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BondingX BondingXpierence ● Issue Q2 ● April 2010

Helping Hands! This Is It! Photo of Paul

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Dear Friends, Welcome to the second issue of ‘BondingXperience’ our quarterly online magazine in 2010. Everyday more and more people are waking up to the fact that we are co-creating our reality. This basically means that whatever one person does, affects the next person. But if you combine this with negative attitudes that start as thoughts and manifest into words and actions and then multiply this by thousands, millions and even billions of times, you end up with a world full of fears, doubts, jealousy, anger, pain and suffering. When we wake up to the fact that we are co-creating our reality, we immediately start to see the results of our negative or positive actions. I feel that it’s time for us all to start taking responsibility for our thoughts and actions, and using our personal power to make a fresh new start. I can say this from personal experience; last year I lost everything. I ploughed everything into a dream and my business collapsed into financial ruin. I can’t blame anyone for this, I take full responsibility for it, and it was my own thoughts and actions that caused it to happen. I accept that. Now I am back and slowly rebuilding my life; my dream is still intact. I am learning about life all the time and transforming everyday from my experiences. With a positive attitude to life, everything transforms around you. We can talk and discuss to find peaceful solutions, we can stop fighting each other in our homes and on the streets, we can have respect for our children and their beliefs and we can finally believe in the power we have within us. In this issue we focus the positive energy of ‘Helping Hands’; with this in mind we managed to get a number of exclusive interviews with key opinion leaders in both the political and spiritual arena. We interviewed Mr Paul Arkwright, the British Ambassador for the Netherlands about how the Embassy can help UK citizens in the Netherlands and got valuable insight into the new man tasked to take on this challenging role. Our feature interview is with Joop Teggelove, one of only 800 Reiki Masters in the world. He wanted to meet with us and share ancient knowledge about what is happening with our energy and how the Mayan Calendar and 2012 is affecting our lives. We also had the great opportunity to interview Issac Iswani the Senior Instructor for Kabbalah in Europe, to explain what Kabbalah is and how this ancient teaching is helping people to transform all over the world. And just for balance, we have also got an alternative view from well known UK journalist Adrian Tippetts on science and spiritualism. And just in time, we spoke to Neville Matroos from House4Love about his latest project in South Africa; Project Atlantis. The BondingXperience is working to strengthen loving relationships and friendships between diverse global societies where positive energy is at our core. We are constantly uncovering ‘good news’ to bring you an alterative and positive outlook on life. Just like my good friend Carsten, who is falling in love with a beautiful Angel in Greece and his mother, The Queen Mum, a 60 year old widower, has recently met her King; King Kurt. It’s truly wonderful to be around such love. It’s inspiring, comforting, supporting and so much more! Just imagine what we can all achieve with such love within us. To help The BondingXperience, to continue its loving work, we welcome donations. Our bank details are below. And finally we have a co-creative Poetry Competition, so get writing! The lucky winner gets their work published in the Q3 issue of BondingXperience. So, all that is left to say is, have a very Happy Easter! All the best, Richard Voller

Colofon: Editor: Richard T. Voller (Proud Dyslexic)

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Lightening Politics Paul Arkwright, the British Ambassador for the Netherlands, interviewed by Richard Voller

BondingXperience had the great opportunity to interview Mr Paul Arkwright, The British Ambassador for the Netherlands based in Den Haag. It was a lightning interview. Jill, the Communications Manager, explained that Paul was on a tight schedule and that we had to move fast, little did we realise just how fast the Ambassador moved! Within a flash I was in the Ambassador's office, sitting down to do the interview. There was something about this place that felt familiar, although I wasn't sure what it was exactly.

Here we go! "OK, you've got 30 minutes", Jill explains. The Ambassador takes off his jacket and gets comfortable in his large brown leather Chesterfield armchair, as I do the same in the seat facing him. To ease into the interview, I commented that the office was very spacious and he replied by mentioning that it could do with some art. I grabbed the opportunity and explained I am also a professional artist. Paul and Jill had been viewing The BondClub website and noticed that I recently donated one of my paintings 'The Light Force' to the Inter-Nations AFS Charity Auction for Haiti. "Yes, it's all about generosity and the importance of helping hands", I explained with a cheerful smile.

So what was it like to be in Berlin when the wall came down? I ask "It was 1989 and I had just joined the UK Foreign Office as a Junior Political Officer. No-one expected it to happen, it was raw emotion, we were witnessing history being made".

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What did you learn from the experience? "Well afterwards, I became more open to reacting to change, things started moving rapidly. I was ready to broaden my horizons and believe that anything was possible; the impossible was possible!"

What happened next in your political career? "I went back to the UK for a couple of years and then on to work in New York at the UK delegation for the United Nations, dealing with political issues in the Security Council. The United Nations was involved with Latin American countries that had civil wars at the time, the UN were involved in peacekeeping operations in Nicaragua and El Salvador, in West Africa in Sierra Leone and Liberia. What I learned from that is how important it is to have a broad range of contacts. I spend 4 years in Paris where I was married and my two kids were born. Then in 2001, I moved to Brussels where I became the counsellor at the UK delegation to NATO."

What do you think is important about being the British Ambassador? "You really have to be a people person and have a positive attitude to life. You have to be open and in constant communication with your surroundings; broadening your network wherever possible and looking in unexpected places to forge alliances. The most influential people are often the ones with a very positive attitude and a strong personality not necessarily those from the most important countries.”

So what do you see as your main role here in the Netherlands? "Getting to know and understand the Dutch and learn the language. Essentially it’s about insight and influence. Being a representative of the UK, and promoting the United Kingdom to Dutch businesses for investment.” ”We have an interest in what the Dutch do in Afghanistan. We need to follow closely Dutch positions on the EU. We have a close defence and security relationship with the Dutch so we work on counter terrorism, counters proliferation and we are fellow members of NATO of course. And I need to explain to London Dutch positions, and try to decode Dutch politics – not always easy!”

