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Issue 1 - 1st June 2011

Table of Contents 1. Letters from The Editors 5. BOMUN– Throughout The Years 10. Interview with Secretary General 11. Interview with President 12. Lobbying and Merging 13. Debate Off 14. Sweat Room 15. Who’s Who

Letters from the Editors Dear Readers, There is so much that we would love to say about this first edition of the BOMUN Chronicles 2011, but this page isn’t big enough so we will just have to focus on a few things. Like how much fun it has been compiling this first edition and how we cannot wait to publish the next one, although it has been hard to get everything done before the deadlines and trying to send everything out to combine all the different articles we have. It has been hard but seeing the finished product, we are able to confidently say that all the work paid off! To be honest some members of the press team first took on this job thinking that there was no work involved however that comment slowly changed to “oh my god! I will never get all this done in time!”.But even though it took a while to complete everything and get everything together we realized that the effort we had put in made it all worth while. Don’t forget to catch our next edition coming out soon!!! - Yasmin Tandon, Sophie Masse and Krpa Savlani

BOMUN -Throughout the Years Welcome to the 3rd annual edition of the BOMUN Chronicles! We are ready to start the first of many to come articles with a different edge to what has been done over the past two years by analyzing how the debates have changed over the years. To start off with, for those of you who are unsure what BOMUN stands for and what it includes, it stands for Bombay Model United Nations and as Ms. Allison says sounds a lot better than ASBMUN! It started 3 years ago and has been a culminating activity for the 10th grade history classes. MUN is a simulation of the United Nations which seeks to educate students on the role of the UN in the world. Participants roleplay as a delegate from a member nation of the UN and must research all aspects of that country. Students then do research on the forum topic and work collaboratively to create a resolution for debate. The skills of research, debate and diplomacy are essential for the students success in the conference. Over the last few years the 10th graders who participated in BOMUN found new challenges and faced problems that caused them to have to research and debate on to solve. Throughout BOMUN conferences there have been multiple changes that have become evident as the years of BOMUN have progressed; these changes include, delegates gaining more speaking and debating experience by participating in Model United Nation conferences and becoming more confident in their public speaking. We can’t wait to see what this year of BOMUN will have in store!

Last year at the second annual BOMUN conference Sagar Galani, now in 11th grade had the opportunity to be Deputy Chair at the conference and tells us about his experience. What was your position for your BOMUN debate? Deputy Chair Did you enjoy your position? I loved it, during class practices, I did get some chairing time and I enjoyed helping people understand their argument and just help them during the debate; during the debate, I was in charge of technology and making sure everything ran smoothly which was quite cool too. Overall what would you say were something’s that have changed over the years BOMUN has been here at ASB? I think the amount of people interested in MUN, this year as about half of the 10th .grade went on MUN trips: that automatically makes your level of debate much more sophisticated as opposed to ours when more than half of the students barely had any experience to MUN. How do you think technology helped with BOMUN? Well being a deputy chair who's role extensively dealt with technology, I truly believe that technology is extremely vital for such conferences. Though amendments are e-mailed before the conference, technology plays an important role sorting and filtering through amendments, projecting the resolution and indicating what clause or part of the resolution is being discussed.

3 years ago when BOMUN first started, Mallika Bendre, now in 12th grade had the opportunity to hold the President position at the BOMUN conference and tells us about her experiences during the conference What was your position for your BOMUN debate? President of the GA Did you enjoy your position? Absolutely, it was great. Also the topic that was up for debate is one that I find particularly interesting--the strengthening of the NPT and disarmament. Would you make any changes to the way BOMUN was carried out? Well that year there were clearly some delegates who were enthusiastic about and who were more confident with speaking. There are obviously some people who don't have the same MUN experience as others, and that can be intimidating. I think I would've probably had some more practice debates beforehand. But other than that I think the conference was carried out really well and it seemed to be a great learning experience for everyone What about lobbying and merging, I hear that was quite hectic? It was! People were sort of unfamiliar about the whole merging process and then what also made things more difficult was the amount of signatures needed. For each resolution, you need a certain amount of countries to sign on, and so there was only room for two resolutions. At first there were three main groups, so two of those groups had to merge as the other group had enough signatories. And then there were issues with which clauses to pick and whether a country could stick with a resolution if it had a clause that negated its foreign policy.

The co-creator, and history teacher of 10th grade, Julie Allison tells us about the changes experiences she’s had and challenges she’s faced during the past 3 years of the annual BOMUN conference .

Who came up with the idea to bring it to ASB? Ms Kelley and I began it and Ms Kalbag is now involved as well. What changes have there been teaching how to prepare for a debate such as this over the past 3 years? In 10th grade history, we feel it is important for students to not only have historical knowledge, but also to practice the skills necessary for success in the 21st century. Our students have had a variety of projects throughout the school year that have focused on research and presentation skills. This is a history course, but we also incorporate current events and global issues. Recently, we have also added more formal debate activities in order to get students familiar with parliamentary procedure. Have you enjoyed teaching BOMUN? Why? Yes! This is truly a „student-centered‟ activity and I love to watch students challenge themselves to meet their individual goals. This is a differentiated activity and we encourage each student to create their own achievable goal for the conference. The officers are challenged by the logistics of running a conference. Delegates often set goals related to delivering a speech, asking points of information, adding clauses to the resolution or becoming a main submitter. Also, on the day of the debate, students are well-dressed, confident and prepared and we often receive a lot of compliments!

