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4. On the Agenda - Fergus Kin-


5. Graduate Season: what you need to know - Amy Ezzy 8. Excellence in Administration:

appreciating Sara Comi


10. Palaver 12. Traffic Light Party


14. Update: Global Management


16. BIG: Equity Research Competi-



A Glance at Australia’s Two Speed Economy - Lewis Bourne

20. From the Land of Dreams to

the Land of Oz - Bryce Cosgrove

22. The Other Side of India - Adam


I am tempted to begin this with some corny joke on how students across the university are surely feeling the pull of the infamous Bond “fast-track”, in other words, “I cant believe its already week 6!”... But I wont. Yes it has only been six weeks since the “BSA mantle” was bestowed upon the new BSA. Our job? To fly in and inject enthusiasm and progression into a foundation set by the outgoing BSA of 2010. A task that has proven to be challenging, yet at the same time most enjoyable. To the credit of the past BSA, they achieved a great many things which have set the highest of standards. But with standards comes a goal, the goal to improve and exceed expectations. Since inception, the BSA has forced the boogie out of all students holding a successful Palaver themed “Disco 54”. Only a few weeks later, the BSA played the role of Cupid striking love at the Traffic Light Party. We have sparked academic competitiveness, enrolling 15 teams of students into the Global Management Challenge. Not only this, but we managed to pry the prized national finals away from the University of New

South Wales to the shores of the Gold Coast - at yours truly, Bond University. Behind the scenes the BSA has been coding away at launching for the first time an official BSA website. Meanwhile, meeting with respective presidents, alliances have been formed between the BSA and Business Clubs to increase congruency and student unionism with the Business Faculty. We increased the BSA’s stability and student employability by forming long-term relationships with various sponsors, including Deliotte and Better Beverages. So yes, it has only been 6 weeks… weeks of wearing our BSA hearts on our sleeves as we look to deliver what we promised all business students – A better business degree. And so, continuing from where I started, “…I can’t wait for the next 8 weeks”. Yours in business, Nitesh Chawda.

A Note from the Editor ..................................................................................................................... Welcome to the Bond Business Review for 121. I am excited to be given the opportunity to take the reins of a project that has been done so well the in past. Thea and Christian have done a fantastic job and have both been incredibly supportive and helpful in our transition of roles. In this semester’s edition I have attempted to emphasise Academic materials with the intention of creating a forum for faculty and students to share information about career planning, past work experiences and other materials advantageous in achieving what we as students inevitably aim for: employment. I would like to personally thank Amy Ezzy from the Career’s Development Centre who was kind enough not only to write a comprehensive article addressing graduate planning but for doing so under a tight


schedule. Within the following pages you’ll also find pieces on current and upcoming competitions, a review of the BSA’s social endeavours and business exchange testimonials both inbound and out. To all those who contributed with material and other forms of assistance I would like to thank you and warn you to expect further pestering emails from me during the prelude to coming editions. On behalf of the BSA I wish everyone the best of luck as things begin to get busier. Sincerely, Ben Scarrabelotti.



we invite you to share our vision

After extensive consultation with a wide range of stakeholders, the Faculty of Business is proud to launch our new Mission Statement:

Building tomorrow’s business leaders, one by one. To accomplish this, we: • develop professionally, socially and cross-culturally skilled business graduates through a rigorous, innovative, smallclass and high-engagement learning experience • are a leader in staff performance and commitment, academic program quality, and graduate satisfaction and outcomes • bring together students and staff to share diverse perspectives and ideas from around the world • generate knowledge through high-quality research that contributes to theory and practice in business disciplines and business education • value quality over quantity in everything we do This new Mission Statement, along with the Supporting Detail you’ll find on our website, clearly articulates what we, as a Faculty, strive to achieve for our students, staff and stakeholders. It defines who we are, what we do and how we do it. In developing this vision, we benefited from the unique opportunity to reflect on what is most important in providing a quality business education and how the Faculty of Business at Bond University does things differently. The Mission Taskforce engaged with a wide range of essential contributors, including our Student Engagement Committee, the new Dean Professor Mark Hirst, 2

the Heads of the three Schools in the Faculty, Bond’s Employment Services Manager Kirsty Mitchell, the Business Students Association, the wider business community and, most importantly, the academics who live, breath, and deliver the mission every day. After many revisions and considerable fine-tuning, we are confident that the new mission and the accompanying Supporting Detail articulate our priorities for our Educational Mission, our Research Mission, our Community Engagement Mission, and our Organisational Culture and Values; providing a clear vision for the future as we continue to “build tomorrow’s business leaders, one by one.”





