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‘Touch & Play’ The Boys Are Back in Town

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The Goddess is Back & Sex is Sacred

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Joyful Vision of a Resource Based Economy


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Dear Readers, In 2011, I started a physical and spiritual journey into the unknown on my ‘Show Your True Colours’ tour. As we have evolved, many people have come to know this continuous journey as “The Quest”. “The Quest” has led me to the gates of many great and inspirational pioneers of our time, people who are at the forefront of shaping and transforming our reality in these evolutionary times, for a better world that is spiritually fulfilling, environmentally sustainable and financially rewarding for everyone involved. Through the Quest I discovered healing frequencies, especially the 528 Hz, which unlocks 97% of the unused DNA, codes that lie dominant in our bodies. Unlocking these codes helps us to achieve our full potential. I have found that now I have an immense amount of creative energy. And in finding the balance and mastering the immense energy, I am starting to live and manifest my dreams on an extraordinary level. It reminds me a bit of that film ‘Limitless’, except the new drug is accessing your DNA Codes! So in 2012, the Quest brings you issue 8 of BondingXperience, themed “Being Mother”. Dr William Godwin, co-founder of World Enlightainment who is organizing the WE PlayDomes for the children of Afghanistan, explains being mother as “Being Mother is distinguished in terms of maternal activities of protecting, preserving, nurturing, and nourishing. In most cases we recognize those activities related to a mother and a child, whether it be a cat, a dog or a human. It is not to do with being a good or a bad mother, because that depends on people’s psychology and their environments and all sorts of other factors. But those, almost instinctual activities, which one can then apply to yourself, others and the planet as a whole. So if you imagine that the whole planet related to themselves in that being of ‘Being Mother’, then humanity transforms on planet Earth.” We are moving into action and the S.O.L. (Summer of Love) is coming! Watch out for further announcements and remember that every one of us has a S.O.L. PURPOSE and just by expressing our love to our neighbours we become part of the whole S.O.L to be experienced by all around the globe on the most natural frequencies :) I like to remind you that this is a free magazine co-created from love and if you feel touched or inspired in anyway by the BondingXperience then please feel free to make a donation. It is very much appreciated (details on page 28). Love & Blessings, Richard T. Voller Universal Co-Creator

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Dear Loved Ones – Message from Richard Voller

Xclusive Interviews 6 14 16 43 31

Sacred Dance – exclusive interview with Zinnia Gupte about Sacred Dance (USA) Fertile Ground – exclusive video interview, Galitta Tassa about Happy Goddessa The Key to Being in a new home – exclusive interview, Dirk Dekker, owner of Being Development (NL) about conscious-minded housing development & hybrid economics Free Energy Comes From Within – exclusive interview Nikos Akrivos (Greece), DJ/Producer and Life Coach opens up and shares more about his vision of a free world. Meet the MOOPSquad – exclusive interview with Sylvie Hitchcock and learn how to keep our planet free of MOOP!

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Totem – Humming Bird


Ritual – Wake Up with DJ Nikos


Technology – Long distance driving in Mini Countryman


Who Am I? Lizzl Shaki


Film Reviews – Chronicles, Thrive and Waking Life


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Understanding healing frequencies– we speak with DJ Giya about light and music (Ibiza)


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Joy of a Resource Based Economy – visionary, Richard Voller, talks from the future

BondingXperience is the first magazine in the world to be co-created on the love vibration frequency of 528 hertz. We do not have deadlines, rather we have liveliness. Intuition guides us for when content is ready to be submitted and when each issue is to be published. This is how we communicate, through the heart to the whole world. !

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The Humming Bird Totem Message: Joy - The Sweetest Nectar is Within Life is a wonderful delight â&#x20AC;&#x201C; darting from one flower to another, tasting the sweetest nectar and radiating the colours of the rainbow. The Humming Bird is a symbol for accomplishing that which seems impossible. It can teach you how to find the miracle of joyful living in your life. .

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An interview with Zinnia Gupte In 2011, I was working in Ibiza at an event organized by DJ Gee at the Es Mirador restaurant overlooking Santa Antonio Bay. That evening I had the good fortune of working with Zinnia Gupte. I was touching people with art and she was belly dancing. We had the briefest of conversations and kept connected via FaceBook. In 2012, I am returning to the Island for the Healing Ibiza event and we will meet up once again. But I thought that before that happened, I wanted to get a deeper understanding of who she is, her life works and her vision. So we linked up via Skype whilst she was back home in New York, USA.


Richard: So can you tell me more about the work you do as a “We dancer

“It is ecstasy when two forces, the lower earth Are Vessels, energies and the Let the Music Zinnia: “Basically higher Flow Through Us, energies we share the dance together as women meet. Let’s Dance” and all human Something beings. It is a happens in celebration of life. your heart Dance is joy! And joy is one of and it opens. It’s amazing and I the highest vibrations you can started feeling that at a young have because it is Source age.” Energy.” Richard: What age did you “Ever since I was a young girl feel that? I learned to dance different Zinnia: “I started dancing like forms and I always learned that when I was 5 years old. And prayer, yoga and mediation I started feeling that when I was with that. So the whole 8 years old. At a very young philosophy behind Indian and age, we are so open. And I Sacred dance is that you are always wanted to share that accessing your Sacred Body love of expression with other Temple and your sexuality to people, particularly because I give that energy to a higher come from a culture of source. And when you do that, suppression. But through dance, something happens inside of I could express myself.” you.”

Richard: Are you Indian then? Zinnia: “Yes, I was born in India and I came to the United States when I was 3 years old. And I learned the way of the masculine, which was working, and leadership, and business. And then along side that I learnt from my mother, grandmother and aunts, and going to India to the temples in Calcutta. We would give offerings and we would offer prayer.” “I felt that this prayer that my family would do was also a form of dance. It would bring me to tears. I was asked sometimes to dance in those temples. The feeling that I felt for being asked to dance for the Divine was just the most amazing feeling. I thought, how does everyone not feel this feeling?” “If I am the only one feeling this, how can I share it with people one day?” “So it was my dream since I was a little girl to give the feeling of connection through prayer, mediation, music, dance and body. I didn’t know how to do this when I was still little, but now it is coming together.” Richard: What are you doing this summer? Zinnia: “Our dance schedule is to go to Greece, Italy, and Spain to perform and do workshops. I have my own dance troupe and we have other dancers that we are connecting with. We are going to be dancing in Aphrodite’s Isle in Turkey this summer and other sacred places.”

Zinnia: “It is an awakening! Because when I started dancing in Ibiza, I started getting all the memories back of me being a Priestess in Ibiza for Tanit, an Oracle Priestess in Greece, a dancing Priestess of the Hathors, where you use the energy of dance to give an offering to the Divine.” “So all these memories were coming back, I knew this is what I was meant to do! I am meant to gather strong women and awakening them to their bodies, awakening the land energy, awakening our celebration of our hearts and Souls, nature, the moon cycles. I am meant to bring people together and dance on the sea, dance on full moons circles and dance in sacred sites.” Richard: Why dance? Zinnia: “Dance is prayer. We are just meant to dance together!” (Big smile from Zinnia) Richard: I can feel it! Zinnia: “In Ibiza, I was going through this unfolding. As a dancer I was a child, but I am a woman now. And the dance I do now is much more feminine and very sensual. So what do you do, when men are saying ‘Oh my God! You are so hot!’

“When all this was coming together for me, it was really a sacred memory for me. I had been doing this for many past lives.”

“How do you honour that they recognize your beauty? But know that you are just a Vessel for a Divine Gift passing through you. So as I was respecting the form more, I was freeing myself up more. I could dance on the beach naked. Children would start coming to me and asking ‘Can we dance with you?’

Richard: Is it a dream or is it an awakening in you?

“And we would dance a little of Indian dance here and

( "

there, but we would dance in the ocean. Then they start getting free and taking their clothes off and their mothers would come to me, and start crying. They said, ‘I don’t know who you are, but you unlock something in people. You let them be free and not care that anybody is watching. She said ‘My girl hasn’t danced like that for a long time.’ “So she kissed me on the head’ and said ‘thank you!’ She gave me a necklace and she said please don’t ever stop dancing so freely and please teach children.” “I felt that was a sign from the Universe saying ‘you need to teach people how to unlock themselves because everybody has the gift of dance inside of them.” Richard: That comes from having a strong guide who shows them the freedom, which is you! Zinnia: “One of the things that is exciting for me is that when I dance on Ibiza and teach, it is not just teaching them Odissi and performing on stage, but how to bow in prayer, how you twirl with your head to the sky. I am also being a choreographer of joy, a DJ of sacred music where I facilitate how your body responds to the waves in the music.” Richard: That is quite interesting, because I have just had an interview with a guy called Chris Goodwin who is working with sound and light frequencies in Clubs in Ibiza. Zinnia: “Wow! Interesting! And in the ecstatic dance I put on the first song and I let them just to respond to it. I tell them, ‘No-one is judging you in this space; you dance however you want to dance. It’s freestyle dancing. I

have different classes, one class

) "

will learn about belly dancing and we will learn about sensuality, but the intention is always, how are you listening and responding to your body?” “Not are the moves correct.” “So in belly dancing, how are you responding to your sensuality? In Indian dancing, how are you responding to pray inside of you? With Sufi dancing is how are you responding to joy and the circular motion inside of you? “How are you responding to pain or anger inside of you?” “How are you responding to your body and this vessel of emotions? “So with ecstatic dance when they are free styling, I say you have a connection to earth energy and you have access to divine energy. Those energies are going to be very different. You will hear a lot of bass energy like drum beats that effect your first and second chakras and then in Ibiza you hear a lot of the trance music which effects your third eye and throat chakra. So you are constantly wanting to move your head from side to side, but regardless, it is opening up portals inside of your body and when that happens, that part of your body starts to open and you will start have a lot of open chested and open legged movements, and head rolls and stuff.” “And you go into ecstasy when you do stuff like that. But I am teaching people how to learn the language of their body and it is the language of joy! Really, it is just the language of joy!” “And when you get in their you discover that there is anger, sadness, loneliness. But the beauty of your body is that when you dance like that it releases it.

* "

And the more you release that stuff the more that the joy can come out.” Richard: This is amazing that you can feel so much joy from this style of dance. I feel that this is interesting when it comes to Ibiza because there are so many drugs on the island, but now by simply coonecting with our emotions we can feel the same escatic feelings, if not more and better! Zinnia: “It’s a beautiful journey. I have one workshop called ‘Working from your insides out’. The more you try to hide the pain and run from the pain, the more it comes out. So in the dance workshop, we are going to go inside and out. So the only way out is through and we literary dance it out of our bones. Some people are on the floor crying, some people are exhausted. Some people hug a wall. Richard: It’s interesting because you are talking a lot about the connecting with the Divine Feminine, and on 28th December 2011 there was a huge solar flash on planet Venus that must have had an effect on Planet Earth. What do you feel is the significance of this? Zinnia: “When I dance, the first prayer that I say is thank you mother. Thank you for holding me when I dance. The biggest thing about Ibiza was that my dancers were daughters of Venus. That’s why we dance by the sea because that is Mermaid energy that is the mother of creation energy. And Mother Nature is holding us up, so we always thank mother earth for allowing us to dance.”

“So mother is the first point of gratitude and prayer because she has given us our feminine vessel, she has given us our feminine shape. She has given us the eyes to see the sacred and the beautiful. And she has given us the oceans and the waters and the land to dance with us. With the Sufi dancing, we dance for the stars. We go out and dance in cliffs, caves and oceans because we are connecting to Mother. Sometimes we are not even dancing for ourselves, we are dancing for her.” “This is an old passage rite of time. We used to do this in Greek times, in Phoenician and Pagan times. We would dance for nature and nature is watching us dance. The stars and the trees love it when we dance for them.” Richard: Can you give an example of this? Zinnia: “Yes, I was in Palenque, which is Mayan Mexico. I was with a group of people and we were chanting and praying for the people in Mexico, and all over the world on the Solstice. Later that day, the group leader told me that I needed to go to the temple and dance alone. And when I danced, there was a creek there that had water trickling through it. After I had prayed and asked the ancestors for permission to dance, I cried and shared with them my dreams. When I finished that dance with prayer, the creek was gushing with water!” Richard: So you are saying that you really feel connected to Mother Earth? Zinnia: “Yes! Before I came to Ibiza, I asked her the question, why do you want me to come here?” “I was changing my whole life. I was going through a separation.

Ibiza was calling me and I didn’t know why. I wanted to know, ‘How do I serve you?’ “How do I serve?’ Because I am not going to just go there and start partying!” “She said, I want you to open a dance school and a healing centre to teach the power of dance again. Dance is medicine. And she gave me very specific instructions on how to do this. So yes, in answer to your question, there is unity and planetary love that I feel when I dance.” “I feel very connected when I dance. But this is something that I would love to bring to Ibiza. There are many dancers who are doing there own thing, teachers all around the island and students who want to take all kinds of dance but can’t get around so, I want to open a Sacred Dance School.” Richard: Great, tell me more! Zinnia: “Well students will pay !50 for the whole month, and all my teachers will teach there and I will pay them well, but they won’t have to compete for students. We are all sharing the love and the wealth of dance information and the healing. And the teachers can teach each other, and we will have teacher training and this beautiful dance knowledge will just naturally grow, and grow and grow.” “We’ll invite people from all over the world to come and choreograph and do workshops and teach. And I want to give dance scholarships to locals on the island who can’t afford dance education. And I want to bring Indian students who would never travel otherwise and give them scholarships to learn to dance in Ibiza. I just want to cocreate unity through dance!”

!+ "

Richard: You have an amazing amount of cocreation within you and you are very passionate! It’s lovely to be talking with you Zinnia! Zinnia: “This is the next 10 years Richard. This is what I am manifesting in the next 10 years.” Richard: This is amazing, because we are calling the next 10 years, the decade that made the difference! This is when the action happens! I mean have you felt a difference in the energy this year? Zinnia: “My God yes!!!! (Tears start to roll down from Zinnia’s eyes) “Right after 2012 started, I didn’t feel that shift until the New Moon. Wooooh! This is it! This is the year of fulfillment, love and empowerment! If you are not in it, then heaven help you because we have prepared a long time for this moment and there is a beautiful rush of energy coming in to help us manifest whatever is our purpose to manifest for unity.” “And there are many of us who are still healing, that is going to take a life time. There are many who are still in 3D, so much in ego, we are here to help them too but we can’t help everyone. If there is a huge rift between those who are going into 4D and 5D, we can’t have so much lower level energy.” “But we are here to raise the frequency of Mother Earth.” Richard: And that’s why frequencies are so important now! Zinnia: “Yes, there is nothing like music and dance to raise the frequency of Mother Earth!

Richard: Funny, you know DJ Nikos Akrivos? He works with the 528 Hz frequency . Zinnia: “That the new Earth frequency, right?” Richard: Yes, and through his music on this frequency we can start to heal the DNA structure of all human beings. So it’s important that we can start working together, cocreating on a universal level. Would you agree? Zinnia: “Could you imagine in every New Year’ there were about 50,000 different places were people could dance to music on this frequency? Can you imagine just how high you could raise the whole planet! And then it wasn’t just New Year’s, it was every week! It’s just amazing what we can do!” “I have so many dreams for dance. I mean the first part of it is getting people into their bodies and appreciating nature, but then we can start healing nature with dance. Doing Reiki on waterfalls and lakes, and dancing around and raising the energy. Dance is medicine when you learn to combine it with Reiki and crystals.” Richard: How do you do that then? Zinnia: “When women come together it is an amazing energy! So if we all know Reiki, we go into a circle and we do the Reiki pray. Please love this energy, please let us tap into Source energy, please let this energy go to the highest good of all of us. Mind, body and spirit of Mother Earth. Then you seal the circle with protection and white light. And then you put your crystals in a spiral and we send our Reiki to the place we are trying to heal. Then we start dancing in a circle and we are literary lifting the energy up and sending it out in spirals.”

