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Criteria for Choosing the best Nail Polish Color Today, there is a wide range of nail polish colors for ladies to choose. This can at times be mind boggling considering that some of these polishes are substandard. There are so many imitators in the sindustry today and if you are not very careful when choosing your cosmetics you might end up falling victim. But this does not imply that there are no quality polishes on the market. The idea is to choose your polish more carefully. This requires you to learn a few ways in which you can select the right polish from such a wide variety. Most ladies love to have a great collection of nail polishes to suit different occasions and attire changes. The truth is that everyone has their own tastes and preferences when it comes to cosmetics. This has, thus, led to the production of different types of nail polishes. Thus, it is definitely going to be an uphill task for you to select the best nail polish. But you should not despair; there is an important criterion you can follow to choose your polish colors. First, you are supposed to choose your polish colors depending on the type of event you want to attend. For instance, if you are preparing to go for an interview you should choose neutral shades that can give you a more professional look. Muted shades are also important for people who like to use their hands for gestures. In such cases, your nails should be clean and properly polished without seeking too much attention. And if you are planning to attend a more conservative event, you should go for clear polish colors or ignore colors all together. Secondly, you should choose your nail polishes based on your skin color. Fair skinned people should use lighter shades with an element of pink undertones. Polishes with blue undertones are also ideal for fair skinned people. Most fair skinned ladies use berry red polishes with light colors during the day and more vivid shades at night. If you have a darker skin, you need gold or russet shades. These shades are also ideal for people with olive skin. Dark skinned people look best in rich and vibrant shades. They can also use vibrant reds or purples. Notable is the fact that dark skinned people can easily survive with bolder color displays than their fair skinned counterparts. You should also choose your nail polish colors depending on the color of your lipstick. The best way to get a good polish that will match your skin is to select colors that compliment your lips. If you can survive with russet colors of lipstick then chances are that such colors will make a perfect polish for your nails. It is important for you to checkout your lipstick list and see which colors coordinate best with your lips. You can also buy Burberry accessories to match your nail colors. Burberry offers a wide range of men and women wear including handbags, shoes, scarves and more. To get more information about nail polish and Burberry visit us on:

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