Have there been any challenges with BOMUN in the past? We always have challenges regarding where to hold the event. Due to scheduling conflicts, we couldnâ€&#x;t hold the debate in the MPH this year and will be hosting it in the SWEAT room instead. We are hoping to make some changes to the room -and maybe even change the name of it- before the conference takes place on June 1st. It is also challenging to get everyone prepared, but it is much easier with great leadership from our officer team.

Secretary General is a role which requires focus, determination and perseverance and who not better to take on this role but Tara Lall. She is very enthusiastic about MUN conferences as well as debates and is always there if questions need to be answered or something needs to be clarified. Her experience of such Model United Nations conferences has seem to have paid off, here is a glimpse on our Secretary General‟s How does it feel to be Secretary General? It feels really great to be Secretary General. I really wanted to do it so when I got the position I was completely ecstatic. What does your job exactly entitle you to do? Basically I open the conference, as well as take a big part in organizing the way things work on the actual day. As Sec. Gen. I do a lot more behind the scenes, like writing letters to the parents and High School teachers as well as helping students with their work and organizing the small technicalities What are you looking forward to during the BOMUN Conference? I‟m really looking forward to just seeing everyone speak. I can already imagine how freaked out people are going to be and it‟s doing to be awesome to see people conquer their fear of public speaking. Do you have any advice for the delegates of this debate? Speak confidently. Even if you don't know what you‟re talking about!

Many of you are aware of the honor that goes along of the prestigious role of the president for our very own BOMUN conference, however not many of you know the man behind the title, his experience in THIMUN is one of the reasons he was chosen take on this role at the 3rd annual conference and the BOMUN chronicles is here to tell you about him, Anjan Narain. How does it feel to be President? I am truly honored to have the role as president at this BOMUN Conference. I was honestly really happy to find out I was assigned this role What are you looking forward to during the BOMUN Conference? I am really looking forward to seeing the debate itself take place as I know there has been a lot of hard work that has been put into the conference and I canâ€&#x;t wait to see it all pay off. Do you have any advice for the delegates of this debate? My only advice would be to speak loudly and concentrate on the debate at hand and come prepared.

There has been a lot going on over the course of the past few weeks to prepare for the BOMUN Conference, this caused some delegates to meet during class, outside of class, during lunches or any time they could find to make sure that they were fully equipped with the information they needed to argue and state their points according to the country in which they were presenting. This year all of the 10th grade were put into one room for the lobbying and merging process, soon there were two tables that represented different stances on the resolution. On one table it was Russia and the countries on its side and on the other table their was the USA and the countries that agreed with them. The main submitters (which were the USA and Russia, however US passed) had an online resolution and had put it on a Google Doc so all members signing could see the resolution they were contributing to. The next couple of days, countries added their clauses to the resolution and compromised with everyone, finally after many difficult persuasive talks their was a final resolution for the conference!

This year, a debate was held for main officer positions in our BOMUN conference. The debate included 10 students, competing for the prestigious positions of President, Secretary General and Deputy Chair. Within an hour and a half, amendments, clauses and the resolution as a whole was debated and voted upon. All the students competing in the conference had past experience in either THIMUN or BEIMUN and showcased their skills to claim the title of one of these potions . The debate was chaired by last years BOMUN chair Sahil Sud and Saahil Bargaava. The confident delegates showcased their speaking and debating skills and their ability to think on the spot giving us an insight into what the real conference will be like. We look forward to seeing their experience and leadership skills come alive in the upcoming conference.

Our Chair, Ben Walters attending the conference through Skype

Our special position holders, listening intensely to the debate

Over the years BOMUN has been at ASB a number of different things have changed. As the 3rd Annual BOMUN Conference begins it become evitable to last years delegates that things have changed and this year the biggest change will be the location of the conference. For the past two years BOMUN has been at ASB it has been held in the Multi-Purpose Hall (MPH) however this year things have altered slightly and we are having to relocate to the “Sweat Room” (now called the “Debatrium”) which is in the new building by the swimming pool. To help further explain the new location change we were able to interview Coach Darson. How will you be changing the room for the event? The PE department will not be changing the room for the event, however I know that the curtains will be installed over the mirrors. This will create more of a professional theme for the conference Has ASB ever used a sport facility such as this for an academic purpose, besides the MPH? The room has been used for many different activities other than sports throughout the year. 6th grade drama uses it as their classroom, several parent, board and administration meetings are held in there as well as choir rehearsals, parent coffees and grade 12 wellness week to name a The 10th grade has decided that the name of the „Sweat Room‟ should be changed before the debate and here are some suggestions they came up with. Here are a few suggestions on a name change: Hall of mirrors—Kanika *The Debatrium — Harshil * Debate 101—Dillon



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Special Positions


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Deputy Chair

Kanika Vaish


Vikram Mohan

Special Thanks Mrs. Allison Coach Darson Shloka Narang Mallika Bendre Sagar Galani

BOMUN Chronicles  

Here is our first edition!!! Hope you enjoy!

BOMUN Chronicles  

Here is our first edition!!! Hope you enjoy!