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Information &  homework/preparation  TASK  SHEET  2–  Unit  1  October/November  2013   • • • • •

Developing ideas  in  response  to  the  theme   MY  WORLD/MY  ENVIRONMENT/  MYSELF/MY  FAMILY  &  FRIENDS/MY  BELIEFS/  MY  HOPES  &  FEARS   Experimenting  with  different  materials  &  techniques   How  can  we  develop  work  in  a  ‘Visual  Journey’  from  one  piece  to  the  next  to  build  up  a  portfolio  of  skills  &  ideas?   You  will  have  skills  based  workshops  to  teach  &  develop  different  skills  as  well  as  developing  independent  working  &   portfolio  ideas.                        

Christian Boltanski  (Furnace  Bridge  of  Chases)  

Tony Cragg  (  Cumulus)  

STARTING POINT/  FOCUS  –  Photoshop  development     TASKS   • •

From photographs  of  personal  sculpture  &  your  photo  journal  –  Take  sections  of  photographs  &  experiment  with   Photoshop  to  alter  colour  &  different  filter  effects  to  create  4  ideas  for  an  oil  pastel/paint  piece   From  the  summer  holiday  work  –  document  the  photographic  elements  completed  &  produce  a  Photoshop  piece   based  on  the  manipulation  &  layering  of  several  images  to  create  a  complex  image  using  filters  &  layers  

                        Danny  O’Connor  (Almighty  Assurance)    

Krzysztof Domaradzki. (The last of us)

STARTING POINT/  FOCUS  –  Development  into  colour  &  printmaking.   TASKS     • • •

Complete an  oil  pastel  piece  from  a  section  of  your  personal  sculpture  photographs   Complete  a  painting  from  a  different  section  of  your  personal  sculpture  photographs   Complete  an  etching  from  a  self-­‐generated  image  

STARTING POINT  /  FOCUS  –  Development  of  a  Portrait  element   TASKS       • • • •

Take 5/6  Portrait  photographs  from  different  angles  with  different  lighting/make  up  etc.   Complete  a  Charcoal/Chalk  portrait  from  one  of  the  photo  graphs   Merge  the  portrait  element  with  a  background  photo  from  your  personal  sculpture/  collage/  photographic  journal   image  to  create  a  black  &  white  design  for  a  woodcut   Complete  a  set  of  wood  cut  prints  on  different  collaged/  painted  backgrounds  


Daniel Schaefer STARTING POINT  /  FOCUS  –  Artist  research   TASKS     • • • •

Research the  German  Expressionist  movement  with  particular  reference  to  their  Woodcuts.   Research  artist  Kathe  Kollwitz,  her  drawings  &  prints   Research  3  artists  that  you  like  or  dislike  (for  whatever  reason)  -­‐  compare  &  contrast  their  work.   Refer  to  sheets  on  how  to  research  artworks/painting/sculpture/photography  to  help  you.  

STARTING POINT  /  FOCUS  –  Visiting  an  exhibition  –  Liverpool  Biennial     TASKS     • • • •

Visit Liverpool  Galleries  –    November  2013  –  school  trip   Make  notes  about  Artwork  seen,  ideas  &  concepts  the  artists  have  used  –  Ideas  for  future  development  of  your  own   work  in  relation  to  the  work  of  the  artists  you  have  seen.   Develop  a  piece  of  work  in  response  to  a  piece  seen  at  the  Walker  or  Tate  Galleries   Visit  another  local  gallery  or  exhibition,  in  your  own  time.  Document  the  visit  in  your  sketchbook  

STARTING POINT  /  FOCUS  –  Personalised  Teaching  &  Learning   TASKS   •

Personal Tutorials  with  staff  -­‐  Develop  your  OWN  interests  &  ideas  after  discussion  with  your  teachers.  Complete  other   work  that  interests  you  –  document  all  thoughts  in  your  sketchbook.  

L6 task sheet 2 october november 2013 (1)  
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