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4 Sexual Fantasies That Women Love (But Never Tell You) - Use These to Give Her Raging Orgasms! This information is brought to you by 007Lover

There is no doubt about it. Your woman wants a sexy lover. She dreams about it. She fantasizes about it. But chances are that she does not tell you about it. Women often fantasize about different types of men and scenarios that will make them all excited when it comes to sex. You can fulfill her desires in so many ways if you are just willing to get into some role-playing. Here are 4 secrets to role playing that will change your sex life for the better and give her raging hot orgasms... #1 - Vampire: The whole vampire thing started with Dracula and has gone on from there. Women are drawn to this mythical creature of the night not because he is a blood sucker, but because he is a man who they cannot resist. It is easy enough to play this part. And you can get a costume just about anywhere. Light some candles and tell her to wait in the bedroom for you to emerge. Then take her! You can bite, of course, but lightly and in the right places. The lure of the vampire has always been about sex, so use this popular fantasy to your advantage! #2 - Sheik: Ever since Valentino lit up the silent screen with this image, women have been fantasizing about desert men. Again, a costume is easy to get. And you can also set the mood. Women like the idea of the desert bandit who has taken them to their lair to have their wicked way with them. Remember, women like men who are powerful and assertive in bed. Not to mention exotic. #3 - Pirate: "Talk Like A Pirate Day" may be a parody holiday, but there is still something about the swashbuckler that captures the imagination of every woman. Dress like a pirate and carry her off to your bedroom to make wild love to her. Again, this is one of the romantic heroes that many women find very attractive because they are guys who are in charge. #4 - Cowboy: Every woman likes a cowboy. The strong silent type that always ends up walking into the sunset with the girl. Women like cowboys because they are men's men and epitomize the fantasy of the ultimate American man. It is easy enough to be a cowboy and lasso your girl to bed. Hey, you might want to try a little light bondage with that lasso, just be sure that she is up for it and that it is not too tight. You want her screaming in ecstasy, not from rope burns.

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