M a run down on academic affairs .......................................................................................................... IC By Fergus Kinnaird

BSA Tutor Database

Electronic Devices Survey

The BSA’s Tutor Database for semester 121 has been Currently the Business Faculty is forming a position finalised and can now be accessed through the fol- on electronic equipment being used in exams, for lowing mediums: example; e-readers, kindles iPads etc. This is an issue that will no doubt play a major role in the future of - examinations within the Business Faculty in the years - BSA Bondsync page under the “files’ tab to come and it essential that student opinion to ac- Business Faculty reception desk curately recognised. To have your say make sure you fill out the survey regarding electronic devices to be Thank you to all students who volunteered their ser- distributed via an all_business students email sent vices. out this week.

Class Representatives

Academic Audit

Similarly, Class Representatives for all business subjects for 121 have been finalised. The details of these representatives are available on their respective subject’s iLearn site. The Class representative system provides an important avenue for communication between students and their lecturers and tutors. I would encourage students to be as open and forthcoming with both positive and negative feedback to their class representatives. Your constructive feedback is one of the most effective ways to encourage studentlead change in the Business Faculty.

The university-wide academic audit is now currently underway and is in its early working stages. The audit is being put together by The Education and Academic Affairs Council, comprising of the Academic Affairs Directors from each faculty as well as the BUSA education pod. This audit covers a large number of issues affecting countless areas of the academic life at this university. Once again I would urge every business student to continue to stay in contact with the BSA as many of the issues addressed in the audit will require specific student perspective ascertained from surveys, focus groups and other forms of feedback.

Undergraduate Commerce Honours Program

Until next time, good luck with your studies, and make sure your voice is heard!

The brainchild of the outgoing BSA; the proposal for Yours sincerely, an undergraduate honours program for the commerce degree is currently being finalised in prepara- Fergus Kinnaird. tion for a formal presentation to the faculty later in the semester. Thank you to all who provided their time in answering surveys and soliciting feedback on this issue. Make sure to keep in contact with the BSA to keep updated on the progress of this proposal and any further student solicitation that may be required.





M what you need to know .......................................................................................................... IC Whether you are in your first semester or last, Gradu- By Amy Ezzy ate Season is relevant to you! Recruitment for graduate programs commencing in 2013 is now. If you are finishing your degree at any stage during 2012 don’t miss this opportunity to secure your place in a graduate program!

What is Graduate Season?

and know what activities they are doing in order to recruit students. Understand the process – what are Graduate season is the term given to the period of the stages of recruitment? Are you confident in writFebruary through to April every year. It is the peak ing your resume, application letter? Are your intergraduate recruitment period of many large organisa- view skills up to date? Do you understand what a psytions looking to hire graduating students for intake chometric tests and assessment centres are? into their graduate programs the following year. For students graduating at any point during 2012, this is The earlier you prepare, the easier you will find the the time you need to be applying for graduate pro- process and the more success you will have. The CDC recommends you develop a spreadsheet that enables grams! you to effectively track and monitor your applications A graduate program is a formalised program within and any interactions you have with employers. an organisation that combines a full-time ongoing position with structured mentoring and professional development. A graduate program will provide you with a supportive environment, an opportunity to work in a number of different roles during a rotational schedule, on-the-job training and mentoring, with an emphasis on learning and development. Programs generally range in length from one to three years, and may include rotational or fixed roles within a specific department. Students in early stages of their degree should also be using this time to research, and explore employers, their internships, vacation programs, graduate opportunities and what they look for in a successful recruit. This information is vital in the development of your career and program plans for the coming semesters.

