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THE WOLFY Edward Langley

18 Lily Burt


POWER SUIT 20 THE Brigette Foot

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WATCH ENVY Michaela Orsmond


6 WAYS TO PERSUADE Thomas Lennox


MANAGING UP Kate Darlington




DEFRIEND Jessica Sargent





From the Editor This is your world. Shape it , or someone else will. Hello wonderful humans! I hope you’re not too drained in uni work.. urgh! And I really feel for all of you trying to juggle assignments, study and grad applications.. . it really does suck! But nevertheless, one more month until freedom (yay) and I could not be any more excited for this semester to be over and done with. Sorry for this delayed edition but I have been preoccupied with other things.. . mainly procrastinating., drinking too much (aloohol) and munching.. . way too much munching (shoutout to my main muncher girl, ZIl)! Oh, and how could I forget.. way way way too much dancing around the house and singing to Queen Bey.. And that brings me to the ‘flawless’ front cover (pun intended).. . Beyonce was clearly my inspiration for this issue, so whilst you’re sitting there flicking through these pages, I highly recommend listening to her new self-titled album whilst you read. It will just top of the mood. .But to more important matters; the BSA has had a very busy and successful semester and we have so much more to offer! We had our BSA Week back in Week 9 and boy was that a stressful/exciting /weird/super fun-filled week. And just last week our competitions director, Tom, did a magnificent job in the organisation of our PWC Job Interview Competition. n the short time our committee has been together, we have really moulded as group and there is never a dull moment, that is for sure! Everyone is putting in 110% and bringing so much to the table. So get keen for all our suprises coming up.. . and feel free to contact any of us if you need any assistance. I’d like to wish every student the best of luck for all your remaining assessments and upcoming exams. To keep up to date with everything BSA visit: Sending love and light to you all.

Brigette xoxo Brigette Foot Publications Director

Bond Business Review | 

Dear Business School Students, As we approach the end of semester, I hope you’ve all had a successful semester so far but I’m sure many of you, like myself, are looking forward to the Easter Break! Amidst the weeks of 11 and 12 we are all going to be swarmed with assignments, presentations and the eventual end of semester exams. During this time, the stress creeps in and we turn to our vices to keep us distracted from due dates and test dates. I encourage everyone not to turn to the seductive ‘binge eating’ as a coping mechanism and also, by the same standard, not to become a twoweek gym junkie in the form of a procrastination tool. Instead, if you’re going to procrastinate why not make it towards something really worthwhile…

The Prez’s Address

We saw the PwC Job Interview Competition and the CPA Professional Development Panel this semester provide avenues for students to refine their applications, ensuring each student has the greatest potential to realize their goals. In doing this, we are trying to bring the importance of undertaking internships, work experience and merely ‘thinking about what YOU want to do’ to the forefront of each student’s mind, as we will all face an incredibly competitive job market when we leave Bond.

That’s why this exam time, during your procrastination phases, I encourage all of you to do some research and submit an application for either work experience or an Internship. This even applies for those in as little as your Second Semester who can start to identify a bit more strategically what you need to do to set yourself up in a career that you want and are passionate about. It doesn’t even need to be in the field of your study! As this may just make YOU standout against the crowd of other applicants later in life. Let us not reach the end of our degrees with the sentiment of missed opportunities because we did not ‘think about it’. As members of a great Business School, take the time and commit to your future during this procrastination stage of the semester. Think about where you want to be and how you, realistically, need to get there. Put your best foot forward and take yourself one step closer to your ambitions. I wish everyone good luck in all your endeavors!  | Easter Bond Business Have a great Break. Review

Ben Carter

THANK YOU for helping us become the first FSA to reach 1000 likes on Facebook. For those of you not following us yet, make sure you keep in contact via our website and Facebook pages.


“The BSA has aimed to ensure all Business School students have had adequate opportunities to either practice or gain insight about skills necessary to

I’m a workaholic and I don’t believe in ‘no.’ If I’m not sleeping, nobody’s sleeping.

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Yonceé B

eyoncé Giselle Knowles is a survivor. Throughout the past decade, her one of a kind raw musical talent and bootylicious dance moves have had fans of all ages captivated by her every move, every photo, every tweet and every breath. Her effortless transition from an aspiring young female artist to an international icon is something only a few artists have accomplished. She is a performer, a loving mother, an actor, an astute businesswoman and a dutiful wife. More ‘importantly’, she has surpassed Kim Kardashian as the most Googled woman on earth.

