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BondingXperience Free Lifestyle e-Magazine for Angels – Issue 9 comes into Being – Carina Korfeind and Linda Kersten

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The Summer of Love issue PLUS: Coco Bliss (Blissology), Cindy Ritmeester (Living & working in Ibiza), Sophia Husbands (Awake), Maryam Tarami (Actress), learn about the 528 Hz frequency, Touch & Play events, and much more. 


Dear Angels,
 In 2012, I have been going through a tremendous transformation! And now feel fully integrated into the new 5D Reality. We kick-started the ‘Summer of Love’ (S.O.L. which is pronounced Soul) at the Healing Ibiza Day on May 6th 2012, just after the World Liberation Day. I was delighted when Carina Kornfeind asked Nikos Akrivos and I, to be involved in her new online radio station and Movement called, with our ‘Touch and Play’ concept. In 2012, the radio station is working on developing new software for converting all recorded music 
 to the 432 Hz frequency and is also working with a Dutch University in Amsterdam on testing chakras and frequencies; the results will be the first scientific proof available in the 21st century to show that there is a connection. And is also the first radio station in the world to bring all artists together under one roof, who are working with the frequencies in their music. Nikos and I are very proud to be part of the ‘family’, and we have an exclusive interview with Carina and Linda to shed more light on the matter. In this issue we also speak with Ann Randup Algreen-Ussing, owner of, who is living in Ibiza and has setup an ingenious business that supports Practitioners of alternative medicines whilst also giving people the support network they require to lead a fulfilled and happy life. And we have an exclusive interview with Founders of Race-Minded Coaching, Peggy Jung and Christopher G Schöfisch, who educate us about a more efficient and effective method for Mindfulness coaching. Plus fabulous stories from Cindy Ritmeester and Coco Bliss, who live in Amsterdam and spend time in Ibiza giving healing workshops. I had a very enlightening interview with a dear friend, Mistress Kalyss Mercury who lives in Australia. Before the rumours start, no I have never used her services as a Mistress, only as an interviewee!! Anyway, I dared to ask the question that if so much love is pouring into the world, then is the current ‘default’ monogamous relationship the only version that can work for the masses or is there an alternative lifestyle which is more natural? Checkout this amazing interview to find out more. The ‘Summer of Love’ vibes are flooding planet Earth now with awesome energies. On the Summer Solstice, 21st June 2012, DJ Nikos Akrivos will be supporting by playing 528 Hz (DNA Healing) techno vibes to 30,000 people in Algeria at the ‘'La Fête de La Musique'. Remember folks, when it rains, it’s just nature calling. It’s got to get a whole lot wetter before it can get much hotter! So that just leaves me to say, have a wonderful ‘Summer of Love’ and come join our ‘Touch and Play’ movement on FaceBook: 
 Kisses and Hugs, Richart Llover Editor/Interviewer/Designer/Copywriter (in other words – Multidimensional Being)




Dear Angels – Message from Richart Llover

Xclusive Interviews 7

The Natural Frequency comes into being with Exclusive interview with Carina Kornfeind and Linda Kersten To Be Present is the Best Treat:


Exclusive interview with Founder, Ann Randup Algreen-Ussing Human Race: Time For a New Approach to Mindful Coaching:


Exclusive interview with Co-Founders Peggy Jung and Christopher G Schöfisch

Xperience 29 Living & Working in Ibiza – Cindy Ritmeester (NL) 33 The Art of Blissology – with Coco Bliss (NL) 58 Awake – Sophia Husbands, Director of Pro-Active Vision Training (UK) 41 Poetry – urban street poet, Ninjedi Phil from (USA)

Xsighted 43 60

More Than Just Screwing Around, Could This be Real Love: Exclusive with Kalyss Mercury (AU). Lights, Camera, Action Exclusive interview with actress Maryam Tamari (NL)


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The Energy Painter – (May) Gives from his heart for charity at Healing Ibiza Day.


Touch & Play – (May) Pentecost in the Vondel Park (Amsterdam)


Touch & Play – (June) performance at the Cue Bar (Rembrandts Square, Amsterdam)




Gem Stones – Amethyst


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Film Reviews – Living Matrix and Pyramid Code


DNA Healing 528 Hz – Learn more about this DNA Healing frequency


Totem – The Turtle

 Editor: Richart Llover Designer: Richart Llover Interviewer: Richart Llover Photography includes professional works by: Cat Milton Annemarieke Moes Carsten “Lumière” Sassse Len Metcalf Publishers: TurtleGum Resource support from de TodenIbiza


The Turtle Totem Message: Turtle is the oldest symbol for the Earth. It is the personification of goddess energy and the eternal Earth itself. If you have a Turtle totem, you must be mindful of returning to the Earth what she has given you. Honor the creative source within you. Use water and earth energies to create a harmonious flow in your life. Ask the Earth for assistance and her riches will pour forth. If a Turtle totem shows up in your life, slow down the pace of your life. Bigger, stronger, faster are not always the best ways to reach your goals. Turtle is fine teacher of the art of grounding. When you learn to ground yourself to Earth's power and strength, you place focus on your thoughts and actions and use the Earth's limitless energies rather than your own to accomplish your will. Turtle is the keeper of doors and one of the ways into the Faerie Realm.


TOUCH AND PLAY radio show Every 2nd Sunday of month on


 Exclusive interview with Carina Kornfeind and Linda Kersten In February 2012, Nikos and I, had developed the concept of ‘Touch and Play’ and where looking at ways of promoting it in Amsterdam and around the world. I got in contact with Jasha van der Wel and asked if she knew of anyone who could help? She then put us in touch with Carina Kornfeind at, which was a new independent radio station due to be launch in the Netherlands. One thing seemed to lead to another and we were definitely in the flow with like-minded spirited people, all with the same mission and Soul Purpose. And before I knew it, I was sitting in their office doing this exclusive interview for , with Linda Kersten (working at Nachtlab) and Carina Kornfeind (founder of This is their story of how came into existence. So here is your chance to learn more about the concept, it’s vision and the positive impact it is having on humanity.


THE INTERVIEW Richart: What is the big concept behind


Carina: “The first week was really brainstorming and it all came down to the conclusion that we need a bigger story behind it, and not just a good name. I believe in spirituality, in humanconsciousness, that music had a different value in ancient times; by healing people and chanting, and that we lost this. That was the moment we discovered the natural frequency scale: the 432 Hz scale.” Richart: So did the whole spiritual, conscious-minded idea of a radio station come from you Carina? Carina: “Yes, I thought that if we had the chance to create something then there must be a bigger meaning behind it.” “So 432 is the count down, which is fun. And people who know about the frequency or are starting to dig into it, will start to realize what it is about, as well as the chakras and the chakra frequencies.” Richart: I think this is interesting because there is a popular growth, especially on the Internet of people who are conscious-minded and spirituality aware. And I think this is the first radio station that has manifested something that caters for this group of people. Carina: “Yes, I think we are the first ones, especially in the electronic music industry.” “The good thing about electronic music is that you have the possibility to produce and convert to the 432 Hz frequency scale, whereas with classical music it isn’t possible yet, because most instruments are tuned on 440 Hz.” Richart: So is this something to do with

awareness in the industry? Linda: “A little.” Carina: “Well as you say, it’s all about things coming together. Just like how you meet and interview people, that I used to work with like, like Dirk Dekker, the cofounder of Being Development. It’s hard to explain, but it’s all connected.” Richart: Yes, we are in another stage of enlightenment and consciousness is rising. People are becoming more aware about these things and it is now at the point with humanity where it has to move into action for things to happen. So therefore, I see that with electronic music, if the frequencies are changed to 432 Hz or 528 Hz, it can have a very positive impact on humanity. Carina: “Yes, healing.” Richart: Yes, so with you have the opportunity to have a very positive impact on humanity. So is this part of your mission? Carina: “I personally believe that natural frequency scale has a positive impact on human consciousness or on several chakras as, for example with the heart chakra you and Nikos are working with. It is not scientifically proven yet in the 21st Century, but I believe in it because all ancient instruments like the crystal balls, the OM, the Mantra, the harps of Egypt, the Mayas with their instruments, they were all tuned on 432 Hz scale for a certain reason….” Richart: reason!






Carina: “Yes, so I believe it is having a positive impact on the audience. I think that it’s best for people just to experience it themselves and make their own conclusions.” “There are several producers who are already working with 432 Hz, like ‘True Identity’, who has been into this for years. He is also based at the Nachtlab and many of his productions are running on the radio. He is also working on a frequency shifter that we can run all the tracks through before they go live and convert them to 432 Hz without individual artist having to do the conversion.” Richart: This is quite amazing because you need to create software for your system that is not even out there! Carina: “Yes, exactly. Leo from ‘True Identity’ is super open and sharing and we do the things out of the same passion and feeling. He also believes that once this has been developed, it should be free for everyone.” Richart: Why free for everyone? Carina: “Because with this software we could re-tune any kind of music, digital or analogue as soon as it is recorded.” “I met Leo at the Nachtlab and two Producers who call themselves “Syncretic” who are also producing on 432 Hz scale and for example they are using the ultra sound from whales and dolphins which are also in the natural scale. They are sounds which are purely from nature and they are using them in their music productions.” “So instead of digitally manipulated synthesizers, they are using more prerecorded sounds from nature that are already tuned to the right frequency scale.”

more or less everything that has to do with electronic music from organizing events and music to these guys who are working with the frequencies.” “It was setup by our colleague and friend Bas Engels. It was his idea to bring all these people together so that they can inspire each other.” Linda: “For many artists it is very expensive to rent an office space or music space. And if you are outside of the city centre, then it is not that easy to get connected with the same people who are working on the same things.” “It is only for people who are related to the local night culture. So we are bringing all these people with different specializations together who are working on the same things, and its like 1 and 1 is 3!” Richart: When did you start their Linda? Linda: “Since day one with about 10 parties. Now we have 30 and more on the waiting list, so we are looking for a new location. There is such potential in it because it makes life so much easier. For example, I am a Producer and I have made a track and then I want to bring it out on a Label, but I don’t have a Label. So I will go to my neighbour and knock on his door and say, ‘I have this track, do you want to release my track?” “So I have this track and I want to make a cover for it, but I can’t design, so I go to the other neighbour and ask if you can make a cover for my track and I put it on my website. And so it goes on.” Richart: So interconnected




Carina: “Yes, it is getting there. The group of people are getting closer.”

Richart: What is Nachtlab? Carina: “Nachtlab are creative labs with over 30 creative parties, DJ’s and Producers who have their studios there; Sound Designers, Web Designers, Graphic Designers, Event Producers…

Linda: “Yes, the guys that we were talking about were in this building for some time, but they never met. And it was from this one day, after we met you at the Nachtclub, that things started to connect!”


Richart: Well they do say that in 2012, it is also about the balancing of male and female energy. And more feminine energy is coming into the world and bringing in the balancing. Linda: “Yes, I guess also in this scene. It is a pretty manly scene!” Richart: And men are less focused on going out and communicating. Carina: “Yes, they want to do there own thing.” Linda: “I think that also women are more open to this.” Richart: Yes, and it is the natural frequency! Carina: “Yes! It must work!” Richart: How do you see growing it’s audience in the next few years? Carina: “Well Facebook and event activations are the most powerful tools for us.”

Carina: “Yes, without people noticing!” (Big laugh!) “Personally I also believe that if we keep the concept clean and pure for what it is, people will find it. I believe in this energy exchange.” Richart: I believe that that is an important point. If you really believe what you are talking about, then you understand that you are talking about frequencies. So when everyone is on the right frequency they are going to tune-in and find it! Richart: So you are going to do events for Carina: “Well we are now thinking about hosting a stage where all the artists would play 432 Hz tuned music and we have a live broadcast from the stage on the radio.” Linda: “I think what would be nice about having events, is that people might see the logo and think of, but when they actually get to hear the music live they like the experience because of the frequency, although they are unaware of the reason why.”

Linda: “Meaning running to the city and putting stickers everywhere!”