Richard: Why is it that when women come together there is such amazing energy? Zinnia: (Big smile) It’s because we are vessels! If you go into all the old lineage and testaments of sacred energy it is known that women are physically more spiritual vessels for knowledge to be in and to flow out. We are cups and that is just the gift that we were given by God and the Universe.” “And as we are Vessels, we are usually the first vessels for men, we are natural healers and so are men, but we naturally receive oral inspiration. If you think of male and female energy; a woman receives and a man gives the truth.” Richard: What happens to women when they dance like this? Zinnia: “There second chakra literary opens. For a woman this means that her womb literary opens! And there is an immense amount of energy that flows from that gate way as it is opened. And you can literary see it swirling in the room and you have to guide it upwards.” Richard: What is second chakra energy? Zinnia: “It is creative, it’s water, it sexual, it’s sensual. It’s the inner child. It’s powerful energy! “And when you bring it up to the heart and the crown. Well, it’s magic!” Richard: Well yes, and sexual energy and creative energy are both the same. I feel that many people are trapped in their minds and are frightened of connecting with their creative and sexual energy. What do you feel about this? Zinnia: “It because there is a lot of stuff that is trapped and hidden in that energy. When I started to experiment with this a

!! "

few years ago, I started to experience anger, resentment, and abuse. But you have to see it, in order to be able to release it! If you runaway from it you start to get dis-ease. I was starting to get reproductive problems. but the more I danced, the more my feminine problems started decreasing. My periods started getting better, I was having fewer cramps, and I had less tension in my muscles. The second you go into your body, you get out of your head.”

try to turn that energy around so she feels protected and beautiful.”

“The second you here a drum beat, you go into your heart.”

“And being authentic is so important. When you are authentic people will respect you because you are standing your ground and being you. And you will inspire somebody else to do that, and somebody else to do that and so on, instead of all conforming to this thing that none of us want to do! Where’s the inspiration in that? And then critizing and judging each other starts a whole cycle of being stuck in the mind.”

Richard: Amazing! Zinnia: “The thing is that when women are dancing in my classes, nobody is judging them. They are not even judging themselves.” Richard: Now that is new! So many people judge others all the time, especially themselves! Zinnia: “We bow to each other before we start. If a girl starts showing off in ego energy, ‘I am better than you!’ it’s only because that woman has so many gifts in her and she hasn’t been heard and seen! So we bring her up to the front and ask her to show us what she has and I ask the girls to circle her so she can really express herself in a very beautiful way. In this way woman are holding her and watching her in place of respect and awe.” “This co-creates a far better feeling than her being at the back and thinking that if nobody is going to watch her then she has to take central stage.” “We believe that if you have that gift then show us!”“So I

Richard: Wow! That’s good, because women are so competitive with each other! Zinnia: “I try to make dance a space where we are at peace with each other. I bring clothes and get them to dress each other and put the bindies on and do their make-up for each other. This way we are exchanging energy and we are here for each other in many ways, like we can’t do this alone.”

“When you dance, you leave all the judgments at the door.” Richard: So what does love mean to you? Zinnia: “LOVE! Wow! That is the hardest question ever.” “And yet, it is the simplest…” “This is part of my journey being here on Earth. I am learning what love is, unconditional love. For me love really is dance and joy and being so in-love with your self and your world, being in love and grateful for what you have, and your divinity and sharing all that we are with another person and serving the people around you.” “But what happens to me is that I get confused when it comes to romantic love. This is because

when two people come together you have desire, then one person wants to give something to them and the other wants to get something from them. So how do we get to this new vibration of love without needing and wanting anything from each other?” “Rather, just really being so present and loving yourself, and being whole, where all you are giving to that person is all that joy and love that you have inside of you.” “So that is my journey and that is where I wish to be.” What does love mean to you Richard?” Richard! Wow! You’re the first person to ask that? Love is everything! Love is all that IS! It is waking up in the morning and feeling myself alive in this body, and going out and sharing this being of love with the world. Everything I do with my life is an expression of love! Zinnia: “And you live it!” Richard: Thank you. Yes, we do!

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WAKE-UP with

DJ Nikos " "





Video Interview with Galitta Taasa Owner of Fertile Ground Studios

“Happy Godddessa”

Click on links below to view interview:

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" " " " " " " " " " " " " " "

! ! ! ! ! ! !


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The Key to BEING in your new home Exclusive interview with Dirk Dekker. I recently met with Dirk Dekker, Co-Founder of Being Development, a new conscious housing development company based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Walking away from the head office in Amsterdam, I felt deeply touched by this young man’s presence. Quite simply put, his vision and understanding of spirituality is a breath of fresh air for both the current failing housing

!' "

development industry and for the majority of the closeminded Dutch business sector.

different elements in place. You have to be aware of these elements and then you have to act on them.”

But his fresh and revitalizing approach and his understanding of how to integrate spirituality into our everyday working lives, so that it impacts everyone in a positive way, is a true benchmark for how I feel hybrid capitalistic companies of 2012 and beyond should operate. I felt truly inspired by our discussion and became even more aware that the big shift is happening now.

“Not everyone is seeing the elements, but we were very fortunate to be able to discuss these elements and co-create the market. We were able to be part of that change and actually be leading the change!”

THE INTERVIEW Dirk: “I think everybody needs inspiration to make a step because there are all these

Richard: When you say elements, what do you mean? Dirk: “Pieces of the puzzle. For instance, it is becoming a trend to be sustainable. First it was very socially orientated and not economically driven. And now it is becoming hip and cool. And if you brand and position your products correctly and add the components of sustainability to it, then you have a golden product.”

also stands for Building Ecologically INGeniously. So if you want to build ecologically you have to be aware and build suitably. You have to be ingenious nowadays because you cannot use the same old methods of producing houses or buildings as it is inefficient and bad for the environment” Richard: So how do you build your homes? Dirk: “We do not build traditionally. Normally people come to a location and start building brickby-brick to make a house. This has 15% inefficiency and that is a lot of waste basically.”

Left to right: Co-founders Dirk Dekker & Bas van Dam

“And this is the setting that we are in now because of the crises. So we already had six crises; food, the climate, the economy, poverty, energy and water. So the whole world is screwed!” “But because of the crisis all these new things appear and the planet will restructure itself because that is the flexibility of Mother Earth. And that is the moment that we are in now.” “Also trend wise, because of the squeeze people want something else. They can feel it! The hierarchical, economical, capitalism way is transforming.

!( "

And now we are moving towards a new hybrid form of capitalism, combing the key elements of capitalism but adding all the new elements.” “So this is a given fact and within this we have co-created a concept with certain products and processes to adopt towards this trend that is coming.” Richard: So tell me about Being Development, why did you choose this name? Dirk: “Because it has a few different layers. If you focus on the ‘development’ it is just a real estate company. BEING

Richard: So how do you do it? Dirk: “We build it in a factory in modular parts, like in the car industry. We actually build modules and each one is the size of a big truck. And all our houses consist of different modules.”

Lego land Richard: It’s like a little toy! Dirk: “Yes, it’s like Lego. That is how simple it is. 95% is made in the factory; the kitchen, the floor, the walls, the lamps, the finishing. Then we put it on the trucks and it is driven to the location and we install, and finish it. We made different designs to show the consumer that there are a lot of alternatives they can choose themselves. Now we are also working on 5 and 10 story complexes. So next to horizontally connecting the modules, we are now also connecting them vertically”

“So it is very flexible and very efficient. This efficiency creates a bandwidth to invest in quality. Quality is a design from the outside, but also a design that fits our customers needs.” “And the other quality is sustainability. So trying to go as far as we can, based on our vision and mission to use the right insulation, ventilation, water management, material uses, all these different sustainability elements. It is even possible to built a ‘off the grid’ home. Richard: Off the grid? Dirk: “Yes, so that it is not using any energy from the existing energy network. It is selfsufficient and we are also able to use materials that are part of the direct surroundings, as we try to source nearby from the physical location. This is actually how people co-created their house hundreds of years ago. They would take stones and chop trees from nearby and then bring it all together to build the house. It is quite logical, but we have lost this approach because of large scale efficiency and trying to accommodate every body.” “Now we need to go back to the environment and make a suitable design from the environment because the technology and the materials are there. And because we have evolved so far, we are able to better make things that are suitable for the environment and not harming the environment.” Richard: It feels as if we are shifting away from the global mass produced things to the individualistic, personalized and high quality products. Is that so? Dirk: “Our houses all use the same building blocks, so the base is actually the same; only

!) "

you connect them and finish them differently. So we make it flexible; it looks very different, but in the core it is all the same. So all these little elements add to the fact that we can make it personalized, but still economically viable because of technology, materials and media.” Richard: What do you mean by the media? Dirk: “The ‘long-tail’ Internet model that shows that in one particular location there may be a few interested people, but in the world there are hundreds of thousands of interested people. And the Internet is able to connect all these people. So media is able to connect all these people.” “But if you put all these houses together then there is a family of homes. They can all be a bit different, but there are certain different shared values and we connected this to our consumer segmentation and we created six BEINGS.” “Rather than branding people by there income, we segment them according to their shared values.” Richard: So if people want to buy these homes, do they have to buy the land? Dirk: “Yes, we help them find the land as well. This is something that is changing as well. Now because of the crisis, banks don’t finance large developments anymore, and individuals can’t get mortgages. So there are no large developments anymore, it is shifting to smaller developments.” “So a lot of Municipalities went broke because they had a lot

of money in land, which they couldn’t sell in the traditional way. So now, what is happening is that they are slowly understanding that they have to do small scale housing developments of 20 houses, 10 or just one and sell those. This is the process that we are in now and we help our customers to find that land.”

Moving Home Richard: What happens if people want to move home? Dirk: “Our modular building evolves into something very flexible for every home owner. For instance, in the future you can connect more modules if your family grows larger, or sell modules because it becomes smaller. Or if you work in the north of Holland in Groningen and you switch jobs and you go to the south in Limburg, then you just take your home with you. All these possibilities are being determined by the market.” “Also new is that our company model is structured in such a way that it responds to market demand. So we are totally market-demand-driven, instead of pushing something that we like. We are not the boss, the market it the boss!” “So we are a small flexible organization. We operate in a network, connect with different parties and let them add their quality to our product and cocreate something together. And we are aware of the market and are always being able to react to it.” Richard: How much would this be? Dirk: “This house is 64 square meters for Euro 99,000 (excluding VAT). It is a one-

bedroom apartment; we see it as being more of a second home. So it is an affordable product, but of course you can adapt it and make it more expensive if you choose.” Richard: It’s seems very connected to nature. Dirk: “Yes, there are large windows letting in lots of daylight and the floor is at ground level connecting the outside to the inside. And for people who wish more privacy, there is also one with an internal garden.” Richard: Are you working on any eco-friendly projects for the environment? Dirk: “Yes, we are working on an eco-wellness leisure park. So a whole park of 50 houses, the infrastructure, water and energy management, everything is in balance, and the wellness part is the people who come there, do all these wellness therapies. So the whole area is in balance.” Richard: That is quite interesting, because you can develop all this new technology, BUT the people who go into have to be in balance with the new technology as well… Dirk: “If it is simple it works. Technology has to be intuitive; it shouldn’t cost any energy or effort to use. Our market is a very niche market and will attract people who are living a certain lifestyle.” Richard: Do you do yoga or mediation? Dirk: “I used to do mediation more before than I do now. That’s the weird thing, I was doing more mediation when I was working at my previous organisation, but now I am starting a new company I am doing less. I know I have to do more. I have some mentors and

!* "

spiritual coaches who I connect with, but the thing is that it is integrated with everything that we do.” Richard: How so? Dirk: “Well we always use a compass symbol to explain. So we have North, East, South and West. The East is where it all begins, the base and the East is spirituality. Then it goes towards the South; the south of Europe which is more emotional, family orientated, more togetherness, and then it goes to the North, which is focused on processes, efficiency, structures, and then it goes to the West which is the USA, dollars, money, return on investment, results, more of the view of the real capitalism elements.” “There used to be a management style which was efficiency- and resultdriven, but it should be more integral, coming from a certain passion, spiritual experience or something we want to connect to on a holistic level. Then moving towards ‘being together’ because we are not alone. We are always dependant on each other, from being a baby and being very dependant on our mother towards the end of our life when we are very dependant near death. In between we feel we want to be independent, but we actually have to share and support each other.” “So we come from passion towards togetherness. Sharing emotions going towards efficiency. It all has to be aligned because of our history and then we have an economical result. And we just make this an integral model in everything we do.”

Richard: So this is your spiritual concept then. Dirk: “Yes, exactly! It is integrated into everything I do. So although I need to mediate a bit more to take some air, I need it less because it is integrated into my life. I have what my business partner Bas van Dam calls: ‘Awareness Moments’. “Firstly, I am more aware these days, I love going for walks in the forest, I love skating on the ice, and biking through the park. Secondly, every Tuesday morning we have our Board Meeting. In the first topic we always go through the company things, but the very first question is ‘How do you feel?’

Connecting with your emotions in the office Richard: Why is this important to you? Dirk: “This is a very interesting addition to how are your sales going? This co-creates a space to emotionally connect to your business partner. And we have a certain moment in time to let out any tensions. People need to have this time.” “People want to say things to each other through their own time. So now we co-create a moment for this to happen.” “Even the smallest bullshit thing can build up so much tension that either I can disconnect with my partner or something can go wrong within the company. These are all the spiritual elements put into practice.” Richard: Yes, it’s as if you are being spiritual in the office! Dirk: “YES! And that’s the Key! To make the change, we have to integrate it into our actual life

and business and everything we do. Basically into our whole existence and in that sense inspire everybody to do the same thing.” “It all comes from awareness. When we go all the way back and we become aware of our intentions. An intention is the beginning of every effect.” “So if every intention has the correct intention, then every effect will have a positive result.” Richard: What books do you read to learn about this? Dirk: “In 2009, I went to Nepal in and India and there I read a book called ‘ Business and the Buddha: doing well by doing good, by Lloyd M. Field, which really inspired me. It was great to see that spirituality can be in the office, but we need to be aware of how to integrate it into our offices. Some people are really not into it, they understand the cool products we have and that is fine. That is enough!”

#+ "

[Both Dirk and Richard start laughing] Dirk: “Yes, that is fine! If we can trigger them through our design element and they move on that part, then that is enough. Maybe some people will buy our products and be part of it, but not everyone will be in the core of understanding it. That is OK.” Richard: I feel that the evolution that we are in now, the spirited people with the open hearts and the conscious-minds, those are the people who are coming through as the Buddha’s of business and who are going to lead us into the next era. Dirk: “Yes! I totally agree. And there are starting to be more and more people who are in the same team. But also economically in the same team, not just spiritually, emotionally and environmentally.”