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[that was when I suddenly remembered, like a blinding light, what the feeling was? My Uncle, Colonel Fred Allen (OBE, MBE), who passed away a few years ago, was a member of the Special Forces in the UK, mainly involved with CounterTerrorism. Paul's energy had very much of the same feeling; diplomacy, integrity, discipline, courage and vision. I felt very comfortable with this man. Quickly my mind focused back on the interview]. "... so it's important for every country to have an Ambassador because we can understand what is that happening in the Netherlands and we can communicate it back to London."

So it's a form of communications then? "Yes, two way and open communication. We are the intelligent eyes and ears for London. We help to interpret situations and make them more understandable by using our knowledge and expertise, our networks and talking to people. We are in constant communication, offering a helping hand where needed".

OK, well talking of 'helping hands', how can the British Embassy help UK Citizens setting up new business in the Netherlands? "We have a highly experienced trade and investment team, UKTI, that know the Dutch markets; we can help UK companies do business in the Netherlands by providing them with influential networks and market information."

Above: Colonel Fred Allen, SAS (OBE, MBE) photographed outside Buckingham Palace after receiving his medal from the Queen.

What type of market information? "Well we produce reports on trends and consumer opportunities. We mainly target SME's because they don't have the business networks that global companies have. In a sense, we act as a gateway into the Dutch market, connecting UK SME's with Dutch distributors and retailers, which otherwise would be very difficult for new businesses to attain.

And how do you help Dutch companies wanting to invest in the UK? "The UKTI team offers a helping hand by providing high quality business contacts, in-depth market research and opportunities to attend trade fairs. For example the UK is renowned for its skilled work force and its expertise in Research & Development, this is the added value that investors want". Suddenly Jill interrupts, "OK, we have 10 minutes left." [Two key questions left, it's time to quick march, I think.]

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OK, I want to ask you about the global change in consciousness and how we are living in a cocreated reality which means that as individuals we need to be more responsible. "Ok, I saw your questions on this and we wanted to know what exactly you meant by this?", asks Paul. Suddenly, I felt like I was being interviewed and the tables had turned.

"Well, since the collapse of the financial system, many people have lost faith in governments and the financial sector. This new global consciousness is asking for more openness, integrity and ethical values to be included in politics. It was interesting to see how the British government opened its doors and gave people the opportunity to call MP's, asking them questions whilst being filmed live on television. But there is also a rising amount of people around that world that feel they have to stand together, to unite to get their voice heard, like the debate on Global Warming, where 11 million people united for the Copenhagen Climate Change Summit. And people are also awakening to the fact that we are living in a co-created reality; we have to become responsible for our own actions and can no-longer blame others or governments for things that are going wrong in the world. So how are you helping to integrate this new form of consciousness into your work? Paul looks back at me and quickly replies: "Being open is paramount to our work and we are using the latest forms of media to continuously engage with our audience; our website now includes my blog which gives a personal view of my life as an Ambassador in the Netherlands. I travel around to different cities, meeting people face-to-face from businesses and societies, such as the British Society, where we met. I am fully aware how important the personal approach is and I want to get to know people and for them to get to know me on this level." "It is quite clear that we are living in an inter-dependant world, where wars in Afghanistan, climate change or migration issues will have a knock on effect in the UK or the Netherlands. It is true that the role of civil society is becoming stronger and that is basically what the government is; a government of people". "I feel strongly that governments are voted in by the people to work for the people and so it is important that every person exercises, or should we say takes on their own responsibility to vote. By not being involved in the democratic process and taking ownership of your voting right, you are undermining the whole of democracy." I totally agree and with that we reach our 30 minute deadline. I thanked Paul for giving me a moment of his valuable time. Returning downstairs, I rejoined Carsten who was patiently waiting for me in the reception area. We wish Jill "Goodbye", and step out into the chilling winter air. Looking ahead, I noticed the Hotel Des Indes. It was only last year that I was there at a Hungarian Wine Tasting organised by the Hungarian Embassy. 'A small world', I thought.

British Ambassador’s Blog (

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The Police Man (Co- Created by Richard T. Voller: February 2010) He's keeping the peace, making sure that no-one causes a disturbance, he's looking for trouble. The man on bike is full of joy, cycling harder and faster, not a worry in the world.


The Police Man sees danger approaching, A man on bike, cycling fast down a pedestrian street. It's his chance to put peace into action. The man on the bike, suddenly seeing a waving hand. 'Does someone know me?' he thinks. And then his world rocks as he recognises the uniform. 'Why are you cycling in a pedestrian street?' Where are you from? Do you live here? Where's your identification? The man on the bike tries in vein to keep the peace, You have broken the law, I can arrest you right now. You are disturbing the peace. The man on the bike, cannot believe what he's hearing. 'Disturbing the Peace, Me?' Again, why are you cycling down this street? The words are stronger, As if God is asking the question. And then the man on the bike, just let's go. "I am going to meet the love of my life, I just wasn't thinking that I was disturbing the peace" The Police Man looks at the man on the bike. He smiles and, thinks about keeping the peace. "OK, go for it!"

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Spider Totem Navajo Creation Story "In the beginning, there was the dark purple light at the dawn of being. Spider Woman spun a line to form the east, west, north, and south. Breath entered man at the time of the yellow light. At the time of the red light, man proudly faced his creator. Spider Woman used the clay of the earth, red, yellow, white, and black, to create people. To each she attached a thread of her web which came from the doorway at the top of her head. This thread was the gift of creative wisdom. Three times she sent a great flood to destroy those who had forgotten the gift of her thread. Those who remembered floated to the new world and climbed to safety through the Sipapu Pole, the womb of Mother Earth."