“That would be awesome! If they don’t know that the frequency is there, but they feel the difference.” Richart: Is that socially responsible? It could sound like you are testing on humans. Carina: “It’s not testing, we are just playing music. It’s been existing for years.” Richart: OK, you are just reintroducing an old frequency. It makes me think why was the frequency changed in any case. Do you know? Carina: “Well it is all about the international standard of how the musical instruments are tuned when sold on a large scale through mass production. So I believe it was in the 18th Century when this whole production of musical instruments became more globalized” “The explanation was that Mozart and Beethoven obviously produced on 432 Hz, that’s why there music has such a big impact. Although there is still no proven fact of this, I feel the difference.” “So some people in authority decided at that time that it was nice what Mozart and Beethoven did, but they thought that 440 Hz sounded nicer than 432 Hz. And because they were the biggest manufacturer of musical instruments at the time, they set the standard to 440 Hz.” Richart: And this is to do with the lower vibrations and the higher vibrations? Carina: “Yes. This has to do with the whole frequency scale. So none of the notes in 440 Hz are feeding the natural frequency scale. Richart: Does the 432 Hz frequencies raise your natural feeling of love? Carina: “Every frequency is working on a different energy point in the body. So within the natural scale, every frequency is working on a different chakra. The 432 frequency works on the crown chakra and

then you go down to the heart chakra and down, down, down to the Root Chakra.” “There is a group of scientists who are now working on testing this on a group of people. We are happy to hear this that it is no longer in the niche of crazy doctors and musicians! This is really now being worked on, on a large and on a more open level.” “We hope to get a result in six weeks. And they are not only testing frequencies, but also colours. So every frequency has a colour going with it. So for example with 432 Hz the Crown Chakra is dark purple/transparent, and they are testing on people to see what part of the brain and body is activated more if you listen to 432 Hz and look at purple.” “We can’t wait to see the results because this will be the first credible proof that we can share with the world that the frequencies have an influence on human consciousness.” Richart: It was funny because I was recently watching a film called the ‘Living Matrix’ and scientists and researchers are talking about how there is this matrix that we connect into to access our memories and other information from, rather than them being stored in our brains. So if you raise the frequency with 30,000 people you might get people tapping into this matrix and then people are going to download information from it.” Carina: “Yes, accessing the matrix as a form of sound healing.” Richart: So should you be educating the people about 432 Hz? Carina: “Well this is the first time in my life that I am meeting people with totally different backgrounds, that are busy with totally different things via this theme, that are not related to me whatsoever.” Richart: But they are. Carina: “Yes, but not in terms of education. Like on the plane, I was talking to an 80-


year-old woman who was busy with these things for years and years. And now I am in contact with her because of this. Richart: Now what comes into my mind is why do you think you are leading this project? There is obviously something far deeper to it? It’s more than just seeing an opportunity because there was a budget there. Carina: “Never saw it like that. Well I feel I am supposed to be part of bringing this new movement out there to the world. Richart: Yes, because we are going through a transition phase in human evolution, which has to be handled very carefully. Linda: “I feel she is leading this because she has it all! She is a woman and she has the love for electronic music, she has the consciousness, and the spirituality. It all interlinks.” Carina: “And without you Linda, I wouldn’t be able to do this. It’s the team at Nachtlab, again it was the two days after we met you, Richart, that everything came together. And Linda had the stickers all over the place without even meeting me. We just had a very powerful connection and knew we were going to work together. Linda is now the Chief Content Manager for all the radio shows and is also very technical. So Linda has a great feeling about music and every set that runs on the radio has to go through her approval before it is aired. Linda carefully listens to it and if she says your set was amazing…” Linda: “Your set was AMAZING!” Carina: “… so Linda is listening to all of the sets and she is really strict. She has to be because we need a precise controlling track-by-track. So I am very happy to have Linda onboard.” “Our feeling for music and taste is very intuitive and almost the same.” Linda: “And on more levels we are very much the same.”

Richart: That is a funny coincidence. Carina: “Yes. So everything we do for the radio is about feeling. And then you come in and you bring Nikos and Nikos knows our friend Mehdi. It’s just like the family is coming together and it feels so right.” “The further we go, the more proof we have that we are doing the right thing. We get messages from Peru or Jamaica, ‘Saying keep up with your music! Good show’ … then we know we are still on the right track! Literally!” [Big laugh!] Richart: It’s also funny because you are two women running this show, which is also quite rare, isn’t it? Carina: “Yes, especially in the music scene!” Linda: “Yes, totally rare.” Carina: “Yes, I never thought of that! I like it! Richart: And with what I was saying earlier about the balancing of female energy coming into the world, it is all starting to make more sense. You are leading this movement with the 432 Hz frequency and Divine Feminine energy to bring more balance into the world, see the bigger picture? Carina: “Yep.” Linda: “Ja” Carina: “Well, we didn’t see it like this, but it makes total sense! And you are probably right. That’s why it is working. We are just doing it and not questioning anything.” Richart: Where do you see going in the next few years? What is the vision? Carina: “The vision is to expand to a bigger group of artists. We want our audience just to be able to listen to the music and have fun! It is as simple as that!”


Linda: “You don’t have to be a scientist to understand 432 Hz, because I don’t understand this all. Just good music is key.”

the end, the world is full of love and will be healing itself.”

Carina: “If people are interested in 432 Hz, then we can make them more aware. For people who are involved in the project, like you and Nikos, we are the first group of artists in the world who are all-aware of the frequencies and are working with them. And that is what we are proud of!”

Richart: Beautiful! Thank you Angels!

“As Linda says ‘All is Love”.

Richart: So when the events happen one day, it will have a big impact! Carina: “Yes, and we have to make sure that we do them right and it is perfect!” Linda: “Yes, I feel we should wear jump suits!” Richart: Yes!

The Energy Painter, touches Peter Taams with art at the Chakra Party in the Netherlands.

Carina: “And then you should paint the heart chakra energy onto us!” Linda: “Wow! Fantastic!” Richart: Brilliant idea!!! Let’s make it happen! OK. Last question to round off this amazing interview, what does love mean to you both? Linda: “I guess ALL…. Love is ALL [she starts singing] Carina: “Interesting. No one has asked me that in a few years and obviously my perception of love has totally changed!” “I was a bit critical with the whole meaning of the world, why are we here? Why is all of this here? Searching for things.” “Then I had this funny information that crossed my mind, which was the finding out that everything that was happening in this moment was happening for the good. And although I knew theoretically that things happen for a reason, I knew that in

 As part of the Summer of Love (S.O.L.), DJ Nikos Akrivos, will be performing live in front of 30,000 people at 'La Fête de La Musique' open-air festival in Algeria on the Summer Solstice (21st June 2012). DJ Nikos works with Reiki and tunes his music to the 528 Hz (DNA Healing frequency). He is one of the first DJ's in the world to be playing live to a crowd of 30,000 people and raising their love vibration through the natural frequencies within his music.



 Original hand-painted by Richart Llover Now available as a limited edition canvas print: 100 cm x 100 cm - €199 150 cm x 150 cm - €269 If you are living outside of the Netherlands, the canvases will be sent to you on a roll: 100 cm x 100 cm - €169 150 cm x 150 cm - €249 (Price excludes postage and packing)

Each painting has a special certificate that is signed and sealed with the Llover family crest. 


 In May 2012, I was present at the Healing Ibiza Day on the island. As I was setting up my stand for promoting my Heart Chakra Painting work, I had the good fortune of being introduced to Ann Randrup Algreen-Ussing, who is the Founder of Ann is an extraordinary business woman and mother from Denmark, who has been living on the island of Ibiza for five years and has setup a company to support Practitioners of alternative medicines whilst also giving people the support network they require to lead a fulfilled and happy life. 


In this exclusive interview for
we learn more about her Soul Mission, her vision and her life transforming experiences, which are now inspiring many others all over the world. 


Ann: “In Denmark where I come from I feel very fortunate to have this whole circle of practitioners around me. It’s a wonderful network of people who can support me with every aspect of my being. Basically if I have any aspect that is out of balance, I have found great people over the years who can support me in my personal growth and in healing.” “But then I was travelling a lot and also I became pregnant which gave me some new challenges that I hadn’t found people for. I have realized it is so important for me, that once I have found that person who can help me, that I keep connected to them.” “For instance, when I was pregnant, I had an instable pelvis which meant that I couldn’t walk. And there is actually this natural Doctor here on the island of Ibiza, who treated me and after that I was pain free through the rest of pregnancy!” “These things are so important. When I find the right person, it is like getting my life back, my freedom! So I just wish that for everybody; to be able to find exactly what they wish for.”


Richart: So what’s your perspective on alternative healing?

treatment and find the good people in this alternative healing field.”

Ann: “I feel that nowadays more and more people are taking responsibility for there own health, rather than just going to the Doctors and believing every word he says. In that way, I feel that people are starting to have an increased consciousness, that if something is not working properly in my body then I will try to work out what the other possibilities are for healing it, rather than just take a pain killer and live with it.”

Richart: I see that it is not just in Ibiza, it is all over the world.

Richart: So you have come to this conclusion through your own experiences? Ann: “Yes, when I was in my 20’s I used to have terrible indigestion problems and I had a lot of problems with intolerances. I couldn’t eat this and I could eat that! And then finally I found a homeopath that could read my internal organs and she healed my problems in two sessions. After that the whole eating issue no longer had to control my life any more which was such a freedom. It was the WOW factor!” “Why don’t people share these stories? I had been looking for such a long time for answers, but I didn’t know anyone who had the same problem as me. I was randomly trying different types of therapies and in the end, I thought ‘My god, I could have saved myself so much pain!” “So I just wished for everyone that they could have a simple way to search and find exactly what they need to support them in their healing.” Richart: So this is why you created MyBestTreat? Ann: “Yes, exactly!” Richart: So how does the site work? Ann: “Well everyone can recommend the Practioners that have helped them, and you state what issue you received help with and then a little testimonial of why it was good. Then people can search on ‘Area’ or ‘Issues’, or on a particular type of

Ann: “Yes, I live in Ibiza so I am obviously more active in this area and growing from here at a grass roots level, but potentially the dream is that it is everywhere. Everyone will collect their good experiences all over the world, and help each other find their way. So it is a platform for people to share and help each other find their way.” Richart: Do you find that people are becoming more conscious-minded on the island of Ibiza? Ann: “Oh YES! This island is very much about conscious living and it shows everywhere.” Richart: Interesting because people have an image of Ibiza, which is very different to what is actually happening on most of the island, wouldn’t you agree? Ann: “I feel it is becoming more and more a hub for healing. It already was, I mean when I came here 5 years ago, it was a lot about the clubbing but it is changing. There are so many ‘green’ movements and environmental living going on here. There is a lot of conscious-living that supports me to live a conscious way of life, which in turn supports everyone to do the same.” “There is really intense healing energy here.” “I feel that there will always be a clubbing scene here as it is the place for a dance, joy and happiness. So that will always be here, but the future of Ibiza is the healing scene.” “There are so many Practitioners who find themselves moving to the island and don’t even know why? They are just called to move here. I hear this a lot and see it every day. And they are really high-end


Practitioners who have clinics in their own countries, but they just come here because they have to!” Richart: How do you see your site working then to support this growth? Ann: “It’s a co-creation referral site where people can recommend the Practitioners who they have found extraordinary. It’s a place where everyone can share and contribute. It is not a directory, it is only quality. And it’s only the good!”

that, they will only pick up on it once it has become some major disease. So I think that some of these Practitioners can pick up on it before it becomes cancer in the stomach or some diabetes problem.” Richart: So it was more to do with the rebalancing of your body? Ann: Yes! Exactly. Richart: Well surely there are other things, which do affect our Mind/Body/Soul complex, are there?

