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Renaud Marion


French photographer Renaud Marion has captured surrealistic scenes of iconic, classic cars hovering just above the ground, seemingly materializing in an imagined retro-futuristic cityscape. Situated in front of contemporary architectural sites, garages, and residential structures, the sleek cruisers float on the street, likening themselves to the aerocar that the animated TV family ‘the jetsons’ used for their work commute. the ‘air drive’ series includes a hot-red jaguar e-type, shining silver mercedes-benz 300SL gullwing coupé, and mint green mercedes-benz 190SL that drift in place. the recognizable automobiles represent a time when cars were regarded as highly stylized symbols of society, with vibrantly-colored hues and crafted exterior details.

a red porsche 356 rests above the ground

a neon blue mustang hovering above the surface of the street

shining silver mercedes-benz 300SL gullwing coupĂŠ floats above the ground

renaud marion floats classic cars above the ground

a minty mercedes-benz 190SL drifts in place

Michael Hansmeyer, Benjamin Dillenburger 2)

Digital grotesque: full-scale 3D printed room realized A fully immersive, human-scale architectural object, created by michael hansmeyer and benjamin dillenburger emerges as the first life-sized construction to be entirely 3D printed out of sandstone. ‘digital grotesque‘ is now a realized space, consisting of two individual halves that form an aggregate volume — the grotto. from the outside, the structure presents itself as a cubical mass, but its interior hides an intricate geometry of millions of design facets. the room’s impossible ornamentation and free-form geometries represent a paradigm shift within the field of digital fabrication. every aspect of the object is materialized by custom designed algorithms. using computer based data input, a geometric mesh of 260 million specified micro-details emerges as an architectural unit. the medium, and the process of its assembly, is a carefully chosen component of the project. sand-printing technology has recently emerged as manufacturing technique that overcomes the limitations of 3D printing, which typically is confined to prototyping and small-scale models. the process allows the creation of large-scale elements with high resolution and accuracy, which are fully self-supporting and can be assembled as a solid construction.

Simple remind about “Alien” of Ridley Scott but in very touching feeling.


Ayaka Ito & Randall Church

American designers, while students at the college of imaging arts and sciences at rochester institute of technology (RIT).

To create each piece, the artists photographed each location both with and without the model using HDRI sphere lighting, thereby obtaining enough information to be able to isolate the subject from the background. church then used a 3D flash drawing app he created to generate splines over the shape of the model. these were imported into the cinema 4D modeling application. the final 3D render utilizes an alpha channel that masks the model back into the background, seemingly broken up by the lines of the splines. the designers note that the look of wire sculptures and a desire for organic-like lines guided their artistic process. Very interesting vision and illustration of human, in very unordinary, unusualway, a great inspiration for movie makers.


David Mach

David Mach (born in Methil, Fife, on the 18th March 195) is a Scottish sculptor and installation artist. A great surrealistic vision. It was presented in different places, interiors include... anyway this open space works amazing.

David Mach, Down Under, 2002

Other his work:


ARM architecture

Wanangkura stadium, australia

Something very digital in naturallanscape of Australia. The massive colored cube construction with toned pixels that boast the local team’s colors and create a strong contrast to the naturally orange landscape. My own vision of stadium is an object in shape of disk floating in the middle of ocean, and where in time of international sports games, all wars in the world just stop.

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Digital artists tomek choice