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Hotels and Their Types "A commercial establishment providing lodging, meals, and other guest services. In general, to be called a hotel, an establishment must have a minimum of six letting bedrooms, at least three of which must have attached (ensuite) private bathroom facilities". No matter how much money a traveler wants to use or how much space he or she needs, there are different types of hotel to suit almost every budget and taste. Luxury hotels, business hotels to eco-properties, there are probably many ways for a traveler to spend a night away from home. Motel's Motel was originally created for people to travel by car, and became popular in 1950, rising car. Motels have traditionally been built close to the highways for the convenience of motorists. Motels are generally less expensive than other hotels, and provide a few services. Many chain motels have popped up all over the country, although there are still independent motels. Boutique Hotels In the early 1980, boutique hotels are rising across the country. These small hotels to give guests a unique experience, while the services above average. Boutique hotels tend to gravitate away from the traditional model of a chain hotel. While some boutique hotels owned by large companies, each property is unique. Architecture and design of these hotels strive to be an interesting, different and fresh. The service is typically more personal because the boutique hotels are generally smaller than a traditional hotel. These hotels are marketed towards adults and middle income or higher. Resort Hotel A resort hotel is a destination, accommodation, the hotel offers holiday style customer service. In many cases these types of hotels close to attractions such as beaches and holiday parks, Hill side area are best suitable as honeymoon resorts where you can spent quality time together. The resort is himself inclined to offer swimming pools, bars, restaurants and other facilities. Resort are usually luxury facilities and meet all types of customers from families to couples. Bed and Breakfast Hotel Bed and breakfast is located in the home is often not a building designed specifically for the hotel. In many cases, these houses are old and historic. Family run hotel, bed and breakfast offers a unique and personal, and sometimes the owners live in the house for guests. Usually this type of hotel offer a free breakfast in the morning. Eco-Hotel Eco-hotels are a new type of hotel to the surface. Generally, an eco-hotel is a property that use renewable energy sources, limiting its impact on the environment and contributes to the local

conservation of the environment. As with any brand of the hotel itself an eco-hotel, it is important for the customer to verify that the property meets those standards.

Hotels and Their Types  

The Corinthians Bonboutique, an exclusive luxuary Hotel cum Resort in Pune, suitable for all events like weddings, receptions, business meet...

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