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: “Let’s face it. Creation is messy. It doesn’t always turn out how you expect it.” VOLLER, March 28th 2010.

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Playing Catch Up! (Issac Sinwani, Senior Kabbalah Instructor for Europe interviewed by Richard T. Voller)

I'm sitting waiting for a Skype call with Isaac Sinwani, Senior Kabbalah Instructor for Europe. He's based in the Kabbalah Centre office in Tela Viv and I am based on the sofa in my apartment in Amsterdam. As I wait for the call to come through, I look at the clock. The call was set for 2pm, we've checked in. But 2pm comes and goes; time has no importance any more. I just wait and think about the other articles I have to get finished today. I am thinking how incredible it is that we can both connect like this. It seems spiritual in itself; there's no time, place or motion. I sit and wait. Suddenly, I hear ringing in my ears, a little window pops-up on my Mac screen and Isaac appears before me. Smiling with his headset on, "Hello!" I quickly introduce myself and ask how he got involved with Kabbalah? Isaac: "Well it was actually through a flyer I found on the street one day. It looked interesting, so I decided to go along and have a look. Up until that time in my life, I had just being taking everything for granted. I believed in God without really knowing what it all meant. I suppose, this was a real eye opener for me and I realised that I wasn't asking enough questions about life to really understand it."

So what happened after the workshop? “Well, in 1996, I became a student in Kabbalah and eventually after 14 years I have gone on to become an Instructor. I give lectures and speak to people from all over the world via Skype; we can have people from Paris, London, Amsterdam, and Stockholm, all on the line at one time learning about Kabbalah."

So why has Kabbalah become so important for you? "Well, it teaches you that you have the power to change things; there is no other that will be your saviour; the politicians, doctors, parents, your partner, your boss or your friends. You are the Director of your own movie and only you can change it. Some people think that you can only have a certain way of life if you are born into a privileged lifestyle, but actually it doesn't matter what lifestyle you come from, what society. It's doesn't matter if you are young or old, black or white, English, Dutch, Jewish, we are all the same. So is this the 'I AM' principle? That we are all 'I AM' and then to this we add 'I am English, a man, and so on. "Yes, we are covered with layers and experiences. It is the ego that dresses us. Through Kabbalah we are able to remove the layers and we learn the reasons why these things are happening to us.

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So when did the Kabbalah Centre start? “It was founded in 1922 by Rav Ashlag. Up until this point the Zohar was only available to a few people who could understand the ancient texts. His aim was to have the texts translated to languages which were more understandable for the masses. He was able to explain double-concealment reality or random reality." What does that mean in plain English? Isaac: "Ok, well I like to think of the story of Eitan 'Have you ever woken up in the morning and seen an apple tree standing in your back garden that you never saw before? Well it was always there; just that you were blind and you could not see it. Until you can connect with the route of what is happening, then you are not aware of everything that is happening around you. Everyone has there own problems from the CEO of a global company to the man cleaning the streets. In essence they are all the same, just in difference circumstances. What Kabbalah is teaching is that you have to take responsibility for your own actions. We can no longer blame our problems on our partner, or the government or society. We have to take our own responsibility for our thoughts, words and actions".

That quite powerful stuff, if we all did that this world would be very different! "Yes, exactly. This world would be completely different. There would be no more war, fighting, starvation, pain and suffering. Of course people, may not always see eye to eye on things, but then we can have a simple discussion, a dialogue without having to start fighting each other." I agree. I also organise events and I know that with events there is a lot of tension that builds up around them. It's important that people realise this is just 'good energy’, it's positive, it motivates and it makes the stressful times fun. The same is true with life. "Yes and just imagine what an incredible world this will be when everyone starts taking their own responsibility and uses their positive energy to help others. So Kabbalah is a teaching, not a religion. "Yes, we do not say that it is the only one, we just say that for many people who have been searching a long-time for the answers to their questions, and this gives you the shortest and most direct route. It makes it so much simpler for you. So if it is a teaching, what does it teach you? It teaches you many things; about reincarnation, astrology, practical philosophy and much more. And Kabbalah doesn't contradict science, in fact science and spirituality both work hand in hand'.

The 72 Names Of God - The Kabbalah Centre Netherlands FREE ENTRANCE: ‘Ready 4 the Next Level’ event on 11th April in Amsterdam (19.30 until 21.30). Register via website above.

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What do you mean? "We now we are sitting here talking to each other through these screens. One day I will be able to walk out of this screen and come and sit next to you. That is science.” Wow that reminds me of a recent film that I saw at the cinema. 'Avatar' which was in 3D. Everything was coming out of the screen, so I can fully believe that what you are saying is true. It's also interesting that Avatar means 'Reincarnation'. "OK, so what was your favourite holiday?"

Definitely India. “Ok, close your eyes and picture being back there. Can you see the images, hear the voices, smell the air, and taste the food?"

Hahahaha! Yes I can.

"Well it takes training for the mind to see that, but that is how spiritually works. There is no time, space and motion. You can be anywhere and everywhere at the same time. In fact, one day science may catch up with spirituality”. PING!!! And at that point the connection is lost. The conversation ends. We both go our separate ways.

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Film Reviews Time to go through the Look Glass!

Alice in Wonderland This film related to me because, I am as mad as a hatter! Again it was great to see a packed house when we went to watch this film. Being 3D the special effects where out of this world and the story line was well known to us, although I had forgotten much of the details since my childhood. What I did think was interesting was the timing of the movie. Why was it being released again now? The answer is in the ending and again is very relevant to the common consciousness of the world. We give it a 5 star rating for this alone!