Richart: Not the bad and the ugly… Ann: “Exactly! You can hear bad experiences everywhere, but I wish to focus on the experiences that were truly wonderful! That’s what I wish to promote and share!” Richart: Do you feel that part of your healing was that you had some sort of inner belief in it? Ann: “I have always been open to the possibility that it is possible. If I go to the doctors and they say there is nothing that we can do, just pop another pill and live with it for the rest of your life, then I think ‘No, that can’t be true.” “There must be a way, where I can let go of this problem. So I have always been open to the fact that it might go away. I am quite pragmatic actually, I am not one of the crystal energy people.” “I am aware that the same drug will work differently on different people because our biology is so none linear. So different people react differently to different impulses. I feel that I have become more of a believer; as for instance the first big problem I had was with the indigestion issue. I had huge cramps and the Practitioner found out that I just needed some bacteria’s to rebalance my system and then she gave me some high doses of this bacteria and it was solved. It all seemed quite straightforward really.” “The only thing is that traditional medicine won’t pick up on small imbalances like

Ann: “Yes some things are far more esoteric.” Richart: Yes, well its bit like that I give Reiki, but in order for people to experience the full power of it, they have to be willing to receive it. Do you understand? Ann: “I don’t know that much about Reiki because I have only experienced a very few times. But I do think that most people can feel love. They can feel if there is a good or a bad vibe in the room. Some of these esoteric things just come down to a good feeling, which is another word for intuition.” “Because you can’t see or touch energy, it can be very hard to understand it. However, it is still very present.” Richart: I feel that is a very good way to describe it. Present. When you are more aware, then you are really connected with your feelings and emotions. Ann: “I feel in that state of being, you automatically pick up on the good or bad vibes. And maybe if you are not so aware, you won’t pickup so much, but your body still senses it.” “Generally we are not very well trained at being aware of these deep layers. We are maybe more considerate about whether the lighting is good or the sound is correct, but I feel most people can pick up on it and will get a slight headache or a little bit


Richart: So how long have you been working in this area?


tense if the energy of a place is not balanced. And maybe you don’t even realize it, but it is still there.” Richart: And that is where it comes to awareness. Ann: “Yes! And then through awareness you become very sensitive towards energy and you will realize that this place has certain energy and you will counter balance it by knowing that you have to do this and that to pick up on it and work with the energy.” “We sense things, even if we can’t see that they are there.” Richart: You sound like a very grounded, conscious-minded person. Ann: “Thank you!”

Ann: “More or less my whole life. I’ve always been very interested and very open. But professionally, I have had for about two and half years now. Before that it was my big passion, my big interest. And it has saved my life on occasions. I am so lucky that I was open for alternative healing within the issues that I have had in my life because I have been able to get rid of them, even though the doctors said I would have to live with it for the rest of my life!” “I am just so grateful that I am open to the possibility that I might heal.”

“I am also happy that I can discuss emotional problems with other friends or 
 therapists so that I don’t have to get divorced if I have issues with my husband for example, or that I don’t have to be miserable because I can share my issues with loving people who can really help.” Richart: Interesting, have you heard of the concept of ‘Wounded Healer’? Ann: “No.” Richart: ‘Wounded Healers’ are people who have experienced traumas or sickness in their life and overcome them through alternative healing and can now inspire others to do the same. Ann: “I am not a healer, but I am a facilitator. But because it was so good for me, I just feel I have to share my experience with others.” Richart: Yes, and you have taken the ‘Wounded Healer’ concept a step further, because you are a very


powerful up-lifter who has not just said you are going helps others on a one-toone level, but rather co-create a site for all people. That’s extraordinary! Ann: “Yes, I see. And actually I hear this a lot, because people say that I should go into healing. But I would just love to make it possible for people to find the right alternative healing therapies, all over the world.”

and support to understand yourself emotionally or physically. There are so many aspects of a person.” “It can be very difficult to see yourself clearly, so you need someone to mirror you.” Richart: Yes! That’s true. OK, to round this off, what does love mean to you? Ann: “That is such a big question!”

Richart: So what is your Soul Mission and Vision for Ann: “My mission is to create a support circle that connects and surrounds everybody.” Richart: Why do you feel that is important? Ann: “I know that from my life, it has been essential to find the right people who can help me, to have given me the love and freedom because they have take the pain away. Not having discomfort or limitations gives me the freedom in life I cherish so much. It takes away the doubts and fears, and therefore is so liberating! So I wish this for everybody.” “So when I speak to people who have migraines and go for days where they can’t work or do anything, then I feel that I wish I could send them in the right direction because it is such a waste of a precious life.” Richart: Yes, people can worry a lot too. Ann: “Yes, finding people who can take away the worries or help you to breath so that you can ground yourself is also amazing!” Richart: You sound like you have a lot of love. Ann: “Well, I am just fortunate that I have found so many talented people in my life who can support me in every aspect of my life. As a person you need support with you children, your relationship, your work,

“Love is everything that is worth living for!” “When I look out the window and see the blue sky, when I see the sea or see nature, it’s all love really. It is all love that is behind all the wonderful things.” “Your magazine, it is love that is behind it. You wouldn’t do it, if you didn’t want to give and share love, would you?” Richart: Absolutely true! Ann: “I think it was one of the statements at the Healing Ibiza Day, that said, “work is just a manifestation of love”. Richart: WOW!!!! Ann: “Yes, I believe that in the time we live in now, love is more and more going to rule this world.” Richart: That is a beautiful perspective! Ann: “I think that’s why the financial crisis happened. I think that all the speculative, thought up tricks are just going to fall through. That is the reason why we have a financial crisis. And I feel that the things that are going to be supported over the next few years are the things that people give from their hearts.” If you want to find help and support or recommend someone who has really helped you just go to If you are looking for something in Ibiza, please click here:



 We all have a S.O.L. (pronounced Soul) Purpose in life. And in 2012, the Summer of Love (S.O.L.) is connecting us all. By expressing our love to each other, we become aware that we are part of the whole S.O.L. to be experienced by everyone on the most natural frequencies. Here are just a few photos of people who we feel are expressing the S.O.L. in 2012, although there are many, many, more!!!! We love you all!!! xxxxx









 Whilst I was present at the Healing Ibiza Day in May 6th 2012, I had the good fortune of being teamed up with Peggy and Christopher on the art and healing area of the event. We had one of those lovely meetings earlier in the day, as I had been kindly offered a place to stay at the Buddha House, near San Juan by Ilona and her family. The beautiful villa is situated on a very steep hill and is somewhat off the beaten track, so I decided to come down from the mountain and meet with my new friends.

One of the things to get used to when meeting people in Ibiza is that home addresses tend not to exist in the North, rather you need some form of monument or building to base your bearings on.

As the summer sun was very hot, I sat under a small tree by the roadside and quietly mediated with my orange scarf wrapped over my head. Twenty minutes later a small little car whizzed past with two happy Germans inside, a few seconds later I got the call. After spending a great day together, we realized that our work could be combined to give a very rewarding and uplifting experience to people for a new co-creative project in Ibiza in 2012. So I now wish to share with you more information about their business and help you get to know this lovely German couple much better!


Peggy: “The Company was setup in the summer of 2011. The aim of the company is to offer people support in becoming happier, more successful and healthy.” “In coaching and mentoring the coaches will often say that, ‘Coaching needs time. If you want to change your mind, you need a lot of time.’ But in our opinion it can be different.” Richart: OK, is that from experience? 


Peggy: course!”



“So we both have our experience of changing our minds very quickly when we had personal issues in the past. When you have an experience that is out of your control, you can change your mind in a split second. Just like when women loose their babies, the next day they have a completely different way of thinking.”

very strong methods like NLP and hypnosis. It’s just like with the ‘Paint Your Passion’ that we did at the Healing Ibiza Day on May 6th 2012. If you want to walk the talk, change your mind, change your beliefs, you have to make your first step into the unknown. It can be baby, little steps, but you have to start and begin. It’s like the journey to China. You can go there by foot, but you have to start somewhere.”

“So we feel that change can happen very fast! And we can help all of the people who want to change their behaviour, their beliefs and their habits by coaching them through ‘Race-Minded’ workshops and training sessions.”

Richart: Yes, totally understand. And a lot of people spend and immense amount of time thinking and talking about things, but never get things moving, especially when it comes to their personal life.

Richart: Are you saying you can give a coaching session for a few hours and people can feel a difference?

Peggy: “Change is always to do with movement, doing things and creating things. And Christopher is quite provocative in his coaching way. If you think about Psychoanalysis, you think about two people talking to one another and one person is understands the other and agrees with everything. But when Christopher coaches he is a very strong person and likes to pull you out of your comfort zone. He will provoke you and say things that you don’t want to hear, but then he pulls you back and understands you. And using his methods of hypnosis, he has become known as The Hypnotic Consultant!”

Peggy: “Yes, there is a whole day where we speak and the audience interacts through a number of different activities that support you in their personal transformation.” Richart: What sort of things can people learn to have such a dramatic transformation? Peggy: “When we do our workshops, the people who participate will get some inspiration when we talk together. We use

Richart: I notice that you mention hypnosis, I can imagine that some people are a little bit scared and think …. Ooooh, Hypnosis… what are you going to do with me??? Peggy: “Yes, people often think that with hypnosis you can’t control yourself any more. But that is not what it is about; hypnosis works only if you are saying ‘Yes’ to it. When you are hypnotized, you are in a good state of feeling and you are feeling calm and relaxed.” Christopher: “It’s the same as waking up and having an hour before you stand up. It’s a good way to start, with your breathing and what you are thinking in your brain. You kill the blah, blah, blah negative thoughts in the brain. You are the fat guy, you are the thin guy, you are the rich guy, and you are the poor guy and so on. You stop the repeating patterns of negative talk in your brain and start giving input. All the input about how bright you are, all the input about how good you are, directly into your body, into your thinking. That is hypnosis!”


“There is only a de-trance system to close your eyes and get you to breathe in all the good things and breathe out all the bad things. That is hypnosis.” Richart: Wow! And that makes it sound like now I WANT TO BE HYPNOTISED!

creating good feelings and the first reason that Richard Bandler developed NLP as a student was get more chicks!”

Christopher: “The main thing that I ask people when they go into a trance is not what are the bad spots, but rather what are your bright spots?

“All the ways and all the good things that he learned was all a way to meet women!”

Peggy: “It is putting the focus on your vision.”

Richart: Funny! Christopher: “Remember when you where on the stage in Ibiza? And you painted the heart of that beautiful girl from Italy that was hypnosis! Because you had all the positive thoughts in your mind and nothing else and you are channeling that into the experience. That is incredible hypnosis!” “What you see on the television is just a show. If I do hypnosis to you, it is to speak to you in a special way. I don’t try to dominate you, rather I speak to the inner child.” Richart: And how to you use NLP? Christopher: “It is the same thing as hypnosis. Hypnosis was first NLP, but then in America it was banned so they called it NLP. It’s all about

Christopher: “Hahaha! Yes, it does make sense. It was the 70’s, Woodstock, California, there was the student time with all the LSD stuff and drugs… and now they re-name it as NLP to make it serious.” Richart: Yes, makes sense!

Richart: Ok, so what are the different steps? Christopher: First is is already perfect you? Not what is mistake, but rather is perfect with you?”

what with your what


[Christopher and Peggy both suddenly start laughing.] Christopher: “It is the same thing. You do hypnosis as well. We connect; we feel together, that is the same thing as an Elman Induction for example. Peggy: “Yes, and it is a very great hypnosis what you did!!!” Richart: Thank you!

Christopher: “And then I update your reason and access your power and then that is step six which is the break through.”

“The second step is where are you bright spots?” “Third step is the key decision, followed by the question of the place you were when you made a decision against your bright spots. And when will be the time to change your key decision? And then I update your reasons and access your power with a lot of positive influence from me and then that is the break-through thing. You are the warrior, you are


But I will sent you a big email about all of this.” Richart: Great! Peggy: “Oh, very difficult to explain it in a foreign language!” Richart: Don’t worry, I can give you hypnosis again and change all that!



 back and you do your own stuff. That is a short programme of about one hour.” “It’s a quick change. Something happens and then you change your mind about it.” Richart: Those are all quite empowering steps to go through in one hour. Peggy: “It is important to get through this process very strong and fast, because you get a holistic experience which is in your mind and in your body. All these questions that we are asking, trigger some movements in you. Maybe to move you to open or close your hands, or stare with your eyes

wide open, or laugh and shout or even run out of the room! For example, when did you start to scratch yourself? We ask the person to go back in time and ask themselves when did they started scratching their chin?” “When this person is remembering this moment, we then pull them out of the moment and they have to go one step before the moment, afterwards we change the habit and change the patterns of this person.”

OK, so you take them through this holistic process and you start to reprogramme their whole experience. So what happens to them? Peggy: “Then the person is free to live a new life because he or she knows that they are a Warrior. That person can make anything that they want to happen!” Richart: Wow!!!! Powerful!!! So what is ‘Paint Your Passion’? Christopher: “Paint Your Passion’ is a tool because some guys don’t like the hypnosis so we use this tool instead. It’s the same thing, either you create your picture in hypnosis or you create it on the wall with ‘Paint Your Passion.”