How to Prepare It is essential that you start your research now. Consider your options; identify your employers of choice


For your assistance included is a Graduate Recruitment Check list: 1. Researched employer of choice and have a clear understanding of application requirements and closing dates 2. Completed my resume and have had the Career Development Centre review it 3. Requested a copy of my academic transcript from student administration 4. Downloaded selection criteria – a minimum of two weeks prior to the closing date 5. Written an application letter addressing key areas of importance 6. Answered the selection criteria in a clear and logical manner, providing clear examples to support my claims and ensured I have followed instruction stipulated by the employer 7. Booked an appointment with the CDC to review application if required 8. Change all documents to PDF 9. Submit prior to closing date and time – be aware of daylight saving hours for interstate applications





what you need to know .......................................................................................................... MIC By Amy Ezzy

Opportunities to Connect

closer to the event, which will provide you time to research and prepare in advance. The CDC is pleased to offer you a number of events, This is a business event, so business attire is advised. resources and services to assist you in all aspects of graduate season. We advise that you book an appoint- Resources Available ment with one of our employment service specialists for a quick career check-up, to answer or clarify any The Career Development Centre (CDC), offers stuquestions you may have and provide guidance and dents a range of services from one on one application support for a successful graduate season. and career assistance, the opportunity to speak with employers through on campus employer presentaIn the coming weeks you will receive an invitation to tions, a range of resources and program information attend our Graduate Season Launch Morning Tea. This and our key graduate event the Bond University Anis when you can collect your graduate guides’ which nual Careers Fair. provide useful resource for researching and identifying employer programs; your grad season calendar As of March 1, students will have access to the CDC of events and also employer specific information and Graduate Resource Room where you will find a wealth marketing materials. The team will also be available of information and resources to aid you in your quest to answer any questions you may have! to secure a graduate program. Additionally you can use the space to work on your applications. Many emTo assist you connect directly with employers the ployers have already advertised on CareerHub (your CDC are pleased to announce the following on cam- online careers and employment portal), so make sure pus events: you are checking this regularly for new opportunities and employer information, • The Big 4 Accounting Firms (KPMG, PwC, Ernst and Young and Deloitte) The staff members of the CDC are here to help. We are • Credit Suisse happy to provide feedback, advice and coaching on • Macquarie Bank all aspects of the recruitment process from applica• BDO tions to interview preparation. You are not alone in • OneSteel the coming months so please reach out and let as as• Institute of Public Accountants sist you in this journey. For full details please log onto CareerHub or visit the CDC.

Bond University Careers Fair

The CDC wish you all the very best for the 2012 Graduate Season and look forward to celebrating you success in the coming months.

To contact the CDC simply email, The CDC’s biggest event is fast approaching! The an- phone 5595 3388 or simply drop in! The CDC IS open nual Careers Fair will be held in the sports hall on Monday – Friday 9.00am – 5.00pm and is located on March 15th from 4.30-6.30pm. The Careers Fair will level one of the Accommodation Centre. provide you a unique opportunity to speak directly to a range of employers from varying industries and to learn of both their graduate and internship opportunities. The CDC will release the full list of exhibitors



Where will your degree take you?

BOND UNIVERSITY CAREERS FAIR Thursday, March 15 4.30pm - 6.30pm Bond University Sports Hall The Bond University Careers Fair will give you the opportunity to engage with potential employers from a range of industries. Make sure you dress to impress. The 2012 Careers Fair could have you on the road to success!

EXCELLENCE IN ADMIN: appreciating Sara Comi



.......................................................................................................... An Asset to The Faculty


By Ashley Harding-Smith


At the recent Faculty of Business Awards Night held students score work experience in their dream oron Thursday 9th February, it wasn’t just the students ganisations. Sara works endlessly to develop strong who were being recognised for their hard work. industry ties to continue providing business students with new and exciting work experience opEach semester the Business Students’ Association portunities. She has previously placed students in a has the privilege of awarding an administrative staff wide variety of companies from Macquarie Bank to member who has shown a high degree of dedication Disneyworld. Without Sara’s assistance and enthusiand commitment to business students. The recipient asm many Bondies would not have had access to the of the BSA Outstanding Administrative Excellence vast array of opportunities they’ve enjoyed to date. award for semester 113 goes to the faculty’s amazing Industry and Students Placement Officer, Sara Comi. On behalf of the BSA and business students, I would like to thank Sara for her continued supSara is the ‘go to’ person for students who are seek- port and enthusiasm in providing us with valuable ing work experience or an internship in industry. work experience and internships. Her hard work is The Admin Excellence award has been awarded to truly appreciated and Sara is a very deserving reSara as she always goes above and beyond to help cipient of the Administrative Excellence Award.