. y s s o b t o n m a ” . s I s “ o b e h t m a I


 | Bond Business Review

But what you probably didn’t know is that before she paid the ‘Bills, Bills, Bills’ and fell ‘Crazy in Love’ and ‘put a ring on it’, she was a young Houston girl struggling to make a break in the music industry. She used to sweep hair off the floor at her mother’s hair salon and sing for tips so she could pay for a season pass to her local theme park (Beyoncé likes roller coasters. I like roller coasters. Therefore, I am Beyoncé). At the age of 7 she entered her first talent quest singing John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ (awwww!). Then in the early ‘90’s she formed the group ‘Gyrls Tyme’ which featured the soon-to-be Destiny’s Child girls. In 1997 they landed their first recording contract with Columbia Records and they changed their name to Destiny’s Child (Just in case you were wondering, this name was inspired by a passage in the Book of Isaiah). This same year they sold over a million copies for their debut song ‘Killing Time’ which featured on the Men in Black sound track. Over the next decade they became international stars. They reshuffled some members and reigned as the worlds’ top selling female vocal group with over 60 million records sales. Then in 2003 Beyoncé embarked on her solo career releasing her first album, ‘Dangerously in Love’ and picking up 5 Grammys. Fast forward a decade and Forbes has ranked Queen Bey as the 17th Most Powerful Woman in the World, and her and Jay-Z are the highest

Empire é By Brigette Foot

earning celebrity couple (earning.. wait for it....sit down.... take a estimated $95 million dollars.) Her diversified income comes from fashion label promotions, her fragrances, her HBO documentary ‘Life is but a Dream’, a Pepsi sponsorship deal worth $50 million and her Mrs Carter World Tour which earned approximately $2 million a night.

Not only has Yoncé won 17 Grammys (making her the third most honoured woman in Grammy history) but her latest album, which was released as a total surprise (No marketing. No social media hype. Nothing. It was a complete secret in the making.) has now sold over million copies, with 617,000 of these sold exclusively through iTunes within the first 72 hours of its release. Her selftitled visual album is the first of it’s kind ( in this era) and the huge risk has most definitely paid off. Although the album was only released two weeks before the end of 2013, it became the 8th best selling album of 2013. On December 12 last year I remember strolling around the shops doing some Christmas shopping when I scrolled through my Instagram to see a 15 sec insty vid on Bey’s account with some ridiculous amount of likes. So I watched it. My reaction was ‘huh, what?’ So i watched it again. AND THEN IT SET IN. ‘OMG she has a new album!!’. Let’s just say that my shopping that day was not productive at all because the only way I could listen to the songs was to buy the album on iTunes (something I had not done in a very long time). So I had to first get home and then buy the album and then spend those anxious minutes downloading the entire album and its videos. But, I have to say, purchasing that album, and going to her tour in October, are the best decisions I have made in a very long time.

just want you to know that I am so lucky. Thank you for allowing me to have a career. When I fall, you lift me up. When I’m hungry, you feed me. And I just want to give you my light.” Her name appears everywhere. Well, lez-bi-honest, that may just be in my life. I have Beyoncé shirts, Beyoncé posters on my wall, Beyoncé key rings, Beyoncé’s blog as my homepage and Beyoncé video collections. But more importantly, Beyoncé has become the soundtrack to my life and my biggest inspiration. And now, for you, she is now the cover of your BBR (couldn’t help myself ..So treasure this edition for ever cause it will never be this attractive again!). Mrs Carter has become a global brand. Every touch point of the entire Beyoncé experience is carefully considered. Her social media platforms give an insight into her personal life, backstage experiences and her personality away from the stage. She has managed to stay grounded, motivated and humble and perfectly balanced her private life with her crazy celebrity status. She consistently connects with her fans and has recently been reposting Youtube videos of song covers and dances from her fans (if only I was talented enough to be chosen!).

She doesn’t just influence the music world, but she inspires women all over the world. Obama has even labelled her as the greatest role model for his girls. She has focused on being a strong independent woman since a young age and has encouraged girls to live their dreams. She is a feminist, standing for female progress. She has been heavily involved with the Chime for Change organisation which promotes the education, health and justice for women and features in the new Bossy viral campaign promoting female leadership and banning the word bossy. In the This sexy soulstress just wrapped up her Mrs Carter campaign she says ‘I am not bossy, I am the boss.” She World Tour performing 132 shows over almost a year. also recently contributed to the Shriver Report on women This means 36% of her nights over the past year were equality, writing, “We have to teach our girls that they can performing on stages around the world... that is impressive! reach as high as humanly possible… We must demand Within this time she visited four continents, recorded and that we receive 100 percent of the opportunities.” Damn, released her album, filmed the videos or her visual album, you preach that, girl! celebrated her fifth anniversary with Jay-Z, performed at the Super Bowl, the inauguration and the Grammys. Last If you didn’t think Beyoncé could achieve anything else... Thursday on the last night of her tour she broke down well you’re wrong... she’s aiming for an Oscar.... in tears thanking her fans for her career, “When I first started the tour, my baby was not even walking yet... I Bond Business Review | 

