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IF I WERE A FRESHER AGAIN BY JACK BLACKBURN 17. Wear a toga to Tight and Bright 18. ‘Matrix’ a study abroad student 19. Receive noise complaints from having a ‘friend’ over after Dons 20. Embrace nudie runs 21. Avoid the Fresher 15 (…its inevitable) 22. Throw a party in your room 23. Snapchat your walk of shame 24. Join a club/society Welcome Bondies to Semester 141. To the new students - welcome to Bond. To the returning students I hope that you were inappropriately drunk at your family Christmas and didn’t mistake your cousin for your girlfriend (cough… Gidi Ptasznik… cough). There will be lots of information passed onto you in O Week, but none more integral to your degree than this. 1. Swim in the lake

25. Attend Bond’s Children Holiday Camp 26. Read Scope 27. Meet your lecturers in the first week. 28. Wear/make him wear condoms 29. Sneak into the Spa after lock up

2. Hook Up

30. Pull back to back all-nighters to finish your assignment

3. Get to LVT

31. Do the naked man (Edward Sinclair)

4. Become friends with Cameron the security guard

32. Hook up with an old Bondie, and whisper ‘I love you’ immediately after

5. Test your friendship with Cameron the security guard

33. Study Abroad

6. Don’t miss an event 7. Live in the Blocks 8. Turn your corridor into a cult 9. Head to Currumbin Rock Pools

34. Go Skydiving in Byron 35. Make a wizard stick on Australia Day

* Props to Andy Dennis’s121 scope article for the inspiration

10. Vomit before LVT starts 11. Go to Uni Games 12. Have a beer in the fountain 13. Perfect the Mangina 14. Spend a semester on Goon 15. Determine why Harrison Carr is nicknamed ‘Monster Truck’ 16. Never buy new textbooks

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Semester 141 - Week 2