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Samsung NX10

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The basics Samsung's NX10 camera may have been superseded by the NX11, but it's still an impressive camera, and cheaper than ever before. You'll be able to get a brand new model and lens for around ÂŁ50 less than the NX11, making it a great buy.

The good

The Samsung NX10 is a compact APS-C camera, offering mini-DSLR styling and a host of different changeable lenses. It looks and feels great, with an ergonomic design and decent build quality. The back is dominated by a 3-inch AMOLED screen, which offers vibrant colours and images that can be seen irrespective of the weather. There's also an electronic viewfinder, making it easy to frame the perfect photograph. The NX10 gets the same 14.6-megapixel sensor as the newer Samsung NX11, and it's no bad thing. Images are true to life when it comes to colour reproduction, and the camera also performs reasonably well in poorer lighting conditions. We also found the menu on the NX10 very simple to use, and you'll be up and running in no time.

The bad The traditional mini-DSLR styling won't appeal to all consumers, and the NX10 can look a little old fashioned. It also lacks the new i-Function lens found on the Samsung NX11, but aside from that we have no real complaints.

The bottom line The Samsung NX10 is one of the most impressive compact system cameras. It may lack the wow-factor of Sony's NEX or Olympus' PEN ranges, but it's actually more comfortable than both to hold. It's also easy to use, and offers great build quality. It loses out on the easy manual adjustments found on the newer Samsung NX11 – offered via a new lens – but aside from that it's near identical to its siblings. With some great offers available, it's well worth a look

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