y Alfa Nero Feadship, M.Y Ocean Mercury Nakhimov, M.Y Celestial Hope Heesen Yachts, M.Y Celestial Hope Laura Sessa, M.Y Lady Nag Nag Banneberg & Rowell, M.Y Natori Ferretti Yachts, Custom Line Navetta 33 Remi Tessier/Aleksandre Pinel, S.Y Riela Intayra (MY Celestial Hope) Mr & Mrs Taleb, M.Y Ludy Bannenberg & Rowell, M.Y Elandess Fitzroy Yachts, New Zealand Julian Land/Tom Mannion, London Penthouse Owners of the Jume Beach House Mathilde & Sofie Cabinet Alberto Pinto / Jacques Pepion The Yachts: M.Y Alfa Nero M.Y Ocean Mercury M.Y Celestial Hope M.Y Lady Nag Nag M.Y Natori M.Y Ludy M.Y Elandess S.Y Riela Navetta 33 Limited Editions 199 Candyscape II S.Y Zefira M.Y Baton Rouge M.Y Confidential

GLYN PETER MACHIN haderslevvej 42 6000 kolding denmark tel: +45 7554 1167 email: website: LONDON SHOWROOM 3rd floor, south dome, design centre chelsea harbour london sw10 oxe, united kingdom tel: +44 (0) 7805 212 719

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GLYN PETER MACHIN Book 3rd Edition  

Book for Glyn Peter Machin. © Book Design by Bonnelycke mdd, 2010

GLYN PETER MACHIN Book 3rd Edition  

Book for Glyn Peter Machin. © Book Design by Bonnelycke mdd, 2010