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A WORLD OF DIFFERENT STORIES I felt very dismayed when I saw that an innocent little boy was going through such a terrible experience at such  a  young  age.  This  elementary  boy  was  being  called  “terrorist”  and  other  mean   things just because he was a Muslim. Elementary school is supposed to be a time of making new friends and having fun. However, this boy was already experiencing bullying and was being robbed of his childhood happiness just because he looked different and believed in different things. Every person  is   an   individual;   therefore   they   won’t   think   the   same   way   as   everyone   else,   and   everyone   should have the opportunity to believe in what they want without being questioned or judged. Unfortunately,   that  isn’t   the   case  sometimes   because   people   haven’t   been   taught   about   the   concept   of respect. Therefore, in order to promote religious tolerance, something significant must be done. I’ve   always dreamed of becoming a teacher because I enjoy seeing the faces of people when they fully comprehend a subject they were struggling in. Therefore, if my personal vocation of being a teacher made me an unofficial ambassador for the cause of religious tolerance, I would found a class   called   “A  World  of  Different  Stories.”  It  would  be  mandatory  for  every  child  to  have  this  class   because  that’s  where  they’ll  learn  about   showing  respect  towards  other  religions   in  the  world.   The   objective of the class wouldn’t   be   to   attempt   to   change   the   religious   beliefs   of   the   children.   Instead,   it will teach them that it would benefit the world to accept that everyone will not think or believe in the   same   thing.   If   we   began   teaching   the  children   about   respect,   then   that’s what   they’ll   grow  up   believing  in  and  that’s  what  they’ll  teach  their  future  children.  Perhaps,  even  some  of  the  parents   will   begin   to   realize   this  concept.   Part  of   the   reason   that   this   isn’t   already  happening   is   because   we   often rely on the parents to teach   their   children   about   respect,   but   unfortunately   that   doesn’t   happen in some families. Therefore, if every school taught that concept, then that problem would be eliminated. Furthermore, those same classes could be available to the adults that became interested on the matter of respect. In order to achieve the objective of the class, the students and adults will undergo through many   fun   activities.   During   class,   they’ll   watch   TV   shows   such   as   A   Little   Mosque   on   a   Prairie,   Sesame Street, and others that teach us that other people with different religions and ideas are completely normal. There will also be times throughout the week when the students can talk about the tough times when they felt discriminated or judged because of their religion. Additionally, there will be optional field trips to different types of religious places, so they can interact with different people and learn about them and their situation. From time to time, the students will be assigned to research a religion, it can even be their own, and present it in any way they want. I believe that being able to interact with people of different beliefs would be a wonderful thing,  and  I  see  religion  as  being  no  exception.  Therefore,  that’s  why  I  would  love  to  set  up  classes   that teach about having  respect  toward  others  and  their  beliefs.  The  point  of  “A  World  of  Different   Stories”   will   be   to   not   only   teach   them   about   respect   but   also   allow   them   to   learn   about   other   religions that are out there in the world because many times people are only scared of what they don’t  know.  Therefore,  with  this  class,  they’ll  have  an  opportunity  to  learn  about  many  religions  and   realize  that  there  is  nothing  scary  about  them.  Additionally,  they’ll  learn  that  people  have  the   right   to believe in their religion and we should respect that just as they would like for the rest of the world to respect their own beliefs and ideas. Claudia Espinoza

Embracing tolerance 2012 Espinoza  
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