 | Bond Business Review

Big Dogs to Big Babes By Mark Foster

Bond Business Review | 

If someone were to say that women are taking over the power at Bond, they probably wouldn’t be too far away from the truth. With all four of Bond’s FSA’s, as well as BUSA, spearheaded by females, it is safe to say the days of men and women being unequal is well and truly stuck in the 1980’s. Now in my second term on the BSA, it is clear to see how the gender balance has dramatically flipped. The 2012/2013 BSA, better known as the Big Dogs, Men’s Welfare Society or the Tony Abbott Appreciation Society, was quite the boys club. The past BSA consisted of all males apart from three, and was lead by the iconic Matthew Boyce and his legendary Moustache. Our meetings consistently involved sipping on whisky, smoking cigars and eating gourmet sandwich’s generously made by Michaela Orsmond, Brigette Foot and Helena Michael. Oh how times of changed. The new BSA Big Dogs, or more appropriately ‘Big Babes’, has much more of a feminine touch. With myself, President Carter, and Tom Lennox being the only male representatives, meetings consisting of whisky sipping and cigar smoking have transformed into discussing what to wear to Palaver and discussing Belle Parker’s new diet plans. I was initially confused to how there could be such a change in demographic, but this did not take long to work out. With the new President, Ben Carter, breaking record numbers for girls kissed in a semester at Dons, it would only make sense that his committee was 70% female.

Jess Sargent

Kate Darlington



Tom Lennox

Lily Burt

All jokes aside, the new BSA committee is one I am excited to be apart of. It only took a few weeks for us to become a tight and efficient unit that is a joy to be apart of. There are plenty of new and exciting initiatives and events to look forward to, so keep your eyes and ears peeled! Meet the new BSA Committee; the most attractive committee on campus.

10 | Bond Business Review

Competitions Director

Corporate Relations

Ben Carter President

Mark Foster Treasurer

Michaela Orsmond Promotions Director

The funniest moment of our term so far is letting Kate re-organise the office and purchase supplies on a Sunday... And seeing her face light up as though it was Christmas.

The weirdest moment of our term so far is.... when I had to dip my penis in the pool and whack it against a pole.

The weirdest moment of our term so far is.... everything after 2am on Retreat.

Belle Parker

Brigette Foot

Jess Howe

Social Director The funniest memory of our term so far is.... when Lily just arrived at Retreat and ran straight into a glass door (and we hadn’t even started drinking yet).

Publications Director The weirdest moment of our term so far is.... when the boys and I cooked cane toads in the microwave at Retreat.

Academic Affairs Director The funniest moment of our term so when going Review for dinner Bondwere Business | 11and Belle just got a spray tan and Tom yelled “Belle! You dirty African woman!”

Female Empowerment

Successful Women In Business It’s a thing! By Annabelle Parker

When I think about successful women in business, I tend to think about strong, sassy women in hot pink pantsuits, blasting Hit Me With Your Best Shot by Pat Benetar, drinking super strong cocktails and planning world domination. Though admittedly I would like to think that all women everywhere do exactly this, I recognise that there’s a bit of stigma about women in business dominating and striving for power, I mean imagine if Wolf of Wall Street was about a woman, do you think it would be anywhere near as popular as Leo’s version?

Though I dream of a white wedding and do enjoy a good manicure, I am a selfconfessed feminist and it pains me to see men in business being glorified, praised and hero-worshipped, and women in business getting fuck-all attention. So I took it upon myself to profile five super successful women in business who are making a name for themselves and creating a platform for women everywhere to follow in their footsteps! These women are just scratching the surface of the incredible opportunities and platforms that women in business everywhere have before them. As the BSA is a predominantly female-oriented committee this year, as opposed to the Boy’s Club it was last year, it’s so important for us to use this to our advantage to promote and encourage women in the Business School to become the next female leaders in business.

12 | Bond Business Review

Sheryl Sandberg A woman most of us have recently become familiar with, she is the Chief Operating Officer of our favourite social networking site – Facebook. She was the first woman to become a part of the Facebook Board of Director. She topped her class at Harvard in Economics (Honours) before moving into the Harvard Business School to do her MBA where she topped her class again, with Honours. She served under President Bill Clinton’s leadership as the Chief of Staff with the United States Secretary of the Treasury. She served as one of the key players who dealt with forgiving the debt following the Asian Financial Crisis. Before Facebook, she was the Vice President of Global Online Sales and Operations at Google, and was one of the key people who established – their philanthropy mission. She also is listed in the Time 100 most influential people.

