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Sacred Sites Quest

Cues & Clues Script

For our Congregation Emanu El Temple Visit Cues & Clues for our Visit to the larger worship space: Barish Sanctuary:  How is the worship space in the Barish Sanctuary set up?  What are the seats/pews like? Are they similar to or different from other SSQ sanctuaries we have visited? If so, how so? Why?  What do you see that is similar to other sacred spaces we have visited?  What do you see—or not see—that is different?  How is the sanctuary lit?  What are the panels on the side walls for?  What are the phrases (or words) posted on the walls of the sanctuary? What do these phrases come from? Why might they have been selected for special emphasis like this?  How is  the  “bimah”  area  similar  to—or different from—other altars from various other sacred spaces we have visited?  What is the central part—or focal point—of the bimah?  What thoughts, feelings, or other impressions arise for you as you sit in the (larger) Barish Sanctuary? Can you imagine what it would be like to participate in a religious service in that space?

After leaving the Barish Sanctuary, spend some time viewing the works of art on exhibit in the Emanu El gallery.  What are some of the images you see there?  Which of them resonate most for you? Why?  What else can you learn about Jewish faith, tradition, or history from the artworks on view in the gallery?  Are any of the symbols, tropes, or images religiously universal ones? Or do they seem more particular to Judaism, per se? More queries to ponder re: the (smaller) Proler Chapel.  How is it different from the larger Barish Sanctuary? o Note that certain features are common to all sanctuaries.  What else is similar between the two?  What is the significance of the hexagonal shapes in the ceiling panels? o How do they work and contribute to the worship atmosphere?

Emanu El  
Emanu El