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THE AERIE “News from above”

Volume 1 Issue 3

October 2013

One Step Closer to Graduation By Kendell Long

What to Expect on Fair Day By Terence Carraway On October 18th, 2013, that is when we can have some fun at the fair. I’m here to give you some tips on what to expect when you go. First, you should see a lot of people there and maybe some of your friends. Secondly, you also should expect different foods there. Since last year, they have added different foods like fried corn dogs, fried ice cream, and even bigger turkey legs. Lastly, you should expect to see the new and improved Big Tex. As you all know Big Tex was burned down and over the summer, they’ve recreated him. He has new phrases as well as a different fuse box so he wouldn’t catch fire easily. That’s all I’m going to give you. Go to the fair and see the new things they have in stored for you.

Habit of Mind: “Metacognition is the ability to perceive and analyze both what we know and what we don’t know. Our capacity to produce the information needed to solve a problem. Persons who develop metacognition are increasingly aware of their actions and the effects of those actions on others and the environment”

Tea with Ms. Drawhorn By Hebrews Campbell On Thursday October 3rd 2013 in 4rd period, all 8th graders that are in Ms. Drawhorn’s class will be required to commence and have tea. But there’s a little twist, the 8th graders will have to dress up as their favorite character from “To kill a mockingbird” by Harper Lee. In this tea party they are the character they must talk like them, act like them, and most of all dress like them. There will also be soul food served at the party. The cost is 7.00 and can be paid to Ms. Wallace in the front office. This is a reminder to all 8th graders this is counted as a project grade.

Our 2015 class of juniors here at BOMLA are paving new roads in the life of our school. Venturing into the uncharted land of new class types. Those including summer fast-track courses, AP (Advanced Placement) classes, and the newest course to the school being Dual Credit. Over the summer, prior to this school year, the eleventh grade class at the time, extended their school year a little over a month in order to complete the eleventh grade course Pre-Calculus. In that time the school year was condensed into four weeks, a semester technically ending the second and fourth week of the course, in this short time the eldest class covered approximately weeks’ worth of material every day. The primary reason for this accelerated learning was to prepare us for the AP classes that they’d be taking this year. Advanced Placement classes a geared towards preparing students to excel when taking the AP test. If a student passes the AP test, which is taken towards the end of the course, and he/she earns a score of at least a 3, out of 5, he/she can potentially earn credits towards college. This school year our juniors will have three Advanced Placement courses. AP Calculus taught by a teacher who comes to BOMLA specifically to teach our juniors Calculus, Ms. Etheredge. Ms. Etheredge is a Jacksonville native, who is a Cowboys fans, hope that all of here AP students score a qualifying score on the Calculus AP exam. AP Literature and Composition taught by a teacher like Mr. Reece, who also comes in to teach us as well. Mr. Reece, a published author, who describes himself as positive, focused, and inquisitive, views the goal of AP as college prep, and life prep of critical thinking. And the other AP course being AP US History, taught by our very own Ms. Fulbright. Our juniors will also be taking Dual Credit this school year. Dual Credit allows students to earn college credit and high school simultaneously. Thus, students could potentially graduate with an associate’s degree, and enter college as a junior. All of our juniors are taking Learning Frameworks, an introductory course to college, and other courses including: Phycology, Speech, and Multimedia. Jack Erspamer, a junior taking Dual Credit Speech, believes, “this is going to be a challenge with handling AP courses and Dual Credit courses as well as regulars classes.” Despite the change in classes for our junior, upper school also faces many changes for the school year. Upper School and Middle school now have different schedules in the morning regarding breakfast and lyceum. While middle school students or learning life lessons, upper school fellowships over breakfast. Then, upper school then goes to lyceum to learn the same lessons at a deeper level, in order to develop us into manhood and prepare us for the outside world.

Cesar Chavez Male Leadership Conference Underway By Kendell Long

Sports Scores (NFL Week 3) These are the NFL scores from last week: Thursday Sept. 19th Alex Smith and the Chiefs are off to a 3-0 run as they won against the Philadelphia Eagles 26-16 Sunday, Sept.22nd The Baltimore Ravens are off with a 2-1 streak as they won against the Houston Texans 30-9 The Carolina Panthers won their first game against the New York Giants 38-0 The Dallas Cowboys are off to a 2-1 start as they won over the St. Louis Rams 31-7 The Patriots are off to a 3-0 start as they won over the Bucs. 23-3 The Titans won over the Chargers 20-17 Battle of the rookies as Geno Smith and the Jets win over E.J Manuel and the Bills 27-20 The Seattle Seahawks won over the Jacksonville Jaguars 45-17 An upset win as the Cleveland Browns won over the Vikings 31-27 An upset win as the Cincinnati Bengals win over the Green Bay Packers 34-30 The Redskins are off to a bad start as they lost to the Lions 27-20 The Saints are off to a great start as they won over the Cardinals 31-7 An upset win as the Miami Dolphins won over the Atlanta Falcons 27-23 The Colts won it over the 49ers 27-7 The Bears won it over the Steelers 40-23

Members of the debate team here at BOMLA, are in the process of hosting a conference focusing on the issue of race, coined with the name Caesar Chavez Male Leadership Conference. Discussion of this conference began last school year, during the second semester of faculty-taught lyceum - Mr. Edison’s lyceum presentation specifically. His presentation focused on the life and legacy of Caesar Chavez and his contributions to the empowerment of farmworkers. The conference is set to happen on October 26th, 2013 at the UT Dallas Campus. A compelling aspect of this conference is the presenters. It would be easy to find community leaders to speak on the topic of race. However, the BOMLA brothers took a different approach, our own brothers will be the session speakers on race. Thomas Palmer, who is on the programming and scheduling committee of the conference, a well-spoken brother of BOMLA mentioned one of the conference goals was to, “make it where race is not governed by the community, and for future males to realize race is not genetic, but a social aspect.” Ultimately we are beyond supportive of our brothers in this bold decision to educate their peers in the community on the problems of race and actions to eliminate this problem. We hope to see a 100% of brothers at the campus. iOS 7 At A Glance By Austin Davis

It’s history time! Did you know that Matt Millen has the most super bowl rings with four rings?

BOMLA Fun Fact Who created the motto hand gesture the first ever school day of Bomla? A) Ms. Crouch B) Mr. Douglas C) Mr. Motta D) Ms. Roberts Answer: D) Ms, Roberts

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With the release of iOS 7 last week, as well as the release of the new iPhones. There have been numerous amounts of arguments on the software facts, this article is here to clear them up. First the software iOS 7 came out with many new features, such as slide up and down menu, new personalization features, and better back up for apps. However, the most exciting feature for Mac lovers is the new camera features witch include; regular, video, and even a panorama setting called square. Shortly after iOS 7, the release of the official iPhone 5s, and 5c stuck the markets. There has been some incredible new achievements for this phone, first starting with the high resolution camera, apple quoted “we built the phone around.” Next, the all new security settings that come with finger print technology. Now one thing everyone loves is, style. The iPhone comes with all new colors! The 5s can now be bought in champagne, the 5c can be purchased in; blue, pink, green, yellow, and the classic white Apple described the iPhone 5c “for the colorful. As apple expands we watch and wait for their next move.

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