Bond Business Review | 13

Ginni Rommetty Virginia Rommetty, affectionately known as Ginni, is an incredibly successful business executive and sits as Chairperson and CEO of IBM, the first woman to ever head the company. Listed as number one in Fortune Magazine’s 100 most powerful women in business of 2013. With a Bachelors degree in Engineering and Applied Science, she started at IBM as a systems engineer before becoming a part of their consulting group. Following her large part in acquiring Pricewaterhouse for $3.5 billion, she was promoted to Senior Vice President and Executive Officer for sales and marketing in 2009 before taking over as CEO.

Marillyn Hewson Marillyn Hewson is the current President and CEO of Lockheed Martin; she has a Bachelors degree in applied science, a Masters of Arts (Economics), and her MBA from Columbia. She has been involved in hundreds of Harvard Business School’s Executive Development Programmes, both as a participant and as a leader. She too, like the four women above has been listed in Fortune and Forbes Magazines as an influential, and powerful woman to watch in business. 14 | Bond Business Review

Ellen Kullman Ellen Kullman sits as the President, Chairperson and CEO of Du Pont. Before she was the boss lady at Du Pont, she was the Director of General Motors. She moved from General Motors to Du Pont becoming part of the marketing team for their medical imaging business. Obviously making a very positive impression, she was promoted to Director in 2008, and then CEO in 2009. She is the first woman to lead the company and has been listed in Forbes and Fortune Magazines as an influential woman, and has been named in the Wall Street Journal as a woman to watch.

Bond Business Review | 15

TheWolfy By Edward Langley

16 | Bond Business Review


ollywood has always had a very powerful ability to generate interest amongst young people in something otherwise thought to be quite dull. Through special effects, attractive leading men and women, and some level of embellishment, films coming out of Tinseltown have always captured the imagination of the world in ways that other mediums can only dream of. With fast cars, promiscuous women and non-stop action, blockbuster movies have always opened our eyes to passions we didn’t know we had; however brief they may be. Recently, one such movie has brought about a new wave of intrigue in the world of finance; a spectacle not experienced since Oliver Stone persuaded everyone that “greed is good” when he brought out Wall Street in 1987. Martin Scorsese’s The Wolf of Wall Street, based on the autobiography of now world famous stockbroker Jordan Belfort, has introduced young men and women everywhere to both the wonders and dangers of life on Wall Street.

it is not an accurate depiction at all. But to some extent the hardworking attitude and drive to succeed possessed by the characters depicted in Scorsese’s work demonstrate exactly the qualities essential to flourishing in a world ruled by profits and percentages. The role of a stockbroker may be diminishing in modern day trading, but the role of a good salesperson will always be vital to a company’s wellbeing. Jordan Belfort’s “sell me this pen” experiment speaks to far more than just dishonestly pushing penny stocks to wealthy businessmen. Whilst the technological age has brought about an increased reliance on computers to analyze trends and dictate company decisions; the smooth as silk dealers who used to rule Wall Street will always still have a crucial role in the finance world.


Whilst the less than ideal fate of “Wolfy” should, at least on some level, act as a lesson in the perils of self-indulgence, it seems that the majority of movie-goers are coming away with a different attitude; an insatiable appetite for wealth and success. Wooed by the crystal white Ferrari, the 41 metre long yacht, and above all the gorgeous second wife, teenagers and young adults everywhere are yearning for the lifestyle of a high rolling Wall Street tycoon. However, it’s not only a love of excess that Scorsese’s work has garnered in its audience; people also seem to be developing a newfound affinity with the world of finance. Whether by opening up a CommSec account, downloading the ASX iPhone app or just discussing penny stocks with Dad at the dinner table, this new breed of stock market enthusiast bodes well for business faculties and employers Australia wide. The Wolf of Wall Street may not be the most accurate portrayal of what awaits those who undertake a career in finance; in fact in some respects

And while “The Wolf ” may not be the most exemplary role model for ambitious young men and women, his story has at least introduced them to a sphere that they may well go on to rule; a sphere in which determination and tenacity have always thrived.

Bond Business Review | 17


Egging on Local Start Ups

A New Breed of Local Entrepreneur Incubators By Lily Burt

“It may seem obvious, but it bears repeating: Good ideas aren’t worth a thing. Everyone has them – even that moron next door who waters his driveway. There are two types of entrepreneurs: great ones, and those who always say, ‘I thought of that first’. But never do anything about it. Potential doesn’t pay the bills. Mediocre ideas that are implemented beat great imaginary ones every time. What makes someone an amazing business owner is the discipline and focus to implement one idea, not to think up 1000.” - Scott Stratten, President of UnMarketing.

