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Tapestry of Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services in Essex NB This will be adapted for each quadrant to give details of specific services in each quadrant. Healthy Schools PHSE Class discussions and school cultures which value and support emotional health SEAL Learning, Attendance, Behaviour and Safeguarding Panels in schools Inter school cooperation via BAPs to place children in good schools Anti-bullying policies and activities Peer and learning mentors Support for parents to build attachment with their babies eg baby massage Language and communication activities Social skills development Midwifery services Health visiting support

Circle groups Nurture groups Counselling incl by voluntary sector organisations Specialist mental health health visiting support

Tier 1 – provision by and in universal settings such as children’s centres, early years settings, schools and youth centres to promote emotional wellbeing

ECC CAMHs Tier 2 individual counselling brief family work groupwork consultation to carers and professionals

North Essex Foundation Partnership Trust and South Essex Foundation Partnership Trust individual therapies family therapies diagnosis medication group therapies teaching consultation

Tier 3 – Tier 2 – provision by a range of providers to respond to children and young people with emerging emotional health needs

specialist mental health care for those with a complex and or enduring mental health issue

The CAMHS single gateway provides access to services. The County CAMHS groups provide the overarching commissioning and strategic framework and give specialist advice on effective interventions. Local Children’s Commissioning & Delivery Boards ensure local needs are met in a coordinated way.

Tier 4 – MH crisis assessment, home treatment, inpatient

and specialist residential provision for children and young people with complex, prolonged or critical emotional health needs

North Essex Partnership Foundation NHS Trust Longview inpatient ward South Essex Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust Poplar in patient ward North East London MHPFT Brookside inpatient ward ECC Leverton secure children’s home Plus Private hospitals and out of county placements

Tapestry of Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services in Essex  

Diagram showing the relatioships of services between sectors and across Tiers 1 - 4

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