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Sacred Sites Quest

Cues & Clues Script

For Dawn Mountain Temple (Tibetan Buddhist) Visit  

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What do you notice, see, think and/or feel as you approach Dawn Mountain from outside the building? Do you think this space has always been a temple? If not, what might the building originally have been designed to be used for? Why do Temple visitors remove their shoes? Notice the throne (to the left of the entrance door): What does it look like? Who is it for? What effect does it have in the context of the space and objects around it? What does the stained glass pendant over the throne say? What does that mean? Why is it there? Whose photo appears in front of the throne? Why? What do you see on the scroll paintings flanking the throne? What might these signify? What purpose might they serve? Notice the cushions stacked to the left of the throne. How—and why—might Temple visitors use them? Notice the shrine (the bookcase to the right of the throne). What objects and images do you see here? What might these mean? What musical instruments do you see in Dawn Mountain? What sounds might they make? What sacred purposes might they serve? To the right of the front door/main entrance is the primary teaching & learning area. How is that room set up? Can you picture how people attending Dawn Mountain events might use this space? How are the rest of the internal spaces (i.e. others inside the building) organized? What (else) might they be used for?

NB: Dawn Mountain also has a modest, perfectly functional website at:

Dawn Mountain Temple  
Dawn Mountain Temple