Limited begun 18 months ago. As a not-for-profit organisation, they are purely reliant on corporate sponsors to fund these opportunities for small StartUps. HOW TO GET INVOLVED Silicon Lakes run a number of incubator programs that give people the chance to start developing their business ideas. Held in their Robina Office, the Start Up weekends are a chance for participants with a wide variety of skills, to come together and pitch their business idea. Teams are then formed based around each of the ideas, and the groups spend the remainder of the weekend developing their business and marketing it to real companies: their potential investors. The next Start Up Weekend will be held on the 11th, 12th and 13th of April. A ten-week entrepreneurship program run by Silicon Lakes is available for further mentoring. This course educates on the many aspects to be considered when establishing a small business. Throughout the weekly sessions, participants will learn the ‘lean start up’ methods and receive valuable networking opportunities with successful entrepreneurs. The program will run every Tuesday night from 6:30pm – 9:00pm, beginning February 25.

Put simply, many of us find the concept of ‘entrepreneurship’ quite vague. However, a recent wave of innovation facilitators coined ‘Start-Up business incubators’, are out to change this stigma. These programs nurture and partly fund the small business and app ideas created by students. I recently met with the founder of a Start-Up Incubator on the Gold Coast, Silicon Lakes Limited, to find out how Bond students could crack into the bright lights of this growing industry.

Later this year, Aaron Birkby will be leading a group of 10 students on a tour through the global epicenter of Start Ups and entrepreneurs: Silicon Valley, United States. Highlights of this trip will include a visit to the Google Village and Apple Headquarters, where participants will have the opportunity to gain an international perspective on small businesses and connect with professionals from within these companies. The trip will run from June 10-25. For more information contact Silicon Lakes.

WHAT IT IS Silicon Lakes Limited is a Varsity Lakes based, not-forprofit incubator organisation focused on mentoring and providing financial aid to Start-Up’s, founders and entrepreneurs. The company provides a platform for the development of apps, charities, innovative technologies and commercial businesses.

With plans to replicate the Google Village on a smaller scale in Varsity Lakes for Bond Students, and the creation of internship opportunities through the Career Development Centre, Silicon Lakes is establishing themselves as a leader in the facilitation of innovation on the Gold Coast.

HOW IT STARTED After running a number of small and successful businesses, founder Aaron Birkby, recognised the growing need for innovation on the Gold Coast. With the goal of assisting Start-Ups in mind, Aaron and his colleague travelled the world, looking at different business models for his organisation. Their research emphasized the correlation between a company’s social responsibility, and their bottom line. In an effort to foster social entrepreneurship 18 | Bond Business Review

As suggested by Stratten, an amazing business owner does not just think of 1000 good ideas. Instead, they implement just one. If you’ve got a business idea, contact Silicon Lakes and see how they can help your idea successfully grow. For more information on Silicon Lakes or how to be involved, go to their website: or visit the BSA office.

“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.” Milton Berle

Bond Business Review | 19

The Power Suit

The evolution of the female suit and the celebrities who prove women rock suits better than men... Can a suit really give a woman power? During WWI & WWII women were forced to ration their clothing and instead wear their husbands’ However, since then fashion evolution has empowered them to push the boundaries of acceptable styling and norms. Nowadays, the power suit gives women confidence to conquer the world.

Emma Watson

Audrey Hepburn In 1919, Luisa Capetillo challenged the mainstream society by becoming the first woman in Puerto Rico to wear trousers in public. She was sent to jail for what was then considered to be a crime.

Paul Poiret was the first to introduce a suit for women in 1925. It was a simple design comprising a jacket and trousers, and as expected it was rejected by most women and men because it was seen as too masculine.

Katherine Hepburn

Marlene Dietrich. 20 | Bond Business Review In 1933 Coco Chanel reintroduced the pant suit with famous actress and singer, Marlene Dietrich. Whilst the suit still flaunted masculine lines and structures, it became a little more acceptable and inspired women to think differently about fashion.

Kate hepburn, woman of the year in 1942, strided across the screen in sleek skirts and strong shoulder jackets and also slacks and blazers which became her trademark look, and ignited a trend which encouraged women to suit upf or both work and play.


Miranda Kerr

Natalie Portman In 1947 Christian Dior completely revolutionised the power suit forever with a new controversial look - a curvy peplum jacket worn with a full, luxurious circle skirt. The 50’s followed with longer and leaner looks. Slim was well and truly in with breasts and hips a thing of the past decade. These new styles were viewed as ‘snobbish’ with a hint of supreme elegance. The 60’s then saw a new trend with much, much shorter hemlines.

It was 1964 and Andre Courreges released his ‘Space Age’ collection which featured very structured, fitted and slim pantsuits... needless to say it was super successful and opened the gates for many more designers to unleash their creativity and boldness in following this trend. Then in 1966 Yves Saint Laurent (the person who many believed invented the female pant suit) introduced ‘Le Smoking’ tuxedo suit in his Fall/Winter collection.