Richart: So it is almost like reprogramming their mind? Christopher: “Yes, sure. That is a brainpowerthing.



 “It is the same thing if you do it in your brain or if you do it for real.” Richart: Funny because I was watch a documentary the other days called “The Living Matrix” and it was talking about just this. They did a study of people who thought about going to the gym and people who actually went, and the people who thought about it got just as fit as the ones who actually did it! Peggy: “When you are doing ‘Paint Your Passion’, you are creative. You do new things that are beyond all limitations. Do you

remember the guy who wanted to paint the great picture and asked me, what tools do you use? What colours? What is your training? What is your profession? Do you remember?” Richart: Yes, that was Zinnia Gupte’s father. Peggy: “Yes, and I said ‘It isn’t about painting a big picture. You have to paint; you have to start and to forget what was in the past and what was in the future. It is a kind of meditation to be calm and to be confident. And listen to your inner voice to your intuition.”

“He didn’t want to start. He tried to get away because a woman came and he wanted to give up his place so she could paint instead of him. I said ‘No. She can paint here and you can paint there’. “Then when he painted what was inside of him. He painted the sun and a guy mediating. And he turned to me and said ‘Peggy, I feel so good now and proud that I did what you said to me. I don’t think about anything and I just paint what is inside of me. And this was a really great feeling. It is always great to see when people create new things because they try to


get rid of all limitations. It is the same in hypnosis because of your ability to create new pictures in mind. And with new pictures in your mind, you can create new behaviors.” Richart: And that is very important because I believe that as human beings one of our most powerful things is that we are Creators. The way most of us now are, is just consumers. Being Creators is our innate power; it is our true essence of being human. To visualize and to be able to manifest, that is our power. Peggy: “Yes! So you have the power to change!” Christopher: “You have the power to live your own life! You create your own movie. It is not a movie that you just consume; it is a movie in which you are the Director, the Producer, the publicity department, the film crew and the best actor! You are everything of the movie!” Richart: That is the whole thing about the theatre of life! When you understand it, you don’t have to be on a stage or behind a screen, you just live it! Do you consider yourself as spiritual or conscious-minded people?

Christopher: “I am a human and I like other humans. I never trust a guy who says to me that you have to do this because I am full with the Universe.” “Everything in nature is just non perfectly perfect. Everything goes perfectly without a plan. And we, as humans, are part of the nature as well, and are also perfect like nature is. And if I am a child of the Universe, then everything can happen, because I am part of this nature. I think I am spiritual, yes sure!!!” Peggy: “To answer your question, YES!” “It is a spiritual way of thinking and being. And more and more, we are trying to live being spiritual because there are old attitudes in ourselves as well. You have to explain everything in a scientific way, it must be right or wrong, my parents are teachers and want to have evidence of things to prove what you are talking about is true. Gosh, it’s hard to find the words in English.” Christopher: “We are sitting in the car and it is 60 degrees hot!! It’s hot yoga right now!!” Richart: Well you are hot stuff in there! Peggy: [laughing] “Yes, it is a spiritual way of thinking and living because I think that everything is energy. And you can call it God or the Universe.”

Christopher: “Or Angels or Shamanics” Peggy: “It’s all the same. There is energy between everything.” Richart: Yes, that is the connecting force. And obviously in Ibiza the energy has fewer blocks and is freer flowing. So what does love mean to you both? Christopher: “Love is not a business. It is not something that I give to someone and they give it back. Love is a present you have to choose it and love is a present that you get without questions. That for me is love.” Peggy: something condition.”


is without

Christopher: “Right. It’s not I give you love and you have to give it back to me right now!” [We all start laughing] Christopher: “What was I thinking in my early years, when I was a young boy driving a race car! And now it has changed and it changed again because I have just got a t-shirt printed that says I am an Angel!” “Love is everything and it is for all the people. Love is also for me, because I love me and I can love other people.” Peggy: “No it’s not the best thing. It is the best FEELING in the world!’


Richart and Christopher: Arrrrh. OK, we understand! Richart: Said by a woman with love from the heart! Peggy: “Yes, and a great example of love is that yesterday was Mothering Sunday and I went to the cemetery with my child

and Christopher’s child. And we went to the grave of my grandmother, she is not the grand mother of Christopher’s child and my child didn’t know her, but when we stood there at the grave and we moved away all the debris from the winter and put some lovely flowers on it. Christopher’s child, who has nothing to do with my

grandmother, suddenly said, “Let’s build a heart with these flowers.” Peggy: “Yes, that is love! So my child said ‘Have a nice mother’s day, grand mother!’ Christopher: Love.”







In this new section for
we share good news stories that are taking place all over the world.

 Since October 2008, when the systematic economic crisis bankrupted Iceland, women have been taking over key positions of power in this country, both at political and economic level. This is bringing about a profound revolution which could serve as a model for the rest of the world, three and a half years later, Icelandic woman have put in place a sustainable model of economic growth that has allowed Iceland to pretty much come out of the crisis. The Government of the Prime Minister Johanna Sigurdardottir is rebuilding the economy upon feminine values, thinking in the long-term and promoting creative areas such as music and literature. 



 Richart: How did you get over a fear of leaving Holland and going somewhere totally new? Cindy: “As a child I lived abroad for 10 years with my parents. My father worked for an American company with international projects and my parents longed for adventure and a change of scenery. We were re-located to new projects every 1-2 years and lived in the United States, Germany and Belgium. This experience taught me to open up to new cultures, different ways of living and languages. It became quite natural for me to adapt to new situations and people. Of course moving a lot as a child also has its challenges. Grounding is one of those challenges and also BEING fully present wherever you are and feeling at home.” “Throughout the years the fear of not being able to connect to my surrounding and to people, so not feeling at home where I live and feeling at home with myself, has been

one of my biggest challenges. Going to Ibiza for the first time in 2008 - after reading an article on the spiritual and peaceful side of Ibiza and feeling that I needed to go to the island and follow the calling of my soul – has helped me to heal this fear. The company my father worked for always decided where we would go and when. Now, going to Ibiza as an adult it was my choice and I had the freedom and space to decide how I would shape this. So I took it slowly, initially visiting the island twice a year for a holiday and in 2009 and 2011 also living on the island for a few months.”

 “So following my natural rhythm and feeling what is best for me and staying true to myself. Knowing that Holland is my home base where I have my family, friends and roots and that it will always be there for me also helps me to be with the fear, to embrace it instead of running away from
 and I feel more inner space now that I am embracing my fear more and more.


Following and trusting my intuition, my soul, plays an important role in this.” Richart: How easy was it to settle in and find a home? Cindy: “Settling in Ibiza has been a journey as well, where following my natural rhythm and connecting to and trusting my intuition/soul is the base. In the first few years of coming to Ibiza I met a lot of people, but not people I fully connected with and felt totally comfortable with.” “So I also spent a lot of time on my own when I was on the island. In 2011 I spent a longer period of time on the island, as I did in 2009. I lived in the North-East of Ibiza, a beautiful area with secluded beaches, forests, an interesting mix of people and creativity.” “I participated in Healing Ibiza Day and met many lovely people in the Ibiza healing community. People who I can really connect with from the heart. I see it as a beautiful mirror of myself. Up to 2011 I was apparently not ready to fully connect to the island and people I can fully connect with from the heart. And when I was ready, I met the people I could fully connect, share and enjoy with and lived in a part of the island where I feel comfortable and can fully relax and shine.” Richart: Did the islanders welcome you and make you feel comfortable? And how easy was it to start building your network? Cindy: “I did not always feel welcome on the island in the first few years. It was not until 2011 that I now feel that Ibiza is truly my second home and that I have friends and a nice network. But as explained above, this is all a mirror of myself and my own process and growth. If you are connected to your natural soul and rhythm and are open to giving and receiving this will start to reflect itself in your outer world.” “But even when I was not connected yet, it was not always easy for things in Ibiza to be different than I sometimes wanted them to be, but now I understand it is all part of

the journey. I feel I also need to experience the contrast of what is right for me and what my soul needs to nourish itself so that I can begin to feel and open up to what is right for me.” 
 Richart: Please explain more about the healing therapy work you do and when it takes place. “I am a mindfulness coach. Mindfulness is the art of living in the present moment. Opening your heart to the beauty of the present moment, instead of thinking about the past or future, creates space for you to release the mind, relax, reconnect to your natural rhythm and live a more balanced and happy life. Mindfulness is based on simple and playful body and breath awareness exercises and is one of the best anti-stress boosters in Western society.” 
 “Mother nature and the magical energy of Ibiza inspire me to share the joy of mindfulness. Reconnecting to the natural rhythm of Mother Nature helps to calm the mind, relax and reconnect to your natural rhythm. I feel that the magical energy of Ibiza also invites me to calm the mind, relax and reconnect to my natural rhythm.” “So teaching mindfulness courses and mindfulness retreats in Ibiza, especially outdoors such as on a beautiful beach, feels like one of the most inspiring places to bring people from abroad. I am happy to practice beautiful mindfulness exercises with my clients, while they also enjoy a beautiful holiday on the island. And then they can go back home fully rested and inspired along with my hands-on tips and advice on how to integrate the mindfulness exercises into their private and work life, allowing them to create their own daily relax moments! Of course people living in Ibiza can also benefit from mindfulness and creating their own daily relax moments.” “I offer my mindfulness courses and mindfulness retreats in Ibiza in Spring and Autumn.” Richart: In one sentence, how best can you describe your business?


Cindy: “My vision is to inspire you to reconnect to your natural rhythm and create more relax moments in your daily life.” Richart: What does love mean to you? Cindy: “Love for me is embracing yourself and others, living with an open heart and sharing.”

(Photography by Cat Milton.)






The Art of Blissolgy Exclusive interview with Coco Bliss In May 2006, Richart Llover was introduced to Coco Bliss at the Healing Ibiza Day on the island. Although they only spoke briefly, and the conversation lasted no longer than a few minutes, the memory was stored in a beautiful and colourful place. Such chance meetings resonate with his heart chakra energy and ensured a follow-up call on Skype to get the full story. The is the delightful inside story about Coco Bliss (Life Coach and Healing Therapist), sheds light on her spiritual work, her life experiences and her attitude to living an open-hearted blissful life!

THE INTERVIEW Coco: “Life is a process to be open for everything and everyone who comes on your path. That is why I also love Tantra. Tantra is living in the moment with love, respect and

openness. No rules, no philosophies, no doctrines.” “I also saw that a lot of people, especially addictive people. They

stop alcohol, cigarettes or drugs, and then become totally addicted to Yoga. Then they become preachers and patronizing too.”


“It’s just another addiction and then they want to force it on you too and tell all your friends. People just have to start with a good intention and then find their own path. I don’t want to force anything on to people.” Richart: What I find interesting is that I meet so many people who go on about how great Yoga is, but when there faith is tested by the Universe, then they collapse and go back to their worries and doubts and old behaviours. So many people seem unable to live the knowledge that they are learning. Why do you feel this is?

Coco: “Spirituality became quite fashionable recently and people were doing a lot of workshops, reading books and watching videos. But if you don’t integrate it into your life, and you don’t open your heart for it, surrendering and letting go of the control, then you can’t experience it.” Richart: Totally true. Coco: “It is hard work to integrate it everyday. A lot of people think, ‘Oh, I do a course, I do a workshop and now it is ok.’ But it is the same as brushing your teeth, it has to become second nature.” “Everybody programmed by culture, by

is their their

upbringing. It is a combination of nature and nurture. And especially for you living in the Netherlands, it must be difficult because the Dutch have a big mouth, we have an opinion about everything and we are very critical.” “So I feel the Dutch are quite critical and negative, plus the media has a huge influence and also so does the social media. So I would say the opposite of love is not hate, it is fear.” “A lot of people live from fear and the media really thrives on fear. If it is bad news more people watch it and a lot of people are behaving like victims.”


“On social media like FaceBook, you see a lot of people profiling themselves the whole day as with what they are doing. And so a lot of people are loosing the ability to communicate face-to-face any more, to be personal.”

teach men how to have sex and love their wives.”

Richart: So what do you specialize in?