Economics Are Starting to Understand Spirituality “So now the economics are starting to understand it. That is really important for the change, because in the end that is the shift!” Richard: WOW! Dirk: “Yes, that is the shift. So we need these more business types of people who are really doing it to understand it. If we have a scale of business people and at the top end we have rational business people and they start to even understand it, because they know deep in their hearts that they also have some kind of feeling.” Richard: hahahahahaha YES! Dirk: “Then it can connect! And they see it is possible and it is ok to connect to your self. I am not the best guy who can understand emotions, but at least I can understand how it

works. And together with Bas, we try to inspire people to join us in this transformation.” Richard: So how do you work with your strategic partners? Dirk: “It’s important to be transparent, to be open, not to judge too fast. It is a softness that we can connect to and be honest in business together. It’s also about accepting that things are the way they are and don’t play games.” Richard: How do you know that your business is on track? Dirk: “It’s all about being aware. Every Wednesday morning we have a marketing update, analyzing all our traffic on the website, seeing campaign monitors of our mailings, so being aware of how they connect, how our messages go out and how they are received. But also we do competitor analysis every week, to see what our competitors are doing and also seeing opportunities in property developments. So that is looking outside and inside every week, and also outside and inside on a human level too!” Richard: Yes, outside the being and inside the being! Dirk: “Yes, that is essential! Richard: It’s the essence of life. Dirk: “Yes, and this awareness is the key! If everybody would be this aware, then we are on the right track.” Richard: How come? Dirk: “Because then in my mind it would not be possible for instance to throw rubbish on the streets. It is so weird if you do this because if you really understand what you are doing and you do this, you actually have no awareness at all, and no feeling of guilt. So if

#! "

everyone became more aware, these things would become naturally resolved over night.” Richard: It’s funny because I was interviewing this group of girls from Los Angeles only yesterday, called the MOOPSquad. Stands for Matter Out Of Place. They go around with these special wands and inspire thousands of people to be more aware about rubbish and cleaning up the environment. It’s so simple and fun, and it is working. Dirk: “Yes, I am happy that a lot of this is happening on all different levels. As I say, I wish to make a very large impact in the world. These initiatives are very important, especially the smaller ones, because we need them on every level.” Richard: And working in the housing development industry, do you also work with companies outside of your industry? Dirk: “I feel we have the potential to connect with every industry. We connect with logistics and the whole transportation of products, or we can be involved in the North of Amsterdam where the whole creative sector is trying to re-organize itself and then connect to all these creative companies.” “Everybody is in buildings.” [Suddenly we become aware of the piped music in the room.] Dirk: “And music is one of the five senses. Are you happy in your home? We have interior designers who co-create everything suited to your needs and this can also include music. So yes, we can

even be working with the music industry.” Richard: Well interesting, because I’ve just interviewed another guy for this issue called Chris Goodwin, who is a light and music engineer working with different frequencies that can heal our DNA and our emotions. Dirk: “I am hearing about this more and more. For instance the online radio. I think it has always been here because music touches emotion and using this frequency I can see it can be an extra value to move towards the certain frequency that we need.” “Frequency can also be your process in life and your ways of doing things. Taking time to mediate and relax is also a frequency. Not working all the time is also a frequency, it’s all this different energy moving all the time.”

New World of Work Richard: Yes, this is something I am becoming aware of more in Holland and that is the balance between work, private and the quality of life. Dirk: “And yes, I feel we need to go one step further and then just make it the same. So this is the new world of work, is the transition from the corporate life to working at home. But if we are working at home then we need the technology to support our new lifestyle, so we need the space in our home to work, we need ready access to all the documents, we need easy ways to communicate like Skype systems and powerful hardware and all the correct and up-todate software. And the problem is that if we are constantly

bringing our home to work and work to home it gets a bit confusing.” Richard: So what is your solution? Dirk: “I feel it has to become an integral part of our being. We become more aware of our self and we take time for our self when we need it. And work isn’t work; it is us just adding value to things that we want to add value to. Not doing it for the boss, we are doing it for ourselves!” “Then we become so aware that we are part of making something that is relevant.”

Business - the missing link! Richard: Does that mean that we become aware that we are part of humanity? Dirk: “Yes! Sometimes people miss that link. They may have the drive for the company or event the sector, but they miss the connection with the world together with the people.” “I feel that everything has to add up so that we can overcome all

## "

these crises we have experienced. At least we should be able to balance this world! Come on!” Richard: Yes, we are intelligent enough to do that! Dirk: “Yes, and we have to sort out this ego trip that is going on with fighting over land.” Richard: The competitive issues with land, yes, why can’t we just say we are people of the world? All the land belongs to us; let’s stop fighting over it and just share it. Dirk: “Yes, the whole world is ours, let’s stop worrying about it.” Richard: hahaha…. Yes… there is enough of it to go around! Dirk: “Yes, in the end there is! And we need to evolve towards more balanced ways of being.” Richard: This issue is about being Mother. What does that mean to you?

Dirk: “Taking care is always connected to being a mother. It is an intangible thing that you should also connect with your own human being.” Richard: OK, great! So lastly, what does love mean to you? [Suddenly he gets a text message and his attention is diverted] Richard: You love being called? Dirk: “I love being called! [big smile] “I feel that love is something that everybody has, and that is the essence of a human being. I feel that somehow we took a sidetrack and forgot about love for a while, so that we were able to do all these evolutionary things, but now we have to go back a lot towards the love track and re-connect to love. And if you are already there, then try to help others to re-connect. Love is a connecting element.” Richard: Brilliant, thank you Dirk.

Dacian Honey In this section ‘Xam’ we focus on Romania and the honey industry by talking with Shao who has a natural bee orchard producing Dacian Honey. Shao exports his honey to Amsterdam, the Netherlands where he lives.

saying ‘Don’t worry, Bee Happy’. So now let’s discover more about this remarkable man and his Dacian Honey.

He also practices martial arts & Parkour, training has become an important part of his life. He is learning Capoeira and is inspired to become a teacher one day. And he practices Qigong, which is has some shamanic roots and this connects him with the shamanic beliefs of his ancestors.

Why did you choose the name Dacian Honey? “It’s might be seen as being connected with the name of Dracula. He was actually a real king from one of the medieval kingdoms of what is today known as Romania. But there is far more to it than that! As a Romanian, the Dacians are our ancient ancestors. They were producing honey at a large scale for millennia, so they actually taught us many things that we can learn from today.”

As you get to know Shao, you will understand that he has a very happy-go-lucky approach to life and you understand more about the

“To really appreciate honey is to know something about the ones who first discovered this miraculous food for us. Therefore, a

#$ "

name like Dacian Honey suits perfectly, as it is produced in a similar manner as it was produced in the Dacian world and, luckily enough, it is still made from almost the same flowers. The ‘good’ part of having really silly governments in Romania is that nature wasn’t exploited in the same way as humans are, so a few ancient forests and animals still live there.” “And Dacian kings were basically only kings in time of war, as their role being was decreased in times of peace because the Dacians loved to call themselves "free men".

Can you please explain the process of creating your honey? “We have around 60-70 beehives in an orchard in North East Romania, but producing lots of honey as they are kept in an orchard. There are a few forests in the area, with lots of Robinia Pseudoacacia Trees, and also lots of sunflower fields around the forests. “We make sure the bees have enough honey in their hives, because if we are too greedy

then they might die and in the end we won’t have any honey at all! We have to do a treatment in the spring against parasites and then we have to make sure all the hives have enough honey in order to build up their small new kingdoms. Also, because there are lots of politics involved in their world and sometimes one hive has more than one queen; we have to make sure that in the end each queen has her own kingdom to take care of.” “Bee keeping has been criticized by animal rights activists, saying that the exploitation of bees has to end. But I don't call this exploitation, I call this harmony. I take care of them, they take care of me - it's that simple.”

keep them alive you have to steal honey from the more developed hives around and to put it in their hives. They do this as well; they go stealing sometimes, but of course, not at such a huge scale as we humans can do.” “If you want them to be peaceful you have to make sure they are healthy and that they heave sufficient honey. Only afterwards, we can add separated compartments, in which they put the extra honey from different season flowers - robinia pseudoaccacia trees, Tilia Platyphyllos trees, sunflower, etc. So, when the season ends you can empty those separated compartments and there is your honey.”

“Of course, if we speak about industrialized bee keeping then that's exploitation. Because those people don't keep their bees because they love bees or honey, they keep their bees because they love money. They move the beehives from one place to another, depending on the flower seasons, so the bees don't rest at all. Also, not having a stable home can be as annoying and stressful for bees, as it is for humans.”

“We do this in a small shed near the orchard and usually it's a ‘big operation’ involving up to 10 people for 60-70 beehives. The more experienced workers take the honeycombs from the beehives while the less experienced workers support with smoking cans to chase away the guard bees. In a beehive every single bee has a very definite job.”

“After helping them to recover in the spring and to build new families, you have to look after the lazy ones. Don't believe those who say bees are very dedicated to work - or even workaholic, there are also bees that can be very lazy. So, in order to

“The honey combs are then cleaned of wax and the carefully put into a centrifugal barrel in which the honeycombs are introduced in order to get the honey out of them. After this, the empty honeycombs are returned

#% "

to the orchard and put back in their beehives.” So, the honey I am selling is natural honey, with nothing extra and nothing added to it. It is pure.” What is special about your products? For me, I can say that this stuff is magical, because we don't know exactly what honey is! For me it's very special because this creates a link between my ancestors and me. For somebody else it can be very special because one can get high if eating too much. Some can consider this special due to its healing power and can use it as a natural remedy. But every natural honey can do this. So, what I really find special about this honey are the flowers from which the bees extract the pollen to produce the honey. There are an impressive number of wild flowers growing per square meter around here, and recent studies have shown that in Romania you can still find some ancient vegetation and that half of the number of wild animals from Europe lives here.

For more information please contact Shao (pronounced like Shao from Shaolin Kung Fu): ano


through FaceBook asking me to send them a bespoke handpanted and signed garment. It seems that people all over the world adore his artistic creations! He paints onto high quality clothing; jeans, shirts and jackets for men and blouses, dresses and jackets for women.” Please state your size and preferred colours and he shall make sure you receive the very best customer service and high quality clothing. We also ask that 50% is paid in advance and that the

for the Stars In 2012, ‘Touched by Art’ clothing company is now exporting fashionable handpainted bespoke garments for men and women around the world. Richart Llover, the owner explains, “I found that although people love to have the handson experience of being touched by art, there were also other people who connected to me

#& "

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Listening to the 528 Hz vibes of DJ Nikos Akrivos whilst co-creating BondingXperience, keeps me motivated, focused and keeps my spirit high. In this state of being, all solutions easily flow to me. So it is essential to have high quality sound system from JBL and good headphones from Sennheiser. #' "

How to Read BondingXperience

How to Share BondingXperience

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Every Editor has to have a Legacy.

The World’s First e-Magazine to be cocreated on the 528 Hz frequency “And of course to make an original it takes more than some lovely technology, some fancy software and even a beautifully crafted and personalized Legacy fountain pen. To make it all come together and have a positive impact on humanity your product has to have a Soul Purpose.”


“All the work that I do for emagazine comes from the heart, which means that the whole magazine is co-created from the vibration of love. And that comes from something deep within. That is also why there are no deadlines for publication, for it is all co-created on feelings and knowing. There are only LiveLines.” “I ask people to contribute and share their stories to inspire others all around the globe. I trust in Divine Planning and the Universe for it all to come together just how God intended it to happen. It is what I refer to as ‘The Quest’”. “Many people are astonished when they become aware that I am the researcher, interviewer, writer, editor and designer. I do have guest writers, but I am the one who puts it all together. Why? Well I believe that my work is of great importance to humanity and if I didn’t do it, no one would. It’s my duty! So I do it for freedom and love for humanity. Of course donations are appreciated! ! #) "

Above: Richard Voller, Editor-in-Chief of BondingXperience,

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An interview with Sylvie Hitchcock.

The MOOPSquad Everything is connected on Planet Earth. I found this out recently when I was checking out my friend’s wall on FaceBook. Ryan Reeves is his name. We have connected through our mutual friend Heather Odom. The common ground was The Venus Project and living in a Resource Based Economy. Now I was checking his wall and I came across a very interesting video of the group of girls picking up rubbish. They called themselves the MOOPsquad. Intrigued, I decided to dig deeper and find out more. Shortly Anders Gustavsson contacted me and the interview was setup with Sylvie Hitchcock, the leader of the MOOPsquad, who is based in Los Angeles, USA.

$! "

THE INTERVIEW Sylvie: “Viral behavioral change is what we are focused on. And one the wonderful methods is using our technology to the advantage.” Richard: Exactly! So can you tell me more about the MOOPsquad and what it is all about? Sylvie: “We specialize in Matter Out Of Place (MOOP). It’s a term that grew out of ‘Leave No Trace’ festivals, and the MOOPsquad is a group of females that are a theatrical public service announcement to remind people not to litter in the first place, and when they see litter they should pick it up.” “We try and make it fun,

exciting and engaging. So we have an utili-militant style look. We basically demand authority by creating this look of being in charge. By doing this people tend to do what we say. It’s Alternative Education by example.” “We use this device, we call them MOOPwands, which is a hinged reaching tool. We carry them like guns and there is a fun style we use to pick things up.” “It could be a cigarette butt or something that fell out of somebody’s hand. Nobody really wants to bend down and pick something up. By using these tools we remind people that there is an easier way to do it!” Richard: Trying to make people conscious-minded about picking up rubbish is quite difficult at times, isn’t it? Sylvie: “It’s kind of like Fengshui

for the mind. It’s a kind of walking meditation. It relates in many different ways, not just picking up trash. It is about clearing your mind and your space and by doing this it creates a better flow.” “So trash has this idea of being dirty and gross and people don’t want to touch it. On the other hand we are very feminine, we are very clean, and we are definitely not garbage men.” “This just reminds people, what is trash?” “Not only is it an anthropological perspective of an area but it also leads to more questions. A candy wrapper… why is it dirty?” “Someone opened it and touched it with their hand. Is it really dirty and gross, or is it in the way and needs to get put away somewhere?” “Of course cigarette butts are the number one MOOP that we come across. Those we consider dirty! So yes, we use the wand and keep ourselves sanitized. We carry around our hand sanitizer, sun block and chap stick.” Richard: Are you giving people these wands to go and clean up as well? Sylvie: “For certain festivals we have our mobileMOOPunits, and these are carts that we have redesigned. It is a shooting gallery style where people can grab the wand.” “We have different levels of the wands. The orange wands are the public use wands. We have ways to engage people to use them, for example we have a

$# "

bingo game and for the festival ‘Lightening in a Bottle’ last year we had a Sangria party.” “People come over for the Sangria and then we give them a wand and a bingo card and they have to go and pick up trash items, and then they can come back and trade it for a Sangria.” “Each girl also has their own customized wand, which are our personal wands.” Richard: So basically you have co-created a little fun game, that engages with the general public and you are trying to get this message into their minds about cleaning up the planet. Sylvie: “Precisely!” Richard: So what is your vision? How do you see your initiative impacting the world? Sylvie: “It is not just about picking up trash. It is reminding people to be responsible for themselves. The bigger vision is to ultimately replace what is known as ‘The Girl Scouts of America’, this treasure hunting game is one of the many pieces to that puzzle, and we aim to instill responsibility and confidence in girls from toddlers to adults. We have our utility belts; everything is attached to us so we can’t drop things or lose things. We know how to start fires, we can camp, and we know how to survive. On the other hand, the point in this project now is to try and get people to be aware of their surroundings, and

branding an consciousness.”



“You can find yourself on a random adventure because you are following this trail of MOOP.” Richard: So quite deep?



Sylvie: “Well if you look at our logo. That is something of a message in itself. Not only is it a target, but also it’s infinitely expansive and infinitely internal. The ripples go both ways. It is an infinitely flexible symbol.” Richard: How are you touching on the message that rubbish can also be internal? Sylvie: “I think that it is definitely part of the project. My personal guiding point is time self-reflecting and meditating. To change the physical environment has meant that you need to reach out and do something. So it is a link of action.” Richard: When did you start to feel this change within you? Sylvie: “When I went to ‘Burning Man’ in 2002, I was introduced to this wand. I was very lucky growing up here in the USA where there was this big ‘LitterBug’ campaign. So in the 80’s it was just common practice to not to litter.” “You would be called a litterbug! It was something that you did want to do! I spent quite a bit of time travelling around the world to different places and realized that people don’t have that same framework. There hasn’t been a litterbug

campaign in a while.” Richard: What was it that caused it in the 80’s then? Sylvie: “Well it was a child friendly way to teach the younger generation.” “Being introduced to the wand in 2002, I felt like I had a purpose. I was able to explore on my own without feeling uncomfortable. It would lead me in places I might not have gone.” “So I started doing the Burning Man ‘Decompression’ events and ‘Leave No Trace’. I started doing these but there was nothing solid, no structure. We just shared a wand, harassed people and picked up rubbish.” “When I went to Berkeley, I met a few like-minded girls and we started to take it a little bit more seriously and tried to reach out in a larger way and we started dressing up in thematic colours and became a more public display. So our colours are a very bright orange, white, and blue.” Richard: What symbolize?