Scarlett Johansson

Ellen Page In 1969 Barbara Streisand nabbed an Oscar for her role in Funny Girl wearing a spangled, transparent pantsuit. This was followed in 1971 with Bianca Jagger marrying rock icon Mick Jagger in a sleek white Le Smoking white power suit. She flaunted a narrow long skirt with a deep v neck blazer topped with a white hat and veil.

The 80s were all about the wokring girl and this decade was dominated by ‘dynasty suits’. Armani made| 21 BondGiogio Business Review his statement this decade introducing a new elegant cut with new masculine fabrics which had never draped in this way before. He introduced new tailored trousers and skirts which took the sex out of fashion and gave it a hit of seriousness for those real ‘career girls’.


Blake Lively The 1988 film Working Girl proves that its much easier to shimmy your way up the corporate ladder in a power suit then in a leather mini. Here Melanie Griffith sported a white shouldered architectural suit as a secretary in the film. In 1989 Madonna revolutionized the masculine pin striped suit in her world tour. During this period working women started pairing lacy camisoles and floral skil shells with their pant and skirt suits.

Women were forbidden from wearing pant suits on the floor of the US Senate until 1993. It was Carole Moseley Braun - the first African-American female elected to the Senate - who ended the trousers band by trading her skirt for slacks. - Now that’s a power suit!

Kate Moss

22 | Bond Business Review In 2007 Hillary Clinton told David Letterman in an interview “In my white house, we all know who wears the pantsuits”. Interestingly, Hilary was also the first woman to ever wear a pant suit in the official US First Lady Portrait.

Lena Headey 2013 was all about the wide legged trousers with traditional menswear fabrics. A perfect example of this is Lily Burt’s classic and famously sophisticated white pants which everyone fell in love with at the BSA election debate last year.

To wear the pants or the skirt? By Jessica Howe I’ve often spent far too long in front of the mirror trying to decide whether to wear pants or a skirt to my interview. Do we wear a skirt to show we can balance our femininity with our professionalism? Or should we go with the symbolic pantsuit from past decades, designed to break down the ‘boundaries’ of feminism? The Skirt Suit vs The Pantsuit debate is a contentious and confusing issue for many women. It’s a personal preference that needs to be balanced with what’s social norms, industry norms, personal taste, and just a hint of rebellion (everyone needs to stand out, right?). No wonder the young ladies of today’s business world are confused! As Lily Allen so plainly states in her new song, it’s hard out here for a b**ch! But do the pants really beat the skirt when it comes to the art of power dressing? …Rarely. Despite Hilary Clinton’s prominent push for the power-playing pantsuit, recent research suggests that a masculine outfit won’t necessarily guarantee a good first impression on your co-workers, or your new boss. A study conducted at the University of Hertforshire, England, showed images of women in navy pantsuits and skirt suits with their faces blurred. 300 people rated these women on their confidence, success, trustworthiness, salary and flexibility. The participants were only given a few seconds to make their judgments, but the results of the study indicated that skirts make a more positive first impression. This contradicts previous research that suggested women should dress more like men if they want to gain positions of power within predominantly male environments. Some deem these results concerning. A portion of women are now under the misguided belief that revealing clothes will get you further than brains, skill, passion and a pantsuit. I don’t believe this is the case. The study didn’t reveal that women should wear skirts that barely cover our lacy underwear. It demonstrated that women now have a greater choice when it comes to power dressing in the business industry. If anything, I think it shows our society has come a long way from believing women should be nothing but bare-foot and pregnant. We have now become a society that can respect a woman, no matter what clothes she has on (…almost). So next time you want to look powerful and confident in an interview, but your heels just don’t match that pantsuit… Don’t stress. You can pull outBond the business skirt, or dress. Business Review | 23

WATCH ENVY By Michaela Orsmond

Time is ticking arduously by, you haven’t reached the halfway break in the lecture but you’re sure it’s been over three hours! You glance to your wrist and take in the position of the two long slender arms on your Rolex or Tag of pride, heartbreakingly they’ve moved less than a millimeter since the last time you checked. With nothing else to be gained you drag your eyes back to the projector screen. En-route to the torturous colours of never ending PowerPoint’s you pause to observe the hipster to you left. They’re currently engaged in a loose game of Candy Crush, but not on their phone, or even laptop. No Siree it’s all on that little watch on their wrist, the watch giving off more light than your hourly diamonds ever have! Empty, bored and detached you turn back to the front. You have watch envy. It seems smart watches are the sliced bread of the future tech industry. The smart watch scene is already chock full of options that you can get your heads on right now. Let’s take a quick stroll down recent memory lane to 24 | Bond Business Review see which devices have helped shape this exciting new category of technology.

