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The cost for Rebosy ranges from 75 to 160 euro and in most cases it is a once in a lifetime treatment.

We do all kinds of pain treatments and prescriptions. Normal consultation from 30 euro.

The treatment is painless and lasts for one to two hours and you will be asked your opinion after the treatment. It is successful in 9 out of 10 cases and your physical problems may disappear immediately after being treated!

During the treatment you will simply lie on a couch and relax while the doctor carries out the treatment. The treatment consists of ReBoSy by AA (Restoring Body Symmetry by Advanced Acupuncture) using very fine needles and infrared light, among other things.

Using a level measure for ReBoSy (Restoring Body Symmetry) you can see the difference - before and after treatment.

A small deviation in the level of your pelvis - which you may never have noticed - could give you back or neck problems or even headaches. Because of this you may end up as a patient who has to endure many different medical treatments.

Without knowing it, many of us suffer from instability in the Pelvis which can lead to unequal leg length resulting in a small deviation (Scoliosis) in the column.

New treatment - unknown in U.K. - for lower back pain, headache, migraine, muscular tension, muscular pain(including Lumbar pain) and many more.

ReBoSy Treatment

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