Sylvie: “If you look at the logo, the sun is the centre or the core of the fire inside of us all, we have the infinite expansiveness of the sky and ocean which is the blue band and the white band is more personal. It is a feminine symbol and it is also very clean.” “The target definitely one of the universal signs that people see straight away and they recognize it.” Richard: How can people get involved with your project?

$$ "

Sylvie: “People can get involved in anyway! Just by seeing some rubbish and throwing it away in the proper receptacle! If they are at an event that we are at, they can come and join the MOOPtroops. We do MOOPmissions where MOOPagents to go out together on these adventures.” “People can also go to our FaceBook Fan page, where we post the MOOPmissions, so people can join us.” “We often do one big MOOPmission a month. I often carry my wand with me when I go out or when I go to a club.” Richard: So you have become quite a celeb with your wand? Sylvie: “People do know me. They recognize the wand and me. They recognize the message. They know not to drop a cigarette but in front of me!!!!” Richard: I suppose chewing gum is pretty difficult for your wand? Sylvie: “You know, I have never really had problems with chewing gum. Maybe people don’t spit it on the ground here. I have picked up some pieces of gum, but luckily it has hardened so it is not sticky any more.” Richard: Out here it is a major problem! Sylvie: “I guess we should make a wand with a solvent!” Richard: YES! So do you

travel to Europe at all? Sylvie: “Well my sister lives in London, in Greenwich. And I had forgotten to bring my wand and there was so much litter! There were just piles and piles of trash everywhere. So rather than picking it up, I stared to document it. I would take a photograph of each piece of trash because it is an anthropological view of an area and the kind of trash that is on the streets of Greenwich is different than the streets here in Venice.” Richard: different?




Sylvie: “Different brands of candy. I noticed that candy wrappers were the most popular MOOP there.” Richard: So you notice all the detail in the rubbish? Sylvie: “Yes, I do! I can’t help it! We specialize in microMOOP as well! The precision of this tool is amazing. We can pickup a fibre with it! So there are the larger cans and cups, but at ‘Burning Man’ or ‘Lighting in a Bottle’ it could be a feather.” “We do find treasures and turn them into wearable decorations. Occasionally we will find someone’s missing jewelry and we’ll be sure to wear it until someone finds it again.” Richard: What do you do with all the trash? Sylvie: “We throw it away!!!!!! Hahahaha…. Just kidding!” “Sometimes it gets integrated into new things, like jewelry or into wearable creations. We have been collecting bottle caps for the last month so we can

create our Badges of Honour.” Richard: It’s interesting because I was working on another article for a company called ‘’ who make eco-friendly homes out of recycled materials. They are American and maybe you could both work together? Sylvie: “Part of the larger hopes and dreams of this project is reuse into building materials. If we have troops of people all over the world, we will be able to go into a more of a waste management direction. So when we have a million water bottles, we can build some incredible things out of them, whether it is a floating island or a house.” Richard: You could be working with Earthship! I always believe in synchronicities and this just popped into my mind! Sylvie: great!”



“You need to recycle, you need to do this!” “I have a little bit of punk rock streak. I don’t want to be told what to do! There are some obvious things that are going on right now, where it is cool to be thoughtful and be aware of your neighbour, and smile at someone when you are walking by them!” “And these are the things that we are all working together for on this planet. And we are all one, but we are all fragmented, just to come together again! It’s community building, it’s team building and it’s humanity building!” Richard: And you are a leader in this!


“Everything has multiple purposes. There is the one that it was intended for and then there is the thing that comes out of it. One of the more simple things that we do with water bottles is making a wine glass.” Richard: You are spreading a message about being more conscious-minded; I feel there has been a big shift in 2011 and certainly in 2012. Sylvie: “It is incredible to watch our culture adopt certain behaviours that used to be marked as “not cool”. Things like sustainability and ecomindedness. It separated a lot of people from engaging in that

$% "

world because it was something that they were being beaten over the head with.”

Sylvie: “Yes, I am a leader in this. Richard: I am glad you say this because a lot people say, ‘No! I am not a leader! But we are all leaders and you are especially a leader because you are standing out there in front of the general public with a message and inspiring people. Sylvie: “It’s one of those things that if I am not doing it, no-one else will!” “I moved quite a few times when I was younger and there was the realization of being the new person and shaping peoples perception of

who I am. Also, everything can matter and then nothing really does!” “So if I am standing on street corner doing something where people can be laughing at me, that’s fine! They can laugh all they want! Then there are going to be some people who see it and realize that what I am doing is actually valuable. And then we start to grow our troops. And then people come up and they are really excited about joining the MOOPsquad!” Richard: Are the boys allowed to be involved as well? Sylvie: “It is a female centric group although it is open for everyone, but we have different roles for the different genders.” “I am a feminist. I can do anything for myself. I can open doors for myself and carry heavy things. But part of the shape of this project is we can be girlie girls, we can be pretty and cute and have the boy pick up the big heavy thing for us!” “They don’t get a MOOPwand, but they can carry our mobileMOOPbucket!” Richard: They groupies!



Sylvie: “Yes, MOOP Groupies are called ‘MOOPies’ and they are critical to our success!” “They support us and they get excited about being part of the project! But having this interesting divide between the girls and the boys makes it more special to be part of the MOOPsquad because girls can wear the jacket and the boys can only get the hat!” Richard: This is quite funny because I am also an artist,

energy wave. It is being said that this is bring more feminine energy to Planet Earth, bringing more balance into our lives on a vibrational frequency. Sylvie: “That doesn’t surprise me at all! The Universe is here for us to learn about each other and ourselves. The symbolism of Venus, being that of the female as big, strong and powerful! And also very sweet!” “And I’ve never tasted Venus! Maybe this is a new candy bar that hasn’t been created yet!!!!” Richard: Exactly! That is the one that will make the difference! Sylvie: “Yes! And it will have a bio-degradable wrapper!” Connect on FaceBook:

Sylvie Hitchcock

known as ‘The Heart Chakra Painter’ because I paint onto people’s clothing. My heart work is about people, especially women being able to confront their inner fears. I find that at the moment many women are still living in fear because we are living in a patriarchal world and there are still a lot of women who are very suppressed within it. Sylvie: “That is true! So you have noticed!!!!!” Richard: Yes, and through my artwork I am supporting

$& " k

with this release of the suppression of women. Sylvie: “That is wonderful! I am all about empowering both genders, but I happen to be a girl. And we have definitely had an imbalance here for thousands of years.” Richard: So I feel that there is no coincidence that you are coming to the forefront now. I don’t know whether you know or not, but on 28th December 2011, there was a massive solar flash on Planet Venus, a massive


Test Drive

Long Distance Driving – Mini Countryman We understand that electric cars and other forms of eco-friendly transportation are the way ahead for humanity, but until the infra-structure is readily available we still need the support of traditional transportation that can easily get us from A to B on long distances. I recently test drove the Tazzario Zero and found it great for town driving, but not for long distance driving. So when we drive from Amsterdam (the Netherlands) to Brussels (Belgium) or Paris (France) or Berlin (Germany), then I choose to drive something that is

$' "

suitable for long distance driving because it has a great balance between comfort, economy, and style. And the joy of living a 5th dimensional lifestyle is that I don’t have to own things, I can just borrow them for the time that I require them. That is why hiring a car is so much more beneficial for me than owning one. I mean, did you know that on average we don’t use our car for 95% of the time we have it! The Mini Countryman So I found a car that is small yet felt it had BIG presence, especially with the raised seating position. And It is cheap to run and can go further than average on one tank of diesel as it does 46.3 kilometers per litre. It’s also fantastic because it has space for my paints. And lastly, well it looks super sexy. The Mini Countryman looks like a

normal Mini except on steroids. Although it may look like it’s pumped up with drugs, it’s actually very healthy with its CO2 emissions at 152 grams per kilometer and it has a top speed of 210 km/h. Best Prices in Amsterdam We recommend that Sixt car rentals and they even have an office on the Prins Hendrikkade right next to central station. The customer service is very friendly and the price for a Mini Countryman starts from just !80 which includes third party insurance, navigation system and 150 km free driving. For more information, please visit

$( "

This is his story.


Frequencies in Music & Light An interview with Chris Goodwin

I first met Chris Goodwin in Ibiza when I was invited to Maxx’s private house party. It was my heart chakra shirt that sparked off the conversation and soon afterwards I was painting Chris’ heart chakra next to Es Vedre rock on the northern tip of the island. Soon we became good friends as we quickly realized we had the same outlook on life. A few months later whilst back in Amsterdam, I contacted Chris, as I was intrigued to learn more about his life works and vision.

$) "

Richard: Can you just explain for our readers something about who you are, what you passions are and where you work? Chris: “My names Chris Goodwin and go by the name of G.I.Y.A this stands for ‘Give It Your All’, in other words everything you do in life, make sure you do the best you can. My passion is making people feel good by raising their vibrational frequencies with music, lights and visuals. I have been working in clubs for the past 14 years and now live in Ibiza and I am planning to use my knowledge to

awaken as many clubbers as possible.” Richard: Why did you decide to move the island of Ibiza? What captured our imagination? How long have you been living there? Chris: “I don't think anyone decides to come to Ibiza. It is more like they get a calling from the energy here to come. I did and have not left for 4 years and I am not planning to leave soon.” Richard: We understand that you are working with different frequencies in both music and light. Many people are unaware of frequencies; can you explain why it is

important to be aware of the frequencies? Chris: “Everything evolves around frequencies; there have been many studies on sound frequencies. Cymatics is a very interesting study of sound frequencies generating sacred geometry shapes in water and other substances. The human brain is also affected by different sound and light frequencies. Light colours also vibrate on different frequencies and I believe the colours we see also affect the chakra system. Blue helps people calm down and of course everybody's favourite indigo gives you a sense of a well-being. Sound frequencies to can achieve this, for example, 528 Hz is the healing frequency, I will explain more later.”

$* "

“Also brain sync frequencies are very important and the help brain balance thinking patterns, the brain has two hemispheres the left and the right. The left side used for thinking about logical, mathematics and time oriented things and the right is creative and non-linear things. Most people think with one side causing an imbalance. Philosopher’s artists and other great minds use both in unison.” Richard: How can frequencies be used in Light in clubs? Chris: “Clubs have a lot of colour from lasers moving lights and LEDs and with all these its possible to change the mood of clubbers. As I

explained earlier, light colours vibrate at different wavelengths from red to violet and these all have different frequencies. Nick Anthony Fiorenza has done a very interesting study on the measurement of light combining light frequencies with audio frequencies and the musical scale. He has also includes planetary harmonics that have similar frequencies. This is where it gets interesting. 528hz is the love and healing frequency it's also the key of C on the musical scale, but the most interesting part of all is the heart chakra colour green is also related to the same point on the spectrum.” Richard: How can frequencies be used in music? Chris: “There are many ways

741 Hz - Awakening intuition 852 Hz - unconditional love and returning to spiritual order “Then you have the brainwave frequencies, these are patterns of electrical activity in the brain.”

frequencies can be used in music starting with the musical scale. All the notes have different sound frequencies. Another way is to mix in the actual frequencies to induce the desired mental state. This can be done in several ways. A sound generator is one method to add the desired frequencies. Another method, which I use, is binaural beats. This is the process of syncing the brainwave pattern to a frequency generated by two osculating frequencies. For example, if 300hz was played in one ear and 310hz in the other, then the binaural beat would have a frequency of 10hz. This is method I prefer because playing low frequencies like this are inaudible to the human ear and also can damage speakers.” Richard: Is this a scientific discovery? Is there any credible backing to this theory? Chris: “Yes, There have been many scientific studies and discoveries about sound frequencies. The binaural beat effect was discovered in 1939

%+ "

by Hienrich Wilhelm Dove and in the late 20th century was a lot more popular due to the claims that binaural beats helps with relaxation, mediations, creativity and other mental states. Another is Dr. Leonard Horowitz and Dr. Puleo who suggest that the frequency of 528Hz is the repair frequency for damaged DNA.” Richard: What are the different frequencies and what can they heal? Chris: “There a lot of frequencies for different effects. Firstly let's take a look at the Solfeggio Frequencies. These are from am ancient musical scale used in ancient music and where believed to enable spiritual healing and transformation when played in harmony.” 396Hz - Releasing emotional patterns 417 Hz - Breaking up crystalized emotional patterns 528 Hz - Love Frequency DNA repair 639 Hz - interconnectedness, connecting relationships

Theta 4-8hz. Zen mediation, dreaming Alpha 8-13 Hz. Relaxed state inward awareness Beta. 13-30 Hz. Active concentration Delta. 1-4 Hz. Deep meditation “There various websites that give you a detailed lists of frequencies and their properties for example.” 8.0hz past life regression 6.3 Hz astral projection 7.83 Hz Earths resonance “As you can imagine there is far to many to mention.” Richard: If frequencies are so powerful, why is it that everyone is not working with these frequencies in the music industry? Chris: “But who's to say they are not. When you mix an inaudible frequency into music it's only your brain that picks it up not your ears. If you where to mix in an Alpha wave frequency of let's say 10 Hz into a pop track this would have a direct effect on the brain and through feedback loop creates an sense of well-being and contentment. In other words you think the track is great but not sure why.”

Richard: We understand that you have been in the recording studio recently making some knew tracks, can you tell us more? Chris: “I've been in the studio after a break for a few months and started making music for mediation, film and TV. I've been making trance and house most of my life and thought it was time to try something different. I also am now in the process of making an album with healing frequencies which will be available for download for free to all your readers.”

Richard: How are you supporting 'The Quest' to bring more love into the world through your passions? Chris: “After my healing session with you, I decided to embark on the path of healing as well. I'm currently at level 2 Reiki thanks to Toby and Belinda from Ibiza Reiki, with plans to become a Reiki master and with this and my knowledge of sound and light frequencies I plan to awaken as many people to the love vibration as a possible. And using my positions as light designer in the clubs of Ibiza I will be able to consciously awaken 1,285 people every night which would be awakening roughly 144,000 if not more.” [;-)] Richard: What does love mean to you? Chris: “Love for me is the feeling you get when you look at something without judgment and see the beauty of the universe looking back.”

%! "

Information Sources:

Below: DJ Giya interview by Richard Voller

Q<'(='*#$(J,6_'!+( "


%# "

As you most probably know, in 2012, I am doing a lot of heart work with my brother Nikos Akrivos. We are working on many global initiatives and projects that have a positive impact on humanity. Many of you may know Nikos as a DJ from Ibiza, but there is so much more to him. He is a Producer of music on 528 Hertz, he is a life coach and he is a Reiki Master.





Richard: Do you feel that

thank you for inviting me again to .

more people are becoming



I feel there are many more people waking up to the global

Nikos: “It is a choice to become

reality on our planet thanks to




know the truth in your heart, you

information on the Internet. It

can choose to ignore or to go

is also thanks to the fact that

with it. I believe that at least

they have found the way to

40% of our total population on



our planet is already on this

body/mind/spirit complexes. (I

awakened level. It takes some

prefer to use this term instead

time to really learn how to follow

of just body:)”

our internal radar, which is new






tool we have.” To give you a broader picture,




information passions,







television or radio stations,

“Imagine we give you a car and



are still diffusing the same old

it has the option to fly now, you



will need some time before





vision, I decided to interview



learning to fly with it even

him once again.

supporting the upside down

though you are a master in

global picture. I don't follow

driving! The option is already



here for all of us, some choose

personally, I get a glimpse

to drive the car on the highway

when I go to a shopping mall

and some others master the

or see people's worried and

new option straight away and

stressed faces...and there are



having to be stuck in traffic






difference between now and 2011? And what do you feel is happening?

%$ "









Richard: How do you see the

live these particular moments

with the present moment by



on our planet, for every now is

simply choosing to do nothing


a gift and an excuse to

else than focusing on what you

discover it in us!”

really love or take time to really





feel the new sensations in our Nikos: “It is an amazing gift to

“It is choosing to be at one

body in a silent place close to the nature, away from the hustle and bustle of the big cities. Or if we still choose to live in a big city,





through music, going to a park in the city, and practicing Yoga & Reiki.” “Only like this we can be aware of the process and learn to use our new options.” Diseases are imagination “Many


in get

our "sick"

nowadays, because they think they are sick and run to the pharmacies to buy pills to mask the process of evolution. But it is there for their own good and all they need to do is stop this routine and learn some few practical ways to adapt smoothly and to discover that they will not get sick anymore!” “We





bodies tell us through pain that whatever we do is wrong and should change.” “All sicknesses such as AIDS, cancer, and diabetes are there because humans got trapped in a wrong way of thinking. Our

%% "

body/mind/spirit complex is like a



inside all day long.”