AVATAR In Hindu Mythology, Avatar means the descent of a deity to earth in an incarnate form; the incarnation of god. With this in mind, we decided this was a far better choice than the doom and gloom of the 2012 movie. And we were right and so it seems that many other people thought so as well, as it has become the biggest selling movie of all-time amassing $1 billion after only three weekends and may well overtake Titanic as the undisputed champion of the modern box office. The special effects, the 3D vision with solid glasses rather than paper ones, the story about Pandora, the love story, the mind of a human inside the body of the Na’vi, the evil army of humans and saving the planet, all adds up to a great movie. And this is the first time that we have been in a cinema and seen the audience stand up and applaud at the end of the film. A must see and another 5 star movie!

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Who Am I? In every issue of BondingXperience, we give a short spotlight for creative people who give their spirit for their work. In this issue we speak to Courtney N. Clark who performed at the 2009 ‘ White Sensation’ dance event in Amsterdam Arena. So Courtney, please shed some light on who you are so our readers can get to know you a little bit better. I am Courtney Clark, a dancer, choreographer, and educator. I am a woman, passionate about dancing. Dancing makes up my life, and I have been doing it infinitely since time began. I give, live, love and breathe the movement. And what are you best known for? I am best known as my GYPSY character and for my” incredible bootie!” How can you make spirituality become part of your every-minute lifestyle? I have to say when someone has spirituality in life, it’s always there….there is nothing that is done in life without it. Connection to the higher self, or Divine, is just there if you connect to it. There are moments when it speaks differently…be it loudly, softly, deeply or blissfully in tones of YUMMMMMMMMM. You believe in reincarnation, great so do I! I was King Richard the Lion Heart, so who where you? I was one of Shiva’s dancers. I was a Sage of the Cherokee Indian tribes; I was a member of the High Courts of the renaissance. I was a witch. I was a dark Gaelic fairy. I was a Centaur. A Dragonfly. A creator of this Earth. Please describe what unconditional love means to you? Complete acceptance. Bless You Gypsy!

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Life is a Movie! Do you want to be the Director of your own life? Do you want to have your personal TV Channel to broadcast your life to the Universe? OK, then! Connect with Carsten Lumière Sasse to make your dreams come true! To transform your life into a movie email:



Click: =A4Kz177DXOo

Click: watch?v=3LG_0d3FzPA

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Street Rapping: Poetry

Like Space Co-Created by Richard Voller: Feb 2010 Find me some body to love, Some body to hold close, For some body to love your body, I must love my body. You cannot force love, you have to let love find its own path. Love must feel free in order to exist. Be yourself, love will feel your love. When the time is true for love, love will make a choice, love flows naturally to you, with love. For now, just be your happy self in your body. For love does not want to you be miserable, it wants you to be free. Like space ... Absolute freedom to exist and in freedom... it finds freedom.

Purchase Voller’s book of poems ‘Love Poems from the Source: Feb 2010’ via for only €12. In February Voller was hit by lightning and co-created almost 30 poems! This book has been specially designed so that you can write your own poems in between the pages. Click on Link Below:

COMPETITION Simply take one of sentences from the poem ‘Like Space’ and create your own poem from it.

Please send to And the winning poem will be published in the Q3 issue. Deadline: June 11th 2010

That's when love finds Some Body.

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Special Feature

A New Era is Dawning Reike Master, Joop Teggelove, interviewed by Richard T. Voller The Universe opened up, giving me a window of opportunity, to uncover the truth about our essence and to bring it to the surface to share with the world in this exclusive feature interview. Joop Teggelove, owner of Centrum "de Ruimte" in Vierhouten, the Netherlands who is a member of the Reiki Alliance, consisting of only 800 Reike Masters worldwide, had a message to share with the world. This is it! Carsten and I had planned to be awake at 6am, catch the train at 7.37am, do the interview and be back in Amsterdam by lunchtime. But things started to change, things were moving out of our control. It felt that there was a greater force at work here, separate incidents merged together to form a day of quite extraordinary outcomes. The only thing we could do, was to keep centred and go with the flow, otherwise we would be spinning out of control like wet clothes hanging on to the walls of a washing machine. We eventually arrived at Zwolle around lunchtime and Joop arrived a little bit later than expected to pick us up. But everything was changing, so we just went with the flow. As we arrived at "de Centrum", Joop explained about the wires around the complex where to stop the pigs getting in and the huge wholes in the ground where from the mice. This was really living in Mother Nature. I noticed the higher wire above our heads and joking said that must be for girafs. Laughter suddenly swept through and positive energy erupted as we walked through the front doors.

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Once inside we took of our shoes as a sign of respect and quickly were introduced to his loving partner Titia. I had so many burning questions about the essence of life and I had the feeling that this Being was here to help me on my quest for the truth. Joop had mentioned that I must have misheard his directions yesterday over the phone, as there was a closer railway station than Zwolle. But rather than getting angry with us, he just accepted what had happened. That is why it took so long to pick us up.

The Interview Richard: There is so much change happening in the world today, how can we explain to people that it is not personal? Joop: "Since 1987, civilization has moved into a new period of time. The 4th dimension into the 5th dimension. This period is a time of transformation. A lot of people are being touched." Touched? What do you mean?

Above: Joop being ‘touched’ by the Light.

"They are being touched by the Universe, by energy; it comes in here at the back of your head."

Richard: "What at your crown?"

"They are being touched by the Universe, by energy; it comes in here at the back of your head." [Joop points to the crown of his head] What at your crown? "Yes, the monks in the Catholic Church would shave there heads here, because this is the place that the holly Ghost, the Spirit, comes in. Nowadays, we will all be touched. The question is what do we do with it?' Do we listen to ourselves? Do we transform ourselves? We can go on the old way, or we can listen to ourselves". So what is transformation? "Transformation to me, is that you listen to yourself, to the message and do something with it. Feeling the love in your heart and living out of your heart".

