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Strategic Planning Intern

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neuroscience + marketing

Hello! My name is Bonita Leung, and I want to work as a strategic planning intern at john st. this summer. I am a good fit because I also believe in the power of creativity as a business tool. Having lived, studied and worked in various countries at a young age, I am equipped with a global perspective. Curious, passionate and results-driven, I love what I do and want to contribute it to your team. I believe creativity and empirical research go together; supported by consumer insights and market research, the most effective, creative and exciting campaigns can be created.

Why advertising? The desire to understand and execute what drives consumer behaviour fuels my passion in advertising. I want to drive sales. I want to work alongside the world's best. I want to find the key that unlocks the full potential in marketing and branding campaigns. Advertising, especially with digital media, is constantly evolving with culture, and I want to be continually challenged.


Project Clinique’s biggest launch in history for

Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+ Target Audience Females from age 16-35, with specific focus on the Chinese customers; both loyal consumers of DDML in the past, and those who have never used the Clinique 3-step skincare before.

The Bay at Richmond and on Bloor

Accomplishments I wrote the content for Chinese ads, collaborating with creative agencies and produced marketing collateral like print ads and store displays used nationally in Canada Results DDML+ sales exceeded forecast and is predicted to continue its +40% growth.

Situation LKK needed to respond to a rival company’s campaign stating LKK outsources and produces in mainland China. Strategy Turn the negativity associated with mainland production to a benefit: natural methods in brewing soy sauce can only be achieved through the scale of production. Locally produced products in HK cannot use this method and thus, their quality will suffer. Campaign A 360∘ campaign was employed: TV ads, print ads, community events, food booths. I helped organized a media tour for reporters from 8 different magazines that produced spreads highlighting the high quality control and size of the factory in China to debunk myths of environment and labour abuse.

Target Audience Concerned house-wives/ home-makers around 30-60 years old. Highlights Michelin Chefs were featured as an integral part of the campaign because research shows Hong Kong housewives are very concerned with reputation. These chefs are the best in their field, recognized by awards, and so consumers are more trusting of their recommendations.

Neuromarketing: Identifying Neural Signature of Pleasure in Affective Touch Pleasure influence sales. Consumers buy what they want more often than what they need. By finding the signature of pleasure, we can create campaigns that induce pleasure. Research has shown that this positively correlates to positive brand-customer experience. In my 3 months research fellowship, I created a motorized, multi-dimensional integrative system that combined fNIRS and EEG technology to read brain activity. What also is exciting is that this system is a scientific breakthrough that has significant implications for future neural research too.

TrunkAid Investment Model When I was 13, I started to raise money for my charity organization and donated as investment to projects that are income-generating and self-sufficient. Once these projects started earning income, I encouraged them to expand to increase communal benefits. Results Projects include farms, women's vocational training centre, primary schools, water purification systems in Kenya, Uganda and Thailand. These projects provided income, food and clean water for the general population.

Case of Uganda First, we invested in a poultry farm with Irene in Mukono, Uganda. The men and women developed farming skills; chickens also generated income and food for the families. I also invested in a women’s vocational training centre which also further developed skills of women in Mukono. Income from selling the products at the centre enabled the community to build a primary school. 5 years later, the village is doing better each day, and I still receive updates from Irene.

I am a great fit at john st. because I approach things holistically. John st.’s core value is creativity, and I am attracted to the fact that the agency does not neglect empirical data and grounds its creations in content. Besides the quality of your work, I am drawn to the integrative approach in building and reinforcing a brand. Brand experiences are crucial in developing loyalty and excitement for consumers, which likely translates to purchasing behaviour. From watching your videos on prank advertising to campaigns for clients, I can sense a uniquely collaborative and fun work culture that truly makes a brand unforgettable. I want to be part of john st.

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