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How long will it be until Lorde gets forcefully adopted as an Australian?

You know you’re an early ‘00s kid if you got really massively excited for Fall Out Boy’s Save Rock and Roll.

If you thought STP frontman Scott Wieland had already maxed out his “Dickhead” statistic, you were wrong.

Sister-act Haim are one of the best new bands around - particularly for playing ‘Shag, Marry, Avoid’.

It must be time for another AC/DC album. I mean, it doesn’t take six years to write something like ‘Hard as a Rock’.

The Scoop Someone take James Blunt’s career out of the oven, it’s done.

Stray Thoughts for the New Year by Antony Scholefield

It’s 2014, which means Green Day’s American Idiot came out 10 years ago. Do you feel old yet?

Will Foster The People’s new album reference school massacres again?

It’s sad that Keith Richards now needs to wear that bandana all the time, because it’s the only thing holding his face together.

The award for most depressing chorus of 2013 goes to Queens of the Stone Age. “I know you’ll never believe” / “I play this as though I’m alright” / “If life is but a dream” / “Wake me up”.

‘Johnny B Goode’ is officially the most-covered song ever. Could ‘Get Lucky’ usurp it?

Only three things are infinite: the universe, human stupidity, and the ego of Strokes frontman Julian Casablancas

Will EDM finally crumble and die? Over the last few years, many under-the-radar bands have been resurrecting a Motley-Crüeglam-rock thing. Is the genre preparing a comeback?

‘Royals’ will probably top the Hottest 100...

Will Kanye’s follow up to Yeezus elevate him to some freakish post-God status?

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Scope Magazine Issue 9  

Semester 141 - Week 2

Scope Magazine Issue 9  

Semester 141 - Week 2