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Right: Laughter erupts once again during the interview

Many people are doing spiritual workshops, but how can we ensure that when we are tested in the real world, we can still put into practice our spiritual work? "OK, you are touched. That is the beginning. A few weeks ago I met a 40 year old woman who was celebrating her Birthday; this was her point of Awakening. She said that in the coming 40 years, she wanted to live in a totally different way. But then you start looking at how can you change your life? How can I forget everything that was a problem for me? And then it can happen that you go to a workshop for a weekend and in the workshop you are absolutely certain that this is what you want". Yes, just like here at 'de Centrum', it's a really relaxed and comfortable place. "Yes exactly and then you go back home with perhaps somebody else who is watching television, saying no, no not now. He or she is drinking something, perhaps looking football. That can be a different world. And Monday you go to work and it is different again. So there is a lot of pressure, just to give up? "Yes there is! You realise that everyone is looking at you and saying 'what are you doing?' Is this some kind of sect you are involved in? Are they really trustworthy?" So there's a lot of attention on you. "Yes, and it's good to receive so much energy and have such good contact with the Universe so that you can go on." But it's very difficult! "Yes, but you can go on. People see you have changed. It's just like when you drop a stone into the water. It causes ripples, one after another." [We move into the meditation room and Joop jumps onto the chairs to pull back the curtains, he seems like Superman, as fit as a fiddle at the age of 70 years. And then Carsten asks us to climb into one of chairs for a photo. Joop enquires, ‘Richard that is a great name! What does it mean?' I reply, "It's the name of Kings, King Richard the Lion Heart!" The laughter erupts again!]

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So what's your belief in re-incarnation? "I believe that we are all from one big family group. Everyone is a Brother and Sister of the world. In the beginning there was one family and from this we have created 6 billion people. It can happen that you can meet someone and you have a heart connection, you hug and you feel a deep bond". [Just then I think of my recent meeting with a person, where I felt this explosion in the heart - my heart went boom! And then Carsten mentions that Joop was at his Dance Performance at the DanceStreet Studios in Amsterdam a few years ago. And then I suddenly re-membered that I had met Joop before. Carsten: 'Yes, it's all falling into place'.] "When we are open, we start connecting on deeper levels, as if we have met before."

I respond "Yes, I am noticing that I am meeting people who are literary speaking my own words. Recently I had a meeting that was cancelled at the last minute and the person said 'Well think positive, at least you have the whole day free to yourself now'. It really made me laugh, because these are the exact words! How could she possible know them? Then I think, don't take it personal, because what I am saying is coming from a higher place and now it's coming through someone else's mind as well! I used to find these things shocking, but now I experience them more and more everyday. Now I just accept them and have fun every time is happens!" What is the most important thing about being a Reiki Master? "It's important that you can deal with everything that comes your way; emotions of fear, rage, anger, jealousy, guilt, lust. You are the person who has been inside with yourself. You have cleared up as much as possible of your own life, and then you can help others".

Do you think that natural disasters are another sign? "It's difficult to say to everyone that we need earthquakes, Tsunami's and we even needed people like Hitler in our lives, otherwise we will never change. Never. The earthquake in Haiti has pulled us all together, for the goodness of humankind. In our time, the world is getting smaller and everything is melting together". "In England they opened up the prisons and migrated people to Australia and New Zealand. And said OK, this is our country now. And today, different races are coming back to Europe and we say 'What are they doing? Stop!' But it's just the same, except they are now coming to us and we are melting to each other, we cannot change it, even if we want to change it, they are coming in boats loads, so we have to integrate."

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Above: St. Michael’s Yew Tree in Wales, UK.

Crop Circles in England

I met a girl the other day, who said that people in Holland seem to be talking about energy all the time, and where she comes from in Norway, people don't really talk about energy. What do you mean by it? "Everybody has energy points in there body, meridians. We have a lot of energy lines that go through our body and so does the Earth. In nature when you are walking through the woods you can see this. Yesterday we did a walk for 15 km...� 15 km???? "Hahaha... yes it was just for exercise" explains the 70 year old Reiki Master. "When you see a tree on an energy line, you have not one tree, but from this same place are coming several trees. Churches used to always be built on energy points and the same is true of Stonehenge and Avebury Rings in England". [I suddenly remember when I had a route canal filling. It was really painful and was very complicated because I have five roots instead of the normal three.] "I didn't believe about the Crop Circles. We had read stories in the newspapers, talking about how it was just a hoax to increase tourism in England. But then one day we came across one and went for a closer inspection. 'We thought how do they do it, hahahaha?" Richard comically interjects: "Can we copy it?" and everyone laughs. 'We both sat in the middle and meditated for about 30 minutes. Then we went and had dinner and then went home. It was incredible, we were so full of energy, we couldn't sleep for hours and hours.' Again the laughter erupts like sparks through the space in 'de Centrum'.

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72 hours

2012 and the Mayan Calendar OK, I wanted to talk to you about your interest in the Mayan Calendar and 2012, as this is a very hot topic at the moment. There are a lot of stories, some people think the world will be destroyed and others say it will be a new beginning. So what do you think? "I think that something special will happen in the Universe. The Sun and Earth in our Solar System will align and the earth will experience 72 hours of darkness, which will seem impossible to some. And maybe, we might also experience a Polar Shift". 72 hours of darkness? "Yes, the planets are aligning and the sun will be blocked out completely." So what's 2012 all about? "It's about forming a new consciousness, a new way of thinking. It's a transformation". When did this start? "Well in June 1997, 400 Shaman met in the Amazon for a meeting to send a message out into the world that was recorded in a film called 'The Year Zero'. In the documentary, they interviewed two real sjayamnes, Don Cirilo and Don Julian; you know the ones with only half a tooth! They told a lot about the calendar and the inscriptions on the temples. They predicted the financial crisis way back then, so the people that were aware of this knowledge where not shocked. We just accepted it." Do you think the Mayans where given privileged information from aliens? "I think that in earlier times they had a different connection with the Universe. They were people from nature and they had a different connection with nature." [This suddenly reminded me of the film Avatar and the Na'vi]