“The Equity Premium and Consumption Patterns in Luxury Goods” Presented by

Professor Naoya Takezawa Professor Katsushige Sawaki School of Business Administration Nanzan University Japan Time: 2:30 pm – 3:30 pm Date: Friday, 16 March 2012 Location: Room 3_37 (Case Study 1), Building 4A Refreshment will be served. *For more information on the seminar contact Ben Scarrabelotti at




AL a night in Studio 54 .......................................................................................................... By Dora Huang

Defining ‘Palaver’

kings in us all onto the checkerboard dance floor. The sheer volume of lights, disco balls and sparkly gold Until 2 weeks ago, I thought the word ‘palaver’ was Shooters costumes could have sent you into an epigibberish; something that would fit perfectly along- leptic fit. The intoxicating concoction of colours and side one of Alice’s words like ‘futterwacken’ or ‘brillig’. patterns was bedazzling. Cupcakes and cheeseburgers screamed deliciousness and begged to be deBut unfortunately it is not gibberish. voured. And lets be honest… you certainly got your money’s worth of ‘benefits’. Palaver (noun) - ‘a prolonged and idle discussion’ Its dictionary meaning is a bit of an anticlimax.

So let me redefine Palaver:

However, I am happy to say that the night well ex- Palaver (noun) – ‘a ridiculously fabulous night shared ceeded its definition. It was smooth and grooving with incredible people’. sailing for Palaver, by no means was it prolonged or Cheers to those who were there to share it with idle. It was a frenzy of lights and laughter. the BSA crew, yes all 850 of you! And for those who Disco classics lured out the hidden disco queens and couldn’t make it, we’ll see you next sem!






Photos provided by Caroline Kovac and Shaun Rotman. 2





AL the colours of Valentines Day ........................................................................................................... By Dora Huang

Good to Go BSA’s first Traffic Light Party has forever redefined the meaning of the colours red, amber and green. It was a night of Valentine’s lovin’. For those of you who weren’t there at V-Tav on V-Day, the Traffic Light Party meant dressing in one of the three colours. They indicated your relationship status: • • •

green - ready to go amber – it’s complicated red – taken

The sea of colours was fantastic. If NASA took a picture of the Tav, it would have looked like a bag of 220 little skittles holding beer from a free keg in one hand, delicious gourmet pizza in the other, pockets filled with free Four Seasons condoms, whilst all lining up for amazing “specials”. As if 3 hours of partying like a rock star at the Tav was enough. Traffic Light patrons continued to the after party at Shooters littering it with colour until the break of dawn.







Photos provided by Stuart McKelvie.


the Grudge is taking on a whole new shape

....................................................................................................................... Choose a Side

Health students side with Law, and Humanities students team up with Business.

So what exactly is this Grudge Week that everyone talks about? Grudge week is a week long of thrilling This year’s Grudge Week is currently undergoing a facelift. The BSA and LSA are working towards bringing events in Week 9 run by the BSA and LSA. you new, bigger and better week of events that will be Traditionally a Grudge Match is a bout between two sure to make your blood boil with excitement. The ofteams. To the roots of Bond, Business and Law have had ficial events list will be released Week 8! a history of rivalry, competition and one-upmanship. Bond Grudge Week is host to several Grudge Matches There’s nothing like a bit of healthy interfaculty comto declare the ‘better’ faculty of the year. Traditionally petition. So Business or Law, slap on those war stripes and brace yourself for Week 9! 2



GLOBAL MANAGEMENT COMP: PE TI TI Bond teams fairing well ........................................................................................................... O


What is the Global Management Challenge? After some delay the 2011edition of the Global Management Challenge has begun, with Bond having record participation. The GMC is an academic competition which simulates the decision making processes of large companies. Competitors form a team and act as a hypothetical company’s board of directors. They are then given various fact scenarios and are required to respond by making decisions they believe to be advantageous to the company’s management. There are 28 teams competing, split into 4 pools and 15 of those teams are Bondies. The teams with the highest share price in each pool at the end of 5 simulated quarters will advance to the national final, which will be held at Bond this year.

