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This limited edition deck is the unique, artistic interpretation of the 78 cards, giving you a fresh sight on Tarot, guiding You to discover unexpected dimensions of fortune telling and your creativity with the power of handmade arts! by Nora Huszka

by Matthias Furch ©2013




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WHY TO USE TAROT? Dive into the world of symbols, colours and magic! Polish your intuition with the mysterious characters of Tarot! Grow with the healing power of colours! Learn the language of your opportunities! Connect to yourself and others in a deeper level! Understand your personal messages from the cards! Recharge yourself with inspiration of arts! Use your imagination without borders Experience inner creation and express yourself creatively,



HOW TO USE TAROT? Find yourself a trusted atmosphere and try to calm down your mind with deep breaths. Shuffle the cards and simply focus on your issue. Believe: the right cards will find you! Draw the cards which you feel like, freely or with the help of a spread and place them in front of yourself. Always listen to your intuition during your readings, pay attention to the images before looking up the meanings! The questions, keywords will help you. When you feel ready, close this ceremony in yourself. Store your cards in a special place, in their own bag. Feel free to create your own rules! Š 2014 NÓRA HUSZKA

HOW TO LOOK AT THE IMAGES? What is your first impression? Who do you see on the image? What is that character doing? What is happening in general? What symbols can you find? What is the flow of the picutre? What are the dominant colours? How does it resonate with you and the meaning of the card? If you have more cards or a spread in front of you, pay attention to the connections between the images! Be curious, creative and playful! Š 2014 NÓRA HUSZKA

THE MAJOR ARCANA The 22 cards of the Major Arcana are the important, deep secrets in the Tarot. Each of them symbolizes a part of you, a meaningful experience that is a necessary step in your self-development. They also represent the circle of life, the ebb and flow of action and inaction, and the stages of life in various forms. Pay extra attention to the messages in these cards and they will guide you in return!






The Fool is elemental chaos in a naive, experimental form. He will take life as it comes with great flexibility and playfulness, although you never know if this attitude is rooted in deep wisdom or random silliness. He is always present in the moment, which offers him endless chances to play. He is your always curious fellow tempting you to join these exciting experiences, guiding you to the unknown without any sense of danger! Where do I need to throw away expectations? What treasures could I discover simply with a playful and positive attitude? Š 2014 NÓRA HUSZKA

I THE MAGICIAN Manifesting.




The Magician is the great creator of the universe. His special kind of power is based on connecting the evanescent earth and the eternal sky. His extroverted balance makes him ready to call things alive from any source, mix the elements to create something new. His spirituality and intellect support each other, making him ready to fulfill his destiny! He connects and invites you to create, guides you to your unconscious, brings balance, and tells you that you are ready to change, reborn. What wonders are waiting to be created by me? Am I ready to mix what I have to make something brand new? Š 2014 NÓRA HUSZKA

II THE HIGH PRIESTESS Introversion. Understanding. Calmness. Knowing.

She is introverted balance, deep understanding and calmness. Her power is based on listening and looking inside, being aware of her unconscious and knowing that the visible truth is never the final truth. She is the holder of many secrets which can not be told, but can be heard when you calm down the noise of wanting them. She is steady and calls you to listen carefully to what your inner sister is whispering to you, to awaken your intuition, and to trust in things that are not visible. What is my trusted spiritual base which guides me? Am I brave enough simply to listen? Š 2014 NÓRA HUSZKA





She is a woman with a strong mother instinct, representing nature, rhythm and beauty in all ages and expressions of nature. She is respectful and friendly, open hearted and caring. She is always ready to give birth to a new creature, to make everything bloom around herself. She gives trust and home for every soul, there is a place for everyone under her big skirt. Growing and supporting is her cause. Do I give enough water for the seeds what I planted in my life? Is my creation in balance with nature? Š 2014 NÓRA HUSZKA





He symbolizes the man, who gives structure to our world. He supports his own aims and others by acting bravely and overcoming struggles using reason. He deserves respect and is not afraid to face challenges; even if he fails, he takes the responsibility to learn from the experience. His strength is not only physical but logical. He is smart and efficient, which keeps his authority machless, dispate his slightly stubborn attitude. Am I able to hold the stability to reach my aims? Do I have consequent plans and taking responsibility? Š 2014 NÓRA HUSZKA





He is the man of religion and tradition, the translator of god. His powerful silence focused inside brings your attention to your beliefs, whether directed to god or to your true self. He is stable in his statements and ethics. His strict attitude aims to guide you to your true centre, and to share and appreciate the love of god. He believes in you and will never judge you, because he knows that we are becoming our true selves through all of our experiences. Do I believe in myself enough to deserve the guidance’s support? What is the central of my belief? © 2014 NÓRA HUSZKA

VI THE LOVERS Decisions. Following




This card calls for decisions, which will have great importance in your life. It can refer to your love life or general life issues. In each case it advises us to make our choice and stay true to it; so choose carefully and don’t give in to temptation anymore. Leaving the old pattern behind will allow you to enjoy a wide variation of new experiences, but only if you go for it with your whole heart.