“And I don't blame any of them,


they have been "working" to

viruses by all kind of things

“And it is important how we

build a world that we see today

we've been ingesting so many

feel cause our thoughts come

and they are still not aware of

wrong things for years! If we

from the way we feel. We feel


take time to remember who we

good, we produce good ideas

really are, the viruses will be

and we built the foundations

“Let's not forget that "they" are

gone because they are just a

for a better world for our

part of our imagination and"

creation of our imagination!”

children. We feel bad, we

they" represent what we truly

make the wrong decisions, we

wanted. It is in our hands to

“This is called “evolution”. We

don't help at all to change our

choose now, to visualize a more

use antibiotics to heal us until



precise picture of how we want

came the time they don't really

complain about the world we

our world to be. This takes some

work anymore, then we used the



the ground is contaminated and

“How do you expect to change

“If you choose to watch your TV

they don't really serve some

the world if yourself aren't

screen instead of visualizing

much anymore to our body, and

responsible enough to take

how you want your perfect life

now we are discovering about


and how you want it to be, then

universal energy and that if we


take the time to collect energy

Answer: But I have to work....

‘them’. It is a choice of everyone



and my answer to that is: You

now to feel more than fine for

example gazing at the sun 10

should quit your work if you


sec per day on sunset and

don't like what you do!!!”




roots of plants to find out that













“Free energy is already here Richard: There are so many

and all around us, Tesla has

Sun Gazing is the New Food


proven it and there are many

“If we can add 10 seconds every



inventions out there. All we have

day, by the time we come to 40

industry, surely they will

to do is first get motivated to

minutes continuously gazing at


make our homes free energy

the sun, we don't need to eat

energy. How can we have


food anymore! There are many

free energy?


documentaries about it on the

Nikos: “Hahaha, Who are

net, all you have to do is Google

they? All we need to do is


passive resistance and keep

corporations the allow


sending them love cause that “It makes complete sense to me

is all they need, they are just

as I eat much less than before.

victims of their own

Now that I meditate, I feel much

imagination and choices.”


%& "








The Free Energy Technology is already here! “The technology is already here, it costs on average !150 to build free energy in our homes. There is one thing very clear to me; we are already free by choosing to not depend on the structures

that the current failing system is

my knowledge in all possible

offering. I know many people

ways, it comes down to my

are living their lives like this and

music and I prefer to play my


I am one of them. I would never

music than talk cause I know

“For all you DJ’s, Producers

support a system that is taking

this is far more convincing and

taxes of its people to buy

effective than all

weapons to fight wars.”

the words and analyzing we do

“I have been face-to-face with


the system. I am an artist who

may not take the



time to read this,


but music is just








about what I love doing. I love to



play music, healing music. The system never helped me; on the contrary it is doing everything to slow me down. Reason enough to choose not to be part of it.” “I want to see a peaceful world where all species are respected and I know it is the reason of my existence to protect this truth coming from the depths of my soul





24/24. I will never stop working on it in my own peaceful way. You





remembered who I really am:)” Richard: I believe that one person difference

can in

make the

the world,

especially as an empowered openhearted,


minded leader. How are you supporting the evolutionary process?

“Music is the fastest way of all for a peaceful world”

and/or musicians who think that you’ve got it right, well I am sorry to say, you have a lot to

“528 Hertz is the healing

learn about how this works!!!

frequency for regenerating our

You are not helping humanity

cells and helps to unfold the

you make it worst!!! For the love

DNA chain to adapt faster to

of music, PLEASE take some



time to educate yourself a little

Music is the fastest way of all

bit more than just all day in the

for a peaceful world.”

studio making a track that can



be a hit!” “And music is not correctly used by most of people today!

Richard: I hear that you are

All music is made from the


heart, but a little variation in

energy project; can you tell us

the way the instruments are

more about this initiative?









difference in how this music

Nikos: “I got inspired by The

works on our body/mind/spirit

Venus Project and I decided to








conscious-minded friends who Nikos: “By constantly sharing

%' "


want to do as much good in this

world, as I want to! We are

support your project and


meeting once a month, we have

get involved?

location for you free energy

a good party and we discuss

Nikos: “I am not leader of


about what can be done now to

people. I am just a DJ who

Nikos: “Yes, we wanted to start

get closer to this reality.”

loves to play music and see

such project at the Bloemendaal

happy people dancing around

area close to Amsterdam and


me on my beats while at the

we have another location close

“The fact that we share our

same time I know my beats

to Breskens.”

ideas, means we already in the

are healing them.”

transition period, the shift has





Richard: Why Amsterdam?

already happened for us and we

Richard: Nikos, but you are

Nikos: “Amsterdam is in the



centre of Europe. Many people








manifesting this by using our



new options. The simple fact

Nikos: “Ok! Richie! I am as we

common language for all to

that we visualize a common

all are!”


reality, means this reality will





a in.

Amsterdam also has excellent

become this real cause we are

Richard: So how can people

railway connections with other

here to co-create!”

support you?


Nikos: “You might expect me

excellent connection with flights

“We are here to prove to the rest

to say by donation. But the

for all over the world. This will

of the world that THIS IS NOT

best way to be involved is by

be a project with a lot of impact

UTOPIA. It is just human nature

learning to love yourself!”

and so we want to be in a

to share great moments and to









want happiness and comfortable

“Once you truly remember

accessibility for people to come

living for all our species.”

who you are, there will be the

and join us, get involved and

perfect post just for you! Your

support bringing in the big shift.”

“Another community I participate

true self will offer this to your


community cause you have


learned to be a true problem

more of a way of life than a

And there other communities of

solver and a leader in your life

project or event?

people that I am part of, all

by accepting and knowing the

Nikos: “Yes Richie! We are

working in

changes that happen in your


Ibiza for example I am part of

body/mind/spirit complex.

community. We have to live our

Healing Ibiza and the ‘Peace




somebody among you is really

dedicated teams to the service

conscious and very rich, and

of humanity which has been in

wants to do something really

Richard: So you want to build

existence for a few years.”

good, then I am open to

a permanent Therapy Centre

discuss it with my team!”

inspired by the Venus Project.



that direction: in



%( "
















dream in order for it to become our reality!”

Nikos: “Yes! It will be a place

my life, except for the times I

where everything is learned by

was smoking some weed and

studying the current evolution.

it gave me paranoid fears! But

There will be a school for

back then I didn't know there

To learn more about Nikos

children and adults to teach

was another way to connect

Akrivos (DJ/Producer 528

them importance of the daily

with my inner-self. I have no

HtZ/Personal Life Coach /Reiki

practice of meditation in a fun


Master), please visit:

way through dance or yoga.”

cause this is how I learned




why people get addicted. It is “There will be carefully chosen

the only way we found to free





our-self from a system that



was sucking our energy away.

experts, healing music and the

I recognise and respect my


ego for making such a choice


in the past, always stay true to “Periodically,




conferences and talks by people who







every moment of it!!!”


knowledge. I see it working

“So any of you who have

better once the money system is


out of the way cause today there

fear, please let me show you

is a lot of skepticism about those

the way to free yourselves

who are true healers or not.


Those who do it for the money

THRIVE in your life in the free

and those who do it from heart.”

world that is coming soon,








where I don't need to charge “I will have my own little room

you anything for it! J”

with a special futuristic chair to give people Reiki Healing in, while they listen to my carefully studied 528 Htz music, adapted to




cause each one if us evolves with





depending on how much you are afraid of things in life.” “For example, you might be frightened of dying. I was never afraid to die or anything else in

%) "

Richard: Thank you Nikos!

Nikos: "NAMASTE" and


D80/E.21/" ,-FB20E.90FG" "

" " "


H,IIH" !"#$%& '(& )**& )+#,-./& +%).0& 1#& 1)2&'-1#34& In


issue of , we put the spotlight on a passionate and loving person who inspires others through their life and work. In this issue we speak with Lizzl Shakti, a Dutch Artist, working with aerial and floor acrobatics, dance, music and stilts.


1. How would you describe yourself?


I see myself as a yogini and artist, meaning that my way of approaching life is through the science of yoga. And I like Arts to express that. My great examples in life are the yoga masters as described in "the masters of the far East", who totally live according to Universal law.

%* "

They show me what human beings can be capable of, including the mastery over the body and mind, culminating in physical immortality. In life and in my art I use their example to always further develop myself. 2. What are your passions? Moving arts, dancing, acrobatics, theatre and new circus, nature, animals, plants, music, metaphysics, super foods to mention a few. 3. How people?




By being me, by looking at things from a positive,

different and yogic view, by always further exploring possibilities and never growing old. 4. What is your greatest achievement that you have helped to manifest? Overcoming negativity and transforming it into positive in general. For myself I did these years ago, when through circumstances being of my path, I got into a deep depression. There I saw how negativity works and takes you further away from whom you really are, and starting to do circus got me back on my track, helped me transform into positivity with a lot of help from metaphysical wisdom. Then I got myself

together and became a professional artist, working with aerial acrobatics, dance, stilts etc at age 40. 5. How do help other people to reach their full potential? Well, first of all, to give the example myself, and secondly, for those who want to, I pass on possibilities, from yoga and metaphysics, like visualization, deliberate creation looking at things from a different perspective, and through techniques of circus and dance that support such a view. I also recommend good books to read for inspiration.

7. How can we bring more love into our lives in practical ways? By being in love with someone, doing things we love, and having a loving attitude towards life, coming from knowledge about what love is. To contact Lizzl, please contact her on shakti

6. What does love mean to you? Love is for me the supportive energy of the Universe, the force that we can connect to. Love is all around, ready to tap into.




In January 2012, Richart Llover started performing live chakra painting at Vibes Cocktail Bar in Amsterdam.

What? If you and your friends wish to be touched by art at Vibes Cocktail Bar for a Birthday Party or other special celebration, then Richart Llover is available to make your evening the most memorable celebration of your life! Richart Llover will paint the love energy that radiates from your hearts onto your clothing. It is a lot of fun and everyone will be talking about your Birthday celebration for ages! Bookings: To make your bookings, please contact Vibes Bar directly and they shall inform you of all the prices and relevant information. Thank you!

Vibes Cocktail Bar A friendly team of Italians runs Vibes Bar and the owner Marco, has worked hard to make it a very special, relaxed and cozy atmosphere. During the weekdays it is especially good for students as it has free Wi-Fi and the food is cheap and very delicious. And over the weekend itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s an excellent place to hang-out with friends as it feels like your own home except that the bar is most probably better stocked and you donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t have to do your own cooking!


We give it the HI-FIVE!!! Address: Jan Pieter Heijestraat, 137, Amsterdam FaceBook




and the crops and the ancient


ones recognized that women’s

traditionally attached to our

bodies were a vehicle for new


life and as such, were deemed









Yes folks, god was a

replaced with a remembering


Prehistoric artifacts

of lifetimes past when deity



was female and sex was for

goddesses and painted images


in caves and on pots attest to


By Kerri Ryan MA



For thousands of


the worship of the feminine

have told us that power is

mother principle from as far

vested in a masculine god

back as 40,000 BCE.

that worship requires denial

occurring around how we view and experience our sexuality, much





attributed to the re-emergence of the goddess into our modern western culture. For most of us growing







that has no physical form and

There is a current renaissance


of the flesh.

Well what if I

told you that the sacred actually lives in your body and




conscious acts of sex can lead



experiences of bliss and self realisation.





marriage) rituals invoked the transcendent qualities of the goddess through the act of sex, allowing access to the sacred feminine through the physical body of a woman.

In the

goddess temples, these women were







Christian tradition, finding our

A long time ago before we


way to god through sexual

worshipped a god in the sky,

sacrament through which the

activity was unheard of. On the



contrary, celibacy and austerity

planet worshipped a goddess.


has long been the map pointing

The Great Mother Goddess




was seen as the sacred made

sexuality were in our ancient

Engaging in wild passionate

imminent in the natural world,

past compared to patriarchal


expressed in the diversity of

religious ideology.

way to


to seek

the an




entirely incongruous.




consciousness, with her comes a softer awareness that the sacred may indeed wear a




all forms of life and death, in alignment with the cycles and

But slowly, as the goddess awakens


seasons of the earth – she was



Women’s bodies were able to perform acts of creation in the form of birth.

This creation

was mirrored in the animals

sex is


accessed, how


as aids

a in

vastly towards

In ancient Mesopotamia in the temples of the Goddess Inanna (circa 4,000 BCE) the sacred prostitutes





“Hierodule of Heaven” which meant ‘servant of the holy’. Men would pay great sums to make


love with the goddess via the

gained through sacred sexual

body of a sacred priestess.

From about 2,000 BCE the

rituals, negated the power of the

These were holy women, highly

temple system that had once

church, and must be tightly

educated and trained women,

been the main form of worship

controlled. As women were the

able to channel the energy of

across a great many cultures

ones in which this power was


of the world, began to wane


with the rise of patriarchy. A

broken and their bodies made

new sky god came to power

dirty and sinful and so the

and he was masculine and

temples were destroyed and the

without a body.

goddess fell from grace.





private rites. In



there of




The rise of




priestesses known by various



worshipped this wrathful god,

It has been 5,000 years or

naditu or entu, right down to the



more since the goddess was at

tavern or street whore called

feminine to hold power and so

the height of her power, but



the era of the goddess began

with her return to a modern

bestowed her blessings on all

to wane and knowledge of the


who participated in the sexual



act howsoever it be performed.

underground. As Christianity

experience the divine through

In the Old Testament these

began to flourish, the church

the sacrament of sex.












named the whores of Babylon.




religions place







access to personal divinity








religion (actually an ancient







around our bodies and sex,

enlightenment and the current

this is not to blame the past,

shame and perversion can be



understanding of the bigger

The goddess is

back, and sex is sacred.


Sacred sex in the 21st century is suddenly big business and the goddess looms large as we revisit the past to uncover the roots of traditions that honoured her.

You will find her in the

explosion of neo Tantra that offers




experience for those who want to heal their relationships and experience a full body orgasm. You will find her in a Wiccan or shamanic ritual, or a pagan magic sex rite.

She is nature

herself speaking to you through an






She is the healing

found through a sex surrogate,



The decline of a

female god and rise of a masculine one, has been an evolutionary human







evolve collectively on a global and individual basis.


consciousness on the planet is



now of





patriarchal masculinity to find divinity residing in a feminine form.

The goddess reminds

us that once, all sex was sacred and openly and freely exchanged in full knowledge that our bodies were beautiful and that transcendent states of bliss were natural.

or in the arms of a modern day

Seek her out her with open

sacred prostitute.



She is the











awakened in an ecstatic dance

healing; she is the goddess

class. Whichever path you may

and she will change your life.

About the author: Kerri is a modern day priestess, a writer, a workshop facilitator, and a teacher of the sacred feminine. Having experienced the transcendent states available through sacred sex, she seeks to share the knowledge that the goddess brings when she enters the bodies and lives of those who carry her flame. With a passion for the ritual and ceremony of earth based goddess religion, she seeks to promote the blossoming of awakened consciousness through the union of sacred masculine and feminine energies. With a Masters degree in Religions Studies, she is currently penning her first book on a past lifetime in the goddess temples of ancient Jordan. Email: Web:

wish to traverse, you can access her powerful, untamable sexual energy as it directs you back into your body in order to transcend it. Whilst I have spoken about the patriarchal



that negated the ways of the goddess and taught us shame



â&#x20AC;&#x153;TOUCH & PLAYâ&#x20AC;? WEEKEND in IBIZA

DJ Nikos 'plays' and together they co-create magic because the experience is powerfully uplifting and energizing for everyone present!

