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including the Mayor give us so much support.

As the number of pages grew, for a time at 80, we lengthened the size of the page so as to give room for more content.

It was not until I reached retirement age last year that we asked Camila to join us to share a bit of the work load. She is now starting her restaurant business with collegues where we wish them well for the future, but she will still be able to continue to help us in a limited capacity, and has enlisted the help of her boyfriend to continue with us in the future.

We also want to thank the people of Gran Alacant, our readers, our advertisers, our printer and the Town Hall, for their wonderful support. The magazine has been a steady, continual growth.

The magazine advertises its self so until recently we have just responded to phone calls and emails to obtain new clients.

January 2005 started as the black ink on blue paper 8 page edition, A5 size February 2005 expanded to 4 colour and black and white 16 pages May 2005 we grew to 24 pages June 2005 we went to 32 pages and moved to full colour September 2005 we grew to 36 pages November 2005 we grew to 40 pages December 2005 we grew to 48 pages March 2006 we grew to 56 pages June 2006 we grew to 64 pages November 2006 we grew to 68 pages March 2007 we grew to 72 pages April 2007 we grew to 76 pages August 2007 we grew to 80 pages

May 2008 we were the first magazine in the area to go online with page turning software, which we produced with the help of our website man, Robin Bonathan. June 2008 we grew again by enlarging the size of the magazine to 148mm x 240mm depth, and that is how it has mostly been up until now. October 2010 we became the first magazine to go multi lingual, producing all of our news in Spanish and for a time, in Dutch, as well as English.

The future? More of the same. We are both now at retirement age but will continue on and on, possibly involving more help along the way, (anyone interested?) which may also allow us to expand the business. Heres to the next xxxx years. We may even one day, have news of the golf course!!!!!!!!! Thank you, Sandra and Barry


Gran Alacant Advertiser may 2013  

The best local magazine for Gran Alacant and surrounding area.

Gran Alacant Advertiser may 2013  

The best local magazine for Gran Alacant and surrounding area.