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We at your Gran Alacant Advertiser continue to bring you all of the news, including that from our Gran Alacant Councillor, Loreto Cascales, as we have since May 2005. It is our perogative at the magazine, NOT to update this 2005 picture, as we all looked a great deal younger!!! The main news for us this month is that we have reached the 100th edition of our magazine.

Around the main magazine we have wrapped a copy of the very first edition we printed, ie: edition number 1, which shows the progress from number 1 to number 100. We have also printed on pages 6 and 7 a mock of edition 2, to show how we grew from the first month to the second edition.

We are the two who started it and are still here after over eight years of monthly editions.

One of our biggest achievements is that every editon has been on time. This is not just thanks to us, but also to our brilliant printer, Bailen, at Santa Pola, on the Industrial estate. They print everything there from business cards through to magazines, a smashing family business who have been so good to us.

My print career began in 1963 as an apprentice lithographic printer. It was in these early days that Sandra, who worked in another part of the same company, walked past my printing machine, and the rest is history. The pair of us have now been married for over 44 years.

All of my print life took place in Norfolk and in the latter years there was a tremendous change in the industry when it all went digital. Fortunately I was involved in all of this new training, which enabled us to totally produce a magazine out here in Spain, without the need to employ anybody else. In fact, the local printer uses all of the same processes that we used in the uk. How fortunate. When we first moved out here to Gran Alacant, the urbanistaion was always rife with rumours. We decided to start a magazine so we could dispel or substantiate these rumours, with the help of our Santa Pola Town Hall.

Our first edition in January 2005 was just an advertiser, advertising your unwanted household items. Eight pages of content, all in black print on blue paper. It was such a success that edition number 2, went into full colour and consisted of 16 pages.

One instance always sticks in my mind. One of the buildings in Sierra Mar was being revamped. As I walked past, a voice bellowed out from one of the local builders. “Why have you not asked me to advertise in your new magazine�. This summed up the way the magazine quickly grew and grew. Loreto Cascales our Gran Alacant Councillor from the Town Hall meets with us every month and is a tremendous help. Information from her plus answers to our questions make up our regular news sections. In fact all at the Town Hall,


Gran Alacant Advertiser may 2013  

The best local magazine for Gran Alacant and surrounding area.

Gran Alacant Advertiser may 2013  

The best local magazine for Gran Alacant and surrounding area.