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History of Black People by Boni Li-A-Sam

Pastel on paper 100x70 cm

History of Black People By BONI LI-A-SAM

Creation was Finished on 29-05-1997

Pastel on paper 100x70 cm

Inspiration My inspiration for History of Black People was triggered when I saw this poster of King Tutenkhamen created by the artist JOADOOR, representing some elements of the history of Egypt. Immediately I became inspired to create my own artistic impression of the elements within the History of Black People.

During its creation process I dedicated this painting especially to my ‘future’ Children. In order for them to become inspired and aware of their own ancestery heritage…

JOADOOR King Tutenkhamen

Boni Li-A-Sam

History of Black People

History of Black People SOME DETAILS

Pastel on paper 100x70 cm

Bonitus Titus Li-A-Sam ART PRODUCTION

"History of Black People" - by Boni Li-A-Sam (pastel on paper 100x70 cm)