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Founded & Created by Shawna Lee and Joelle Litt SHAWNA LEE In 2002, Shawna picked up a makeup brush and never looked back! She is known for her natural flawless skin and her keen eye for colour and composition. Her passion for makeup and hair has garnered her top advertising campaigns and editorials. JOELLE LITT Fashion stylist Joelle Litt has a love for classic simplicity with an unexpected twist. She is fond of warm climates, a few good friends, white wine and kittens. She is most often seen dressed in some form of menswear and resides in Toronto.

CHRISTOPH STRUBE Born in Germany, during the mid-80's, Strube moved to west Berlin to study photography. He came to Canada in 1988 and built up his portfolio by shooting for magazines such as Flare, Toronto Life Fashion, Chatelaine and Elle. He spent the following 20 years working in retail advertising and cosmetic campaigns.

BLAIR PETTY Blair Petty has been working as a make-up and hair artist for over five years and has collaborated on projects in Toronto, Vancouver and New York City. He always employs his training as a painter when he does make-up believing that at the end of the day, art is art. Blair can be identified by his hiking boots and his inability to dance.

MAJA HAJDUK Maja Hajduk's work has been featured in numerous Canadian publications. She has been recognized in the WomenXWomen photography retrospective on Canadian women in fashion, and awarded an ADCC for her editorial work. She currently shoots out of Sterling Studio's boutique production space. She is also developing an urban rooftop farm project in Toronto's westend and working on her directorial debut.

REGEN CHEN Coming from graphic design, Regen Chen incorporates a unique vision into his photography. He sees beauty in light and shadow, as well as the attitude and mood, which Regen considers as the most important thing in producing his fashion photographs.

WENDY RORONG Wendy Rorong’s career in makeup and hair started while she was studying Life Sciences at the University of Toronto. She had always loved to experiment with makeup during her spare time and became the go-to person amongst friends. Upon completing her degree, she opted for a change and followed her instincts, pursuing a career in makeup and hair; This proving to be one of her best decisions yet.

MIKE LEWIS Mike Lewis is an award winning fashion and advertising photographer based in Toronto. He takes pictures, makes movies, watches movies, looks at pictures. With no real direction, Mike believes that if he can just ride out this lifestyle until the impending apocalypse; that should do just fine.

LUIS RAJIV Born and raised in Mexico City, Luis completed his fashion design studies in Toronto. His work as a fashion stylist has been published by local and international magazines in different media and seen on the Runway for LG Fashion Week for different brands. An artist at heart, he has helped several retailers including Holt Renfrew and Topshop with his creative vision as a visual stylist.

DEE DALY Ever since Dee was a little girl she’s been fascinated with the aesthetic of beauty. Her work is an outlet by which she seeks to find the answers to what makes women feel beautiful, sophisticated and sexy. Passion for life is the central philosophy of Dee’s artistry and the promotion of beauty as diversity is splashed all over her work.

CALOPE Photographer – A hopeless romantic deep down. He photographs to show you the soul and make you fall in love.

JAVIER LOVERA Originally from Colombia and a Purdue University graduate, Javier Lovera is an award-winning photographer with a focus in fashion, beauty, and advertising. Javier’s images and films tell strong, powerful and intimate stories. His style is clean and creative, and strongly influenced by his passion for graphic design. In 2009, The Applied Arts Magazine Photography Annual competition granted Javier an award in the Fashion and Beauty category.

HEIDI ONDRUSEK A Toronto based freelance wardrobe and fashion stylist, visual artist and creative designer with an undying love for all things vintage.

JORDANA MAXWELL Jordana is a makeup, hair and special effects artist who has been in the industry for a number of years. Drawing on her strong artistic background, as well as inspiration from her surroundings, she is suited with a client list ranging from Lauren Becall, India Arie and The Pussy Cat Dolls.

GEORGE WHITESIDE George Whiteside currently works and resides in Toronto where he has established a successful career as a photographer/artist. Born in Hamilton, Canada and lived mostly in Canada with stays in N.Y. and Paris. He has always had a strong interest in art, fashion and design. After graduating from OCAD he immediately co-founded YYZ gallery in 1979. Starting in the early eighties he has shot for every major magazine in Canada and several internationally, as well as global ad campaigns, winning many awards along the way.