“A lot of people have experienced regression therapy or reincarnation, and it can explain some things for them. But what is important, is what you do now.”

Coco: “I do many things with all my heart, love, enthusiasm and energy.”

Richart: Yes, it seems that people have lost the art of even being able to sense someone’s energy, don’t you feel?

Richart: Yes, people can get lost ion these past lives stories.

Coco: “Yes, and really be interested in people truly from the heart, .not just ‘what can I get out of it? Or how can I profile myself?” “Everything nowadays is about being young, beautiful and famous! As Andy Warhol called it ’Everyone wants their10 minutes of fame!’ Richart: So it is about building on the ego then? Coco: “Yes, but I also have to say that sometimes I love the ego! I have my emotions. I am not just a Buddhist Monk!” Richart: Aren’t you? I though you were! Coco: [Big laugh] I am only human. Although things may have happened to me in former lives and my Tantric Priest from the United States said that I was a Tantric Priestess in former lives. I would

Coco: “Exactly! Being a victim and using it for not living in the now or to transform yourself is quite common. There is always an excuse, even people who have been abused. They are still staying in the victim roles, and loving the feeling of being in pain.” Richart: How do you encourage people to live their life in the moment? Coco: “I also work as a Coach for people and it can also be that they have relationship problems, work problems or private life issues. In these circumstances, I give them a holistic healing which is a combination of the Mind. Body and Soul.” “A lot of people lost touch with their own body, let alone their Soul! Some people don’t have intimate relationships with their partner or never had it with their parents. They were never really nurtured.”

Richart: That is nice, because a lot of people think you have to be a master of something. Coco: “I am a jack of all trades. I like doing different things, but then there is a pattern in my life that I never do it the easy way.” Richart: Why the name Coco Bliss? Coco: “Well Bliss can mean ecstasy or enlightenment. With this, I have a powerful libido and a healthy and sensual sex life is important to me.” Richart: I’ve been interviewing Mistress Kalyss Mercury about sexuality and relationships in this issue as well. There is still a big taboo about sex and sexuality in the world. Coco: “And it is because of all the religions. I mean if you believe that Jesus was conceived by Immaculate Conception, then it’s not surprising that people have issues with sex!” Richart: Yes, poor Jacob! So how do you get daily bliss? Coco: “By doing the things I love to do!”


“I always start my day with 5 minutes mediation, awareness and quietness and then I do Mantra singing.” Richart: What is Mantra Singing? Coco: “It is a positive affirmation. You can make your own and simply sing or repeat the words in your head. It just has to be positive and in the now and about you.” Richart: So instead of the broken records saying how bad you are, you put in something saying how wonderful you are! Coco: “Yes! The first person that really started with the positive thinking was Louise Hay. I am singing the kundalini songs from Snatam Kaur, but you can also sing songs saying ‘I believe in myself’, ‘I can do it’ and ‘You are worth’ it as used in a famous commercial”. Richart: Or I am Lovin’ it!!! Coco: “And start the day with a heart smile. Put one hand on your heart and one hand on your stomach. Just spend time to open your heart and love yourself and let the energy flow.” Richart: That is nice because also it’s good to be in a state of mind where you are not always reacting to things around you.

Coco: “Yes, these days we are being bombarded by the media, emails and text messages. I say ‘Don’t react straight away.’ Take some time to react, sleep on it and react how you think is right and not because someone else wants you to.”

Coco: ‘Yes and it is not natural. I am quite a feminist, but I am for ‘equality’ and balance in everything, such as relationships. Of course men and women differ, but we both have intuition and feelings. And we both need nurturing, love and caressing.”

“And learn from your experiences. You can make mistakes once or twice, but then learn and start changing yourself. But of course it is hard to change patterns, especially if they are running in the family. There are many different ways of healing yourself and you have to find out what works best for you.”

Richart: So how does this link to the Tantra workshops that you are doing and what exactly is Tantra?

“But also going back to nurturing, just by simply giving people love and attention helps them to feel better and there was a famous study about how babies survived because they were put together in a cot rather than just being alone.” “People really need nurturing, both men and women. We don’t differ that much, besides the hormonal things. You have men who are really feminine and women who are really masculine. I had it too in my life, when I was working in marketing, I was acting very much like a man.” Richart: Yes, business tends to harden up women.

Coco: “It literary means to expand and open yourself. And of course there are different Tantric traditions, there’s the Indian one, and they talk about the male energy called Shiva and female energy called Shakti. And of course the energies need to be united and be in balance.” “There is also a Taoist approach. But it is the same as with Yoga. It is not from India or China or wherever. Tantra is more like a Shamanic tradition, which belongs to everybody. With Tantra there are no rules, no philosophy, it is not a religion and there are no doctrines.” “People labeled it Tantra, but everything is about energy. You live your life with love in the moment, open for everything. Richart: So what methods do you use to teach Tantra? Coco: “Breathing, mediation, massage and


dance. That is all for opening the energy in your body.” “A lot of people think that Tantra is sex, but that is just a part of it because we have sexual energy in us. The part that became really famous of course is the Karma Sutra with the sexual positions.” Richart: I didn’t know that was linked to Tantra. Coco: “Yes! You didn’t know? Richart: No, I am obviously missing out then! Coco: “I even have to tell you that when I saw your magazine was called the BondingXperience, I was thinking about SM.” Richart: Oh bondage! That’s funny! Coco: “Don’t you get a lot of people thinking that?” Richart: Well I do, especially as I have Mistress Kalyss Mercury writing articles about sex and love, even though she writes in a very sensitive and professional manner. People tend to think also sorts of things, which are outside of my control, so I just surrender to whatever they desire! But for me BondingXperience is about the connection one has when reading the articles and feeling a deeper sense of connection with their

reality afterwards. It’s also about how one connects their human body with their spiritual body. So it’s quite deep stuff really!” Coco: “OK. There are also a lot of places that abuse Tantra, like Swingers clubs. I was intrigued to experience this so I tried it out. But if it is just making out with no connection to the heart, just from the brains and sexual organs, then it has nothing to do with love at all!” Richart: Yes, well I’ve just interviewed Kalyss about being Polyamory as opposed to monogamous. It is different from swinging because the focus is on love and you have a primary partner, but you also allow your partners to have sexual connections with other people. She explains that because there is no secrecy, the trust and respect are strengthened. She explains that there are some people in this world who do not fit into the default category of monogamous and when they try to fit into this box they become very unhappy and miserable. So this is an alternative, although very rewarding it is a lot of hard work.” Coco: “I know people who are in relationships like this, but I can’t say for myself where I am going

in the future. I hope to have a guy who has it all.” Richart: Yes, well she said that her partner couldn’t give everything she wanted, also because she loves being with women too, but she still loves him immensely. Coco: “You can’t give everything to your partner. But if you both accept it, or three of you respect it, and you feel good about it, then I say ‘Who am I to judge?’ Richart: Yes, I totally understand what you are saying; acceptance, love, respect are all things in relationships that are the hardest, but the most fulfilling. Coco: “Relationships are hard work. You see that with a lot of people these days, it all has to be perfect and quick, and interesting. And if is not interesting, then they dump each other or cheat on each other, and they do things that they wouldn’t even dare to discuss with their own partners.” Richart: So what is your aim with Tantra? Coco: “I think that Tantra is opening up and exploring, but it doesn’t mean that you have to live out all your fantasies if you don’t feel like it. Rather you do it because you both want it, you both agree and you do it with love and respect.”


look each other in the left eye, which is the spiritual eye. This exercise is called Soul Gazing.”


“And then really amazing things start to happen as people release their emotions and start to cry. It really opens up people because there is no escaping; there is nowhere to go! You just have to stare at each other in the Soul.” Richart: “It sounds like a truly amazing and bliss-full workshop Coco! Ok, thanks for your time and energy! Very much appreciated. And thanks for wishing to be body painted soon! You can experience the loving touch and see your true colours shine!”

 Richart: Ok, well just to round off can you give an overview of how the Workshops are organized? Coco: “So I build up the Workshop and it starts with a heart greeting where everyone stands in a circle and looks each other in the eyes. This is followed by the heart mediation and then a slow meditative dance. I encourage people to do this in couples and with Tantra men can dance with men and women with

women, it’s doesn’t mean that you are gay or lesbian, it’s all out of love.” “Then we do a chakra mediation, which is from the root chakra up to the crown chakra. This is about feeling the energy and asking themselves question as they meditate on each chakra. Afterwards I do the Mirror Dance in couples and then the mediation in the lotus position. If they are real couples, they can do the Yab Yum position and

Coco: “Well I look forward to it because people need more loving touches, I give the loving touch through massage and as with you I am also guided through intuition to give people what they need. So thank you Richart and see you soon!”





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 we share good news stories that are taking place all over the world.





Last year Bolivia was the first country in the world to 
 bestow legal rights on the Earth. In an exemplary bid to curb climate change, protect the natural world and to improve quality of life for the Bolivian people, they have masterfully devised the Law for Mother Earth. The President of Bolivia was reported to say: “The Planet can live without humans, but humans cannot live without the planet. The rights of nature should be equal to those, we, ourselves, enjoy.”

Developed by grass roots social groups and green-lit by politicians, the Law of Mother Earth, embraces the rights of all living things; effectively giving the natural world the equal status to that of human beings. Once the full bill has been passed, the legislation will protect the Earth with, amongst other things; the right to life and to exist; the right to continual vital cycles and process free from human alteration; the right to pure water and clean air; the right to balance; and the right to not have cellular structure modified or genetically altered. Senator Eugenio Rojas, who heads the governing party’s delegation, describes the law as amongst six priorities for early passage in 2012.


Earth Hour, the biggest voluntary environmental event in the world, promoted by WWF (World Wildlife Fund), set a new record with this year’s edition. On 31st March 2012, over 150 countries and regions and more than 6,525 cities and towns participated for one hour during which a multitude of homes, companies, private and public institutions, monuments and iconic buildings turned off their lights as a sign of commitment towards the environment and energy saving.


Energy Art Work of Richart Llover In 2012, Richart Llover, is responding to people’s requests that wish to be touched by art and have their Energy painted on to their clothing or naked bodies. Each session includes a powerful 10 minutes Reiki session that that opens up the heart and let’s the energy of love flow freely. It is an empowering and uplifting experience that has been known to cause major transformations in people’s lives. Some have gone on to become Reiki Masters and others have become conscious-minded entrepreneurs. To follow and join in, go to:


Poetry By Ninjedi Phil (USA) I had the great fortune of meeting Ninjedi at the Vibes Cocktail Bar, when he was visiting Amsterdam in the Netherlands. As we got talking he explained that he was an urban street poet. I listened to his show and was touched, so we at BondingXperience decided to publish his work. Here you go!!

Who am I to complain?  

I release my wicked sickness with each relentless sentence, questioning the quest for quintessence with stolen innocence, broken by ignorance, and existence lacking common sense.

I travel our troubled kind to unravel what we can't unwind with blind eyes. Even with the kind signs of changing times, people are still waiting in line for nine lines of some fine grind, wishing for better things, but pissing them all away. With murderous focus time tried to choke us, but we dance like a flash of heat lightening on the horizon. We're overwhelmed and comatose spinning grinning on the finest coke. Yes our vested best are all hooked on dope, they smoke and poke their veins till they overdose, so I leave them a rose and a white one for their favorite color. Some prefer brown. I have always been a green man myself. It is better for your health, and won't waste your wealth. Now these old thoughts are screened, looking back on lovely obscure obscene scenes of youthful things, we've come far from the dreams we had as teens, traded in our childish schemes to be cocaine fiends. These teeners seams to make things lean, but what is to become of me? What is to become of us all? We've faces against the wall in naivety; more specifically we've always hesitated and procrastinated instead of aggravating or agitating the suppressive, suggestive, unimpressive force that tells us how to live and how much to give. I say we write a new constitution, opposite our current prostitution; you are part of the problem if you aren't part of the solution and this is about a whole lot more than pollution. This is a calling to arms! To our arms, for it will take them all to shield us from the fall as this once great empire steals away my desire to see it exist within this witless mess. We are quiet and shy, but no strangers to the lie. I rely too much on my eyes instead of my heart, but before I fall apart I have one more fight to start, so let's get to picken before we're all stricken down, left to drown and be torn apart by these hounds, ruthless killers, suit wearing drug dealers, worthless bugs with furry feelers.