Sony Smart Watch 2

Sony took the gold home for having one of the best looking smart watches out there, as well as providing a nice set of features for users to sink their teeth into. You don’t need a Sony smartphone to use it..

Qualcomm Toq This unique device included the first Mirasol display for a smart watch, which is a color-based non-LCD technology that gives you a vibrant watch face without sacrificing battery life. It debuted at a bit of a steep price — $300 — but it’s certainly one that stood out from the rest of the pack.

I’m Watch This smart watch was cool before making smart watches was cool (2012, in case you’re wondering). The I’m Watch enjoyed a long history of being one of the only Android-based smart watches out there, and was quite exciting when it finally launched. Unfortunately its makers got a bit behind on production early on, and the industry began catching on at that point. Still, I’m Watch deserves to be credited for its significant role in introducing Android into the then-budding world of smart watches.

Pebble Steel Pebble was a very interesting story to follow, with its multimillion dollar Kickstarter success story culminating in a spot on major retailers’ store shelves and a follow-up product. This e-ink device might be inherently limited Bond Business Review | 25 due to the lack of a touch screen and color, but its open nature has allowed developers to build a ton of apps that many users have grown to love. Oh, and it’s also on the more affordable side compared to most devices on this list, which definitely awards it

TOP TIPS The Art of Persuasion

Six Ways to Persuade People


any people in this world believe they are born with the gift of the gab like used car salesman or those annoying call center operators convincing you that they can do a better deal. Meanwhile their words are fluidly rolling off their tongue and slithering into your ears seeming too persuasive. Do you want this? If there ever was a time for men or women to learn this fine art of persuasion use this basket of knowledge to flourish. Have you ever met someone who could get you to do anything? And have you always weirdly craved to have this seemingly out-of-reach ability to be in control? There are countless books and college courses claiming to hold the mastery behind public speaking and negotiation but nothing compares to these top 6 tips to be the chief of manipulation. This does not mean to ooze endless confidence, merely basic skills so that you can twist the odds of success in your favour.

1. Make your words powerful.

Your pitch is powerful when interacting with a client; you must frame your statements with full-bodied words that actually elicit a response or 26 | Bond Business Review reaction. To capture the imagination and attention of the other person you must personalise your words to hit the

By Thomas Lennox other person’s emotions. Words like are pitching a speech, I know it sounds “uncompromising, exclusive, savings.” cliché… but practice. To avoid verbal filler slow your speech down so that 2. Dress up, but don’t talk down. your can monitor your progress. This one speaks for itself and it will assist with maintaining confidence 5. Do something for them. whilst negotiating. The nasty side For those of you who have power effects of being suave and looking issues and think the world owes you amazing is that this can result in something. Wrong! Remember when oneself talking in a condescending you were a kid or even 21 years old manner to people who are actually you will always do something or say above you. People who say, “oh, well something nice to your parents before let me explain it to you” …wanker. The asking for something; well this applies art is not to patronise the other person to everyone. Create a networking but to merely have control and steer relationship with a person that will give the conversation to benefit you. you a better chance when you ask for a favor when you meet for the 2nd time. 3. Focus on the future. This can also result in the occurrence Believe you have sealed the deal before of unsolicited favours. By personally you speak. Using future tense helps agreeing with the other person and the other person to know that they will promising a favour, you give trust and be moving forward and the decision is get your foot in the door, so to speak. the right one. Establish the confidence early by using words like “we will” or 6. Repeat what they say. “we’ll do this for you.” Don’t be pushy; For those stubborn and hard to talk talk about the possibilities and the to people, promote them to talk in the advantages they will receive due to the conversation and this will allow you to offer being scarce. listen. Yes this is the difficult part to show that you were actually listening 4. Avoid verbal fillers. and not hearing their thoughts and Whenever you open your mouth in a feelings, you affirm their statement negotiation never let “um” or “uh” fly out and repeat what they say. This is a very of your mouth. You will lose credibility powerful tip as you reassure them with with the person and you will lose the confidence that you know their needs deal because they will question the and understand their worries. importance of your statement. If you

Managing Up How to handle a bad boss! By Kate Darlington


002 The


004 The Workaholic

The Pushover


The Buddy

We all know one. Every day is casual Friday. And that doesn’t just apply to fashion…. This stereotype is easy going to the extent that it’s painful. Problems happen when their lack of concern affects their work. Though it is often frustrating working under a ‘Pushover’, an employee must be cautious not to fall into their habits to try to make the relationship work.

Does your boss act like the book? Not just by it, but rather a living ‘textbook’ example? Bosses like this are paper-smart, – they have the qualifications - but lack the common sense to be in charge of a real-life business. Whether these bosses fight, flight or stare blankly into the face of hardship is the real test of character. The way to coexist with this bossstyle is to step up and help in times of need. Maybe they just need some gentle guidance…

Michael Scott (The Office) considers his workers: his family, his friends and everything else in between. The disintegration of this authoritative wall that stands between boss and employee creates a power imbalance within the office and provides an easy mode of exploitation for your power hungry co-workers. To make this boss/employee relationship work, you must stay on good terms with your ‘superior’ without compromising your workplace values.