Where should I make an ultimate and satisfying decision in my life? Do I support my decisions with my whole heart? © 2014 NÓRA HUSZKA

VII THE CHARIOT Direction. Control. Power. Conscious


This card is about your life journey and especially about how you are navigating your course. Life is a journey of development in which we experience a mixture of many energies; we need to direct and balance these energies to help us on our path. Everyone must learn to deal with their personal energy: how can we express our power and thrive without imposing on the power and liberty of others? When you hold your life energy with both hands consciously and with control, your chariot will go straight to your aim! What powers need to be balanced to reach my aim? Where is my chariot heading at the moment? Š 2014 NÓRA HUSZKA

VIII JUSTICE Inner truth. Right action. Responsibility. Honesty.

The main meaning of this card is the presence of inner truth. Our true thoughts must be followed by true actions; true action is honourable action. This is the balance of the world. Right or wrong is often relative, but we must stay morally awake. You know what is right! Honesty and responsibility are essential! Dishonesty is a false solution that will ultimately not achieve long term changes. Dishonest and superficial fixes will only bring our problems back to us in a different form. Am I able to embrace justice in all forms? Am I aware that I create when I make a statement? Š 2014 NÓRA HUSZKA

IX THE HERMIT Solitude. Introspection. Inner



The Hermit calls for a silent challenge by yourself. The Hermit’s journey leads to his own centre; to reach it he must take this adventure alone, without fear. Social interactions are not needed at the moment and will lead you away from what is important now. It is time to focus inside and listen to the very important teachings that reside there. You will come back richer and stronger from this meditative experience. Am I brave enough to listen to my inner silence? What places are waiting to be discovered only by me? © 2014 NÓRA HUSZKA




This card symbolizes the flow of actions which are beyond our control. The Wheel or Wheel of Fortune always takes a turn; we can hardly influence its movement or calculate its timing. Good luck can be followed by bad luck or even better luck; we have to give up the illusion of directing it. The wheel goes up and down just like our life. By embracing this change you will not miss precious experiences in their right time! Am I able to accept the changes of life? Can I give up control and trust my luck? Š 2014 NÓRA HUSZKA







This card refers to your inner power, that animal energy which can take you forward with unbelievable results. When you spend your energy pressing this energy down or fighting it you will lose your power. There is no need to fight agains yourself ! When you can transform this energy to meet your needs, you will be able to direct it and it will carry you forward. If you spread your wings and tame your lion, nothing can stand in your way!

Do I recognize my inner animal? What can that be and where? Š 2014 NÓRA HUSZKA



Patience. Sacrifice.

This refers to a situation in your life in which you feel in some way stuck. However, this stuckness is just the surface; on a deeper level there are big changes happening. Solutions to your problems will be hidden from you until you are able to change your point of view and look at it upside-down. You can not force your way forward in this situation. A shift in your perception is the key that will set you free again, much richer than you were before. You possibly have to sacrifice something for your freedom. Where is a place in my life where I should completely change my point of view? Š 2014 NÓRA HUSZKA





This card refers to the natural end of something, the last farewell which will not leave doors open behind. This transformation is a necessary part of our lives; it keeps the balance in nature. Although leaving parts of our lives behind is painful, doing so makes space for new life to be born and grow. The soul is eternal; it will be mysteriously guided between known and unknown. The soul’s journey is beyond our physical borders and is endless. The end is always the beginning at the same time. Can I accept the natural end of something, even it was not me who said goodbye? © 2014 NÓRA HUSZKA





This card refers to higher balance, to the right measurement of creation, healing and harmony. It is the balance of giving and getting, reception and expression which will allow you to reach perfection and to open our eyes to the world of miracles. Simplicity is sometimes the highest art! She is as pure as a guardian angel, symbolizing deep understanding and the healing process, which can take place in your life by embracing her message. What elements in what combination can bring balance to me? Where is my trusted, golden centre? Š 2014 NÓRA HUSZKA

XV THE DEVIL Temptation. Addiction. Materialism. Suffering.

The Devil is temptation, the sweet calling into

sin, which sometimes may manifest in unclear ways, even addiction. In love, work or any private issues, it may mean your focus is on materialistic matters. Some action is being repeated and causing you to suffer, something you do voluntarily or that you feel compelled or forced to do. Look

where you are suffering and you will begin to recognize the area where change is needed. Your

mind may be blurry now and what feels right may be very wrong for you. Know that a small

fire will burn you up if you don’t pay attention! What are my weak points where I give in to temptation? © 2014 NÓRA HUSZKA

XVI THE TOWER Loss of control. Unexpected change. Vulnerability.

