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Mitosis Saves the Day!

Somewhere in a body far far away.....

Liver cells are being attacked by the evil villain....Alcohol.

Liver cells have died..New cells are desperately needed...

largest part of the cell cycle is interphase. It includes, G1, S, and G2. Look, during G1, the cell is growing! During the S phase, the chromosomes are replicating! During G2, Organelles are increasing in number! And the DNA is condensing into chromosomes. And microtubules are forming!!!!

The chromosome fibers are becoming more tightly coiled to form chromosomes. The nuclear envelope begins to disintegrate and nucleoli disappears! Centrosomes move toward opposite poles of the cell.

Chromosomes move to the equator of the cell, to the metaphase plate. The movement of the chromosomes is because of the action of the spindle, which is made of microtubules. Centrosomes

This usually is the shortest part of mitosis. The sister chromatids of each chromosome split! These chromsomes move towards opposite poles of the cell! The chromatids move because the microtubules shorten. Each chromosome moves to one side of the cell.

The nuclear membrane is starting to reform around each set of chromosomes, and is becoming longer‌ Turning into chromatin! Nucleoli are reappearing and the spindle disappeared. We see a cleavage furrow form in the centre of the cell.

The cleavage furrow is clearly seen as the membrane begins to pinch, to prepare to split. The cell plate occurs midway between the two poles of the cell and moves towards the sides of the cell. This results in two separate daughter cells that have genetically identical nuclei.

The End


A comic book about Mitosis