TERENCE KISSNER Terence is a self taught Graphic Designer & Print Specialist based in Toronto. WIth an eye for the sublime, he takes a more minimalistic approach to his work. His work can be seen around the wold appearing on posters in Tokyo, record jackets in Europe and retail stores in North America.

CONTENTS Wings of Desire by Christoph Strube Martyr by Maja Hajduk Artist feature: Howie Shia The Runaways by Regen Chen All the Wild Things by Mike Lewis Samaritan Girl by Calope Artist feature: Nik Dudukovic The Devil’s Playground by Javier Lovera Muse by George Whiteside * On the cover: Photography Maja Hajduk Styling Joelle Litt at Judy Inc Makeup and hair Shawna Lee at Judy Inc Model Michel Pilon at Elmer Olsen Models Costume provided by Berman & Co Special Thanks to Nellie Kim for logo design

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Asymmetric t-shirt - Ezra Constantine Denim - Earnest Sewn Leather Cuff - The Leather Atelier

Photography Christoph Strube Styling Joelle Litt at Judy Inc Grooming Blair Petty at Judy Inc Model Cameron at Sutherland Models

Ribbed hooded shirt - Ezra Constantine

Opposite page: Shirt - Alexander Wang This Page: Wrap T-Shirt - Ezra Constantine Shorts - Ezra Constantine

Hooded vest - Ezra Constantine Button-up shirt - Hugo Boss

Vest - Ezra Constantine


Opposite Page: Jacket - Line Knitwear Denim - Earnest Sewn Boot - Doc Marten’s This Page: Jacket - Line Knitwear

Leather jacket - Line Knitwear T-shirt - Hugo Boss

Jacket – Line Knitwear Tank – Alexander Wang

Photography Maja Hajduk Styling Joelle Litt at Judy Inc Hair and makeup Shawna Lee at Judy Inc Model Michel Pilon at Elmer Olsen Models

This page and next: Lace cardigan - Nadya Toto Rosette dress - Nadya Toto

This page: Colour block dress - Jean Varon Necklace as headpiece - Rita Tesolin Opposite page: Blouse - Berman & Co Glove - Berman & Co

This page and opposite: Lace blouse – Nadya Toto Chainlink necklace – Jewellery by Karen Glove – Berman & Co

This page: Lace blouse – Berman & Co Leather earring – The Leather Atelier Opposite page: Kimono – Berman & Co Crucifix – Emporium by I Miss You

Dress – Berman & Co Floral headpiece – Muscari Floral Atelier

MAKEUP MAC Tinted moisturizer on skin MAC sheer pressed powder Passionate eyeshadow on eyes MAC Lancome mascara in black Annelie lipstick - MAC HAIR TREsemmĂŠ Tres Two hairpray

HOWIE SHIA Howie is a Toronto-based illustrator, animator and writer, and co-founder of the music/design/animation studio, PPF House. His films have won several awards around the world. “Gods & Greens,� a collection of comic strips about ancient mythology and food (co-created with Lillian Chan) was recently published by Animator Made Publishing in Los Angeles.

Photography Regen Chen Stylist Tiffany Briseno at Judy Inc Hair and makeup Wendy Rorong at Plutino Group Models Tia and Kait at NEXT Models

on Tia: lace tank - Dennis Merotto Mariboo boa - Theatrix Thigh high and panty - Calvin Klein on Kait: Fringe vest - Robert Rodriguez Skirt - Dolce & Gabbana Necklace - Marc Jacobs

This page: Kimono shirt - Dennis Merotto Bodysuit - Berman and Co. Thigh highs - Calvin Klein Earrings - Rita Tesolin Opposite page: Dress - Alberto Makidi Bra - Calvin Klein Headpiece - Wilhagen Hats

This page: Lace dress - Emilio Pucci Necklace - Chasing Rainbows (ReMix Clothing) Prop shoes - Betsey Johnson Opposite page: Dress - Lovas Harness - Northbound Leather Bracelet - Alexander Wang

on Kait: Rosette two-piece - Betsey Johnson Lace vest - Sabatier Garter - DKNY Necklace - Chasing Rainbows (Remix Clothing) on Tia: Dress - Lovas Harness - Northbound Leather