You thought you were safe, living behind a wall that protected you from life’s unexpected changes, but this idea was not connected with the flow of life and was driven by selfishness. Now you may face that you’ve lost control as your tower falls apart, leaving you unsheltered. While may appear as tragedy at first will turn out to be a much needed step for you to grow. Like the snake takes off its skin, you will feel sensitive and reborn after the first shock. What walls keep me prisoned in my life? How would a sudden change do me good? © 2014 NÓRA HUSZKA




Your dream can easily become reality in the long run! Imagine what that would be like and make a wish that you can send out to the world. Your creativity and positivity can have a huge effect on your future. Maybe it is just a small wish, but it can be the seed of a beautiful start, a precious opportunity. It is possible that you are not even aware of your big dreams, but when you look back from the future at the small seeds you plant now, it will all make sense. What wishes can inspire me on my journey? Do I let things happen by simply believing in my blessed future? Š 2014 NÓRA HUSZKA

XVIII THE MOON Unconscious.




The Moon is our strongest natural light in the night. It shows everything in a different light, guiding you to your unconscious, and making your hopes or fears stronger. Very feminine, changeable and mysterious, the moon can either inspire you or drive you mad, lunatic. You may discover an important experience in the night that will help you to see things in a different light- something is hidden from you now. Be curious and brave! Face the light that comes in the darkness! What can take place in the dark side of my soul? How does the Moon effect my behavior? Š 2014 NÓRA HUSZKA

XIX THE SUN Happiness. Clarity. Glory. Renewal. Vitality.

The Sun shines equally on everybody, recharging us with positive energy, happiness and glory. It symbolizes an always renewing source that supports growth, creation and vitality. It guides you to celebrate birth and life, and to show thankfulness to all the good things that the daylight provides for you. The Sun gives you a great base to grow, to see things clear, and to enjoy work or simple everyday activities.

What is the greatest resource supporting my life? Am I able to warm up easily, to get into new projects? Š 2014 NÓRA HUSZKA

XX JUDGEMENT Results. Personal evolution. Reflecting on your path.

This card reminds you that the real judgement always comes from higher levels, not from our personal decisions. A circle of action has come to an end and now you are able to see the result and let those experiences transform to form a new base, one that will bring you a big step closer to your real self, closer to realizing that everything is connected to everything. Our actions have an effect to the world. Where is that wisdom coming from that is crystallizing in me? What could be transformed to a higher level, to create a new function? Š 2014 NÓRA HUSZKA

XXI THE WORLD Completion.




You are stepping into a place in the world that has been waiting just for you in order to be complete. You worked a lot to reach it and now you have found your home, not in a physical sense but spiritually. Get ready to feel welcomed, fulfilled and complete. You are able to melt into new relationships, cultures and destiny now. This is an important station in your life, especially supported by your own deep self-knowledge. Trust in it!

Where do I belong in this world? Where do I feel complete and perfect? Š 2014 NÓRA HUSZKA


THE MINOR ARCANA These 56 cards represent the everyday situations, characters of our lives. They are devided to four suits: Wands, Swords, Cups and Pentacles. Every suit is connected to one of the four elements, shows the its qualities and shades in the progress of 14 cards: situations from number one (the Ace) until number ten. the four court cards (Page, Knight, Queen and King) stand for characters, characteristics according to the suit. The number of the card is also important in your reading! Š 2014 NÓRA HUSZKA


Wands represent our actions and

the things that inspire us in life. The wands energy is not usually long lasting, it is ephemeral and intense, just like its element: fire. The energy of the wands is very much in the present. They connect us to our bodies and senses and encourage us to rely on our instincts and be spontaneous.


ACE of WANDS Inspiration.



This Ace refers to the elemental base of this suit: the brilliant fire energy! Inspiration is here, providing you the first push to take action towards what fills you with passion. You are ready to take risks, to pursue what you want with great courage, even if it seems a bit chaotic at the moment. Opportunity is right here and now. Grab onto it!

What do I need to be inspired into something exciting and new? What experience would fill me with joy right now?av Š 2014 NÓRA HUSZKA

2 WANDS Motivation.



You are in a peaceful, passive place, but a spark has been ignited and you can feel the fire growing. Even if you don’t take action at the moment, you feel that you cannot stay in your neutral position much longer. If you don’t become actively involved in shaping your life, things will start to rot around you; you will be less and less challenged and inspiration will be extinguished. Pay attention to this call to action! Let your passion fan this spark into a roaring fire! In what areas am I passive, and why? How can I grow the small spark in my soul to a burning fire? © 2014 NÓRA HUSZKA