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where we live, at any time of the year. Obviously yet another money grab issue What will they try next. The cost will be between 70 and 100 euros. Has anyone else received the letter? It is quite normal in the Santa Pola area to be able to pay to protect this space outside your house if it is on a public street. For a small yearly fee it enables house owners to be able to park on the street rather than putting their cars away on the drive. Many people ask for this. It only applies to public, not private streets. It enables you to have a VADO sign outside your house to stop others parking there. If you do not want it, just say no, you are not compelled to have it. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Altomar 2 house owners have just received notification from Gestifinc about the ‘gating’ of Altomar 2. Gating will commence on 1st May 2013 - total cost €65,677 (inc IVA) Works will take approx 60 days -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The Norwegian Club of Gran Alacant on 5th gave a donation of 2,100 euros to be divided between three local charities, Caritas, Red Cross and Aracelia, in the presence of the Councillor for Social Services, Ana Blasco, and the mayors of Great Alacant, Loreto Cascales and Francisco Martin. Norwegian residents have shown their solidarity with the needy and donated a check for 700 euros to each of the social groups, with those who have shown interest in continuing to work through the collection of clothes or food. The representatives of the three associations and the City of Santa Pola have wanted to acknowledge the invaluable assistance provided by members of the Norwegian Club. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------We brought up the subject of robberies, particuarly the many that are taking place in the local supermarkets. Stores are not obligated to provide security cameras so all we can do is close the gate after the horse is bolted. When it happens you must make a denuncia to the police. Depending on the amount of denuncias they receive depends upon the action taken. If no one tells them, they do not know how bad the situation is. As out here in Spain, stores do nothave to take the responsibility. Loreto phoned the police and told them of the escalations and the police will make more local checks. Unfortunately it is up to us all to get it officially monitiored. This is how it is done in Spain. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------There are workmen at the moment in front of the villas opposite the new Chino. There have been flooding problems again there, so the local council workmen are erecting more pipework and whilst doing this work are tidying the area with trees and walling around the refuse bins and planting trees to improve the look of the area. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Please send us your queries for next months meeting Take care, Sandra and Barry


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