Damn this anger and anguish, let a fire burn that will not extinguish. Nobody's saying it will be painless, nobody's saying you can remain nameless, but I know amongst our slaves and sluts there must be some that have the guts to at least open one eye as the other shuts; there must be some that have the balls to charge and let fall these crumbling walls, scream out in an echo down forever's halls," We're still here though we were wronged! Then we'll sing our celebration song that pays homage to this long drawn on battle of brain and brawn, awakening us to the first peaceful dawn since the dawning of time, when the moon and the stars hid their shine as our bright silent alarm raged on and life was born. Maybe then if I still bare this same skin and it has not yet grown too thin, then I will smile again, but until then.... Every day's an opportunity, each moment an offer. Now will you still stand still my feverish culture?




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 we share good news stories that are taking place all over the world.





It has been confirmed by scientists that the heart has 
 a brain and a higher intelligence. The heart has its own independent nervous system made up of more than 40,000 neurons as well as a complex and vast network of neurotransmitters, proteins and support cells.

This system allows the heart to act independently from the brain in our heads, and even allows it to learn, remember and perceive. It has also been proven by scientists that the heart brain’s circuit comes first when dealing with information, which then goes to the brain in our heads. The heart brain belongs to a higher holistic intelligence. It has been proven that when people use it, a state of biological coherence is created in which everything harmonizes. In order to activate it, we need to cultivate positive thoughts and feelings and the qualities of the heart towards others; courage, patience, acceptance, non-judgment, etc. When we manage to fully utilize the intelligence of the heart, human beings will transform the course of history for humanity.


More than just screwing around, could this be real love? Interview with Kalyss Mercury about Polyamorous Relationships 
 As humanity steps forward into the unknown and dreams about an enlightened age where we live in a free world, full of abundance and overflowing with love, I dared to question our standard conditioning with regard to intimate relationships. I felt that the monogamous ‘default’ approach is not living up to the unconditional love that I felt in my heart. And in searching for answers, I reconnected with a distant friend living in Australia. Her name is Mistress Kalyss Mercury, and it is now our time to start talking about love, sex and relationships again! I feel that we need new systems in our intimate relationships for dealing with the emotional aspects of how to handle an abundance of love and freedom in the world. I also feel that we have the opportunity to become an enlightened civilisation of Divine Human Beings who are love at their core; problems solvers, systems experts, geniuses, courageous multi-dimensional personalities with open hearts and open minds.


In this exclusive interview for , Mistress Kalyss Mercury gives an in-depth personal perspective of what it is like to have a Poly relationship. This may not be the answer to all our intimate relationship issues, but it may certainly be getting us on the right track to true acceptance, freedom and equality. And don’t get mistaken, this is not just screwing around, you have to work hard for your freedom!


Kalyss: “Polyamory means ‘many loves'. So it’s not so much that you have many sex partners and it’s an orgy all the time and so forth. It’s not so much about the sex; it is more about the love. It is about having a heart-to-heart connection with more than one person. The sex is just a celebration of that love.” “Now when we start talking about love, it starts getting complicated because people have an idea about what love is and then they can’t imagine having that with more than one person.”


Richart: Yes, you can have different types of love. Kalyss: “Yes, for example, you can have love for your children, where you have two, three or five children and you love them all. You might love them differently, because every person is unique. So you have a different connection with each of your children, but you still love them all.” Richart: So is this the same for Poly? Kalyss: “Yes, but with Poly it’s obviously not only an affectionate thing like it is for children. With Poly it often includes a sexual thing as well, but not with all Poly people. For some people it is more an emotional thing, they don’t necessarily have to have sex, but for the majority it is an adult loving intimate partnership. You can be gay, straight, bisexual, and it can be two, three or more people.” Richart: So there are different ways of exploring and discovering? Kalyss: “Absolutely! All of a sudden

you can explore a numerous amount of things. You can have one primary live-in partner who shares your deepest emotional connection, and then you have satellite lovers. Those connections might not be as strong or you might not see them very regularly, but you can still have a vibrant romantic love and sexual connection with them.” “The beauty is that you don’t fall into the usual pre-programmed or default format of being with someone. With Monogamy, when you fall in love with someone, people seem to follow this script: "Fall in love-build intimacy - get married - have kids" and so on... That is a cultural format that people expect to happen. So in mono, you feel the need to and often are expected to stick to that script." Richart: Can you please tell me more about your experience? Kalyss: “I never felt right being monogamous. I have had monogamous partners, but I never felt I could express my mental compartments with only one person. I've got lots of sides; the social side,


whatnot. I spend time with my partner, go to the movies and catch up with friends, etc. I don’t really have time for another full time person in my life. I may have little flings or hook up with someone, but all that takes time and effort. So I don't do it very often. Besides, I love my partner's company, so it's nice to allow yourself to stay in your comfort zone, rather than be adventurous. The grass may be greener, but after actually going there you find it's not as soft... ”

the kinky side, the intellectual side, and the spiritual side and a few others. And I wanted to connect with people in different ways, so I started learning about Polyamoury when I met my exhusband in 1997. We had an openrelationship, which basically meant that we were committed to each other, but it was ok if we engaged in sensual contact with other people.” Richart: So would things happen often? Kalyss: “You know what, for most of the time things didn’t happen. We were together for five years and we spent large parts of that time together being practically monogamous. But we knew that the availability was there, if we chose to do it. And we used it a few times. I feel that type of freedom makes a huge difference!” Richart: Why? Kalyss: “People say: The grass is always greener on the other side. Having the freedom to go check it out, doesn't mean you go to the other side all the time. I have my business that takes heaps of my time, then looking after the house, making food and

“But sometimes I also like doing things that my primary partner may not like. Maybe my 
 partner likes football or skydiving, or some other activity that I am really not into. So we end up doing some things that are socially separate. For example, I like to go to Yoga retreats and my primary partner isn’t into it, as this point. But one of my lovers shares that passion with me, so it’s nice to have a friend to share that with, with the added bonus that you can be sensually intimate with them as well. That’s how it works for me.” Richart: Do people have just one or more partners? Kalyss: “There are people who have more than one partner, and then either the three or four people live together or they live in close proximity. Or some of them raise children together, like a tribal situation. It really depends on the people involved.” “There are communities where you can interact with other people who are Poly, so you can also have your community support for when you have got issues.” Richart: And what is happening with you now? Kalyss: “I have been engaged for two years with my current partner. We both have ‘play-partners’, but we


haven’t been actively seeking to have a deeper connection with anyone else. We have had lovers in common who we play together with and it’s wonderful! I love seeing my partner making love to someone else when I can see they are enjoying themselves and having fun.” “I trust that he loves me and wants to be with me. If he didn’t want to be with me and wanted to be with her, then he would be with her. He has the choice to be with her, and be her primary. But the connection that we have is very special, and him having sex with her is not going to change that.” Richart: What could be the issues here? Kalyss: “I feel that secrecy is what could change things, the lack of honesty. Then all of a sudden you are not fully being yourself with your number one partner. When you are not telling the truth, how can you develop trust?” "Another issue is lack of variety of deep interactions. When couples become so insular, that they only hang out with each other and they have few

friends outside of the couple hood, then they end up becoming a little bit stale because their ideas are just going around and around in a circle. Yes, you can say you can have friends without having sex with them. Yes, true. But sensuality and intimacy creates much deeper contact. You see the person in their more vulnerable state, so you see deeper into there core self. And you open yourself more too. When you interact with people on that level, you find out more about them and their view of the world. And then you bring back these new views to your primary relationship. New ideas, new explorations may make you want to change parts of life. But what if you change and your partner doesn't like it? Or what if you start wanting your partner to change with you and they don't want to? People might not want explore new ideas while in a stable relationship because they are afraid of change.” Richart: That rocks the boat. Kalyss: “Well how stable is a relationship if the new ideas make it shatter? If you need to be so protective of it and keep it in a little box because any little thing from outside could destroy it, how natural, solid and strong is that relationship in the first place?” Richart: Absolutely! Kalyss: “So if you don’t want your boyfriend to go to a strip club because you think he might be tempted to leave you for a stripper, who he doesn’t even know, how can you even love someone like that? Richart: Well, this just comes down to people not loving themselves. Kalyss: “If you don’t love yourself, you think 'how can he love me?'” Richart: So people have to be able to love themselves first before they can have a proper relationship.


Kalyss: “Yes and that is true for both mono or poly. But especially in poly relationships because if you don't love yourself, you'll be craving too much of your partner's love. So the sharing becomes an issue. But when you love yourself, the poly blossoms beautifully. If you already have one partner and still have more love to give and receive, what abundance! You inspire your partners and they inspire you. Things you learn from your partners will affect you and affect your primary relationship, continuously making it more fruitful and full of energy. I find a lot of the times that I go and hook up with one of my other partners, the sex is good, but the sex with my partner is just so much better. I come back and say ‘I forgot just how wonderful we actually are!' Familiarity clouds our judgment.” “And if your lover shows you new stuff that you like better than your primary's style, then you can bring those new activities into the relationship. It's like:

'honey, I've got a surprise for you...' So you can bring in new ideas and you have confirmation of how great it is with your primary partner. When I visit my lovers, I often miss my partner and want to play with him even more. That little comparison keeps us both checking that our game is still good and we both keep improving. That means not just for sexual stuff, but for all areas of life.” Richart: It sounds like living an idealistic lifestyle? Kalyss: “Well, so far, we only discussed the benefits and freedoms of Poly. Of course there are negative issues. It's a lot of effort building a set of rules from scratch. Poly also demands that you improve your communication skills. Because there are fewer assumptions, you must look more critically at situations and your own emotions. My partner and I have been going to seminars, reading books and discussing things with other


people. We try to constantly improve how we connect with each other because you are not living in a world were assumptions are the rule. In monogamy everything is implicit. For example, you don’t cheat, you don’t look at another woman, you don’t sleep with them, there is rule A, B, C to X. But in monogamy, everyone kind of agrees on all these rules, so they are implicit. Whereas with Poly, the rules are what you make them! So you can’t just think that your relationship rules are the same as your partner’s set of rules, or your lover's set.”

Richart: Does that mean you are evolving quite fast as a human?

“For example, some poly people prefer to ask for permission before engaging in a new connection. Others think that may curb spontaneity. So when you start any fresh relationship, you have to sit down with your partner and come up with the set of rules for your relationship. Things must be talked through. And that set of rules often changes with time, and as you evolve as a couple. The evolution can be a bumpy ride though, as a lot of it is trial and error.”

Kalyss: “Yes, I notice loads of patterns. But I notice them because I am not just following all the default patterns that most of the world is. I create my own relationship code instead of just using the implicit ‘cookie-cutter’ variety. So I constantly have to figure out and look at my relationship and see how can I make it better. It's hard work but worth every second.”

“Let's say you flirt in a way that upsets your partner. Emotions fire up, you have a fight, but instead of getting all high and mighty about being right, you dissect the issue. 'What was the problem? Explain how you felt when I flirted that way. How could I change my behaviour that would improve how you feel?' Then you set up a rule about this so you and your partner don’t get hurt in the future.” Richart: So going through fights is not just a battle of wills? Kalyss: “No, it more like ‘you thought this wasn’t an issue, I thought this was an issue; how can we improve it’. You can probably see how important it is to have good communication. And of course, both partners need to avoid getting defensive about their position; both must be open minded and willing to compromise.”

Kalyss: “Absolutely. I am surprised how fast I am evolving with my current partner. Recently I noticed I could detect when I’m getting in a bad mood before I complain to him about something. So I catch myself, and can analyse what is bothering me before it festers into an emotional monster. I am no longer acting and reacting!” Richart: So you are starting to see patterns in yourself?

“I look at things that might upset my partner and I have to honour his feelings and work out compromises. For example, we went to a party in Sydney and we were staying at a friend’s place that was pretty far away from the city. We went together and met some of our friends there. For some reason my partner wasn’t really enjoying himself, but I really wanted to stay and party. But I also didn't want to disappoint my partner by sending him home alone. 'Should I stay or should I go?' In the end, I went home with him. But when we got home I had a fight with him because I was upset and wanted to party with all my friends because I hadn’t seen them in ages.” “So we sat down the next day and talked about all the issues. Things like, if I meet a friend and a lover that I want to go home with, is that cool? How we deal with these sort of situations in the moment helps us prevent it from happening again in the future.”