Bond 3 is leading Pool 4 and the team

consists of: • Alexander Robertson • Casey Schneeberger • Paul Kelly • Breanna Lee • Connie Xu

In Pool 4, Bond teams currently hold the top 4 places and in Pool 1, Bond teams are in 2nd and 3rd. The teams are currently facing some challenges as consumer demand is low and need to find a way to keep a strong share price in spite of this. Keep a look out for updates and find out if Bond teams can overcome this obstacle.

By Matthew Boyce

Bond Teams Leading After the first two decisions Bond teams are faring well, leading in two of the four pools.

Bond 5 is leading Pool 3 and the team

consists of: • Nitesh Chawda • Lewis Bourne • Matthew Boyce • Jacob Collier • Maxwell Davies



EQUITY RESEARCH COMP: try before you buy





What is the Bond Investment Group (BIG) Equity Research Competition?

dents will be required to submit soft copies of any Excel spreadsheets that were used in the preparation of the report so that the accuracy of calculations can be ascertained.

The BIG Equity Research Competition (‘ERC’) is an internal competition that will be held from Friday of Week 8 until Monday of Week 11. The ERC aims to provide students with an opportunity to apply theoretical concepts that they learn throughout their degree and also to gain some practical knowledge about the stock market. The competition is targeted to both Commerce and Business students, however all students are more than welcome to enter.

The ERC provides an opportunity for students to expand their knowledge of the stock market and also a chance to win some fantastic prizes. Prizes up for grabs include Robina vouchers and the possibility of a work experience opportunity within a local stockbroking firm.

How Will the Competition Work? The ERC is an individual competition broken up into two divisions, Senior and Junior. Senior students will consist of those who are comfortable performing a Discounted Cash Flow valuation (which is often taught in Corporate Finance (FINC13-301)); all other students will be considered Juniors. Students will be required to submit their reports in response to the ‘Problem Document’. All students who have registered by Friday of week 8 (the 9th of March) will be emailed the ‘Problem Document’ by 9pm that day. Senior entrants are required to perform a discounted cash flow analysis of the selected company and also perform a strategic analysis of the company and its respective industry. Junior entrants are required to perform a strategic analysis of the company and its respective industry as well as basic comparable analysis. Senior responses are due Monday of Week 11 and Junior responses are due Monday of Week 10. Entries will be judged on the overall clarity of their report, the accuracy of calculations, the quality of the strategic and industry analysis etcetera. Stu-




Is any Pre-existing Knowledge Required? No prior knowledge is needed to compete within the Junior Division, however, students should be comfortable attempting a Discounted Cash Flow valuation in order to enter the Senior Division.

How do I Sign Up? Students can sign up for the ERC by emailing Brent Loeskow at In this email, students need to provide their full name, email address, mobile number, respective degree and whether they are signing up for the Junior or Senior Division.

Questions? If you have any questions pertaining to this competition please contact Brent Loeskow at


     Perfect for the night before or morning after…

$25.99 per case of 24 RRP $66.00!

Available from IGA Market Square or Email $2.50 delivery per case anywhere around Bond. Free delivery for 10 cases or more


In te re s

A GLANCE AT AUSTRALIA’S t TWO SPEED ECONOMY ............................................................................................................. By Lewis Bourne

