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by Cindy Kovac


-week: the holy grail of the Bond social calendar. Jan semester, in particular, is never short of a scandal or a good time. As a returning student of the May intake, I was excited to experience it for my first time, and can I just say - the reality certainly lived up to the hype. The week came and went a little too quickly, so here’s a little snapshot to jog your memory (just in case it’s a little dusty).


Nothing says inebriation like youths scantily clad in calico. Add some Fruity Lexia and it’s a recipe for disaster. If you haven’t caught on yet, 141’s Opening Ceremony ie, the ‘Toga Party’ delivered a good time for all - from what I can remember, which isn’t much.


With that amount of cheap, tight neon, you’d be forgiven for mistaking tight and bright for a Supré shopfront or a teenybopper blue light disco. Is there a shortage of lycra or are we just leaving our dignity at the door now?

The newly introduced ‘Sunday Sesh’ ended up being bigger than Gaz’s parsnip, with everyone getting absolutely “mortal”. I’d say this one’s here to stay.


ll in all, these past two weeks have broken my bank account, weakened my liver and bore witness to my lifetime’s share of vom sessions but a part of me wishes we could just live it on repeat. The January semester has lived up to its reputation and kicked off with a bang, but I think it’s time to slow down before things get dangerous. Very, very dangerous. 6 | scope



Always a good time, Illegally Bond didn’t disappoint either; with $80 and 20 wet pussy shots down, the dance floor became as slippery as our moral compass. With eyes increasingly dazed, we had more people on the floor rather than on the dance floor. A quick shout-out to our very own LSA’s social director for an awesome job on this one, who was also rumored to have woken up surrounded by some anonymous vomit.

Scope Magazine Issue 9  

Semester 141 - Week 2