DJ Nikos: "I love playing! It's In 2012, Richart Llover and DJ Nikos so much more powerful Akrivos have joined forces to bring you than just talking! And I love 'Touch & Play: It's Magic'. to see people happy and Both are infamous artists in their own dancing to my vibes!" right. DJ Nikos Akrivos is well known in Ibiza and Belgium for mixing and producing deep acid house and techno beats on the 528 Htz frequencies with an old skool vibe reminiscent of London and New York in the 90's. And Richart Llover, known as 'The Heart Chakra Painter' because he paints people's energy onto their clothing or naked bodies in the vibrant colours of the heart. Both artists work with the love vibration of 528 Hertz. So Llover 'touches', whilst


Llover: "I just love touching people with art! And making them happy!" They started their collaboration in 2011 after their first meeting at the Interconnectedness Foundation. Shortly afterwards they were performing together at the 'Chakra at the Beach' party

in the Netherlands. Since then they have been performing at clubs and private house parties in Ibiza, the Netherlands and Belgium. And on the 11.11.11 they co-created the 'Mirror of Love' event for the World Day of Interconnectedness based in Amsterdam, which was celebrated in over 154 different countries around the globe. The main website received 1.26 millions hits. Summer of Love (S.O.L.) In 2012, both Llover and DJ Nikos will be traveling around the world to 'touch & play' with thousands of people! Yes, it's magic when these two perform together because they are connected through heart. And that magic within them radiates through their music and paint, touching everyone with art and making you feel more than fine!


So this year, the S.O.L. purpose is to open up many beautiful hearts and minds to a new conscious way of being. Yes, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s magic when you touch and play with Llover and DJ Nikos! And you will feel more than just vibes.

help people learn how to adapt smoothly to the rapid evolutionary changes that are happening in 2012 and over the next 10 years.

Nikos will guide and teach And our PlayShops are for people of you with a few basic tips to all ages, from toddlers to grandparents, follow daily, like Reiki male and female, and from all initiation, a focus on diet nationalities and cultures. and cleansing, and all nicely combined with some Feel More Than Fine Playshop: physical and stretching exercises to feel and look This workshop has been developed by good. Nikos Akrivos (Personal Life Coach & At the end of the workshop, DJ) after spending many years Richart Llover will paint your traveling around the world as a dancer and DJ. For his work he developed a unique way of feeling more than fine, regardless of any circumstance or the situation. This powerful way of being, combined with his daily fitness regime helped to keep his body and mind in peak condition and enabled him to become a well-known name in the Ibiza and Belgium dance scene.

heart chakra energy onto your clothing. Llover is a Reiki Master, and he will use powerful hands-on healing methods to open up your heart chakra and paint the beautiful rainbow colours that radiate from your Soul. The whole playshop is a totally unique bonding experience where you get to know yourself on a deeper level. And by doing so, you open up your mind and heart to a new way of being. In this freedom you learn to let go, feel free and have more fun with your friends without feeling judged by yourself or others. Living and acting from your heart will be a result from this empowering Playshop. In this new state of being you will experience daily miracles and magic that come from this new awareness. And this magic will transform your life for the better!

Now through this workshop he is also introducing the teachings of Reiki to develop the SOUL experience in the workshop and to



intoxicating substances such as cigarettes. Instead we will show you how to experience a spiritual natural high from eating conscious for that is overflowing with the energy of love! And by dancing to music that resonates with your heart and crown chakra, which brings you into a pure state of ecstasy and joy! WOW! And as if that"s not enough, we raise you even higher through the magical tingling sensation of being touched by art on the dance floor! The party is a celebration of your graduation to a more conscious and healthy state of being!

TOUCH & PLAY weekend For those people who wish to experience a long weekend in Ibiza and l wish to learn how to live a PURE lifestyle that can be followed at home in their daily lives, then we are also offering a complete package that includes accommodation, catering, transport, teaching/guidance and entertainment. In these !Touch & Play" weekends you get to: 1. Learn and experience our daily way of living in a 5th dimensional state of being. 2. Learn how to optimally take care of your body, mind and soul by focusing on your diet and health.

whilst still grounded.


This whole weekend is a great bonding experience! You will open up, have immense fun and feel a great sense of relaxation amongst like-minded loving people. And you"ll have practical experience and support to co-create your new reality.


3. Learn how to optimally take care of your body, mind and soul by focusing on physical exercise; walking, running, swimming, yoga and mediation.

Each PlayShop and !Touch & Play" Weekend course will always end with a celebration! We believe that it is always important to raise the spirit with a party, to celebrate being alive!

4. Learn how to how to interconnect with your higher !divine" self through art and music that resonates on a 528 Hz frequency,

And we also wish to introduce to you how you can do this without drugs, alcohol or other


You will be ready to enjoy life and make the right choices in your everyday activities when you return to a system that demands fast problem solvers who are truly conscious!

The Impact In 2012, you can either live in fear or you can choose to have a good party and enjoy the new conscious way of life. But if you choose this new lifestyle, then it is important to understand and appreciate everything that it involves. And DJ Nikos & Llover are here to support by organizing Playshops with parties that support you in your evolutionary growth to becoming a happier and more joyful conscious-minded human being! Link:

Prices start from #599 each




separated from source and with karmic baggage to clear. Negative conditioning around sexuality also create issues - and this stems particularly from the religious institutions who have portrayed it as bad - sinful - shameful - however this is simply a product of the religious elders being afraid of its sacred power. Those who purify their hearts embody love and cleanse the sexual karma and attachments discover its deeper divine power. Receiving the deepest healing from this sacred energy can come about through developing an understanding about .

how to channel this energy into

Transmuting sexual energy

loving union. Appropriately

or creating high vibrational

channeled it can bring healing and

relationships calls for us to

fusion with Divinity, however

clean up the sexual channel

without proper discernment and

which is primarily a work of

conscious awareness it can cause a

sexual purification as well as

lot of emotional suffering and in

The sexual energy is an expression of a

a releasing of negative

some cases unwanted children.

spiritual divine energy with a source

beliefs about sexuality.

The ideal relationship for the

beyond this physical plane. This energy

Sexual purification (in a

channeling in of this sacred energy is

when channeled appropriately in

vibratory sense as opposed to

one of trust and mutual respect as

relationship or transmuted into the

a religious one) calls for the

well as love. Relationships absent of

higher chakras brings about deep

practice of sexual ethics -

love and emotional intimacy can

growth, healing as well as alignment

refining our sexuality and

embody sexuality but it will not raise

with the spiritual vibrations of love and

moving away from

the consciousness of the persons very

light. Those who use the energy purely

expressing it in more coarse

far. Only with the vibration of love

for gratification or becoming addicted

ways. Pornography, one

supporting the sexual union can the

to it experience sickness, suffering and

night stands and sexual

divine vibrations be attained and the

heartache. Mastery of the transmutation

exploitation - including

associated healing received. Sacred

of sexuality brings about enlightenment

deceiving one into making

love making also requires sufficient

experiences and the opening of the

love under false pretenses all

time and space in the relationship for

higher chakras including the higher

degrade the divine energy

it to be explored lovingly and


and leave us lacking,

unhurriedly. If there is no time it is

!"#$ %&'(')*+,')-$ ./$ %#0*+,')-$ $ ?A9@@/0"ME-</AE"L0420/" "



with a lot of love energy seeking to find expression) until the underlying emotional blocks are healed and the natural flow of the divine sexuality is then allowed to flow into the relationship again without resistance. Another point worthy of note is that we are not able to partake in sacred better not to draw in the sexual energy -

important to acknowledge it

love making until we have resolved

for it cannot be assimilated or properly

and not suppress it. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s also

all of our issues around previous

experienced in periods of a few

important not to force

sexual relationships. There may need

minutes. Spaces of several hours are

anything to happen. All

to be some forgiveness work done -

conducive to sacred lovemaking.

happens in natural timing.

or we may need to do some work so

Sacred love making is not about orgasm

There is a phenomenon that

that we see ourselves worthy of this

/climax orientated "sex" rather it is the

can occur when the energy

type of union so we do not reject it

flow of divine energy that flows

enters a relationship and then

when it appears to us. Sexual healing

between two people with open hearts

one or both of the people are

comes from self love, self-

and it can take various forms of

not ready for it. This leads to

forgiveness, others forgiveness and

expression - and however the making

a situation where it is

feeling good about ourselves and

love unfolds - whether it leads to what

perceived the making love

being happy with our body. Sexual

some people would call "full sex" or

shouldn't have happened.

healing opens up our hearts and souls

not - it is a sacred expression of divine

However it naturally arose

on the deepest level and brings us

energy. Those that give up the

and it will be emotional

into alignment with the sacred source

attachment to orgasm orientated sex

blocks in one or other of the


and instead become receptive to non-

persons that cause the

goal orientated making love achieve the

phenomenon. Attempting to

deepest experience of union - and the

then return to a previous

most loving and happy one.

form of intimacy causes


extreme heart chakra

Whenever sexual energy comes

discomfort (as the sexual

naturally into a relationship itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s

energy will be channeled in


Source: http://galacticawakeningandhealing.blogs


the Island.

Private House Parties

Now they are using that experience and energy to co-create a unique uplifting party experience with great vibes in your home.

In 2012, Richart Llover has teamed up with DJ Nikos Akrivos to bring ‘Touch & Play: It’s Magic’ to your own private home anywhere in the world.

The boys will come to your home and meet your friends. Yes, this is for small intimate groups and with maximum pleasure and true connection!

"12h in My House" The idea was originally conceived in Ibiza in 2011, when they performed together at private house parties on



In January and February they have been traveling to Brussels in Belgium, although they are available to visit any homes in Europe.

Join our group on FB page:


FILM REVIEWS In every issue we will now be giving a short review of conscious-minded films that are available either in the cinema or online. In this issue we recommend:

technological coup: it transforms photographed reality into a sophisticated cartoon world by superimposing brightly hued digital animation on live-action digital video. Mr. Linklater's stroke of brilliance is his application of this technique to an open-ended fable about perception itself. It is a very powerful visual metaphor for the suspension between waking and dreaming evoked by the movie than this surreal merging of photography and animation.

dream as me! Unquestionably endowed with the best special effects ever in a lowbudget movie, this better-thanaverage teen production. Josh Trank and writer Max Landis fancifully imagine what ordinary kids might do if they found they could levitate stuff, crush heavy objects, do insane magic tricks and fly. At the very least, such talents always provide an advantage over other guys when it comes to impressing girls and putting bullies in their place. Early on, the responsibly the kids are reminded that they shouldn't use their powers on living things, in public or when they're angry. With such incredible power at his fingertips the energy soon becomes very destructive.


The Waking Life ‘Waking Life’ is an animated movie by Director Richard Linklater about human consciousness and awakening. It’s basically a journey through the many aspects of life set in America, where the main character gets to meet all these different characters that share information and knowledge with him. And in the process, it becomes a very entertaining and amusing way of learning more about awakening to life. Visually,






This is another film that has a totally different feeling to it than most. And of course, life is all about feelings so the Director Joseph Trank, did a great job in getting this message across.

If you can apply this to our lives and how we can use our energy in an ego-centre way, rather than an openhearted love and fun way, you will find this film quite amusing and very in-tune with spiritual life today. !

How did they achieve this? By a simple method of the viewer becoming aware of the camera. I also found this film very intriguing because I often have dreams where I am learning to levitate and harness my special powers, so Joseph Trank and writer Max Landis, must be sharing the same



At long last we decided that is was

year, we took a leap of

all supporting and helping each

self-destructive by calling ourselves

faith and trusted beyond

other rebuild our dear beloved


all doubt in a resource-

home on planet Earth.




Chinese or whatever nationality. We

based economy.

realized pretty quickly that this gave


people with big egos and lots of

It didn't take long for us to

Today my beloved and me just

money, more opportunities to go



got back from Thailand and soon

power crazy and forget the people

system, and all the doom

we are off to Brazil. It's so easy to

they were supposed to be looking


get around because there are no

after. So now that we got rid of the



borders or passport controls and



governments, press and

all the transportation is free and

ourselves Human, we come from

other controlling powers

super fast! And because it is


didn't materialize because

automated and sustainable, it's


available whenever you require it.









language of love.





scenarios by




wanted world peace. We finally started to understand in

Home Life

2012 how the monetary system was


not adding any value to our lives


any more. And as it was a leap




such feeling


Once we as humanity, all agreed


to having new cities and homes







sustainable materials and amazing

ambitions. I invest my

when to invest my energy on

designs with free energy technology

valuable energy into

the projects, it's all about

that meant every home is self-



when I feel the creative juices

sufficient and self-supporting ....

activities varying from

flowing, when I feel inspired, I

well then ... life as we knew it totally


can just go to my terminal

transformed. And because we are

treatments for my soul


no longer ruled by fear, lack and

and spirit, to sporting

powerful energy into one of

debt we are able to live like

activities with friends,

the millions of projects.

trillionaires ... all of us! Yes, I can sit

attending universities

at home and from the laptop design


and order clothing that is totally


unique for me. It is then created by


programmed machines and is the










This is all possible because we


are no longer ruled by time. We


understand and are aware that


everything is co-creating perfectly

highest quality and material that

life), I can invest far

and we are part of the planet as a

lasts for a lifetime. And it's free!

more energy into my

whole being. Therefore, without a




calendar to guide us, we simply

Billion-dollar lifestyle




navigate our way through the day

Because we are no longer living in

life with my friends

using our intuition and feelings.

slavery, I mean having to work

and of course I can

This guides us from everything

everyday; we are free to explore

give more energy into

we do, from what we eat to whom

and discover far greater aspects of

my relationship which

we share our energy with.

our personalities and lives and to

is very important to

evolve as a human race. And

keep the love flowing


because we are all living like


All in all, life is stress free now.

trillionaires, their is no crime, famine

with Mother Earth.




There are no worries, doubts and

or poverty because we can simply





instantly find solutions to all our

I also invest energy

problems as soon as we open our

empower themselves and support



hearts and start sharing. And in

each other. Yes of course there

where I have special

this new world, we have cleverly

were some lazy people at first, but

gifts and talents. I get

mixed the new with the old,

once they saw what there friends

involved with projects

science with spirituality so we

could manifest, they very quickly

that have a big impact

learn and continue evolving. Just

started to transform their behaviour



like now we understand how

because they wanted to be part of

whole; I understand

important food is for feeding our

this amazing experience!

that I am part of the

souls and having a healthier life.

puzzle and my gifts

So all mass produced food ended

Our days are spent on fulfilling

matter. But the beauty

and that brought the end to mass

our lives with our dreams and

of it is that I decide

farming. With this, respect and


















create whatever we wish for, so quickly



transformed. It's as if we can


love was re-introduced to the animal

creativity and imagination.

leap year, let's have some faith!

and natural kingdoms and humanity

Yes everything is literary

Letâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s leap into the unknown!!!

was able to be in balance with the

possible these days. We

Let's make this happen!"

planet once again. Part of our

even recently found new

education programme is to learn

ways of living on Venus

about our planet and learn about

and Jupiter. They say that









optimally feed ourselves to live



planet to inhabit and thrive




disturbing the eco-system of mother





Thank God people listened. Thank God people became proactive. Thank God people where finally able to see the beautiful future we live in now :) ((((("))))


earth. Looking back Technology now supports our lives and frees us up to do all the things we love doing. And because we chose





economy, well .... resources on Earth are limitless!!! But we do understand our responsibility now as Guardians of Planet Earth and therefore we take great care and love in managing all her resources. Guardians As






remembered that we do not own





anything, rather we are here to love,



nurture and protect whatever we


possess until we hand it on to the

her hand and think

next person. This can be from our

back to how the

homes to our transport, or from our

world was! Gosh

planet to our solar system.

what a nightmare it



was back then! I am so One of the greatest wonders about


living in this reality is that all is

managed to wake-up just

possible once we can share our

in time and make the big

dream with other people. We can

shift. I remember back



then people thinking it


would be impossible. I

economy; it's all up to our unlimited

kept on saying "It's a










By Richard Voller. (March 13th, 2013), inspired by the work from Jacque Fresco and Peter Joseph.