Michael Scott (The Office) considers his workers: his family, his friends and everything else in between. The disintegration of this authoritative wall that stands between boss and employee creates a power imbalance within the office and provides an easy mode of exploitation for your power hungry co-workers. To make this boss/employee relationship work, you must stay on good terms with your ‘superior’ without compromising your workplace values.

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The Top Young Traders, Bankers And Dealmakers BY KINGSLEY ADVANI

Lucas Duplan

Luis Alvarado

22 | Founder of Clinkle

29 | Investment research analyst, Wells Fargo Private Bank

Lucy Baldwin

Sam Barnett

29 |Managing director, Goldman Sachs

Tracy Britt Cool

29 | Financial assistant to the 28 | Bond Berkshire Business Review chairman, Hathaway

24 | Founder, SBB Research Group

Leigh Drogan

27 | Founder, Estimize

George Bachiashvili 28 | Founder, Georgian Co-Investment Fund

Ganesh Betanabhatla

28 | Managing director, Talara Capital

Fred Ehrsam

25 | Cofounder, Coinbase


inding a job has become more competitive than ever before, with the competition to earn a grad position as competitive as winning the Superbowl. In today’s world it’s no longer good enough to just have stellar academic performance, or involved in every club on campus, it comes back to your digital footprint.

career. Just as Facebook transformed social media from the days of MySpace, LinkedIn is revolutionising the way we use social media once again. So it has become apparent, social media is no longer just for us, but a tool employers use to see beyond the ‘Interests and Hobbies’ section of our CV. Listing travel and cycling is no longer sufficient without the Facebook photos and LinkedIn ‘Interests’ to back it up. Our online The social media revolution is arguably the most presence is becoming as useful to employers as a GPA significant shift society has seen since the Industrial cull and unfortunately to us, harder to control. The one Revolution. The telephone took 75 years to reach 50 solution that is in our control…defriend. million users, the Internet 4 years, Facebook only took 3 years. Facebook now generated more daily traffic As they say, defence is the best offence and in the than Google in the US and accounts for 50% of daily competitive world of internships and grad positions, we internet usage in the UK. Social media has massively need to utilise the best plays we have on hand. transformed the way we work, communicate, build and maintain relationships and most importantly right now, the way we find jobs. The challenge we face is that not only does it matter what we do on social media but who we’re associated with. We all have those ‘friends’ we’d rather not be associated with, or the invitation on LinkedIn you’re obligated to accept, but is this impact going further than cramming our newsfeed with disgusting vines and trashy photos? There’s the friend who feels the need to upload every horrific photo of you, and you then feel guilty untagging. The one who writes unnecessary posts on your timeline, or worse posts inappropriate links. Or even worse yet, the friend who comments on any and every picture you’re tagged in. Facebook has become our best and worst friend, providing valuable entertainment and potentially harming our job opportunities. The solution to all of these Facebook woes, defriend. Beyond our usual social media realm of Facebook lies the new professional social networking tool, LinkedIn. Where it is not only accepted to brag about your skills, but encouraged and you’re no longer judged by number of friends, but quality. This is where the concept becomes hard for us to handle. The way to increase your profile strength, which they kindly show you, is no longer our traditional Facebook means of accept everyone that adds you and go on a ‘friending’ spree, but connect with people of professional significance. Would you take any value out of that connection endorsing your skills in person? Or would you want to be associated with that friend to an employer? If the answer is no then why are you connected with them? LinkedIn is a professional networking tool about your

Defriends is Best Offence

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By Jessica Sargent




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your bottle at 45 degrees to create a pocket for the air to escape, which reduces the chance of a flying cork. Interestingly, there is the same amount of pressure in a bottle of champagne as there is in a London bus tyre.

the cork gently one way, while moving the bottle in the opposite direction. Keep on twisting - don’t pull- until the cork is all the way out. You should aim to hear a gentle hissing sound as you open the bottle. Too loud? Twist slower.

slowly, several times, until the bubbles have subsided. Don’t fill the glass past the three quarter mark - frequent refills of cold champagne are preferable to long glasses of the warm stuff. Keep the bottle on ice so it stays chilled between pours.

vintage out of white wine glasses. You get all the aromas and better enjoyment. But in all honesty, after exams I’m sure the aromas will mean nothing and lets be honest, we’ll probably only be drinking goon. But we can dream. See you at Dons for end of sem! Bond Business Review | 31

32 | Bond Business Review

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