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Have you heard of Planet X? Will it destroy the Earth? The Planet is called Niburu and comes around on a 3,650 year cycle. It will pass around the Earth and then leave us. But as it comes closer, we will feel its affect. Much like the effect of a full moon on our oceans. I think it is already having an influence on our planet with the Tsunamis and earthquakes. But I really don't believe that it will destroy the planet. Other people think it will bring us in contact with outside forces". Why is Niburu coming? "All planets have a meaning. Niburu means 'Openness'. This planet is coming because we need more signals before everybody knows that "I have to transform myself. It's not only my neighbour, it's me too! When this planet comes everybody will see the Light". What do you mean? "All the financial failures, corruptions, etc, are all coming to the surfaces. 50 years ago everyone could do what they wanted and get away with it. Nowadays, everything comes out in the open. So until this planet comes, maybe we will have some heavy years." Do you think that what is happening will make people become aware, that they are living in a co-created reality? "Absolutely. More and more people are transforming in Holland every week and month. That is why we have more spiritual festivals and magazines than ever before in the last 20 years. Everyone knows that we cannot go on like this any more". "Everyday, worldwide, thousands of people are killed in traffic accidents, but noone speaks about it. When I was a child I was in a Catholic family, I stood outside church on Sunday's collecting money for Africa. And today, we are still collecting money for Africa". "Last year the United Nations reported that it only needs $70 billion to makes Africa wealthy and healthy. America has already spent $700 billion for the recovery of the banks. The question is 'do we want to make the world a better place? Or not?" I shake him by the hand and thank him. Joop drops us off at the local railway station. We cross over the tracks and purchase our tickets. As we turn around he is waving us goodbye and points to the distance. We see the train arriving. Perfect timing. His last words were

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A sense of wonder for the cosmos and striving to understand our connection with it is super and natural. But don’t call it supernatural argues Adrian Tippetts. There was a story of Francis Collins, the famous geneticist involved in the genome project, who was on an expedition one day. He was stunned by a frozen waterfall, and went down on his knees in awe. I would be perfectly happy to do the same up until this point. But then the famed geneticist ruined his experience, by accepting Jesus Christ as a result of this breathtaking scene. It is a non-sequitur to suppose that Christ was in any way responsible for creating the feature. It is part of human nature to jump to conclusions and find reasons when there were none. Such reflexes may well have offered our ape ancestors a survival advantage. Ninety-nine times out of a hundred, a shadow, for instance, may have a harmless explanation – a swaying branch for instance. Nothing is lost in taking flight after a false alarm. But failing to heed the danger when the shadow turns out to be a predator can be fatal. Over many generations, non-superstitious, rational mammals that waited for evidence before fleeing would have been selected out of the gene pool. There are a few problems I can think of when one attributes the wondrous to divine intervention of some kind. First, it falsely presents the natural world as a fairytale ‘beauty contest’. The reality is, we live on an unstable, cooling planet, prone to earthquakes, hurricanes and volcano eruptions. For all other species, life is a fight to the death. If you’re going to credit the beauty to some intelligent being, then you must also offer thanks for the brutality of nature, too – the tsunami, the Ebola virus, for instance. Secondly, it encourages wishful thinking and solipsism, the idea that the stars were arranged with us in mind. If so, then the creator’s laziness, cruelty or ineptitude must concern us. Think of the trillions of collapsed stars and failed galaxies: in that emptiness, here we are on the outer suburbs of the Milky Way, in a mostly uninhabitable solar system. Much of our planet is either too hot or too cold for life, and ninety-nine percent of all life that ever was has gone extinct. In a couple of billion years from now, Earth will collide with the Andromeda galaxy. Who made that happen? An apprentice designer, who clearly got fired in the first round, is my guess!

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A third problem is that supernatural explanations for our existence make us satisfied with simple answers to life’s mysteries. It discourages us to roll our sleeves up and get to work finding the real answers. And fourthly, it encourages us to believe without evidence. This is fine if you believe in a benign force, as no-one is harmed. But need we be reminded of the dangers that lie in dogmas such as 72 virgins in paradise, or a belief that condoms are against God’s will?

72 Virgins

Sure, science hasn’t answered everything, yet at least. We do not know, and maybe we cannot know, the origin of the first life, or the first cause of the universe. But just because we do not know, does not mean any other means of seeking truth can tell us instead. To attribute the cosmos to an intelligent agent simply pushes an unresolved question one stage further back. Whoever created the universe must have been extremely complex. Evolution tells us that complex beings are statistically improbable and only arrive late on in the universe. That being, too, needs the same explanation. If a mighty force could have existed forever, could not the same be said for a DNA molecule? The honest atheist accepts this situation to be unresolved, proposing not that there is no god, but that there is no reason to believe a god exists (an agnostic would say it’s about 50-50). The universe with its laws of physics works just fine as it is, without any guidance. If you feel I’ve spoilt your fun, you are in distinguished company. The poet John Keats lamented that by removing mysteries, science leaves us with a cold, uncaring universe, in his 1819 work ‘Lamia’: 'Do not all charms fly At the mere touch of cold philosophy? There was an awful rainbow once in heaven: We know her woof, her texture; she is given In the dull catalogue of common things. Philosophy will clip an Angel's wings, Conquer all mysteries by rule and line, Empty the haunted air, and gnomed mine – Unweave a rainbow, as it erewhile made The tender-person'd Lamia melt into a shade. Yet there is so much to satisfy the appetite for wonder from the natural world alone. Go into the countryside and study the stars one clear light. It should send shivers down your spine to think that photons of light, which started their journey perhaps thousands of years ago, before civilisation on this planet began, are finally being caught by your retina, making their final destination. Look at the images from the Hubble telescope, processing images of stars so distant, they provide clues to what happened at the dawn of time itself.