The terms ‘two-speed economy’ or ‘two-tier economy’ are often used to describe the Australian economy. The mining and resources boom in Australia has led to substantial differences in economic performance amongst the States. Those States in which the mining activities are concentrated (Queensland and Western Australia) have experienced much higher economic growth compared to the other States (New South Wales, ACT, South Australia and Victoria). This is a particular source of concern for the Australian government and by extension the Australian people for two reasons: 1) the gains stemming from the growth in mining and mining-related activities in Queensland and Western Australia are narrowly concentrated within these States and 2) the other States are suffering from both higher interest rates and higher exchange rates as a result of the mining boom. A quick glance at some Australian companies highlights the widening gap between different sectors of the economy. For example, each of the Big Four banks have recently reported flat earnings growth and retailers such as Woolworths, Myer, David Jones and Specialty Fashion Group have each expressed pessimistic views about consumer sentiment. Conversely, mining companies such as Newcrest Mining and Rio Tinto have provided relatively positive long term outlooks to the market. Many banks are observing that consumers are now electing to pay down debt and retailers have noticed a dramatic reduction in the average Australian’s disposable income. Many retailers have even refrained from including profit guidance in announcements 2

given that they are now difficult to estimate with accuracy. On the flip side, those companies located within the mining and mining services sectors have reported strong growth in earnings and have expressed optimism concerning future growth prospects. It is this stark contrast in growth between different sectors of the economy that has led economists to conclude that a ‘two speed economy’ currently persists in Australia. A recent surge in business investment within Queensland and particularly within Western Australia helps explain the abnormally high economic growth within these two States. Several very large natural gas projects have been commenced in the year, leading to the largest annual increase in engineering construction in 30 years. Many politicians view Australia’s ‘two speed economy’ as a negative thing. The Gillard Government has discussed a number of different mechanisms to ensure that the huge gains attributable to the resource boom are shared amongst other sectors of the economy. One such example was the Gillard Government’s Resource Super Profit Tax (RSPT); this has now been replaced by the Mineral Resource Rent Tax (MRRT). The MRRT is a tax that would replace the array of royalties that mining companies currently pay to the States. The idea behind the tax is that these funds can be redistributed to other sectors of


In A GLANCE AT AUSTRALIA’S te re st TWO SPEED ECONOMY ........................................................................................................... the economy. Another way to spread the benefits of the resource boom more widely throughout the economy could be for Australia to take a more relaxed stance towards inflation, which in turn would have a deflationary effect on the Australian Dollar. This would assist both banks and retailers – each of which are currently participating within struggling sectors of the economy.

To conclude on a bright note, Australia’s economy is still fairing well when compared to the rest of the world. Most economies are currently struggling to grow at all and many are experiencing mass unemployment, so Australia isn’t doing too badly in the grand scheme of things!

By Lewis Bourne.

FROM THE LAND OF DREAMS TO THE LAND OF OZ: my study abroad experience ....................................................................................................................... By Bryce Cosgrove

There was much uncertainty as I left the U.S. for Australia in early January. My travel history is pretty slim, and aside from reading a few books and listening the John Butler Trio and that catchy tune by Men at Work, my exposure to Australian culture had been nearly nonexistent. However this uncertainty and inexperience would not spoil the life changNative Australians put on an elaborate dance ing adventures that Australia has provided. show, and then attempted teaching me how to throw a boomerang and play the didgeriCairns was my first destination upon arrival. doo (I need a little practice to say the least). I The mountain range and endless stretch was lucky enough to be there on a day they of ocean had me wondering if it was Jurasfed the crocodiles (including a 20 foot monsic Park as the plane descended. During the ster). I spent the rest of the day becoming acshort stay in Cairns I spent time snorkelling quainted with the local wallabies, koalas and around Green Island, scuba diving on a charkangaroos, which had been made lazy and tered boat, and learning about Australian uninterested in the heat. wildlife at Rainforestation Nature Park. The Great Barrier Reef was absolutely phenomeCairns was quickly over, and my new advennal. Never have I seen so many wild creatures tures would begin on the Gold Coast. I have thriving. found the Gold Coast to be beautiful in a much more developed manner than Cairns. 2


In te re s


I have spent my days on the beautiful coast line, and the nights enjoying the entertaining nightlife. There are few places in the States that I know of where one can live quite like this. I am certain that living here will be an ongoing adventure.