SEXUALITY SURVEY Kalyss Mercury has occasionally contributed to previous reincarnations of BondingXperience since 2005. In this issue she supported us by helping to develop our sexuality survey and distribute throughout her networks. Mistress Kaylyss Mercury As a holistic dominatrix and sexual/BDSM educator, she aims to teach the community about respecting feminine energy in all aspects. “There are a lot of parallels between BDSM (kinky) play and the spiritual ordeal path. When approaching kink and sexuality with spiritual intention, one has the potential for great insight and personal development. As a dominant, my main role is to guide and mentor those choosing to take this path. What people don’t often know about kink is that there is a great deal of nurturing involved in DS (dominance and submission). I inspire myself in pagan myths for less common expressions of feminine energy, primarily through celebration of the dark goddesses like Lilith, Hecate, and Kali.” “I find that accepting one’s emotional/mental shadow energies (our hidden desires) is vital for clearing past issues and facing one’s fears. Positive and negative, shadow and light, and other [such] types of dualities go hand in hand and must be acknowledged rather than repressed for a balanced spiritual growth.” Kalyss Mercury lives in Brisbane, Australia with her partner and can be reached via Facebook or her website


The Results In total 57 people completed the survey and we are very grateful that you took the time to share such valuable information with us. The survey was conducted to study whether our sexual orientation/choices affects our views on freedom, intimacy and sacred sexuality. The results are very interesting indeed and may raise many new questions in our society about just how important our sexuality is!

65% of the respondents are female, 32% are male, 2% are transsexual and 1% omnisexual. Of this group, 58% are Monogamous, 33% are Polyamorous, 6% Open Relationships (Swingers) and 3% are Celibate. Also 59% refer to themselves as being Heterosexual, 30% as Bisexual and 11% as Pansexual. Pansexual means that your sexual attraction is not related to gender. So there is quite a variation of people who answered the survey, which gives the results even more impact for such a small group.


When asked the question, “Have you always felt this way?” (referring to their sexual orientation) 80% answered YES 20 answered NO

discovered the possibility 9 months ago by meeting and falling in love with a polyamourous man, and finding that we had more in common that I thought :)”

12. Attended an event at an Adult Club or Swingers Club (41.1%) 13. Consented to being filmed engaging in sexual activities (39.3%) 14. Had group sex (32.1%)

Reasons included: “Whilst mainly hetero, I have experienced the sensuality of another woman's body on a number of occasions and rather than judge the gender, have just enjoyed the experience. I remain open to being in love, whether that be with a woman or a man.” “I felt like a hetero boy until around mid 30's...then accepted my transsexual nature...then opened my mind to pansexuality and started to explore it, to much delight.” “I first knew I was interested in girls when I had my first threesome at 16.” “Not really, it's just sort of what comes naturally. I prefer men to women but there are some women I'm very attracted to.”

When asked the question, “Have you ever experienced any of the following sexual activities?” Results in popularity.



1. Kissed someone of the opposite sex (98.2%) 2. Had oral sex with someone of the opposite sex (96.4%) 3. Had sexual intercourse with someone of the opposite sex (96.4%) 4. Had (85.7%)



5. Kissed someone from the same sex (73.2%)

“I used to consider myself straight -5. it was the default. About six years ago I started to question whether I6. was straight because it was "easy"7. and quickly realized that this was true. Since then I've come to the8. conclusion that gender is not binary and neither is sexuality. They are both diverse and dynamic...And I found out that I am more attracted to a sexy mind than the packaging and the plumbing that it comes with :)”

6. Had (66.1%)

“I only became interested in men from about the age of 17, before that I was fairly solely focused on women. It's harder to explain about being polyamourous- I always knew that I felt trapped inside monogamous relationships, I just had no idea that having concurrent loving, committed relationships was even possible, until now. I

10. Consented to being photographed while engaging in sexual activities (50%)




7. Attended a public Fetish party or Club (60.7%) 8. Participated in consensual BDSM activities (57.1%) 9. Had oral sex with someone of the same sex (51.8%)

11. Had sexual intercourse with someone of the same sex (46.6%)

15. Attended a private sex party (25%) 16. Something Else (14%) – included the joy of masturbation, nude modeling and having sex in churches. When asked “How do you feel we can be more open as singles and couples and inspire people to feel more comfortable about their sexuality?” Answers included: “Be the change you want to see in the world. Be open with people and do the things you like with conviction and don't forget to show your enthusiasm. I find people are more likely to open up and try things (or at least admit they want to try) if they realize how much pleasure it gives you.” “Be open and honest when discussing with others. Explore the benefits and downfalls, rather than just a "my way is wonderful. you should try it" approach. Encourage acceptance of different people doing things differently. This could be improved in all groups - the mainstream and the less so.”

“Acceptance” “Over-come and free yourself of and from the shackles of religion, politics, tradition and conformity.” “Legalize gay marriage” “To dismiss any judgments and live the life you want to live.


Explore, learn, enjoy be who you are. Like I posted on a friend’s inspirational bathroom a number of years ago "be who you are and say what you feel, those that mind don't matter and those that matter don't mind." “Abolish closed sexuality communities. I never felt welcome within the lesbian community. As a woman who was attracted to both women and men, I wasn't "lesbian enough" for the lesbian community, and as a result I missed out on learning a lot about the side of me that is lesbian. We need to be more open minded about ALL TYPES of alternate sexualities.” “By being more relaxed about sex. Abstinence and chastity are as much a sexual choice as promiscuity and I have concerns that the overwhelming focus on sex instead of the relationships that surround it will continue to force people to shy away from their sexuality. For instance I am not "out". This is because I feel that unless we're considering having sex, my predilections are none of your business. I am not ashamed of what I am but I will also not let it become a measure for other people to judge me by.” “I think religion has a lot to do with the negative view on sexuality. We're human beings, animals, sex and attraction is natural, it shouldn't be put in some evil/negative light.” “Communication constant communication, even of issues that may seem trivial. Acknowledgement of jealousy and the ability to recognize WHY we feel jealous and thus work through the insecurities that we may unconsciously project onto others.” “It starts in seeing the beauty in your body. See sex as a natural act, nothing to be ashamed of. Maybe have people participate in "loveparties", where people could be educated in the art of fore-play. This


could be through fungames. I once bought sudoku fuck you from a sex shop.” “By understanding and teaching the nature of human beings, of life. Sexual activity is commonly misunderstood in western living and thinking. To understand that sexual energy is creative energy in first place, embedded in the relationship with yourself and therefore with others, with the universe. Mindfully being (sexually active) brings love and comfort. Not being mindful brings suffering. When in childhood you start of without understanding and being shaped in a consuming, powerless, or even worse -abusive form of sexuality, you develop fears, wrong expectations of urself and others. As with all things in life, sexual activity can become an layer of ego, a thing ''to become at, or fail in'', while in fact everything is already perfect. When we understand that, we can begin to accept and love ourselves and others and create the environment where energy can flow.” “Allow sexually spiritual feelings to evolve without embedding them in a religious context. Spiritual bliss. Tantra or Karezza techniques? :) Sex is about sharing and exchanging energies that originate more from our souls than just our heads or from our genitals. It is about uniting our longing for wholeness and connection, yearnings that

are naturally sacred and spiritual. It is about pleasuring and being pleasured in whatever consensual form that takes. Combining love with sexual expression can be an act of higher consciousness. Belief that when two human beings combine love's energy with erotic energies, a transcendent experience occurs, one that is often profoundly healing. This is a very sacred sharing and the true goal of a fulfilling sexual experience. Under our needs, desires, and fantasies are powerful and subtle feelings and energies that want to be expressed.” When asked the question, “Some people feel that sex is the most sacred and spiritual experience there is. How do you feel about this? Answers included: “I feel that it can be, but not every time is. That experience is more rare. Even when you have that with a person that you continue to be with in monogamy every time you have sex it will not be that way. For me sex and love are mostly separate unless I am in love with the person I am having sex with.” “Sexuality is something very personal and an expression of oneself. How we express in sexuality says something about us. For me it also like this, my sexual need and sexual expression has changed in line with my inner changes. Sometimes I have experienced it as a very beautiful spiritual experience and felt the unity with my partners, other times it was more a physical exercise.” “Sex is not the most sacred experience. It’s the action. Sensuality should be the most sacred experience.”


“In the beginning I thought of sex as being sacred, wait until marriage. But this changed; it’s about connecting, having a mutual respect for your body as well as your partner. A way to feel good.”

more open-minded about other aspects of life? YES (66%) NO (13%)

“Absolutely. It is a mirror of love and sacred sensuality. It is a time to leave the mind and enter the temple of the body and surrender to our mirror and to our Beloved. It is an experience of becoming One and whole.” “Sex, like any interaction between two people, is as sacred/spiritual or casual as the intention of the people who are engaging in that interaction. When we want the experience to be deeply spiritual, it is. When we just want it to be casual and fun, it is. I allow these interactions to evolve on their own, without putting any pressure or expectations on others. Sex is wonderful, and we should embrace it whether it's for a deeper connection or just for fun.” “When sex is with someone you are deeply connected to, I think it can be quite spiritual. Flip side - it can also be great fun without deeper meaning.” “Not true at all. Love and sex are mutually exclusive!!! People have sex with people they don't love, and love people they don't have sex with. Love is an emotional involvement, sex is a physical involvement.” “As a priestess of goddess who teaches, writes and runs workshops for women on opening up to their sacred sexual essence, I am a proponent of sacred sex as a means having transcendent experiences of divinity experiencing self as sacred through sexual acts.” When asked the question, “Do you think being more sexually open-minded means that you are


Reason for this included: “Well, everyone is entitled to feel, do, and be what he or she wants. As long as that doesn't infringe upon anyone else's rights, and all acts are consensual, then go for it. We are here to experience every possible manifestation of the physical as and how your soul reaches for it that includes all the shadow perversions as well. As said before, as long as no harm is done. Know self fully in shadow and light and then reach for the highest possible experience.” “Sex tends to be a taboo subject so if one is open mined about this then one tends to have a more open mind about other topics.” “I am open minded about the diverse joys people find in all things, art, music, fashion, culture. I have a more open acceptance of diversity which is what I think led me to my sexual open mindedness because I can see the value in variety and cultural differences.” “Yes i think being sexually open-minded teaches tolerance and attitude that evolves into every day life and decisions you make.”

“I feel that I am more willing to consider that there are other valid points of view that differ from my own without necessarily agreeing with them when compared to my peers that have not made the same conscious sexual choices that I have.” “Being open about your sexuality is deemed "risky" in society, some people are just comfortable with who they are, others try it out and are much more open as a way to rebel. If only we could all just be comfortable with who we, and others, are.” “Sex has a way of connecting us of helping communication, of inspiring confidence and happiness. I think people that are sexually expressive and fulfilled are more likely to want to communicate with others, and to take pleasure in their pleasure emotional or physical. People that are comfortable with their sexuality and relationships often tend to be a bit more adventurous too.” “People who are open-minded about sexuality tend to be more tolerant, curious and are less afraid of new or novel experiences. Though it's not always the case, I generally find that people who are sexually open-minded are also openminded about subjects like religion and politics and are usually less likely to be prejudiced or bigoted.” “Sexually open minded in my case refers to the exploration of SPIRITUALITY and sexuality aspect of ourselves in partnership...flexibility to explore the more subtle aspects of this sacred connection helps in becoming more open minded about things unknown or forgotten in many other areas.”


When asked the question, “Do you feel that suppressing your sexuality means suppressing your freedom? YES – 87.7%

true to yourself and others, is the starting point of everything, of being free.” “Sexuality is also life. Without sexuality, no life, no freedom!”

NO – 10.5% Reasons for included: “This depends on what kind of situation we're talking about and how much individual freedom is being compromised. In the case of a monogamous relationship, some suppression (i.e. not acting on every sexual impulse we may feel toward others) is necessary in order to maintain harmony and respect the agreement one makes to be faithful. However, in the case of someone who is gay or has an overwhelming need to express sexually in a particular, unconventional way, a certain sexual orientation or way of expressing sexually is, then, an integral part of the person's identity and must be expressed in order for the person to feel right, healthy, and whole. Suppressing your sexuality in small ways is sometimes necessary and one does not suffer in doing so. Suppressing your sexuality in significant ways - which would be akin to suppressing WHO YOU ARE - is definitely a suppression of freedom and that kind of suppression is hard to sustain and will eventually trigger psychological consequences.” “For me it is because if I suppress my sexuality it would have to be for the rules someone else gave me and someone else controlling you is the absence of freedom.” “Sexual sacred energy if used properly and under prime conditions is healing. Suppressing it is also suppressing our free will and freedom to get access to and to express many other layers of our multidimensionality.” “Denying your true nature is not being connected to what is. Being


“Suppression in any form is by definition an infringement of freedom, we cannot fully be ourselves in a vacuum- we cannot develop ourselves without being able to interact honestly and without (within reason) restriction with the larger world. It's all very philosophical.” “In a previous relationship, I squashed away all of my sexuality that wasn't vanilla, straight and monogamous. Within two years, I was deeply unhappy and only a shadow of the woman that I had been before. Since the denouement of that relationship I have been able to rebuild and heal, I'm different to who I was before but hopefully it's for the better. I am now engaged in supportive relationships with people that love and accept me and for whom I can return the favour.” “Sex is part of being whom we are and if we suppress this then we are suppressing whom we are and thus our freedom to be whom we are in nature.” When asked the question, “How much impact do you feel your relationship with your partner(s) in co-creating love for all humanity?

“Of huge impact really committed to this am monogamous as raise energy in primary sexual relationship to make me able to be a dominatrix and bring knowledge out into the world.” “Love, like so many other things in life, is contagious and infections. I believe in the law of attraction, where you bring about what you think about. If you are constantly (and/or regularly) surrounded by people who are in love, it will eventually find its way into your life. Like-minded people often like to spend time with likeminded people. The environment (in every possible sense) has a huge impact on everyone and everything. If you are lucky and you have a choice, you can stay or leave, according to how you feel. If you aren't happy, change something! On a side note, and IMHO, I don't believe it is possible to (co-)create love for all humanity. But I believe I can make a difference in the lives of people I care about.” “I am solo right now, and am fully into learning to love myself. If anything this is more challenging than losing self in a relationship where doing the work on self can be tucked under the carpet in favour of mirroring another's behaviour. I work every day on maintaining an open heart as I walk in the world and being a loving, compassionate woman, and know that the heart is the most powerful space from where anyone can come. I know and intend that I change humanity through the vibration of who I am. I am love (not always) but this is intrinsically the essence of who we all are. The journey to emancipation of the physical is achieved through love. There is nothing else.” “Through example, compassion, sensitivity people more towards a comfort zone they see in you and

The answers included:


feel that its accessible for them as well.” “The more society will accept the diverse forms of love, realizing the honesty and truth that should come from those forms, love for all humanity should naturally be a result. Fear and hatred for differences is what seems to destroy it, yet how can they fear what can be understood and shown as respectful and honest? Hatred for differences may stem from a large number of reasons, but none so more powerful than envy, as most fear honesty will bring unwanted results and so fear others who can be accepting.” “That sounds a little dramatic. But I think that people who deny their own needs tend to cause conflict in other areas due to pent up frustrations.” “The more loving we can be with each other has a ripple effect, we allow teach those around us by example. I enjoyed this and hope you do well :)” “Prior to going poly, we were hesitant as we thought that /love/ was something limited, something that had to be proportioned out, and not over-shared. Once we took the plunge, we found that the more we give, the more we receive, sexually, emotionally, and for life in general.” “Being polyamorous, as well as being involved in GLBTI activism has given me a chance to step back and see things in perspective - to see myself as part of a network, rather than the centre of all things. It has allowed me to take greater pleasure in the joy of others, and to recognise the egalitarian nature of love and pleasure. I think I am a calmer, kinder and more confident person because of my relationships.” “I'm loving - she loving - the more positive people the better vibe everyone else gets.”