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Perhaps the most awe-inspiring artefact on our planet is a page in a pocket sketchbook from about 1837, currently exhibited at London’s Natural History Museum. ‘I think....’ is scribbled at the top of the page. And underneath, a few interconnected branches, marked, ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’, D’. These were the musings of Charles Darwin, shortly after returning from his voyage around the world, wondering if all life might be related. Maybe for the first time, the universe had evolved, from nothing, to chaos, to order, to life, eventually spawning a mind powerful enough to work out how it created itself? And how many human alphabets have come and gone in the past 40 centuries or so? The 64 ‘word’ genetic alphabet – a combination of the four DNA acids that are used spell out the code for all life on the planet – has remained unchanged in 40 million centuries. We are privileged to be human, and to be living in the age we do. The realisation that the present life is he only life we will enjoy, and that we got here by extreme good luck, has moral consequences. We are much more likely to be dead than alive. The universe is perhaps 140 million centuries old, and in about another 50 million centuries our dying sun will expand and swallow our planet. Of all the centuries, the spotlight of life shines on ours, now. Richard Dawkins compares the chances of our century being in the spotlight to the probability of an ant being hit by a penny somewhere on a journey from San Francisco to New York. We should do our utmost to discover as much as we can about the universe while we have the chance, and moreover, protect our planet for those who come after us. A realisation that life is precious confers the obligation to prevent harm to others. And if we are indeed alone on the planet, there will always be the things that make life enjoyable, be it solidarity, love, art, irony, humour, discovery. Isn’t that enough? Frankly, it pleases me to think there is no eternal, unalterable, unchallengeable dictatorial parent in the sky, ready to condemn me to eternal hell for thought crime, at any given moment. Science humbles us and makes us aware of our vulnerability in a way no other discipline can. No species has any god-given right to exist; only a handful have lasted more than a couple of million years. With militant faith on the march globally, we may be lucky to survive the next century. Apocalyptic weaponry mixed with messianic prophecy is a lethal combination. One day, we will have to leave the planet, and seek a new cosmic home. Even before our oceans boil away, it’s only a matter of time before our ‘pale blue dot’ takes another hit from a meteorite or a super volcano eruption. When that time comes science alone will be able to offer our species any chance of salvation. See the cosmos as it is, not as we how want it to be. There’s enough magic in the stars and the natural world as it is!

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For the Queen The beauty that is within, gives you the helping hand, to reach for your dreams from this point everything blossoms


Love of Ages It's been so long, I've been thinking about you for ages, What happened to you? I let you go, you and I are the One, We are the Soul, That makes us Whole.

Co-Created by Richard T. Voller (Feb 2010)

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Mint Tea I was running late yet again for an interview, I couldn't find my keys and the meeting was only 5 minutes around the corner in Cafe Tuin. Teresa Meriläinen who has recently setup her own business, T of Life, had just sent a message. She was already there and waiting. Suddenly I saw my keys on the dinning room table right in front of me. When I arrived, she was sitting outside in the sun drinking a cup of mint tea, that I thought was quite amusing as she is the 'T of Life'. We briefly chatted outside, before carrying on the interview inside. I wanted to understand why she had decided to follow her dream and what she wanted to manifest in the world? Teresa: "It's about following what your Soul is telling you. I've had a calling all my life and have been on a journey of various experiences learning and growing to get to this point. To the outsider there is no logic to my experience, but to me it all makes sense." "The T of Life name comes from the “tree of life” idea known from science, philosophy and mythology: A many-branched tree illustrates the interconnectedness of all life. This idea invites us to connect to the unlimited resources inside. We have resources beyond our dreams within us as well as collectively."

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So what do are you meant to be doing? "Well, I use knowledge from the world of business communications where I worked many years in PR, marketing, campaigning, politics and journalism - with the creative, imaginative world of theatrical communications. I believe creative approach brings deeper learning than not do and don’ts. We can learn from performers and actors: they learn to use themselves comprehensively, they love performing, and we love watching them. But this is not exclusive birthright just for artists! We can all learn to use our body, energy, emotion and imagination to improve our communication performance and make it our own, It is too important for our happiness to just survive moments when in fact we have an opportunity to shine and be understood. In professional and private life we often perform but don’t feel satisfied or effective, and certainly not enjoying the experience. My goal is change this for my clients! But many people feel they are not creative, how do you overcome this? "People tend to have fears, self-doubt, and negative thoughts about ourselves that block them. If you never really got to explore and experience what you can do, you lack confidence. You need to discover yourself, accept a lot and relax to have fun with the qualities you have been given. Then you can actually start connecting. If we are busy with negative thoughts about ourselves in the moment we perform we surely don’t connect. I help people to discover that they are an instrument they can learn to play well: to use their body, energy, imagination and unique qualities they have. The aim is to become more You when you communicate." So in a sense you are inspiring people to become more ethical with there communications? "Yes, to be more yourself essentially. Then you look for a way to own what you are saying, to find a connection with your message that truly matters to you. That way you will express more passion and power and become more believable. No matter what your content is, even if it is a speech at the wedding”. From your experience, why are people frightened of open communications? "They are frightened of being embarrassed, showing themselves outside the range they are used to, even if this range is not making them happy. When you haven't explored your qualities, it is scary to open up. We all have issues and fears but the more we work on them, the better things get and the better we can communicate with others." You said you have been studying Kabbalah for 4 years, what has this taught you? "It's taught me to take responsibility of my reality and the importance of sharing. You are meant to go against your natural tendencies and reach out of comfort zone in many ways in order to transform. It's taught me to overcome fears and to evolve, and have certainty that life actually make sense and is not random,”