Lace tank - Dennis Merotto Mariboo boa - Theatrix Cut-off gloves - Stylist’s own

on Tia: Dress - Lovas Harness - Northbound Leather on Kait: Rosette two-piece - Betsey Johnson Lace vest - Sabatier Garter - DKNY Necklace - Chasing Rainbows (Remix Clothing) Shoe - Boutique 9

Photography Mike Lewis Styling Luis Rajiv Hair and makeup Dee Daly at Judy Inc Hair and makeup assistant Kellie O’Hearn Model Lauren Wood at FORD Models

Leather jacket - Danier Leather Kilt - Izma Earrings - Eliza Kozurno Headpiece - Stylist studio

This page and opposite: Chiffon blouse - Esprit Necklace - Eliza Kozurno Bracelet - Eliza Kozurno Mermaid leather skirt - Izzy Camilleri Underskirt - Stylist studio

Leather jumpsuit - Izzy Camilleri Necklace - Eliza Kozurno

Knit sweater - Smart Set Necklace - Eliza Kozurno Bracelet - Eliza Kozurno Beaded Bra - Stylist Studio

Bustier - Donna Karan Leather pants - Izma Bracelets - Eliza Kozurno One shoulder coat - Stylist studio Headpiece – Stylist studio

Knit sweater - Smart Set Necklace - Eliza Kozurno Bracelet - Eliza Kozurno Beaded Bra - Stylist Studio

Organza blouse - Theory Gathered panels jacket - Izzy Camilleri Necklace - Eliza Kozurno

MAKEUP Makeup Forever HD Foundation 118 Makeup Forever HD Loose Powder MAC Cosmetics Acrylic Paint in White L'Oreal Voluminous Mascara Black Face Atelier Blush in Tea Benefit Bathina Hilight HAIR TREsemmé 24 hour root boost spray TREsemmé Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Protective Spray TREsemmé No Frizz Shine Spray TREsemmé Extra Hold Hair Spray

Photography Calope Styling Joelle Litt at Judy Inc Hair and makeup Shawna Lee at Judy Inc Model Wei Guo at Sutherland Models

Dress - Victor Costa at I Miss You Vintage

This page: Webbed dress - Berman & Co Opposite page: One-piece pant suit - Fashion Crimes Snake necklace - I Miss You Vintage

This page: Beaded dress - Sandra Angelozzi at I Miss You Vintage Cape - Berman & Co Boot - ACNE Opposite page: Sweater - Issey Miyake at I Miss You Vintage Veil - made by stylist

Webbed dress - Berman & Co

Sweater - Issey Miyake at I Miss You Vintage Veil - made by stylist

NIK DUDUKOVIC "Exploring a fictional history through fabricated documentation, the work of Nik Dudukovic merges the nostalgia of turn-of-the-century cartoons and illustrations with the familiarity of blemish-free draftsmanship. His characters are compositionally graphic from ten feet away and meticulously detailed from ten inches away, while his design and cohesive technique allow for a fluid --- yet selective --- narrative to emerge." Nik Dudukovic is a recent graduate of the Ontario College of Art and Design, with a BFA in printmaking. He is a freelance illustrator and designer, as well as co-owner of Illustration Agency in Toronto, Canada. His work has been published and exhibited internationally and is in private and public collections worldwide.

The Devil’s

Playground Photography Javier Lovera Styling Heidi Ondrusek Hair and makeup Jordana Maxwell at Judy Inc Model Michel Pilon at Elmer Olsen Models Costume provided by Berman & Co

muse Photography George Whiteside Styling Joelle Litt at Judy Inc Hair and makeup Shawna Lee at Judy Inc Model Kathleen at Elite Models

Bodysuit bra - La Perla Panty brief - Berman & Co Sweater - Line Knitwear Boot - Jeffrey Campbell at Remix Clothing

Bra shaper - Roselle Suede fringe jacket - Phoenix Outerwear

This page: Dress - BLQMarket at Remix Clothing Opposite page: Beaded blouse - Moricana Panty brief - Berman & Co

Rosette jacket - Lucian Matis



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