“If you want the freedom, then you need to take on the responsibility as well, it’s important to setup the agreed systems to always find resolutions.” Richart: So you are co-creating systems to handle the relationship properly. Kalyss: “Well in the Poly community, we can go along to social events and ask other people how they handle it and we share ideas and discuss solutions. So you don't need to reinvent the weheel every time. There is support.” “I find that currently poly people fit in two categories. 1.some are Poly for a short period of time and then find it to be too much hard work. They can’t be bothered and then go back to being monogamous. 2.some get really committed to making it work! And in the process they grow so much that what seemed "hard work" becomes a pleasure." “I think that the benefits are so great for having a Poly Relationship that people are willing to put the extra effort into it, and it is a lot of effort to make the relationships work and create communities so that it works better for everybody!” Richart: So what are the benefits of being Poly? Kalyss: “For me at least, one of the key benefits of being Poly is having more honest communication with my partner. I enjoy my freedom of expression. If I see a cute boy or girl on the street, I want to express my admiration of beauty. "Hmmm, ain't he/she/they gorgeous?' But if I were monogamous, my partner would probably get jealous and issues could arise. No thanks. I like to be honest with myself and my partner. So yes, honest communication is a plus!”

easier to trust. With trust comes so much opportunity to be who you really are. I have a lot of love to give! And I have different types of love to give. I can give heaps of love to my primary partner, but there are some of my passions he doesn’t share so I can share them with someone else!” “It doesn’t mean that he is going to get less of it! It just means that it is something different. It seems most of the world sees love as a finite commodity. I think that there is a finite amount of time! You are going to meet people that are interesting and make you curious, and inspire you in some way. And you can learn so much from them, so that freedom is also an opportunity for your own personal growth. And the side effect of that is when you grow, your relationship grows. And your field of influence grows and your friends grow as well. It is amazing the conversations that we have at Poly socials and Poly discussions groups because everyone seems to be really together. They seem to be more connected with themselves, less superficial than the average person. And there is such an abundance of love!” “No we don't get less love as we get more partners. Instead the love gets renewed and multiplied! In a monogamous relationship, you have to keep that person to yourself. The love is in a box without external connections! Whereas in Poly the love is flowing between a few people. So the love is actually multiplied rather than separated.” Richart: So when did Poly come into being? Kalyss: “Well I am not really certain. But obviously the whole sexual freedom and free love movement of the sixties brought it into the public eye, but then they had less defined parameters. So I think that Poly was born because there was a need for

“And of course if we are both open and honest, it becomes so much


systems. It wasn’t just free love,



yeah!!!! You have to look after people’s emotions. If you are going to love them, you have to protect them and look after them." “You have to deal with all the emotional stuff. If you have a relationship with one person, then you have to deal with the relationship stuff amongst the two of you. So if you have a third person or the amount of relationship work grows exponentially. So if you don’t have systems you just burn out!” Richart: So you are an emotional problem solver? Kalyss: “I am a big problem solver in general! And I think that people who don’t like to put effort into relationships should not be Poly. And that is OK! By the way, I am not trying to preach for everyone becoming Poly. I feel that there is a big place for monogamy in the world and it is not the bad guy. I feel that the majority of people in the world do very well with monogamy and they should continue to do it, if it works for them and they are happy. Even a little infidelity here and there is fine as long as it doesn’t screw up the whole relationship. And serial monogamy is ok too!!” Richart: You are just putting Poly out there as an option for people. Kalyss: “Yes, so if people are curious about it and think this sounds interesting, go and research about it, read the books and join the online forums. I definitely feel that it is something that demands to be heard, because I think that there are so many people who are in monogamous relationships and hate it! They are unhappy, it’s not their thing and it’s not in their nature. And they end up being terrible partners and lovers because they can’t fit in that box. It doesn’t work for them but they feel guilty and they don't know that there is another option!"

Richart: When we get on to the subject of sexuality, it becomes such a conflict in people’s lives because we are so conditioned that we must follow the rules of what gender we kiss and how we express our sexuality to others. If you do anything outside of that conditioning, it is like you are a disgrace or that there is something wrong with you. And there is still so much of that going on in the world. Kalyss: “True. I also find that one of the problems with the Poly exploration is the fact that monogamous people just assume you don't love them enough and are still looking. ‘If you loved me enough, you would not want to share me with somebody else’. But that is thinking of scarcity; if you think that by sharing your partner you will have less of them, you are wrong!” Richart: What exactly do you mean? Kalyss: “I had this with one of my previous partners and he thought that if I really loved him, I would not want to share him with other people. Therefore, me not being monogamous meant that I didn’t love him or I didn’t love him enough. He thought that I still wanted to keep my options open, and look out for someone who was better than him.” “But the irony is that even if you are monogamous, you might still find somebody new out there, who is better for you. You don’t have to have sex with them to find this out. So I don’t know what people are trying to protect their relationship from. It’s just that if it is open, it is honest and everyone knows what is going on!” Richart: OK, but it doesn't mean that you go around screwing everyone! Kalyss: “If you are visiting a lover one night, you still have to make amends. You still have to take responsibility


Kalyss: “Yes, I have learned from experience that the people who do best at being Poly are the people who are most self-aware. Or people who are very good at communicating. People who are still in the action / reaction phase, they end up doing a bit of Poly and then just crash and burn. And then say ‘See Poly doesn’t work!’ It’s not Poly that didn’t work, it’s them!”

 and talk to your partner. It’s not just 'I want to have sex with that person therefore my other partner doesn’t matter.' That is being selfish. So with Poly you get more freedom, but you have to look at yourself more. You have to be less selfish more careful about how you deal with that freedom. You don’t want to be a spoiled child and making an emotional mess all over the place. You have to look after your relationships. You have to make sure that you don’t step on people just to have a little (or a lot) of fun!” Richart: It sounds that it is very conscious-minded to be Poly, is that so?

“In Sydney, the majority of people I know who are Poly are highly intelligent. They have to be! It can be tricky to work out the complexities of all your different relationships. So you might have a fling with a person at this level and then you have a relationship with another person that is deeper, and you have to work out who has priorities, (lover or partner).” “I think that Poly people are more selfaware and more emotionally intelligent. These types of people like the complexity to deal with such situations, that why it is a challenge and we welcome challenge.” Richart: What does love mean to you? Kalyss: "Love is when you can completely be yourself and know that you are not going to be judged. You can express your full being and you are going to be honoured and respected. That is what love is in my opinion.” Richart: Perfect!



Ever wondered why some people treasure crystals?

 Amethyst crystals are some of the most well known of the quartz crystals, and they are widely sold in many retail outlets. If you are wondering why Amethyst is so popular, it is the metaphysical properties that make it a stone of choice. It is a potent stone for spiritual healing and growth... and to aid you to beat addictions. To really understand why it is so loved, you need to look at the Amethyst facts in more detail. This beautiful purple quartz crystal is one of the stones that embody the energy of the violet flame. This is a potent spiritual healing method using a powerful energy, overseen by the Ascended Master, Saint Germaine. 

Facts & Meaning about Amethyst Its name comes from the Greek word 'amethustos'... meaning non-drunk. One of the interesting facts about Amethyst is that the ancient Greeks made cups from the purple stone as they believed it could prevent you from becoming inebriated. 
 This Amethyst meaning has been found to be true ... as healer’s use it today as it assists you to beat addictions.... and this was also believed by the ancient Greeks. If you have addictive habits such as smoking, drinking or drug addictions using Amethyst crystals may assist you. More than any other crystal it will bring peace to the mind, allowing you to more easily make contact with spirit. It is very easy to obtain and natural crystals should be able to be bought very easily at crystal shops, gift shops, on the Internet and at a wide variety of other retail outlets.


The Secret Solfeggio Frequencies Information By Dr Leonard Horowitz and Dr Joseph Puleo  The frequency 528 HZ, relates to the note "MI" on the scale and derives from the phrase "MI-ra gestorum" in Latin meaning "miracle." Stunningly, this is the exact frequency used by genetic biochemists to repair damaged DNA the genetic blueprint upon which life is based. These codes produce a brand new type of music, which uplifts people spiritually and is related to the physics of creation. They were discovered by Dr Puleo who was guided to discover these codes through visions from Jesus Christ. The new bible codes, found in the Book of Numbers, include a mathematical electromagnetic frequency code for "miracles" that experts say has already been shown to help repair damaged DNA, the genetic blueprint of life. These bible codes are totally different from any previously written about, and certainly don't need a computer to decode them (as previously discovered codes were supposed to). According to the documentation and analyses provided in "Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse" principal investigator Dr. Joseph Puleo was intuitively guided to find the pattern of six repeating codes in the Book of Numbers, Chapter 7, verses 12 through 83. When deciphered using the ancient Pythagorean method of reducing the verse numbers to their single digit integers, the codes revealed a series of six electromagnetic sound frequencies that correspond to the six missing tones of the ancient Solfeggio scale. These original sound frequencies were


apparently used in the great hymn to St. John the Baptist that, along with many Gregorian chants, were lost centuries ago according to church officials. The chants and their special tones were believed to impart special spiritual blessings when sung in harmony. Dr. Puleo, a naturopathic physician and minister of the gospel, and lead author, Dr. Leonard Horowitz-who holds a masters degree in public health from Harvard-spent three years researching the six tones that physicists and musicians alike recognize as "an extremely unique interrelated series of mathematical and electromagnetic sound frequencies that include harmonic sequences similar to those found in the 'wedding march.'" Additionally, the entire series appears to relate to the "144,000" predicted in the Book of Revelation to be gathered by God to sing a special song heralding the Messianic age. The first note, "UT-quent laxis," is defined in Webster's Dictionary as "the Gamut of dramatic emotion from grief to joy," and "the whole series of recognized musical notes." It has a frequency of 396 cycles per second, and is also associated with a "magnetic field strength equal to 105 power gauss," or 100,000. The second tone, "RE", short for "resonare fibris" or resonance, also correlates mathematically to 144,000. The third note, frequency 528, relates to the note "MI" on the scale and derives from the phrase "MI-ra gestorum" in Latin meaning "miracle." Stunningly, this is the exact frequency used by genetic biochemists to repair damaged DNA the genetic blueprint upon which life is based


Pentecost in the Vondel Park On Sunday 24th May 2012, Richart Llover had a frantic fit and started sending out messages to friends on FaceBook and via email. Not quite sure what he was doing, he just carried on putting his faith and trust in a higher force and knowing that in time all the answers would flow to him. Of all the people he contacted, one of them replied and said that he would love to have his heart chakra painted on the Monday. That person was Machiel Geleijnse. Machiel is a very friendly Dutchman, as you would gather from the name and as you can see from the photo, he is a giant! At the beginning of the day Machiel was not certain if he could make it, but with the support of Richart he made his way to the Vondel Park in Amsterdam for a meeting at 1pm. The Heart Chakra Painting experience, which is part of the Summer of Love (S.O.L.) experience, is an empowering and sacred ritual that uplifts the Soul. Before the ritual took place, a drunken old man suddenly appeared in the crowds in front of them and started rambling and shouting. He was shouting about Jesus Christ and that is spirit was here! Both Richart and Machiel were totally amazed, but also totally understood what was happening, unlike many of the people who where sunbathing all around them. After about an hour of chatting, the sacred ritual took place in front of all the onlookers. The energy was very powerful as Machiel has a strong heart. He is a very conscious and awakened human being. Afterwards, a musician sat down nearby and started singing a song by the Rolling Stones …. “Pleased to meet, hope you guess my name!” Just as they were going to leave the park, Machiel asked Richart, “Did you know it is the Pentecost today?” “No”, he replied. “I did wander why you where off work.” The full video and photographic experience is available on Richart’s timeline of FaceBook:


Healing Ibiza Day

The 4th Healing Ibiza Day, on May 6th 2012, was a charity event organized to raise funds for the Mandela School in Ibiza. The Universal Mandela School embraces the best of Eastern and Western teaching practices, psychologies and spiritual philosophies to educate the hearts and minds of children holistically. The late Tibetan Master, Lama Thubten Yeshe and his vision for “a new kind of universal education”, inspired it – known as the Universal Wisdom Education (UWE). The Universal Mandela School, through its UWE programme, offers bilingual (English/Spanish) Montessori-based curriculum often in multi-aged and open classroom settings. His Holiness the Dalai Lama who is a UWE patron, states; “I believe that at every level of society, the key to a happier and more successful world is the growth of compassion. We do not need to become religious, nor do we need to believe in an ideology. All that is necessary is for each of us to develop our good human qualities.” The highly successful day attracted people from all over the island, offering guests an insight into the many different forms of healing and alternative therapies available on the island. Richart Llover, was present painting people’s heart chakra energy. “It was an


incredible experience, one that I shall always remember. I wish to thank everyone who helped to make my visit possible and to all the organizers to put together a magical day, that in my eyes was the kick-off to the Summer of Love in 2012. I was deeply touched by everyone’s love and generosity.




