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Pilates Therapy

Pilates is a method of mind body exercise which influences core strength and has many health benefits. Some of the benefits experienced by practicing Pilates exercise include: improved balance and flexibility, improved posture and alignment, developed core strength and stability, increased muscle tone and endurance, stress relief, relief of back pain, enhanced athletic performance, increased body awareness, injury prevention. Pilates is suitable for all ages and fitness levels and is also appropriate to the rehabilitation patient to compliment his /her physiotherapy treatment. Bonavista Physio offers individual or duet Pilates sessions arranged by appointment, and small group classes such as “Restorative Pilates� and Beginner Pilates. Restorative Class (8 classes): 2 classes per week (Tuesday & Thursday 9:00 am – 9:55 am) for 4 weeks. This is a Physiotherapy based core stability class ideally suited to the recovering therapy client whom has had previous injury or is still rehabilitating their back, neck, or pelvis. This program provides 8 classes of instruction in a small class setting taught by a Registered Physical Therapist, this ensures suitable progressions, corrections, and feedback for each participant based on their injury history. The classes consist of education, progressive core stability exercises, and a home exercise program for between sessions. Pilates is a safe and effective way to rehabilitate back/neck problems and prevent their recurrence and this twice a week frequency of classes is an effective way to learn, integrate, progress and experience the benefits of the Pilates method of exercise. Beginner Pilates (10 classses): This class is suitable for the newcomer or person with little previous experience with Pilates. All ages and fitness levels are Classes start from the very beginning and give a solid introduction to the basic principles then progress and build each session to provide a great setting to properly learn the Pilates method of exercise and strengthen the core muscles.

Private Sessions: A 55 minute mat Pilates session (by appointment) with 1:1 instruction, first session includes an assessment of posture, mobility, strength, core muscle activation and client goals. Then a specific Pilates program is designed and implemented to meet the client’s exact needs and goals. A private session is strongly recommended for participants with more complex rehabilitative needs prior to registering for a class. Duet Sessions: A 55 minute session with two people (by appointment) – instructor to clients ratio is 1:2 allowing more personalization of Pilates program than classes and more individual feedback. Semi-private sessions are ideal for friends, couples, or newcomers to Pilates wishing to learn together. This type of session is also a good transition from private sessions to classes. This program requires the two participants attend together and is more suitable for pairs with similar program goals. A partial assessment is completed on both participants however it is not as individual as in the private assessment.

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Pilates is a method of mind body exercise which influences core strength and has many health benefits. Some of the benefits experienced by...