‘...the exchange experience has been far more than just the places I have been. It has been the relationships I have built with people from all over the world.’ My latest adventure has been a MOJO Surf Camp south of Byron Bay. This backpackers’ oasis was an incredible time. Learning to surf has been a life goal of mine, and I am ecstatic to say I have accomplished it (I have the cuts and bruises to prove it). It was an incredible place that provided some amazing memories and I am certain I will be surfing a few more times before I leave.

and quality of education here. I have been impressed by the school pride that seems to come with being a Bondie. The number of clubs with passionate leaders always provides fun activities around campus. After the few weeks I have spent here I am certain I could not have picked a better Uni. The adventures will continue to progress as I have Sydney, Melbourne, and New Zealand lined up in the near future during my time here. However the exchange experience has been far more than just the places I have been. It has been the relationships I have built with people from all over the world. It has been living on my own in a completely unfamiliar territory. It has been the understanding of a completely different culture and way of life. Summing up this exciting new adventure in an article is incredibly tough to do. Australia has provided an unforgettable chance of a lifetime. I suppose the lesson here is to go abroad and seek out these adventures. Not only will you have an amazing time, but you will grow as a person and learn a lot about yourself along the way.

Bond University has been an adventure in it“The World is a book, and those who do not self. I cannot speak highly enough about the travel only read a page.” - St. Augustine great facilities, amazing architectural design,



In THE OTHER SIDE OF INDIA: te re s experiences from exchange at the Indian School of Business

........................................................................................................... t By Adam Peleg

Shortly before I went on my first trip to India three years ago, I heard from a lot of people who had traveled there about the “India Culture Shock” that you get on your first visit. Being a frequent traveler with experiences ranging from the slums of various Latin American countries to regional Russia I felt that I should be immune to whatever India might throw at me. Well, I was wrong. Landing in New Delhi at 6am on a chilly December morning, the cab ride to the hostel in Old Delhi was already a shocking experience. The North Indian morning fog is thick as milk, and the cab who often seemed to go against the traffic direction kept dodging the ghost like trucks emerging from the white mist with inches to spare. Finally arriving at Main Bazaar the street was poorly paved and dug up at several places, exposing open sewage pipes.

dogs, street cats, street monkeys and of course street cows. Ragged little street kids holding even smaller street kids in their arms was tugging at any foreigners sleeves begging for a few rupees. After this welcome I had to lock myself in the hostel room for a few hours before gaining the courage to hit the street again. But once I did, the next two weeks were some of the best experiences of my life.

‘The courses are interesting and challenging, with professors often being visiting faculty members from top ‘The North Indian morning universities in the US.’ fog is thick as milk, and the Remembering this India when I was apcab which often seemed to proved for the exchange program at the IndiSchool of Business in Hyderabad, I had my go against the traffic direc- an doubts if could do the same for four whole tion kept dodging the ghost months. As the first ever Bond student to to ISB I had no one to give me a hint like trucks emerging from come about what to expect. When I finally arrived, the white mist with inches to to my surprise this time I found a completely different India. As one of the top ranking spare.’ b-schools in the world ISB holds very high The stench from the open sewage mixed with the scent of incense and paan from the small shops created a strong smell that in time you learn to almost like, but is unbearable at first. The street was packed with people, street


standards. The campus is beautiful with great facilities and coming from a Bond studentthis says a lot. Often referred to by students as “the golden prison” the campus has got everything you need and with high intensity courses gives very little incentive to leave.


Even the best parties in Hyderabad are actually held on campus. The courses are interesting and challenging, with professors often being visiting faculty members from top universities in the US. However, the best thing about ISB is the peers.

‘...each ISB student has an impressive background ranging from medical doctors to former battle ship captains...’

all interested in talking to the exchange students. Already after two weeks I was invited to an Indian wedding; an experience I will not forget in many years. The other exchange students are mostly from top US universities like Kellogg, Berkeley and Duke. Each term there are only about 15 exchange students but that creates quite a tight group. My second India experience has given me a completely new view on this incredible country and enhanced my business knowledge much more than I had ever imagined. I warmly recommend any MBA or Mbus student to take this opportunity.

Rigorously selected out of thousands of applicants, each ISB student has an impressive For any questions about ISB or studying in Inbackground ranging from medical doctors dia, feel free to contact me at: adam.peleg@ to former battle ship captains, and they are



         


Bond Business Review 121  

The Bond Business Review for trimester 121!

Bond Business Review 121  

The Bond Business Review for trimester 121!