Are you Awake? Written by Sophia Husbands The theme of consciousness, being awake is one that seems to be following me around from the start of this year. I recently had the opportunity of interviewing the Editor of this magazine, Richart Llover, for the campaign that I am launching with my training company: ”What’s Stopping You?” The premise was to interview high profile individuals - yes, I do consider Richart an inspirational character, who inspires people to pursue their dreams, regardless of what obstacles that they may encounter. I have met people from young students to people who were going through a “forced” career change due to being made redundant; and their tone sounded like “I cannot go through this transition…. I don’t have the skills!” I thought that Richart had a wonderful story to tell in terms of his path so far, including the rosy parts and the not so savoury parts. The whole point was to convey to my audience: that you should not feel deterred from going ahead and achieving your dreams. I’m naturally a creative person who does not always like to conform to the norm, and prefer to go with a “natural” flow. This can be good for the creative energy and not so good for the daily tasks. So, before the interview, I thought that having a plan, a set of questions to follow would be a good start. I wanted to convey the persona of Sophia, the reporter. The interview began with me asking about Richart’s career path, but then it took a turn. It became much more personal and “real” as someone once described the pen of SophiaWorld. I found similarities in both Richart and my own path, and as Richart says, ‘There is a reason why we meet people in our lives, the deeper we dig, the more we understand why we have met. And so we understand more about the importance of our Soul Mission in our relation to others. ”



We both started our careers working for the “corporate” vampire. Let me tell you a story about an interesting man that I met at a business network last year. He was very interested in adding the “spiritual/human” aspect to business. This is becoming a common core in the way some managers are thinking of better ways to do business. He mentioned how we had come to the age where the big players are the “vampires” leeching” off of the common people. Are people, not realizing that they are being “drained?” I will return back to this statement in the final part of this story in issue 10.

I could relate to Richart and his viewpoint on how he found the corporate culture incompatible with his beliefs; and could no longer “fit-in” the environment after ten years. I started my corporate career at a well-known, multi-national mobile telecommunication company back in 2001, and by 2011 I knew that I could not be “molded” into the corporate worker. And this was the beginning of where I started to see parallels between Richart and myself. The year 2011 was about self-discovery, a big awakening - I became more in tune. At an event I attended earlier on this year, I had the pleasure of meeting a person with amazing energy, Douglas Ballard. He has been described as the new Nostradamus. If you refer to his website ( he makes reference to “energies”, how in the ancient times people were aware and more attuned to it, and we have now reached a time where people are not so connected. What was the cause of this disconnection? Was it that we were closing off our hearts, not being open to learning and sharing? Richart continued to describe that when he is going through the “dark” periods in his life, it helps to connect and be in touch with the emotions like anger, fear and resentment. By connecting to his emotions, and pinpointing the trigger, he is then able to release the associated feelings, so they don’t become internal emotional blocks. This creates inner freedom and thus he is able to reach a more awakened level of consciousness that has been fundamental to his spiritual journey. In the interview there was continuous mention of freeing ones karma, learning from experience, learning and sharing from our open heart, and putting words into action . As a person who is already in the learning game, via my ProActive Vision ( company, I found this comforting to hear. I started off this article by discussing the main theme of being awake. Last year, 2011, it was quite a poignant period for me. I went through some big, personal changes. I said goodbye to “old-ghosts”, hang-ups – I went through the emotions – I became more aware: I found out the basis of being happy. It is interesting that this had come about when I was no longer part of that corporate culture, being one half of the power couple. I became “awake.” To be continued…. (

BondingXperience issue 10)


In every issue of BondingXperience we like to review a few movies that are out there! And they are not always big budget Hollywood blockbuster movies, but rather films that have a power message or are putting forward theories that add to our awareness and understanding of all that is. In this issue we review The Living Matrix (Director Greg Becker) and The Pyramid Code (Made-fortelevision documentary).

The Living Matrix

In this full-length film, The Living Matrix - The Science of Healing you get to learn about the breakthroughs in healing that will transform your understanding of how to get well and stay well. Now you can get an up-close look at the science of information as medicine. Leading researchers and health practitioners share their discoveries on the "miracle cures" traditional medicine can't explain. Participants: Bruce Lipton, Lynne McTaggart, Peter Fraser, Dr. Eric Pearl, Edgar Mitchell, PhD, Rupert Sheldrake, PhD and many more.

The Pyramid Code It is a made-for-television documentary series of 5 episodes that explores the pyramid fields and ancient temples in Egypt as well as ancient megalithic sites around the world looking for clues to matriarchal consciousness, ancient knowledge and sophisticated technology in a Golden Age. The series is based on the extensive research done in 25 trips to Egypt and 51 other countries around the world by Dr. Carmen Boulter formerly from the Graduate Division of Educational Research at the University of Calgary in Canada. It features interviews with prominent scholars and authors in multidisciplinary fields (see Cast): geology, physics, astrophysics, archaeology, biological engineering, magnetic field theory, hieroglyphics, and Egyptology.


Lights, Camera, Action: Maryam Tarami I met Maryam way back in 2004 and over the years we have always stayed in contact via FaceBook and the occasional meet ups in the physical world. People say that once you become my friend, then you are for life, no matter what happens, we’ll always stay friends. They are true! Since 2004, Maryam has spent a number of years living in Los Angeles and Miami, USA where she also developed her acting career. She has recently performed in the award winning film ‘Michelle’ which had its first screening that the Breda Documentary & Short Film Festival, in the Netherlands. In May of 2012, we met up again and got this exclusive interview about her acting career and her aspirations for the future.


Richart: Why did you want to go into acting? Maryam: “I think the first trigger that got me into acting was in my teenage years. One day my mum suggested me to join a theatre group.”

Richart: Really??? (Big laugh!) Maryam: “Yes, and actually I still am…. sometimes! For instance, when guys approach me and flirt with me I realize just how shy I still am. But it is part of my character, that is who I am.

Richart: OK, what where you doing then?

Richart: What triggers the shyness?

Maryam: “I used to be a very shy person.”

Maryam: “The attention triggers the shyness. But I guess the shyness is


due to my emotional character. At the end of the day, shyness is an emotion.” Richart: How come you started to act? Maryam: “The acting started when I was a teenager and my mum kept on asking me why I was so shy? Why are you not talking when people are coming to visit us? She wasn’t happy about it and discussed it with one of her colleagues who said ‘Well bring her to theatre group!’ and that was how it all started! That is where I got bitten by the acting bug. The nice thing about acting was that I could express my emotions, while in real life, I became aware that people don’t always appreciate it when you express your emotions.” Richart! (big laugh!) yes, that is true! Maryam: “While on stage or on set they really respect you and say, ‘How do you do it? That was excellent!” Richart: So why do you like acting? Maryam: “It fits my character. I like to be free and express myself. So, when I act I feel very comfortable. That is why I think it is in my blood. Plus, I get appreciated for what I do. While in society they may think I am a trouble maker.” Richart: So what is your trick? Maryam: “Well, I have several tricks. But at the end of the day the day, I am a very emotional and pure person. I think that is a big plus for an actor. Richart: So in real life you are very emotional. Is that difficult? Maryam: “Yes, sometimes it is difficult. Because I can also be very impulsive. For instance, when I go to the movies

with a male friend and there is a sad scene I have to take measures, if I don’t want to cry. But I learned how to deal with it.” Richart: So where did you acting career go from there? I mean it’s nice that your mother supported you. Maryam: (Sudden laughter breaks out!). “Well, my mother just wanted me to overcome my shyness. So, when I got serious about acting my parents were like ‘What??!!’ I remember that my dad even tried to convince me to change directions, by expressing all the disadvantages of an acting career. “But The Heart Wants What The Heart Wants. It is like when you fall in love with someone, it is too late to deny it.” Richart: So what experiences in your life have helped your acting career? Maryam: “I have been around the places and have seen many faces who helped me get to know myself better.” Richart: Does that mean you are a little bit more aware and conscious of things that are happening around and within you? Maryam: “Yes sir that is correct.” Richart: Yes, that is good because as you get older, you become more present with your being. Maryam: “Yes, you understand who you are, which has a lot to do with your experiences. If you reflect upon them. Richart: Arrh!!! Yes, that the bonding experience! And I saw a clip of your recent film. Maryam: “Which one? (Big laugh)”


Richart: Michelle, the one that is going to be screened in Breda. What is that about? Maryam: “Michelle is about a young woman whose big dream and passion is to become an actress. Therefore, she wants to go to a prestigious acting school in New York. But the tuition fee very high and she can’t afford it. Michelle first tries to find a job but after being rejected multiple times, she takes desperate measures and ends up in prostitution to raise the money. All in order to make her dream come true.” Richart: There is no victory, without suffering.

prostitute to fulfill their dream. I mean film is power stuff and is this really the message we want to send out to the world? Maryam: “A film like this can shed light on the fact that prostitution is not fun. And that some people have to go through struggles to achieve their goals. ” Richart: You are a good-looking girl; you must have a lot of attention. Maryam: “I (laughs).”





Richart: So what is your attitude to life?

Maryam: “No pain, no gain. That is what my fitness instructor says (Sudden laughter breaks out!). He is the best!”

“Be friends with the solo one. Hug the lonely one. Love the broken one. Keep it real. Keep it Sexy (Laughs).”

Richart: You are the lead actress in this movie.

Richart: You seem like a very ‘feely’ person, is that so?

Maryam: “Yes sir.”

Maryam: “Yes, that is correct. I like to stay real to what I feel.”

Richart: Congratulations! So why did you choose to accept this role? Maryam: “I could empathize with the character and felt sorry for her. I am sure there are women out there who are in a similar or maybe worse situation. I think certain people or matters should not be neglected. The least I can do is help shed light on their situation. In this way, I like to express that I care and make other people care.” Richart: What I like about films is that they are very influential, don’t you think? Maryam: “Yes, I agree that films can be very influential.” Richart: And then maybe a film like this might influence somebody to think that they have to become a

Richart: Do think that that comes from being Persian? Maryam: “I am not sure. I guess it depends on the person.” Richart: I feel that is a very good way to live your life through the heart and guided by intuition. I feel that when we close off the heart and start worrying about what people think, that is when we become stagnant. Maryam: “Fortunately, I don’t have that problem. I have always been a little bit rebellious in the sense that I don’t really get bothered about what other people may think or say about my actions. This is also because I take into account that people are different and due to that just have different perspectives on life.”


Richart: I feel you are great! Maryam: “Thank you very much. You are great too!” Richart: So it sounds like you are quite a secure person? Maryam: “Yes, I am. I mean of course I have some insecurity, but on the whole I think that I have a good confidence level (Laughs).” Richart: I hear that you recently won an Award? Maryam: “Yes, I got an Award for my acting performance in Michelle and we got an Award for ‘Best Picture’ at the Breda Documentary & Short Film Festival, in the Netherlands.” Richart: So what’s it like to feel you have achieved something great with your work?

Maryam: “Yes, it is lovely to have the confirmation, which also tastes for more.” Richart: So what next? You’ve obviously got a big career ahead of you! Maryam: “Time will show (Winks). There are a few filmmakers I would love to work with. Other than that, I like to play roles which are psychologically challenging, stuff that is really deep and meaningful.” Richart: What does love mean to you? Maryam: “I think love is one of the greatest and strongest emotions. For me, love is about the unselfish loyalty and concern for the good and happiness of oneself, another person or animal.” Richart: That is fantastic! Thank you for sharing, and I wish you success with your acting career.


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