“Tons!” “When two people connect, lots of positive energy comes about. You see your external environment differently, in a more beautiful light. This feeling of being fulfilled and happy radiates from you. The people around you pick this up and it can become "contagious". “Everything. It starts with relating to yourself and then relating to a partner and relating to friends, family, community. Whatever wounds we are carrying will surface in our relationships. So relationships serve as wonderful mirrors to see ourselves for who we truly are, treat with compassion, self-correct and move forward in life giving the best of ourselves to all around us. Romantic relationships are not a special category of relationships where we store and share all our love. We can share this love with our global community when we feel loved by ourselves, accepting of ourselves and secure within ourselves.” “My own relationship is safe, secure and loving and has encouraged and supported my personal development. Through my partner's love and acceptance, I have come to love and accept myself more. My partner's confidence in me has given me greater confidence and belief in myself. As my own selfconcept has improved, it has been easier to open my heart, not just to my partner, but to everyone. I

also see my partner as a cocreator - a person who shares my vision of a more balanced and peaceful world. Through our loving, conscious actions in the world, individually and as a couple, I know we are contributing to the good of all. We are working together to make the world a more loving, harmonious place, one action, one person, one conversation at a time.” “200% impact. from microcosmos to macrocosmos” “Being able to understand your partner in all aspects maybe helps to understand people in general. And love affects.....being loved by one person makes you happy and that affects being nice and kind to others as well.” “It is through our sexual union that we find peace inside and in that way vibrate in the frequency of love which has immediate results to our surrounding environment as love vibration knows no walls or boundaries, the more we make love, the more we heal the world and humanity...if there is no partner loving our self is also fine as Masturbation is loving our self:)” THANK YOU everyone who participated in our survey. I feel the answers speak for themselves. We trust that this survey will have a positive impact on humanity. Love to all!


amazing it is. I had previously conversed with Olga via social media and email exchanges – and when I first spoke to her, an everyday topic came up – relationships. We were discussing how we could go for partners that are the opposites in our personality, or who were at one extreme. Here, I was not necessarily talking about the yin yang concept of balancing each other out.

Genie in a Bottle Written by Sophia Husbands When I was younger, I was very into watching the Disney movies and other make-believe stories. It was a kind of escapism – going on a journey for a period of time. One concept that I found fascinating is when reading or watching stories where there will be a genie in a bottle, which could usually grant you three wishes. (The 1960 show, I Dream of Jeannie, was in the background) This leads me to the topic of wishes. Do we need to be careful what we wish for? I recently attended a workshop by the wonderful Olga Levancuka, also known as the Skinny Rich Coach. She wrote a great book on building and sustaining your confidence: Increase Your Confidence in One Day. (This book has been recommended on the book list of my website). I would thoroughly recommend this book as the “confidence” tonic; that’s how


She then poised the question about, whether on a subconscious level, we were drawn to or attracted features in our partners. For example, the placid character dating the volatile, domineering partner. So then I thought: did I want/seek the “volatile” former partner. Was this person a manifestation of a thought I had? Should I have been “careful” with what I had wished for? Genies feature in Arabic folklore – One Thousand and One Nights – and in the religion of Islam, in the

form of the “Djinn”. They are described as “spirits” who are either good or bad, who live in a “parallel” universe. So when having a thought, it can be “positive” or “negative”. Some theorists believe that with the law of attraction, one must be careful with the words, phrases that are being used. Illustration, Miss Shopaholic says: “I want to get out of debt”. Yes, I have used the dreaded “D” word that life coaches, mentors do not like to use. Reason why they do not like use this word is because, simply, attention is being drawn to this “noun”. In other words “attracting” more debt, losing focus, instead of being proactive – Miss Shopaholic announcing that she will auction her old, designer clothes. Olga also mentioned how we need to be more in “tune” with our emotions, and not to confuse it with what we were picking up from the environment, and other people around us. Miss

Shopaholic states that she has a sore throat, after having a discussion with a colleague who was also experiencing the same symptoms.


Come on, how many times have you spoken to your colleague at work and they have told you how they were feeling “lethargic” and towards the end of the conversation you start to feel the same? This is a perfect example of “mirroring” other people’s emotions. Maybe one should carry around a “feelings” diary, that way they can be more “honest”. Could you picture the scene of a couple having an argument, and in the middle of it, one party turns to their journal – writing down underappreciated!! When looking at “wishes”, thoughts, desires and other stuff, we need to question what our motives are. I am going to introduce two words, one being a verb, want; and the other a noun, need. In the genie folktale stories, there were three types of genies: benevolent; malevolent and indifferent. One would do your wish, and fulfill it with your “best” interests – the benevolent genie. The other extreme, the malevolent one, will take the “worse” interpretation of your wish. So when projecting a want, it is best to be more specific since the outcome will easily be “realised”. This reminds me of the phrase that may appear in the business world when setting a goal – S.M.A.R.T (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-Bound). With the word “need”, this could have many “interpretations”, solutions – remember Mr Malevolent Genie and Mr Indifference? As the conversation with Olga on thoughts triggered with me, “be careful what you wish for”.


Above: Sophia Husbands


Slaves to a Dying System In



section for for every issue we will speak with a different person from around the world who feels that the current system is just not working. We get their perspective why and ask them how they think it can be improved.


In this issue we speak with Hans Oellers who was born in Munich, Germany and is now living in Mexico. Richard: Why do you not believe in the current world economic, social and welfare system? Hans: “Well, most of my live I was an ordinary guy, consumer, slave of the system and did not even believe in love or God. As a child, I suffered from an illness and was in hospital for almost two years and then recovering at home. After being abused and attempting to kill myself I thought that the only way to be happy would be to escape from my country and go to another. So in 1985, I chose Mexico.” “In this time I had my first supernatural experience. My father died 1986 of a heart attack and my mother was murdered 1988 from


her new friend and then himself. When I saw them all dead in their blood, my life was completely changed. Without “roots” I just felt like another tool, a robot of society.” Richard: How did you try to fit back into the system? Hans: “I tried to fix my personal life, but many people who didn’t know me, started to gossip and they just judged about me in a bad way. So, I felt that I have go back to Mexico to find some spirit and freedom. I lived in Acapulco for 6 month and returned again to Germany, in 1992. I remember asking myself “What is the sense of my life? – Am I happy? – What is wrong? - Are there solutions? “And I found answers! Thanks of my second supernatural experience as I saw myself in Mexico and I thought, this is it! I have to leave Germany forever! So, I worked to get my ticket, accepting many bad paid jobs and finally left Germany 1993.”

Richard: Was the system any better in Mexico? Hans: “It took me some time to speak Spanish and find work, but I was surprised how it happened. And even things I hated before, like school or getting up early had disappeared. I felt so much energy and love that I tried to help people with teaching languages. I got married and divorced twice again here, but still believed in true love. After making two movies I decided to go to live on the beach. I was assaulted here in Mexico City about 15 times. The attacker wanted to kill me with his knife but it doubled. I thought, “Someone” wants me still alive and my time hasn’t come yet. So I went to Cancun. I survived two hurricanes (Emily and Wilma) and lost my work as a teacher in hotels and a tourist guide.” Richard: How did you cope with loosing everything? Hans: “It gave me a lot of time to think and meditate. I almost left my spiritual life behind, because the money and lot of work blinded me. Then one night in summer of 2007, I had my third supernatural experience. But this time it was more than a “dream”. Someone spoke to me directly and opened my “third eye”. I started to sub videos every day to my first YouTube Channel “cancunhans” (but it was deleted one year later) talking about how to take care of our planet. I stopped watching “normal movies” and used the Internet or documentaries to learn.” Richard: What happened in your life that you decided that you had to get out of the system? Hans: “When I recognized that money can’t give me love and analyzing the system it was clear that our system is obsolete. And after watching the Zeitgeist movies and some videos of


Jacque Fresco I felt, that I’m not the only one who think there is something wrong. Until then I really thought that I’m just crazy and I will always be an outsider. But there are millions who recognized this. And the only way to change our life and to reach happiness is to leave the system. You can’t have both. It’s like having night and day together. It’s not possible. You can’t be a consumer and talk about taking care of the environment. It’s as simple as that. Mankind already crossed that border years ago. That’s why money isn’t important for me anymore. We are living in a body that is dying little by little since we were born and when we leave that body we can’t even take with us what we have worked for. But our love and happiness will stay with us forever. I want to die with a smile on my face.” Richard: How did this inspire you? Hans: “Finally I decided to go back to Mexico City for doing more with my life and “Project Lights Out” was born.”

Richard: What is Project Lights Out?


Hans: It’s about bringing people together. I want to help. I want to change the world and make it better. When I started in Cancun with my project, I thought about how to name it and how to get people together. So I thought, why not making events

where we all do something together.” “Something, which we can do from our homes and doesn’t cost any money or waste lots of time. So I thought, switching off our lights for a few minutes would be perfect. When we all do it at the same time, this would be even in the news. And once in the news I could answer the question WHY?” “You know, people believe their TV’s. So, once on TV, I could do much more. I could reach at least more people than on my facebook wall. It’s important that people listen and understand. Until now people only get the censored or manipulated stuff or cheap soap operas which try to manipulate us or

brainwash us with thousands of commercials all the time in it.” “I have so much to say to the world. I even have solutions to offer. But I need as many people as possible together to realize positive changes. Until now our governments are ruling our lives. They do not even ask us if we agree. In the past I tried to offer my solutions to our Mexican government. They liked it, but they didn’t do anything. Now I know why: They don’t care!” “Power and money made them blind. And it’s hard to show a blind man a colorful picture. But if people agree with my ideas, we could have a chance to get the necessary changes working. This also happens with many movements who also have brilliant ideas. That’s why I also want that we all work together for common goals. Now, my project is not just me, I talk for others also. I have seen what is wrong on Earth and also learned a lot from others and situations. So, all what I want is to make our world a better place. There are so many solutions for it. For example free energy, which means less consumption and no more wars.” Richard: You have a lot of love for humanity that is why it is so inspiring to meet and talk with you. How do you feel that we humans and learn from you to live life with more love and peace in the world? Hans: “Thank you brother, I wish all the people could understand me like you. The problem is that many people do not even love themselves. Before you can give love, you have to accept yourself. Before you can give peace, you have to make peace with others.


Cheating for example could be pleasant for one, but the affected person will suffer. We cannot deal with negative thoughts or actions. It’s like a chain that is connected with our next ones. We have to get out of this negative action. We have to forgive each other also. Only then there is a chance to get world peace. The problem here is that many people don’t even know what is bad or what is good. And those people need help. They need guides to lead them to be happy and find the right path and inner peace. I by myself was a victim of the consumer world. In my past I not even thought that many things I did were wrong. I bought always the newest things! I wanted to be accepted in society, spent years of working just for being “up-to-date”. And this becomes like an addiction! And many of us are still living like this. An example: Commercials telling us that we have to buy things. And people buy those things. But they don´t think that they cause pain with this. And pain is bad. Pain is not peace. Pain is negative. Before we get this stuff in


our hands, many people are suffering producing it. Even nature and animals suffer and die. Also the trash is getting more and the contamination it causes, affects us all. Wars happen because of feeding our necessities. We are part of the system. So, if we really want a peaceful and perfect world, first we need to change. I changed my lifestyle and try to consume as less as I can. And I’m happy with this. It feels so great! And I want that all of you can feel what I feel.” Richard: How can we become more aware that we are all brothers and sisters of the Human Race family? How can we learn to stop fighting each other and start loving each other instead? What advice do you have?

Hans: “I already talked about some solutions, but first off all is accepting love and work for love. If we finally have a pure heart, everything else will be so easy to resolve. With love there won’t be wars. With love fear doesn’t exist. And it’s easy! Love is already here! We just have to use our hearts more than our brains. Like a mother. A mother doesn’t love her child with her brain. She loves her child with her heart. It’s important to “listen” to our feelings, be more spiritual than material. Money comes, money goes. But once you have love, it will always stay.” For more information please visit: or ut Emai: or Skype: lightsout9999


Poetry "The songs she sang" by Phil Miner When I was a boy I was in awe of her The songs that she sang Her warm summer rain The blood in my veins I got lost for hours alone with her where I could not be seen by a single human being I forgot all about my television screen And started just being I embraced her as a part of me When I was a young man I realized that it was I who was a part of her and She taught me How to let go Of reality, and my ego She fueled my imagination, aided me in meditation, and


grounded me When I got too far into her clouds But our teachers, our leaders, our illinformed parents, and preachers Well they said you have to be a part of the real world now You need to get a job You need to join the mob If you are in touch with nature Then you are nothing more than a hippie, loser, slob ............................ I left her somewhere inbetween starvation and success I broke her legs with a skyscraper, and when she raised her head above it I choked her with the fumes raising up in flumes that we glorify and dignify with are cartoons I stabbed her with a drill For her black liquid guts to spill Just so I could fill My gas tank I tore off her wooden arms I didn't mean her any harm, But I needed to build a farm To feed My greed Because the crop that I did grow Fed no one you wanna

know I had to trade habitat to feed crack habits stat Because our teachers, our leaders, our ill-informed parents, and preachers Said I gotta join the real world now ......But if you build something how is it more real then something natural you can feel Not just with your hands, but deep inside of the man The real world is green It is not a corporate machine It is not struggle for means It is not concrete and steel beams It is not Coca grown for fiends It is not on the cover of fortune 500 magazines It is the place that gave me dreams It is not money and pain It is the songs that she sang It is her warm summer rain The blood in my veins


TESTIMONIALS Heather Odom, Event Coordinator & Public Relations for The Venus Project, The Venus Project “Richard is a true Artist. His Art is unique and he is rapidly becoming one the most sort after interviewers and light workers. His Magazine "BondingXperience" is like a beacon of light and his talents as a Heart Chakra painter are truly amazing. Once you meet him he will forever be your friend and you will come to know him, as someone who can be trusted 100%. He is rapidly spreading Love and Peace wherever he goes. It is an honour to know him.” December 5, 2011

Leo Sonneveld, Founder, World Day of Interconnectedness “I have experienced Richard as a heart working, passionate, spiritual and dedicated ambassador of the Interconnectedness Foundation. He is very artistic with his heart chakra paintings (and bigger work) and has a great sense of humor. I am very grateful for his contributions in many forms. What stands out is the wonderful people he involved during the organization of the 'Mirror of Love' on the World Day of Interconnectedness 11-11-11 and his dedicated multi tasking heart warming presence on the event itself as cameraman, livestreamer, interviewer, heart chakra painter.” December 6, 2011 "

Emilie Smit, client for Reiki. Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, Creative “Richard is a loyal and positive person. He has the ability to inspire and encourages people to discover and develop their own skills. His creativity and perseverance gives him the opportunity to achieve whatever he wants.” December 9, 2011 Sophia Husbands, Owner, ProActive Vision Training. “I was first introduced to Richard via the medium of social networking. I find him to be very professional in his outlook to work. He is supportive and has an ethical approach to dealing with people and business. That's why I enjoy working with him on different projects -e.g publishing. I look forward to the continuing my "partnership" with Richard; and would recommend his "services". He gets "gold-stars" all the way for work, motivation....” December 5, 2011 Nikos Akrivos, Dj/Producer, ““I met Richard in 1 of the interconnectedness

meeting in May 2011 and we connected directly through the common idea we had about consciously healing the planet through our art. A few weeks later I invited him at a Chakra event in Netherlands to come perform his art on me and on the entire guest who were present. After finishing my set, my energy was pretty low and thought now is the time to see of this really works! Richard started painting my Heart chakra on my T-shirt and only a few minutes later my energy raised up, he ended up painting my pants and my shoes and me dancing to the beats of the next DJ for at least an hour! Richard touching people through his art is the proof that we are healing the world by doing what we love to do most in a conscious-fun way. Shortly after Chakra event, he was joining me in Ibiza where he had the opportunity to perform in various events across the island and where we shared the same roof for at least a month and where i had the chance to know him better from inside: A True Love Soldier, fearless and sensitive searching to share his light with true dedication for his art as it should be for any person that call him/herself an artist. Touched by art is art that cannot be valued only with what the eye can see. Thank you Richie! Awesome invention! Nikos Akrivos” December 5, 2011


Issue 8, Being Mother, BondingXperience  

In this issue our theme is 'Being Mother' where we share information of a caring and nurturing kind to support the mass awakening of humanit...