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So what have you had to overcome, to sacrifice to live your dream? "I have learned that the security of a 9-5 job is just an illusion of safety; safe identity, safe status and a secure income. I had periods of happiness, like when I worked for Greenpeace, the social life was fun and the organization has a wonderful mission I was proud to promote full-time. But what you are meant to do in life changes as we develop. I think it is important to realize that and not expect to be stuck or comfortable if you want to experience fulfilment and grow." Some how the conversation skips to reincarnation and I am intrigued to find out if Teresa believes in it? "Yes, I do. We come back, again and again having specific lessons we need to learn. [She places her hands on the crown of her head] Being open to spirituality in general helps us to accomplish this purpose maybe a little less painfully. A lot of guidance is available. We can be like an open bottle: pull out the cork but be smart on how to handle the inflow!" [Again the conversation skips a beat]

What effect has love had on you? Teresa seems suddenly shocked by this question, not sure whether to answer or not. "I once wrote a play called 'Liquid Love' that expressed how people try to control the aspects of love thinking perfection would eventually lead to love. But love is actually accepting the imperfections in someone. In love I have experienced most pain and happiness." "A relationship takes a lot of commitment, patience, tolerance and a high level of respect for it to work. I think you both have to be on the same level and welcome if you are challenged lovingly in a relationship like in nowhere else! And there is also the love of Oneness [Teresa forms the shape of a globe with her hands]. We can easily love people in our immediate surroundings; our children, our partner and our parents as this is in a way an extension of us. But we also need to go beyond this circle and give love beyond our comfort zone, that is sometimes challenging, even painful and goes beyond our nature. By the way, in Kabbalah teaches that the numerical value of love and one is the same. This means that love – real love - actually means oneness, that we are all one." [I feel like both student and teacher with Teresa and am intrigued to find out how else she can enlighten me. So I ask a burning question about the Mayan Calendar and 2012. I explain that according to the Mayans, in 2012 we will all become aware of being aware that we are co-creating this reality].

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Reading the Signs What does 'Universal Co-Creation' mean to you? "Currently we are often unaware of our cause and effect because of time. It's takes time for us to experience the actions that we have sent out into the world. Once we become aware of our active role in co-creation, then we will instantly experience and see the effects of our negative and positive reactions. Currently it takes time for our actions to manifest. A lot of the negative is caused by the illusion that our actions, good or bad, don’t matter. Having certainty that the universe works perfectly motivates us to do more good." "That's interesting because if the calendar ends, then there is no time and place any more. Everything will happen instantly", I replied. [Once again our conversation skips, seeming to take a mind of its own, without any clear structure]. What star sign are you? "Leo... There are 12 signs of the zodiac but according to Kabbalistic astrology we don’t have to be dictated by these influences, meaning the influence of the ego. We need to aim to overcome them. Then we are in a higher state of consciousness. That is why also number 13 means going above the 12, so it is a positive number in Kabbalah, and it is also the number of love and oneness. " On this fascinating point we end the interview, pay the bill and walk out into the light of day. As we pass through the doorway, I looked up, noticing with bewilderment before expressing to Teresa, that the number on the door is number 13.

The T of Life:

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Love Life House4Love Only a few days before Q2 issue was ready for global release, I had a much unexpected communion on FaceBook from a South Africa man, who was a friend of a good friend. He wanted my help; although I wasn’t quite sure how I could help him, but in any case, I answered his call and we arranged to have a fresh Cappuccino at the Café Luxembourg. We spoke together for an hour, although it felt like a full day; so much information and energy was packed into such a brief encounter. Neville Keith Matroos is an inspiring human being; he is full of love and compassion for humankind. This man is determined that love will conquer fear in our lifetimes. And being in his presence, holding his hand, laughing and seeing the tears rolling down his face, made me feel certain that through him, our vision is achievable. “Time is life. It is irreversible and irreplaceable. To waste your time is to waste your life, but to master your time is to master your life and make the most of it”.  Alan Lakein Neville and his partner Marcel Stoof, have co-created House4 Love. The above quote is from there social responsibility guideline and every time I read it, it makes more sense to me. So what is the House4Love? The House4Love is an organisation that raises awareness of self-growth, health, socio-economical and environmental issues. It aims to develop a global consciousness to accept all cultures. But what makes it really stand out from the crowd? Both Neville and Marcel understand our divine nature as human beings. When we understand that we are Supreme human beings, then we get closer to knowing that through our love we can inspire diverse communities to feel empowered and engage with each other, recognising new, positive identities with great pride and joy because it helps us to transform what we know about ourselves in our lives. The latest creation from the House4Love is called Project Atlantis. Through this initiative, the House4Love want to bridge the gap between the Netherlands and South Africa, and will be kick starting the project with a benefits community event to be held in Amsterdam, Ruigoord, later this year. In 2012, the House4Love will be bringing an immense amount of positive energy together in Cape Town for Project Atlantis. This international community project is vast; it’s worldwide and gathering momentum all the time. I suppose that’s what comes from being the master of your time. For more information on House4Love please email:

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News in Brief for Q2 2010 Pick up your issue of BondingXperience!

On Saturday 20th,March Carsten Lumière Sasse, our inhouse professional photographer and videographer swapped his lenses for his dancing shoes and white socks. Carsten took part in the worldwide auditions for ‘Move it Like Michael Jackson’ in the Netherlands. And was supported by his spiritual sister Evita Belegri and brother Richard Voller; it’s all about enjoying the experience!

BondingXperience is now available through Issuu’s mobile phone technology, meaning that you can literary pick it up and read it anywhere you want to.

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BondingXperience, Issue 2, 2010  

In this our second issue of BondingXperience, the theme was ‘Helping Hands’. In this issue, we talked with: • Mr Paul Arkright , The British...

BondingXperience, Issue 2, 2010  

In this our second issue of BondingXperience, the theme was ‘Helping Hands’. In this issue, we talked with: • Mr Paul Arkright , The British...